हिंदी – My journey from doctor to investor

हिंदी – My journey from doctor to investor

Hello investors , my name is Sagar and in this video, we’ll talk about my personal journey and how I became an investor I will share many small stories which helped me develop my own investing strategies many people think that I learned this with books but this is not true. I started many businesses in the past and that’s why I learned this I’m going to share three small stories about three businesses I started when I was medical college and you will see how this helped me develop my own investing strategy As you may already know , I’m a doctor so let’s start with that. The first year of medical college is very hard because you have many big subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology but you also have some free time . My friends used to attend many parties and events but I wasn’t interested in that so I decided to start some business In that country , many people wanted to learn Spanish. So , the demand was very high but there weren’t any Spanish teachers available. Just so you know , I’m making this video in Spain and I have studied in Spain for a very long time so I speak Spanish So I decided to give some Spanish classes. I posted my ad in some Facebook Groups and as there weren’t any Spanish teachers , I was able to get many clients. Of course , my time was limited so I couldn’t take many students. I was earning around 500 Rupees per class. The second year was even more interesting because I learned my first investing principle I was giving Spanish classes and I wondered what would happen if I doubled my price because there wasn’t any competition This is mentioned as pricing power or hidden pricing power in many financial books. I didn’t know about this as I was 19 years old and I wasn’t reading these books. So I decided to double my price because there wasn’t any competition. Now I was charging 1 000 Rupees per class. I thought some people would say no but at the end , I would still make more money. Can you guess what happened ? Nobody said no. Everyone agreed to that price because they knew there wasn’t any other teacher. That’s how I learnt about pricing power. It’s always important to provide a good quality service with it but after some time I had to stop this business. That’s because I wasn’t able to scale this business. If I had three free hours in a week that only means three classes. Of course , I could keep increasing the price but it would still be three classes so the scope was limited. but I was learning about investing indirectly. In my third year, I decided to start another business as I had some free time but I made sure that every time I start a new business , it has to be more profitable than the previous one. In third year I realized that first year students were always purchasing two Anatomy books. The price was around 8 000 Rupees. Many people didn’t want to spend that much money on these books but they still had to buy it because the teachers always suggested this one. So I thought I could make some money here. As I was in third year, I asked my second year friends if they wanted to sell their Anatomy books. Usually people don’t sell their Anatomy books because it’s always helpful but in this case everyone was sick of this subject so they wanted to sell it So I decided to take their books and then I would sell it to first year students and I had one very important rule here. I would buy these books for 2 000 Rupees and I didn’t want to pay more than that to anyone. and then I would sell these books for 4 000 Rupees to first year students . So I was able to double my money always. I realized later that this is known as return on capital in investing but you can see that I was already aware of this . I just didn’t know the terminology I always had an advantage because the new books were selling for 8 000 Rupees and I was able to sell it for 4 000 Rupees. but I faced some inventory issues because sometimes , I used to buy these books from my friends and keep them at my place and when I was able to get some clients , I would sell them these books but there was some times that I bought the books and I didn’t have any clients to sell. So I got stuck with some inventory and I didn’t like it. So, I decided to change my business model. I told all the first year students to contact me when they were interested in these books. and only then I would go and buy these books from my friends. This is how I fixed the inventory issue. Let’s say one client as asked for 4 books. I used to write it down and only then I would approach my friends and asked them for their books and then sell it to the client So now , I didn’t have any inventory because I was buying when there was an order and I never lost money this way I was making more money in this compared to my Spanish classes but I decided to scale this business. I realized that many people wanted to buy Iphone 6 ( it was one of the best selling phones at that time ) but the price was really high. even though many people were interested in Iphone 6 , they weren’t ready to pay that price for a new phone. So I used to buy second hand phones and then sell it to other people. I used to make sure that I never had any inventory and I would only buy when I had an order. I made sure that I was doubling my money. I was very strict about this rule because it took a lot of time to do the research plus I was putting my own money So this is what I was doing my third and fourth year. I did this with Macbooks as well because many people wanted it. In my fifth year, I started another business. I’m only mentioning the most profitable businesses but I actually started more than 6 businesses. At the end , I will tell you what do they have in common. The third business was real estate service. In that country , every year there were more than 200 new students and they didn’t speak the national language ( Slovak ) So they were facing many issues when they were looking for flats because the owners only used to speak Slovak So there were many real estate agents who would help you out but these agents weren’t polite with these students . These students weren’t interested in agents because they knew they wouldn’t get good service. I was always interested in languages so in my fourth year , I was already speaking Slovak. It wasn’t perfect but I could understand the basics. So I told these students to contact me when they were looking for a flat and I would contact the owner So I used to help these students get flats for rent. My fee was lower than any agent. but I was always scared what would happen if any agent started speaking English and he provided a great service So I decided to do something new here. This is known as “moat” or competitive advantage in investing . I was learning these principles practically. In this case, I told these students that anytime you need help after you get the flat , you can contact me. Why is this so important ? Usually when you are working with agents , once they earn their commission , they will run away. This happens in India as well In my case , once the flat was rented , if you have any issue , you can contact me from Monday to Sunday and I will help you. Service is always important. So these students were getting free service plus the fee was also lower compared to other agents. there is something in common in all these three stories. Firstly , my initial investment was nearly 0 in all these businesses. This was important because if the business didn’t succeed , I would never lose any money. So if you take classes, books and real estate , I never risked my own money Secondly, I always used to focus on profits. In the case of books , I would always double my money In real estate , I was able to make even more money. So all of them were profitable. that’s why I always tell everyone to look at the profits and free cash flows of every company because that’s how I did business So how did I become an investor ? In my fifth year , I had some savings and I wanted to do something with it . I couldn’t invest in real estate because the amount was very small so I invested this money in Apple (stock ) because I knew they were going to launch their new phone and it would do really well I didn’t do any research as I didn’t know how to analyse stocks. I bought this stock at 160 $ and it reached 135 $ in the following months . I was actually in summer vacation when this happened. So now I became really curious because I thought that stocks can only go higher and that’s when I started learning more but I realized something really important. I believe there are two versions about the stock market. The first one is the one they want you to see. This is the media and news version and according to them investing is very hard and complicated and the second version is the real one so when you listen people like Warren Buffett of Charlie Munger , you realize that anyone can learn it. If you listen carefully , they explain everything in a very simple manner. Of course , they research the company but the end result is a very simple explanation. There are many good books which are really simple to understand . A nice example is books of Peter lynch. So I said to myself that if I did learn how to invest in stocks , I would like to share it with everyone. I didn’t think about Youtube at that time. I used to read when I had some free time. I would read books of Warren Buffett and Peter lynch . And I developed my own valuation strategy, which I apply on every stock . I wanted this to be simple and easy because I can’t make an excel sheet on every stock . and I invested in many stocks and they performed really well. After sixth year, I asked some people if they wanted me to manage their money because they weren’t doing anything with that money and I explained them my strategy. They decided to give me that money and I started managing it for them. and that’s when I started managing funds for some clients but I remembered that I told myself I will share these strategies. and then I started my Youtube channel and I wanted to keep my videos very simple and easy to understand. I’m not saying that metrics are not important but you can explain many things without these metrics So , that’s how I started my Youtube channel and if you want , I can make a separate video on that because it has it’s own story because when I started Youtube , it wasn’t doing so well. Many people won’t know this but I had more than 120 videos in English. I used to make videos daily but I had only 700 subscribers. I know some people are following me since then so thank you for that. and that’s when I decided to switch in Hindi and now we have more than 53 000 subscribers but in the first 4 months , I just had 600 subscribers If you want , I can make a separate video on that don’t forget to subscribe to see more videos

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