hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is janae I run a blog called Hilah luxe and I focus on luxury beauty fashion and travel and today we are doing 10 airport looks so I have my rack here and I tried to have a little bit of everything but you will notice a major key which is comfort I have to be comfortable when I travel so that's what every book is going to involve I have some looks for like long-haul flights so if you're doing like 6 hours or more and then I have a few looks for if you're taking a short trip and maybe you want to look put together once you arrive and you're strapped your bags off at the hotel and kind of like get going with your day so I'll of course walk you through every outfit when I try it on and how I style it and what I put with it but without further ado let's just get started ok guys so this is the first look I have it on so this is super comfortable I have a vintage men's blazer and it's super oversized as you can see I have on a plain white v-neck t-shirt and white shorts the trend of the season these bike charts are from Zara they have a little lace detail which I think makes them kind of special and then I just have on my Louboutin arch lights which are extremely comfortable I actually got these in like a half size bigger so there are 38 and a half that I'm usually a 38 and they're super comfortable so this is the look I love this because it looks pretty put together but it's also extremely comfortable and just relaxed it's kind of like tomboy chic it's kind of the vibe and I just love it I love a blazer I always have two you'll notice also in our looks I always like to have some type of jacket blazer long sleeves when I travel because I get cold on planes I don't mind my legs being out but I need something on my arm stuff that is this look and then I just have on a watch that's white and then a little friendship bracelet and my silene necklace and then I would definitely throw on some Sunny's with this probably a tortoise frame kind of browns to pick up the Browns and the tans and this would be the look and if I was traveling I would definitely be my saintly wat tote and this would be I look okay guys next airport look so this is kind of one of those looks I was talking about if you want to be ready when you arrive you just want to look good together and just kind of like drop your bags off and go about your day so this is super simple but very very like chic and put together togethers my favorite work so you're here to let so this is just a white linen top super simple just a button up top I think I got it from like Nordstrom Rack or something like that but I'll link something similar below and then these black shorts are just like black little chinos and I have on my Dior sliced but any slides will do obviously this kind of helps us be more comfortable these are like just leather slide so they're super comfortable and these shorts are not tight they're not restricting I can sit down in them for a long amount of time and again a linen shirt so super comfy but also just very chic so I really like this vibe this makes me feel like maybe I'm going to like a Europe or something and I want to kind of like you know you fly overnight and you get off the plane you want to look fresh put together this is that kind of thing and for bag I would probably do something summery like our little wicker bag it fits a lot so you can put like your passport and everything in there and like everything you would need for your trip it has a thick strap so it won't fall off you can kind of be like rushing through the airport and you won't have to be worried about anything and then for sunglasses I probably do these little brown indie sunglasses and that would be our look most of you looks like probably won't do jewelry either because I hate taking off to read and the security so maybe a watch but besides that it's probably pretty much it okay guys next airport outfit this is the most comfortable outfit that I have and this is for like an extreme long-haul flights and you're just not trying to play like any games you just need maximum comfort like you're going to like Thailand or Australia like it's 15 hour flight and you just need to be comfortable so I have on a pair of sweat pants these are H&M and they're from the men's department and I have on a pair of Gucci loafers and this super cute little t-shirt for my boo it's called Shopaholic and i'll link below but it's kind of you know gives a little obsession but still comfortable and then this is a leather jacket that I actually bought pre-loved it's real leather but I bought it for like $100 in Canada and it's a men's leather jacket is just super oversized and I look look again I am extremely warm it's really comfortable I put my hair back in a ponytail cos we're going for maximum comfort here so yeah this is the look I wouldn't do any jewelry or anything for sunglasses I would just do my black forever 21 Sony's because for this look also I probably wouldn't wear you makeup so we just want like our face completely covered up and then for bags this is definitely like a tote bag kind of look and this is our maximum comfort airport look okay next look and this is a very comfortable airport look as well.these this is the only pair of jeans you see in this kind of video because I just don't find jeans feel uncomfortable where for like a long long time especially if I'm sitting but these are basically like leggings and they're extremely comfortable they're from Target and they're Purdue so I should be able to link them below I have on my off-white kind of Gucci loafers and then this is like a silk blend shirt it's really old from Zara but I'll try to find something similar and I got this in like a large so it's super oversized I did half tuck because that just pulled it together a little bit makes it look a little nicer and this is just extremely comfortable this fabric just feels really good and I would definitely grab some Sony's probably these gold ones these are Porsche Design and I just put the gold frames in you can switch out the frames and that just kind of elevates it a little bit makes it look a little more fancy but it's super simple I love the distressing at the bottom of these jeans just makes it really cool and I would probably just do my carry-on for this look and just pack any bags and I was taking with me and here and this would be I look okay next look this is a cute little denim skirt and I would definitely wear this on plane because it is comfortable like as long as my legs can move and they're free I'm pretty comfortable it's not too tight around my waist this skirt is from girlfriend denim and this is just a sweatshirt it's kind of old from Zara so I'll try to find something similar just pull sleeves up I'm gonna have like a little girly detail and then I just have on these kind of white simple sneakers these are from aldo i'll see if they're still available and i like this outfit again this is kind of a look if you want to look nice when you get there but maybe gonna be doing a lot of walking this is kind of a fun cute look and I still have all my sling necklace for sunglasses I would probably do my three people super old sunglasses and this wicker bag again because the strap is reversible so this is as our bag I mentioned this in a I think favorites video or maybe an unboxing I like it and I added a new york strap to it so I would wear this bag because the strap does have a blue side and the wicker just makes it really summery so this would be the look and I think the accessory is kind of glam it up a little bit even though this is basically just a denim skirt in a sweatshirt something like this look okay next look this is a cute little summer dress this is from revolve and spaghetti strap and of course I threw a jacket on because we don't want to be cold on the airplane and this is just a denim jacket it's from frame denim I'll show you the back and then again I have on my Gucci loafers so I wouldn't do this for like an extreme long haul flight but this is super comfortable for like a three to four hour flight and this dress is a really nice soft cotton so it feels really good and then this denim is actually pretty soft as well and I would probably just do my tote bag as my carry-on just to keep it simple and then just black suddenly is again since we got the black leather strap and no jewelry really again you want to keep it simple so we can get through security as quickly as possible so this would be the look and then when you get to wherever you're going you can take off for your denim jacket so this would be good if you were gonna just like keep this on for a good part of the day and then you can like stuff this in your bag you're like hey it's vacation let's go okay next looks super casual and comfy so these are Zara shorts they are oversized again I always size up just uncomfortable so these are I think like a size eight and I'm a size four then I just have on a black camisole and this really cool jacket it's kind of like a microfiber or kind of persuade and I also signed up in this so this is an extra-large just to give me that oversized slouchy look and then I just have on black sneakers these are from Marc Fisher and they're like a little platform so they give you some height and the leather is super soft so also very comfortable look and super casual I really like this and I would probably just do my black sunnies again I know we're so tired of them but it's the best $10 I've spent in a long time and for bag I would definitely do I could either do my tote bag or just a backpack and that would be our look okay guys next outfit is one of my favorites and 90% of the time if you see me at the airport this is what I will be wearing this is Maya's aura sweat suit and I just love it I've talked about this in a previous video I think it was a haul I like it but I get these every season they always come out with them I have 2 and white 2 and black and 2 and green because that's how much I love them last year they made the same sweat suit but with like a scoop neck and this year they made it with v-neck and I love it I always took mine in so if you look for it online I'll link it below of course but when you see it online it looks a little more slouchy and not as put together I always took mine in put the drawstring tight and it almost looks like a one-piece and I have it on with my Gucci bedazzled loafers and yeah this is a look super simple this is mainly for comfort and I just love this look I would do my freaking bull sunglasses because they just give again a little more glam to a very simple look and now I would definitely do my backpack to just give alternate summer vibes and this is just like you can't be more comfortable going through an airport with just like not to care in the world I think this is just like yeah I'm ready I'm ready to board ready take a nap I'm ready to do all the things okay guys next look and this may be my favorite I'm not sure I just wore this actually is what I went to New York last week on the train so this is my most recent actual travel look it is a satin skirt which you want to be comfortable just put on this just put on a satin skirt this is like pajamas I just have on a white t-shirt and I just knotted at the front just so we can show off waistline a little bit and that looks so comfortable so I just nodded it and then this is just like a little sweatshirt that I got in Paris but you know any sweatshirt I will I love collecting sweatshirts when I travel because then I have memories and I also we actually use them so I just put it on my shoulder so that way this keeps you pretty much warm and then if you get like really cold you can just put it on obviously so and then I have it on with my Louboutin arch lights any sneakers will do I just think this makes it just a little cooler with the high-top sneaker so yeah this isn't looking then I put my hair in a ponytail again because with this you don't want like too much going on this kind of takes up a lot of room on your shoulders and for bags oh actually this is the one I did so I would actually do this little this is a vintage stinky bag actually just got from fashion pile and I would do that to keep it kind of wet you can throw like a ton of stuff in here it's just a big open hole so I love that for travel because you don't have to like Plus too much to get stuff in and out you can just reach in so that would be the look and I probably wouldn't do sunglasses with this one because I feel like there's enough going on so this is okay guys next outfit is this cute little dress again this is super comfortable it has an elastic waistband so it's like as comfortable as you can get it's cotton this is from Love Shack fancy and it is just cute this is a great outfit if you want to be ready when you get off the plane I just paired it with these all those sneakers again just plain white little top sneakers so this is a great outfit for like if you're gonna be doing a lot of walking again and you'll notice most of these outfits are tennis shoes because I just want to be as comfortable as possible some air parts are bigger than others so then you end up doing like more walking than you anticipated so I usually opt for sneakers or a little fur and I kept my hair in a ponytail because this has a lot of ruffles and I just don't like too much going on up here and for bag I would probably do this saline box bag and just do it crossbody since I don't have on a necklace or anything and then that way I'm just kind of like hands-free and I can move about as I like and for Sony's I would probably do just my round up indie sunglasses I like these when I travel because they stay on my face really well so you know some glasses like slip down and you're always have to like pull them open just these I can like do anything and they stay on my face so this is their look okay guys those are my ten airport looks I hope they were helpful and give you some inspiration for when you were traveling this summer of course have you stuck to the end make sure you subscribe get the bail notifications so you never miss a video I focus on let's review fashion and travel so if you like those things make sure you stick around make sure you follow me on instagram at highlights and check out my blog Hilah looks calm as always thanks for stopping by see ya

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