1 Stamp, 5 Ways: Holiday Seals + Video Hop!

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  1. I love your videos so much. Thank you for sharing yourself and your talent. Your kindness and generosity has no boundaries.

  2. I can see why this is the last video in the hop – because Jennifer knocks it out of the park, as usual. I like the ink blended white seals and the poinsettia flower best.

  3. Thanks for showing so many ideas to use the stamp seal set. I really love these images, they are so sweet. It’s so inspiring to see all these companies coming together to donate to a great cause.

    These images are quick and easy to color! So excited!!

  4. Love this awesome collaboration set! It's been fun to see all the different styles of the seal designs! Thanks for the ideas for using this fabulous set! Love the fun spinner card!

  5. I have been a big fan for a few years now… thank you for your fresh ideas and easy way of explaining..love it..

  6. Such great results!!Snow and glitter acetate are both available at Paper Wishes /Hot Off the Press for those of us who don't have laminators.

  7. Jennifer, you never disappoint! Great ideas and very nice cards. This collaboration is a positive step. Companies working together. We need more of this. Seems like a positive message.😊

  8. WOW Jennifer 🙂 Thanks so much for all the inspiration and techniques!!! I can't wait to go play! Thank you also for your generous heART for the arts 🙂

  9. Thanks for all of the creative inspiration using these Hloiday Seals stamps. Love the different techniques and looks. Fabulous cards!

  10. Jennifer, you are a genius. Thank you for sharing your inspirations and inspiring me to develop excellent technique. These cards are a terrific use of the Stamping Village Holiday Seals and the project is a great effort to support art education for kids.

  11. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your amazing and creative ideas. I love watching and learning from your videos. You always promote sharing kindness and it is awesome that you are involved in this beautiful collaboration with these great stamping companies. All your ideas with this stamp seal set are so gorgeous. Thank you.

  12. Jennifer you do such a wonderful job on your video!! They’re thought out well & easy to follow. I’ve been a stamper 30+ yrs & still learn something new every video. Thank You,
    Amy Jones Apex, NC

  13. Thanks for sharing these cards. They are gorgeous. I love this collaboration and the best part is that the proceeds are going to Charity, Keep up the good work

  14. I love that you're teaching us how to stretch a stamp set like this. I also adore the fact that these wonderful companies have come together to create a new set, and then donating profits to charity.

  15. So many wonderful ways to use this wonderful set! I also adore what is behind this set and that it benefits a great cause. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Love all of your cards…as always. Thank you SO much for always being so generous with sharing your awesome projects with us!

  17. Thank you for the great ideas for using these stamps. Also thank you for being a part of a community of craft companies that bring us great products and support a worthy charity.

  18. Jennifer, thanks for always showing us so many ways to use stamps & dies we already have. This stamp set is so cute, a great one to add to a collection and a great way to give back.

  19. Really fun ideas! I love how you used all the seals for a light background. Awesome that these wonderful companies are coming together for a great cause!

  20. Thanks for showing all these ways for using this stamp set Jennifer. I have the stamp set and love supporting the Stamping Village consortium. Love supporting all those stamp companies that give back and inspire creativity in all of us.

  21. Jennifer first of all thank you so much for being a part of the Dreaming Zebra foundation collaboration. Such a wonderful charity. Besides caring for mom with dementia, I private tutor special needs children with ADD ADHD AUTISTISM and DYSLEXIA at no cost for families that cannot afford a private tutor. It's so gratifying to see their progress and how proud they are of themselves. These stickers are so fantastic. Definitely going to make. Cards are amazing. Love the glitter nose and berries. Nice touch. You always WOW me with all your videos. Thanks SO MUCH for being a huge part of the fantastic collaboration for the Dreaming Zebra foundation. A wonderful charity. Hugs to all

  22. Always enjoy your creative ideas and you have done another fantastic video. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Love these stamps.

  23. You always have then best ideas! Love watching your videos! Love how you used the stamps for the background and label sheets.

  24. L❤VE ALL of your cards and techniques❣❣❣ Thanks for the tip about making the spinner card a side folding card instead of top folding card. Thanks for the way you always give back–you are truly a very kind and generous person, in word and in deed❣❣❣

  25. Hi Jennifer! Anytime I see that you have loaded another video, I clap my hands! It’s true! My husband thinks It’s hysterical when I squeal with delight! I do enjoy all the techniques, tips and tricks that you teach in all you do! These stamps are fabulous! I think I’m going to have pick up these picket fences brushes. I really like how they perform in your videos. Using these stamps for seals for my cards is awesome. I have purchased some seals from craft stores. These are so adorable and quite beautiful! I love that these companies are always interested in doing something for our community and charities! So so awesome! ~ Katz

  26. Jennifer, I love each of your card designs, but I really loved the snowflake card with the frame! That blue color looks like a periwinkle on the video, but it is such a stunning card!

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