when it's harder to choose your campsite than it is to assemble your camper then you know you're on the right track this is Reacher with mines I design and here are ten of our favorite pop-up campers number ten this finalists for the 2018 camper trailer of the year mixes the off-road capabilities of a camper trailer with the setup of a caravan 16 inch wheels and a steel chassis framework support the aluminum composite body once in place setup is done automatically at the touch of a remote power is provided by a 120 amp hour battery in a 120 watt roof-mounted solar panel this home away from home has an exterior shower unit a cartridge style toilet and a queen sized bed with optional bunk beds the kitchen includes a sink slide-out fridge area and a twin burner gas stove the whole thing measures just under 19 feet long and weighs in at about 3500 pounds the current base price is 53,000 dollars if that sounds too high then I've got some tent videos I can recommend to you number 9 National Geographic adventure hailed it as the coolest camper ever I'm no expert so I'll trust their judgment this lightweight pop-up doubles as a cargo trailer which makes camping all the more easier when you have somewhere to stow the extra gear during transport it weighs in at 840 pounds and can be towed by most vehicles the frame is a powder coated aluminum with a diamond plate deck that can handle up to 800 pounds the tent material is a rip stop nylon that is three times tougher than a normal family tent in addition to normal uses the interior has multiple setups which use the center table and bench panels to create a king and a half sized sleeping platform for up to five people an included awning doubles the covered living space while doors windows and ventilation help maintain the airflow throughout the current price for one of these is nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars number eight this flagship model from arizona-based Turtleback is also their current bestseller the 11 and a half foot handcrafted trailer is made from steel and aluminum and it has a dry weight of one thousand five hundred and fifty pounds with a cargo capacity of a thousand pounds it's 18 inch ground clearance makes it more than capable of taking on those long Overland adventures a rack system ties directly into the frame allowing for a rooftop tent that can accommodate two to six people the expedition includes a slide-out kitchen with a seen two stainless steel fold down tables and a 50 quart fridge freezer a 42 gallon freshwater tank six gallon hot water tank and fifty-two cubic feet of storage make it the ideal pop-up for a weekend getaway the base price starts out at twenty-four thousand dollars on this one number seven this pop-up can be parked and used right away without any extra setup unless necessary conquers you evey 490 Xtreme has a body shell made from electro galvanized steel which has a total dry weight of 3,200 pounds two entrances with fold-out steps give access to an interior that has a front fold out double bed and a folding dinette table that can be converted to extra sleeping space for up to five people extra features include a fully stocked kitchen area with a slide-out fridge freezer a two burner stove and a fold down table a wash basin and fold-out shower tent allow for cleaning and grooming there's also an electronic LED screen for monitoring and controlling the systems on the trailer the base price on this one starts out at a little over forty-seven thousand dollars number six this double folding model from lumberjack camper trailers may very well redefine camping the clothes trailer measures 18 feet by 7 feet and can fit inside a single car garage the press of a button starts the fully motorized set up once it's opened an attached annex covers the side of the trailer for a total footprint of 360 square feet the main area inside has a table bench seating and a 17 inch flat screen TV this area can convert to a sleeping space to supplement the included mattresses at each end of the trailer allowing for up to six people to sleep comfortably the exterior includes a slide-out fridge area a four-burner stove and an electric water tap power comes from three 12-volt batteries the dry weight on this one is 4,500 pounds with a starting price of $32,000 hey everyone before you start popping a tent be sure and hit that subscribe button below also click on that Bell icon to stay up to date on all the latest from mind's eye design number 5 this entry from Australian based company pocket camper was designed for those who drive small cars or want to ride motorcycles and still take advantage of a towable camper trailer the 22 square foot tent sleeps 2 people on a queen-size bed an optional annex adds another 43 square feet of usable space there's also a 40 litre cooler storage in the front bin of the trailer pricing can be found by contacting the manufacturer through their website number four of all the popups on the list this one has to be the most organized in regard to functionality every compartment is accessible without having to set anything up it measures in at a little over 17 feet in length a queen-size mattress sits atop the trailer with the tent and awning creating a total of 90 square feet of usable floor space underneath the bed is the pantry and kitchen which slide out the back of the trailer the kitchen has a 60 litre fridge freezer stainless steel appliances and plumbing which includes a wastewater pipe onboard power is provided by two 120 AGM batteries additional outlets allow for extra devices to be hooked up if needed the Safari extender starts with a base price of twenty nine thousand dollars but an extensive list of optional features will easily add to this cost number three this entry from pioneer campers 1 the camper trailer of the year in 2017 the trailer measures nine and a half feet by six and a half feet after setup the total length comes to a little over 17 feet with a living space of 88 square feet the sleeping area is a queen mattress on a slatted bed to promote air circulation the stainless steel roll-out kitchen comes equipped with a two burner stove prep tray and two drawer pantry accessible from both the inside and outside there's also a 700 litre fridge that can be accessed from both sides of the camper a 32 gallon tank provides fresh water to a glass top sync via electric or hand pumps power is provided by a 110 amp hour AGM battery that is supplemented by an 80 watt solar panel a battery management system monitors and charges the battery while regulating the solar input cost is determined by the shipping location and added optional features number two this model from the alto series by Safari condo is a prime example of how well designed a camper trailer can be the retractable roof is made from a single seamless piece of material with a plastic honeycomb core laminated with aluminum the crescent-shaped windows on the side are tinted glass when the roof is down the alto will fit in a standard garage with the roof raised it provides an interior living space almost 7 feet high the floor and frame are made of aluminum as well inside you'll find a king-size bed that converts into two single beds a front dining area can convert to a single bed and is usable even while the bed is set up the dining table can be set up to seed either two or five people the beds and fixed flush toilet are accessible even when the roof is down the aerodynamic shape and light weight make this one easily towable by most small cars and SUVs the starting price is roughly twenty nine thousand two hundred dollars before we give you our thoughts on the number one spot we want to remind you to let us know in the comments what you thought of our pigs do any of these campers suit your needs remember we read every comment and welcome all suggestions number one the brooder exp six did its real-world testing and australia's toughest terrain i'd say that alone qualifies it for the number one spot it's hand constructed body sits atop a chassis that can carry 11 times its own weight when you get to your destination the trailer will convert to camping mode with the press of a button the rear of the camper raises electronically into an awning the roof will also lift for over seven feet of headroom the 16 foot length and 6 foot width creates a huge space that contains a couch flat-screen TV swiveling table and sleeping areas for up to six people lighting and other accessories can be controlled via the interior digital display or an app for your smartphone information on pricing can be found by contacting the manufacturer hey guys this is Cathy highs enjoy this video tell us in the comments below what you found to be the most interesting and why also if you haven't done so yet make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button stay up to date with all of our latest videos thank you for watching I'll see you guys next time

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  2. You won't get far as an arrogant prick. 53000 for 20000 worth of kit means a person can choose against it. Calling your viewers losers who should buy a tent won't win you any new viewers.

  3. I’m just amazed by the Alto and how no other camper comes close. All aluminum construction, enclosed toilet and shower with the fixed roof version, panoramic windows, beautiful to look at … and totalweight under 2000 lbs. Tough to beat!

  4. I like the second one. I can see myself towing that behind a big dodge truck with a northern star camper already in the bed. That way I have my private studio and the main house all in tow and ready to go.

  5. This listing is very Australian , no surprise as Camper Trailers and the slightly more developed Hybrid Caravans dominate the lightweight Off Road RV section . Truck Campers are less popular. Off Road Caravans the heavier towable section

  6. Damn now you got be rich to camp how utterly rediculous these prices are, damn buy a house ! Lol

  7. Error at 6:45 The refrigerator DEFINITELY does NOT have a 700 liter capacity, as this corresponds to 24.7 cubic feet

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