Круиз на самых больших лайнерах в мире. Большой выпуск.

Круиз на самых больших лайнерах в мире. Большой выпуск.

September the 30th we are now in Fort Lauderdale terminal
this is Miami I came to settle on the ship
I do not show you the ship, cause it will be surprise In fact, all this reminds the airport
bunch of people and luggage but there is only one difference – there is only one plane
and it’s huge this is my boarding pass
So, let’s check in Port Everglades is the third busiest cruise port in the world every year, 3,5 million passengers pass this port Everything here reminds me airport
the same check in, documents check and even check your luggage for sharp stuff such a feeling that I’m in big shopping and entertainment center two floors of restaurants, stores, halls – everything is like in usual shopping center the only difference is that this is all on the ship ok, stop staring and let’s check in in my room Awesome But you may think this room is not not cool and low ceilings…like in Japan But! first of all we are on the ship and secondly, I travelled by ship not so long ago and my room was much worse… two months earlier That is why this room is super cool, believe me….I will show you everything double bed phone TV refrigerator clothes box and it’s not all air conditioning WC conditioner, shampoo,lotion
and unknown stuff shower Being on the modern ship you do feel like you in a hotel room or even at home at small home here is something extra there is a balcony in my cabin Miami Finally, the most important thing, let me tell you what kind of magic ship it is Meet Allure of the Seas
The third largest cruise liner in the world To say that this pot is a big one is like saying nothing
The length of the ship is 362 meters Usually dimensions compare with football fields…so, in general it is like three football fields Height 72 meters, it’s like a 28 floors building The ship has 18 decks and 2,700 cabin for 6296 passengers… service staff 2300 people to make you understand how huge it is
I will pass the ship from the begging to its end video is accelerated 25 times that is why if you will ask me how I relaxed in my cruise trip…I will say I didn’t have time for rest at all even moving around the ship during my filming took a lot of time there are 6 engines with a total capacity of 110,000 horsepower there is a helipad on the ship and and huge bunch of everything that I will tell you about later… ok, when all the characters are represented
let’s start or journey let’s see how it looks like from the inside
this ship is like a real city and each city has it’s central point This is the royal promenade – the main street of the ship
and the place of the main crowd of people Here you can find bars, in particular this Levitating Bar,
from which you can’t get out for a half an hour and accordingly you can’t do anything except drinking In order to carry all the people, on the 16 passenger decks – ship has 12 elevators And these are not usual elevators, as you understand…they can work even in condition of slight pitching On the royal promenade there is a trade of everything that is possible In fact, that is a large floating duty free with stores and cafes Yep, there is starbucks too About food, restaurants and cafes I will tell you in details later here is a casino
Big Casino little hospital Basic medicines you can buy in the vending machine, without a doctor Several levels with children’s playrooms A fair-sized spa center naturally, with fresh bar-chik of course I was expected to see the fitness gym, spa centre BUT jogging track? and not I will make an experiment and will check how long is that track here is a start go t’s very funny, absolutely my style I walked through the whole track and on finish I’ve found this information one circle 670 metres After the royal promenade you can get into the courtyard of the ship And to make you understand, we partially ‘ve seen only three lower decks this liner is super huge, huge and nothing to add in order to see the whole ship, one day is not enough, I think One day, for a second you can get lost here to prevent this
there are bunch of monitors with a search system for your cabin ok, moving on
jump into the elevator and reach the upper deck here is the bathing part of the liner with numerous swimming pools, bars etc. and solarium in the bow of the ship, protected from the sun by glass panels There are many pools here
I counted 16 normal swim in these pools will not work a) they all are very shallow b) too short c)d)e) many people but it’s enough to fresh up in hot weather and here is an interesting thing you are in the middle of the ocean – there is water around you and you feel the real lack of trees
what do you think they came up with? you will think they decorated ship with home plants? no! They created a real park! yes, there is a park on the ship there are 56 trees and 13000 plants in park it’s ok when there are many attractions on liner and entertainments but when there is a park with big trees and flowers you just can’t believe that that is all on the ship…and not somewhere in the city they even turn on birds sounds
to make atmosphere more real and you have the feeling that you are in the city oasis 100%
no doubts of course, comfort and beauty is very important but here is not less important thing – food food such a feeling that I’m in good all inclusive Turkish hotel now… well, let’s talk about food Catering to passengers is carried out in 24 restaurants located on the linear…most of them are free In addition to fashionable restaurants such as this one…which was designed for 1500 people there are simple cafes, such as this pizzeria where you can tell – oh give me several pieces of that Margrarita pizza and the Italian chef at the counter will give you big attention to details here
for example, there is almond, soy and lactose-free milk very funny plates to dishes made by American style Important question! Can I stay here and eat around the clock? yes, I can ) Any time of the day or night you can get any food you want In general, restaurants are situated throughout the whole ship so that you do not need to go more than 5 minutes to the place of snack wherever you are I will honestly say that the kitchen, from the side of how it’s organized and how it was made really surprised me in a good way, as well, as the following fact I’ve found out that food can be taken out of the restaurant to your cabin Americans use that option But let’s be honest, people here not only eat yep, people here drink day and night I saw a lady drinking mimosa cocktail on breakfast, it’s ok here What is amazed me the fact that there are no drunk people there are no crazy drunk people like you can find in Turkish or Egyptian hotels pleasant fact Only soft drinks, such as cola or coffee, are free on that liner You should pay for alcohol drinks Ok, about money On the liner instead of money you use your own key it is connected to your card and during all trip you have to use only that key and forget about your credit card be honest, I don’t know where you can spend all your money, oh no, of course here are bunch of such places You can get Internet connection here but it costs 23$ per day Sea sickness Big size has its advantages most people are afraid of ships and cruises due to sea sickness…afraid of bad feelings during all trip but on such big liner you do not feel like you are on the ship it is so huge that the fluctuations are minimal and you will forgot about your sea sickness What is the most pleasant here is that whole cruise is on Caribbean As Elena Sinelnikova ( producer of Orel&Reshka ) said ‘Guys, Caribbean sea is the best of the best in the world’ usually I believe her Caribbean the distinctive feature of Caribbean sea – is its color unique color, amazing color of its waves
no comments, you have to see it mood color is like this I thought that I’ve seen the whole ship, saw everything here, understand its size but in the evening found out that there is concert hall concert hall Yes, there is a concert hall for a couple of thousand seats equipped with everything you need Concerts, musicals and performances take place there every day and even several times a day On this day, they perform Music Mamma Mia At the stern of the liner there is aqua theater you can watch here aqua shows with athletes from all over the world and of course guys from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia be honest, aqua shows – probably the most spectacular thing that I saw during the week on a cruise
and this is a very professional circus show very powerful stunts, given the fact that athletes perform on a ship that moves But that’s not all On the third day of the cruise, I’ve found out that in addition to the concert hall and aqua theater there is also skating rink Yes, whats the hell there is also a skating rink on which ice shows take place Those shows also cool and awesome
very spectacular and of course our people also participate here
I’ve met them on the last day on cruise it may seem that I filmed all these shows somewhere not on the liner but believe me, this is all on one liner
and such shows may cost much but here you can watch everything for free all this atmosphere gives a very unusual feeling
you forget that you are in the open sea especially in the evening in the evening when the main(sun) light turns off and here turns on it’s really hard to believe that you are on the ship now it looks like usual city place
restaurants, people chilling on the park benches you can hear different sounds: crickets and leaves on trees you can’t believe you are on the ship and move somewhere, just right now I have no idea how they created such liner for example, if all 6000 people will take a shower…where all this water flows? for another stuff I even won’t question how???? geniuses! morning Morning I have a feeling that I’ve won a golden card I decided to order breakfast here is just very interesting form of ordering that breakfast you can order it for free check this out In the evening you take a special form in the room mark the cabin number, indicate delivery time, choose drinks and dishes from the list unfortunately, I did not find buckwheat, this is a big minus that I hope they will fix in the nearest future and hang the form on the door pen as you can see the neighbors smart enough and did the same and the morning
miracle – taaadaaam with morning coffee is perfect reading of local newspaper something like “Cruise Times”
and you get it every morning it’s like a usual newspaper, it’s someone’s work In this newspaper – the schedule of work of all restaurants and cafes and what is important, you just now see this schedule of all activities for today the same inf can be found on the electronic scoreboard on the ship in short, we will now talk about Entertainment So, on the ship there are two climbing walls sport fields used for tennis, football and basketball zip line, where you can ride at a height of 15 floor on the upper deck there are two swimming pools with artificial waves everyone can surf here the most interesting thing in this entertainment is watch how people fall it’s funny enough and this is our finalist
he kept well but fortunately not for long if you don’t like active entertainments, you can play mini golf entertainments here not like in most hotel here you have fun from 7am till dark night here is very active life, always something going on starting from day parties on the main street, performances of bands or DJs and ending with auctions of paintings The most important event of the evening is photo shoots Here, everyone coming out in cocktail dresses or in bold costumes well, that’s how that guy looks like
a young Garik Korogodsky did you take these clothes in advance, to dress up tonight and take photos? -yes, tonight party of 70th. -did you know about this party in advance? -yes, it’s our 4th trip on this liner Of course, all entertainments are in English that is why if you want to sing in karaoke
be prepared for the fact that you won’t find «white roses» in the playlist many activities created for older people for example – bingo game, it’s super popular but generally, on the liner anyone can find own hobby now we can talk about the most important advantage of sea cruises I will tell you why such experience was interesting for me cause you can visit minimum 3 countries in one week trip in my case it was Saint Martin Island now we will reach it
it has famous Macho beach no doubts, you’ve seen videos in Internet
and soon you can check new one on my channel also, I’ve visited Puerto-Rico
and private beach Labadee Haiti you do not need any visa to visit those countries in order to leave the ship you need to register your ship key in such way they understand that you came out on the way back you enter with your key too
i.e. it’s your key, passport and visa I was frightened by big crowds of people on the entrance that it will be too hard to get out of the ship
but in fact everything turned out to be very fast and organized pleasant fact is that staff put few points with drinks
it is such a good service you have no need to enter ship in order to get a drink in such hot weather you can get lemonade, water, whatever
it’s so cool care about you as your mummy you can get acquainted with new places by yourself or you can buy an excursion on the ship as you can see by my perfect tan, I’ve visited several cities and I should say that is a slight disappointment because you have lack of time to see everything you want to you can take one excursion or just walk in the city 5-6 hours…and return to the ship as you’ve seen everything from outside sure you are curious to know how it works from inside even if you are not interested it was very interesting to me
and I’ve bought special tour All Access Tour
it costs 120$ this tour allows you to enter all the places
that are usually hidden from eyes of tourists such as laundry, kitchen even the captain’s bridge the only moment is that I was forbidden to film during the tour….strictly prohibited I tried to solve this problem through the company where I bought my tour but they could do nothing for me I was only allowed to take photos on my phone, but I turned on live photos, I will make short video for you but of bad quality so, let’s check how the liner works ok, All Access Tour Badges on the neck and let’s go The first and most difficult thing is to feed 6000 hungry bellies according to American standards, all food on the liner
after cooking should be eaten during 4 hours All that is not used going to garbage Therefore, the cooking process here is non-stop
The amount of food that goes to cooking – is insane they use 30 000 dozen of eggs every day for one cruise, the ship takes on 5,000 tons of provisions Of course, it needs to be stored somewhere This is how the numerous warehouses on the liner look like I can now be here because I shot this video in the middle of cruise at the time of leaving the port, they are clogged to the ceiling there is own specific for storage food…for example, fruits should be stored separately from vegetables only apples for a week people eat here 12 000 pieces and now the most interesting, stop between cruises is usually 6 hours that is why, warehouse workers in 6 hours
should get, load and sort 5,000 tons of products In general, they are gods of logistics Going ahead, this is a motor control center
there are 6 diesel engines on the liner each of them the size of a bus Due to this, the ship that weigh more than 200 000 tonnes…can reach speed of 40 km h and I should say that 6 engines at the same time almost never used This is the heart of the ship – the captain’s bridge and as you can see, despite the most modern navigation systems the good old binocular haven’t been betrayed Laundry all the linen that changes daily in the cabins is washed here the thing is that only $15 000 per month is spent on washing powde There is a system for recycling garbage Liquid waste is pulped and stored at the bottom of the ship they pulp liquid waste, and solid waste is compressed too solid waste burned right on the ship In general, the ship is an absolutely autonomous mechanism that works perfectly this liner costs $6 billion the company of the operator Royal Caribbean has several ships and they built each new ship on 50 millimeters longer than the previous one in order to be first in the Guinness book of records the whole ship is awesome
some design elements, details, in general there is a feeling that the people who built Allure Of The Seas paid attention on every corner of that ship the thing is that this is not a paid video
I was not affiliated with the Royal Caribbean company but honestly, I was very surprised how everything is organized here….especially service staff it has been several days since I boarded this cruise ship
i had time to figure it out I have no idea who is a manager of all these staff but! he is the best of the best, no doubts everything here organized perfectly
very friendly and know what to do every staff you meet here alway with smile and welcome you all the time Roman – Main bartender -i see that organization here is so good -the right word – «organized», 6500 people are here right now and everything here works good it’s really so
it’s the biggest ship in the world do you have some rest sometimes? we have no weekends, we work for 10 h per day but sometimes we have sometime to relax here is this man with some coffee
this is the captain of the ship. Canadian he just went out to talk with guests Views from my cabin is unreal, it’s just awesome and you can see it all the time during your cruise trip Seven days of cruise are over and we are on the way to Miami all seven days I lived on the ship and ready to give my own subjective opinion first of all I will answer on the main question
how much is that trip costs 7 days on Caribbean cruise
prize on such cruise starts from $ 700-800 it’s for cabin without terrace
My cabin with terrace costs $1100 Of course there are many difference prizes and cruises I even heard about cruise on Bahamas costs $ 250/4 days You can search and find wherever you want and need and it will be more fast and easy if you will use this service Express Voyage they organized my trip and big respect for such work they even got permission to shoot on the ship for me
big thanks it was official permission
If you’ve been in America you know how hard here o get permission to shoot something
that is why i’m very grateful and now about my personal opinion it is cool I think once in life you have to try what does it mean to have cruise holidays and then for you to decide if such way of spending time yours or not But I have no doubts if you will try it someday, such trip on such huge liner you will be amazed it’s miracle of technology floating city and everything here organized perfectly I’m impressed by two things here food and entertainment Entertainment is very interesting and professional it very complicated logistics but it works Important thing I’m not here to advertise any cruise I’m here to understand what is cruise and how it works but if it’s cool why not to tell that and the last important thing and no matter how you travel by plain, on ship or by car just do it cause it’s worth it and I will look at the sea because it’s really awesome editing, script, voiceover, drone, mistakes, face

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  33. NEW! Акция “Охота за круизом”
    Новейший лайнер 2019 г. – MSC Grandiosa
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