08 Struggle Road - Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up Let's Play

08 Struggle Road – Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up Let's Play

hi everyone welcome back I am Honeywell and we're playing overcrowd a commuter map we've been racing towards zone 1 since we started but before we head off to see what horrors await us in zone 1 we're going to hop back into zone 2 for just a moment so we'll go ahead and resume this gem encode pointed out that our turnstile is pointing in the wrong direction let's go ahead and not play on here oh do you know what I forgot that we wouldn't have any staff so this is probably a bad idea but let's go ahead and look at this real quick Jimin could pointed this out that we had the the turnstile facing in the wrong direction so we want to go ahead and fix this so it's pointing that way but um actually we lucked out with my mistake there and that's probably what allowed us to finish the level well I don't know maybe I would have noticed this but the wall vents didn't allow commuters to pass through them so what happened right before we started having this exit cue that I just assumed came from having four trains worth of commuters exiting here that was not what happened right before that we went ahead and put had a problem with the heat so we went ahead and banged in all of these vents and what was happening with those vents is they were blocking our commuters from exiting the building so what happened is they got off the they got off the turnstile and they couldn't exit the building because this vent was blocking them so when I put in this turnstile that actually fixed the problem in a roundabout way because they would exit the turnstile not be able to get through and then exit back out this and they would circle these turnstiles and they were at piled up right here now towards the end of the night they took a shortcut and pass through our tool room and left the building that way and then in the morning these vents that I plopped in we're blocking our commuters from getting tickets and that's why we had such a nightmare getting like eight people on on our trains and if you see we can go ahead and look at our commuters you'll go ahead and look to their needs and our ticket needs shut up 40% because they were coming in this entrance and couldn't get to this ticket machine so we were lucky to be able to finish that level but the vents have been fixed and the issue that we had with staffing with our staff losing their mechanical skills both of those items have been fixed but death has been absolutely brilliant and hot fixes are coming out daily for these these issues so yeah now let's see so now they should be and you can see they oh my gosh now you can see they're passing through past those vents just fine and what is going on here now I am sure you guys think that I am like absolutely obsessive with my micromanaging but look at this we've been pressing play for like two seconds and all you know what has broken out this is absolutely crazy let's get out of here before before we lose this scenario and I have to play it over but yeah this hard mode is uh not any joke I thought it was very easy before but we lucked out by having low traffic and and easy tracks to get to so we left the scenarios before everything went too you know okay let's get out of this Adams nightmare before we loose we'll go ahead and exit without saving exit no save and let's continue our campaign and hopefully we'll be ready to get back to zone 1 now I happen to know that my zone one has a no-win scenario my map only has four train lines but the objective is to build five platforms I was joking around about Honeywell being a bad seed but like usual I was correct okay just kidding but I was right I filed a bug report and they started work on a fix the same day so I think chances are good any issue with the last zone will be sorted soon but maybe not I don't know either or it does not matter I am bored of racing through the levels and putting down platforms we not we don't need and I'm looking forward to to playing zone one at a more casual pace you know putting down some shops and exploring the last tier of tech if we can that last level was pretty crazy so I'm expecting more of the same but we've been training our our staff since day one and have assembled a crack team of subway specialists and I have every faith that we will prevail maybe not but let's find out litter is a massive issue at Cambridge Street and rodents have infested this station so yeah let's get started now I already know where we're gonna start on this map go ahead and hit pause oh we're gonna start with these cheesy free tiles because you know I like free stuff but you can see that we have one train line here two three four four train lines the scenario closed for five platforms so we can't finish this but that doesn't matter and we have this one train this one track right here with these free tiles around it and I happen to know that there is or there used to be a an entrance on this same level what is this one what is this track this track is here we go – one train level and – one football so let's this is better there we go so we are going to start at this direction and use this track and this footfall this entrance right here now it also works out that we have an entrance over here that's conveniently located and we have some another one over here so I'm not sure how much time I'm gonna have to play this before the reset on Tuesday but Tuesday afternoon nighttime but hopefully we can uh we can get something going here now it's gonna take me forever to figure out a budget station here so I am going to do that and I will bring you back when I'm done okay here we are this is our budget starter station which actually looks pretty spacious considering our last station but we lucked out with all of these free tiles down here these ones over here they were whoops now I did it they were can I get that to come up GG honey well they were let's try that again they were on this level but we lowered them down to this to this level and then we use these to make part of our tall room now see if we can get right back to the right direction now if you are the type of player that juggles your equipment that keeps minimum staff on – to be able to minimize your payroll which is a valid thing to do you wouldn't want to put your tool room out of the way like this but you see how I manage our staff we bring them in set them up with their with the tools that they're best suited for and and that's it there's really very rare that our staff need to use our tool room so this was a good spot for it for the way that I play we're taking advantage of these free tiles and this is something that we haven't done before we have these water features here so I want to see if that helps minimize the heat if you looked at our last map our machine room and tool room football tremendous amount of heat and all of that was not a bright white so I want to see how this works out keeping these rooms off to the side and away from our corridors and and see if we can't control the heat the heat level in the station that way I don't know how it'll work out now we also work forward-thinking enough to think that we might be expanding our platform just a little bit and they'll be garbage bins along this way so we have an entrance to our you utility room here with a garbage can and then I also put an entrance to our utility room right here in so our staff will have a quicker way to empty these bins along here now we can we have tons of room to expand this way and expand that way we have a ground-floor street entrance which will be super easy too to bring people in and have them use this track and then we also have this ground floor our red line so maybe we can put a tiny a tiny train track right here so I don't know there's a there's not potential for this I really like I think map seed assuming that it gets fixed and there's five lines on this I think it has potential to be really nice the first the earlier levels are have parallel tracks which apparently make for building endgame stations really nice because you don't have a bunch of tracks intersecting each other and this one looks what good as well so we will say either word that's what we have we have lots of trash cans enough generators to get started no staff room and yeah I think that's about as much blather as anyone could possibly stand we put in a tiny bit of of posters not posters I've been watching Katherine a Sky adverts over here so hopefully they'll generate us some income we have a plant here right at the entrance which we're hoping will generate some goodwill we have a plant here at the platform which again we're hoping will generate good will if they miss the plant on the entrance hopefully on their way out they'll get this one and we'll get a boost for that we inset our ticket machine over here and into the wall just to try and avoid any any early crowning problems I don't know that that's going to be possible the summary of this station commuter mood at point of entry they are gonna be full of trash angry full pockets lots of money this time and full of disease so I expect I expect vandals and drunks and diseased people and litter bugs and all of that we are going to raise up our ticket prices we're gonna start now at 20 20 pounds and see how that goes just like the last time we raised our ticket prices we're gonna have to watch this carefully just to make sure nothing gets out of hand as soon as we open and when we open we'll get a thousand pounds and we'll use that to call in our staff and start getting them to one at a time but yeah enough bladdered let's go now we're at 43% and I could have swore when I started this level we were at 45 so this is not boding well for us let's look at her staff and I think who we're gonna start with is a king because because yeah she's the best she has four slots let's get her in we want to give her what tools do we doesn't really have she has a megaphone an information tablet a first aid kit and she was carrying a second medical device but we're gonna hold off on that for just a minute because I want to make sure that we have enough to get Jackson in here for her her tools and our security guy yeah you know why so let's start with medical can you super fast and we also need to get a staff room in here sometime that's right look at those poor pathetic adverts over there see if we can't generate some money and now and now we want the what the megaphone I can't even see they got the megaphone and I'll sort the order there okay Mount King we want medical assist then the megaphone and as soon as we have a little bit more money we'll get her another tool but yeah you see what little we're dealing with you get down over here and soothe these angry customers what did they say about the price can't afford do we get an ATM machine in here maybe we need to lower this price what newspaper bought ticket let's get them see if we can uh generate some money okay we missed a trick here again we'll have to make sure that we put the right stock in there's no bench get over it because you're not getting one no seat we're at 47% reps so our reputation went up a couple points price can't afford how about 19 pounds that's a bargain price price there's jaws music I'm messing up that's what are our reports Brett today closing early I don't get that said well that's not only six people have complained six out of 90 we're gonna keep that at 90 how are these they're passing right over there ignoring this stop only zone because the platform is there how do we deal with this they're gonna be upset because there's no lights over here what a nightmare let's get in our next employee next person we want Jackson who are you people Alexander you look pretty good repair and medical we don't need these people we have we have crack team here Cleo Jackson Cleo is pretty good 276 refuse we're gonna need that get her in here and we'll have her pick up the rat and she needs a litter picker and a mop and a watering can do we want to get all that no no we don't we're just gonna have her pick up these two Jackson rats first litter second and yeah I don't know that there's any way that we can keep them out of oh yes there is a way I think we're gonna take a hit to maintenance I don't care get over it we don't want them going over there because it's not lit and that's gonna we're gonna get hits with gloominess okay pick up your litter and get out here crowded 51 so our rep is going up our money is going up a brute has entered the station we want to get in white white is white our security he is let's make sure I know why is our security white is security and Phillips and Singh I think we also gave badges too but white is our main security person and he's also backup medical what does dangle has no security Daniel is a repair person okay so let's get white in and white we're going to give these people are gonna be diseased but we have some money so let's get them they're tools you need they're tools to do a good job okay so white is getting his security badge if I can find it security badge first white come pick this up and we also white is also a medical person give them medical kit if it's anything like the last station we might need it we don't want a we don't want like a a flu outbreak you know and then pick up that and we'll get you some more tools as soon as we can afford them we want to get everybody in here first and I think I think we're gonna splurge on a camera I think is the smart thing to do right let's splurge does that cover everything let's get right back to her our train broke down are you kidding me what a nightmare how long has that been going on oh my god and now we have somebody knocked out so we're gonna need a mop oh dear oh dear don't so floor by floor by floor we need to we need a bigger tool room already this is this is not starting out good guys okay uh facilities tool room we still don't have a staff room we are going to need a mop a mop for the blood a repair kit a repair can and let's get another litter picker cuz Maui is four pairs and backup litter okay Jackson Jackson go pick up the mop malli get in here we need you I get how long have you guys been staring at the screen like yelling at me that the train was broken down okay malee get here malli run don't walk and pick up that tool kit King where are you you're taking care of everything good job people are going out in handcuffs we're at 55 rep we don't want to let it drop right off the bat can't afford maybe our tickets are too low leveled up Jackson of course she did should probably like working her little fingers to the bone oh yeah we want that speed point for you Jackson good good good malee is that fixed fix our training malli Jackson why are you going back to that that room we don't want you to do that come out here you know what empty this trash just in case we still need to get someone has commuter rage could you not have communal reach and I guess you're doing good so go pick up that stick right there and is this hard is this the 18 here do we have all the basics covered a little bit I think we need another another person spent spreading joy sparkles and joy here but some let's add on to our tool room just in case tool room and then we need to start thinking about a staff room okay so now we have we should have the basics covered for right now our generators are not going to guess we're gonna have to buy a gas barrel too though get over there Maui nice plant it is a nice plant I wish I could afford a couple benches but no seat people are getting really Co a rat but we're ready for that let's get stock three rodents have charity that's right Jackson a crack team of Subway specialists give this train in here and look at all them people let's get our train in here get some more money and then we need a snack from Oh king is hungry we need a staff room where are we gonna put our snack from really we need it in a cheap a cheap do we just want to put it over here let's chuck it in here and see if we can't get it 225 every dollar counts bathroom and King is starving do we have any new we have some amenities what do we have an arcade machine T station staff can use this T station to brew a cuppa and quench their thirst he also adds a temporary speed boost to your stamp oh that's nice Oh everybody wants tea but it's not gonna help King because she's hungry okay so we need a vending machine do we have enough well we don't but we're gonna have enough because we're gonna sell tiles vending machine how much is that you do not have I know I don't have enough but how much is it where can I delete some tiles do we have enough now you know what that's ridiculous put this tile back King wait just a second and we're gonna get you a sandwich game hopefully 151 make some money guys get a sandwich there she goes good good good good and Jackson Jackson wants a drink how much is that tea station let's pick her that tea station because if they couldn't quench their thirst and get a speed boost we want that don't we we do 400 look how many are boarding though that's a good sign where are we at with trash wise you know what Mellie just help take out some trash cause poor Jackson's thirsty we need four hundred can you do it there we go let's get a drink for Jackson hopefully this pays off and we can make up some money soon there we go Jackson is getting a drink are we gonna make it we're up to 69 percent rep that's good money is a very big problem though um wait what we don't have money to do anything malli take out that trash and we don't have a watering can yet either let's get this train in here and get some of these people out okay um King is thirsty now too am I missing something are they not able to empty these trash bins let's watch why is she still thirsty go use that amenity and these bins are empty can they not get into did I mess up our tool room and they can't get in there um let's put well let's make sure that's what's happening now lead can you empty not empty bin I can't do it okay let's try putting a floor tile here and a floor tile here although that should not be the problem because uh because we've done this before Oh hold on empty the bin malee no King you need to come out here and help somebody Jackson come out here can you empty the bin rush hour Jackson can't empty the bin I don't know what to do we can't afford a new machine room yeah I don't understand what happened but king leveled up please you're a good length but more stamina King good job what are we gonna do about the trash jazz music the game knows the gang knows things are have problems are happening here Jackson empty that bin no she can't in the world is going to one I don't even know what to do what to do let us try well they're not gonna be able to do that because okay yeah that's not gonna work let us try a new a new utility room rip rep I don't care Johnson empty that bin Jackson empty that bin okay so it's the utility room causing issues sell that bin can we fit No no we cannot did we just lose rep anyway what a nightmare so we're gonna have to I guess the I guess the Dumbledore exploit was uh what's fixed I didn't see anything in any of these eye patch notes but it's a shame it's a shame because I liked it but what we'll do is we'll move reputation over 75 900 pounds food we need that because we're gonna have to remodel I want to put the is white here because I think we have a thief I want to put the we're losing rap though why are we losing rap I'm not sure but you know what we want we want a couple benches so we stopped taking hits for no one bench that's a good spot for a bench one bench let's put in some more adverts newspaper billboard well that's good and you know what I think this time we'll go ahead and put adverts along on a train track because I think we missed that last time 78% rep look at their little speed boost it's good it's good stuff won't get out here we have a rat problem but that's fine our how our plants 41% we need to get we need to get a watering can Jackson we want Jackson to uh we need a second person is what we need malli empty this trash Jackson empty that trash let's get this trash out of here before our bins explode call our train and we'll have to regroup we'll have to regroup overnight and then hopefully tomorrow morning won't have enough good job good job wait that's right hopefully in the morning we'll have enough to get another staff person in so I'm not juggling tools but it looks like we're okay once once we fix our utility room it's gonna go a lot nicer and we should have just have enough money to do that that's um that is suspicious that bin level one bin here is only at three percent capacity oh because these people didn't get these bins emptied why didn't they empty these bins now with this I don't know that we're gonna have enough time to to revisit this level because again the whole thing is the campaign is gonna get reset yeah the campaign is getting reset tomorrow and there's obviously something wrong with the trash here but the developer has been very responsive to any issues that we've had so I'm hoping whatever happened with the trash that will be straightened out shortly I mean they obviously were able to put one piece in there but now all of a sudden that's not working again but we're up to 85 percent wrap I'm really disappointed that I wasn't that we weren't able to do to do more with this I was uh I was looking forward to being able to like expand our lobby area and trying out some of the shops they have adorable adorable like little flowers flower stalls the hot dogs fans are awesome the phone booths are great I really like the strong point from the art perspective is uh is these little of Commerce stands I'm not crazy I like the plants too I'm not crazy that like the three tier three kind of set of amenities don't really want dog coordinate that well but but I adore the little flower stalls the coffee stand hot dog stand all of that stuff's super cute uh yeah but I don't think we're gonna be able to see it because because there's just not gonna be enough time for me to do another episode but thank you so much this was a was absolutely off to a promising start here but we'll get it we'll revisit this once the either maybe a major update once the game reaches a beta stage right now it's an alpha so they're still it's not feature complete they're still adding in features but I am very much looking forward to revisiting this um if you want to see more let me know if you pick up the game let me know if you have any recommendations for any games let me know I am uh I'm absolutely looking for something else to play um but that he's gonna be all for now thank you so much for watching and I hope you will join me for whatever is next bye-bye

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  1. This has "bin" a struggle for sure. Even though it was short, was still fun and I "refuse" to let you think your time was a "waste" Here's hoping you dont "trash" the series and pick it back up when the update is done.

  2. I know the devs are definitely going to change this in the future but for heat, I literally just put one a/c unit in like tool room/utility room wherever and it just radiates cold so far outward

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