10 Road Trip Hacks for Mountain Bikers

10 Road Trip Hacks for Mountain Bikers

Last month we drove from North Carolina to
Utah, and spent a few weeks mountain biking out West. Our road trip was glorious. Although we made a lot of memories, we also
spent back to back days just driving. Keeping the car clean, keeping ourselves clean,
and staying well rested were the main keys to sanity during our time on the road. So, since you guys are all mountain bikers,
hikers, or outdoor enthusiasts at the very least, I figured you could use 10 road trip
hacks for your next adventure. Let’s get started. You’ll probably end up buying some things
you forgot while out on the road, like a toothbrush, a flashlight, batteries—stuff like that. So start a dedicated bin just for road trip
stuff. As you buy all the stuff you forgot, just
add it to the bin. Next time you can load it up and not need
to buy everything again. Seems like an obvious thing to do, but it’s
actually not. If you’re road tripping really hard, you
may even need to change your clothes, and you may not have a low key place to do it. In a pinch, you can use your car doors as
a dressing room. It only gives you 270 degrees of privacy,
but that’s enough if you’re facing the woods. If you’ve road tripped before, chances are
you’ve already used this trick to get the job done. Speaking of getting the job done, you can
use a heavy duty bucket for that. I even labeled mine. To make it more comfortable to sit on, you’ll
also need a pool noodle, which surprisingly you can still buy during the winter. Cut the noodle to the circumference of your
heavy duty bucket, and then cut it again long ways. It should fit around the rim and make for
a comfy seat. You can use a bag to contain the mess, but
make sure your heavy duty bucket is clean before it goes back in your car. When number twoing out on the road, toilet
paper just doesn’t cut it. With a few days between showers baby wipes
should be your religion. You can use these to clean off public toilet
seats, to clean yourself, or even take a road trip bath. With wipes, you won’t need to stew in your
own filth for thousands of miles, so put them in your road trip bin and make sure you don’t
run out. If you’re watching this channel then of
course you’ll be bringing bikes on your next road trip. While eating, or taking bathroom breaks, you
need to protect your bikes from would-be opportunists. U locks and bike chains are great ways to
secure your bikes, but the best of those cost crazy money and often times aren’t long
enough. Here’s how to make a custom bike lock. First obtain a length of really heavy chain
from the hardware store. I got 5 1/2 feet. Now cut open an inner tube so you can slide
it over the chain. This should be easy. Okay, so this is almost impossible to do with
a narrow inner tube, so make sure you get one wide enough. Secure the ends with electrical tape and fold
the inner tube back to protect it. I bought these heavy duty contractor locks
which are about as big around as a U. The inner tube will protect your bikes from
the chain, and you can also use a cable to secure your wheels from getting stolen. Now nobody can steal my bikes—unless they
have an angle grinder, or a T20. At least they’ll be safe from casual theft
at rest stops. Speaking of rest stops you might get tired
of driving and need to sleep. If you can’t find a campsite, some Walmarts
allow overnight parking. If you see RVs and semis in the back of the
lot, it’s usually cool to set up and get some rest there. Just be low key about it, and don’t treat
the place like a campsite. I found a really expensive and outdated app
that, to be fair, does work well for finding these locations. It turns out that ingles, Cracker barrel,
and a few other places also allow boondocking. When waking up in the morning a lot of us
drink coffee, I know I do. One of the easiest ways to make coffee on
the road is to just keep some in the cooler. Iced coffee tastes delicious, you don’t
need to heat anything up, and you can prepare it with ice from your cooler. You can brew the coffee at home, or even buy
this premade stuff at most supermarkets. Once it’s diluted with ice, you’ll find
that one bottle of this is enough for multiple days, and you’ll save money on coffee stops. I’m personally a lot more comfortable when
my immediate surroundings are clean and free of clutter. Alex doesn’t care as much. By shaking out your floor mats and wiping
your cars interior, it’ll feel and actually be cleaner. For this, I keep car cleaning wipes in my
road trip bin. Although these say “Armor all” on them,
they’re actually just cleaning wipes. In fact you could probably use baby wipes
for this as well, although I haven’t. Another way to keep your car clean is with
a carbage can. Trust me, this is a lot better than the shopping
bag around your shifter because it actually contains the garbage so don’t need to look
at it. Get a small office sized trash can and secure
it someplace in the back. When you get a receipt, a bag, or the remains
of of meal, it can go into the carbage until you find a place to empty it. This last hack is for those of you who like
to cook. For this one you’ll need some aluminum foil,
bread, cheese, and some butter or oil. Just coat the foil and sandwich some cheese
between two slices of bread. Wrap it up, and throw it on your engine block. This works better on older cars with “proper”
engine blocks, but Alex’s Mazda did a satisfactory job of cooking our lunch. I guarantee you haven’t seen engine block
grilled cheese in any other hack video. So there you go, 10 road trip hacks. Road trips are one of the best ways to create
memories, so start planning! There’s loads of singletrack, parks, and
wilderness out there, and it’s not gonna explore itself. So fill up your gas tank, grab your road trip
bin, and get out there. If you found this video to be useful or at
least entertaining, please give it a thumbs up and share it with someone you know. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time. For the experienced road warriors out there,
give us some more ideas in the comments.

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  1. I feel like Alex would be one of the only people to try to cook a grilled cheese sandwich with his engine block XD

  2. Ah, if traveling with others and planning a no-stop drive to destination – bring head phones so the driver can rock out without disturbing the co-pilot or dogs while they sleep thought the night.

  3. I live on a small island only 84 miles from top bottom and only 1 hour is a car, fair to say I've endured the toughest road trips of the all 🙂

  4. I know this is over a year old but when we use to go fishing in Mexico the panga captains would pull burritos out of the outboard engines at mid day. Smelled like gas and oil but were delicious.

  5. "Now nobody can steal my bikes."

    Lockpickinglawyer would be through those Schlage locks in about 30 seconds. Fortunately, he's one of the good guys, and lockpicking isn't a common skill.

  6. Baby wipes? When I spent two weeks in Italy they were definitely called dude wipes. Little did I know that Dude Wipes are actually a product 😂

  7. Is there any chance that the bread sandwich might contain harmful element from the running engine block?

  8. If you’re watching this your obviously bringing bikes to your next trip:

    Me knowing I don’t even own a bmx:

  9. Do the sandwich grill hack ONLY ONCE OR TWICE!!!!!!!!!!! Aluminum has low melting point ( especially foil) and contaminates your food with particles, and there are plenty of health problems associated with aluminum ingestion and buildup over time. The same applies if you're cooking in foil.

  10. Spare the money on the office garbage can. After making your ice coffee save the Folgers can cut a hole in the top of the plastic lid. Viola coffee can turned to reusable and recycled garbage bin.

  11. As cool as these hacks are, I’d be very careful using ice from your cooler to make drinks with. Your hands, and any of the containers that have sat in that ice can be a digestive adventure you don’t want on a road trip. Dedicate ice in a separate bag or bin to keep from getting some nasty stomach irritating, bowl wreaking, 50 trips to the doodie bucket bug. 🙂

  12. you people watching are mountain bikers, hikers or outdoor guys
    Me: Watching these videos cause im bored and dont even go out that much xd

  13. Buenas recomendaciones
    Esta es de mi parte paren en los truck stop para shower cafe y cualquier driver te regala un shower.
    a nosotros nos dan puntos para comida y showers siempre le damos a los demas si necesitan.

  14. You should do a video about First Aid out in the wild. Since eventually someone will wind up with a compound fracture, broken ribs or a gaping head wound.

  15. Seth.i know this is late.But the top of the motor isn’t the block.That more down. Normally where the transmission is.The Top with the ignition coils,and the intake is the valve cover.

  16. If you really want a theft proof bike lock you could get the kind of chain that can only be cut with a welder.

  17. Take a drill bit to the t20 torx so it will make it way more difficult to remove the bikes from the truck

  18. a 5 lb bag of carrots and a big tub of hummus from Costco or Sams is a great car snack that doesn't leave you feeling sugared out like normal gas station food.

  19. Walmart ftw but they need to add TSA in that bitch though, fucking thieves and young you tubers always messing up my shopping experience.

  20. been watching this guy lately. I still can't get over his facial expression. looks like he's always taking a shit. good vids bra

  21. "You are all mountain bikers, hikerst" yeah I can't even ride a bike because of my knees. Just here for the great videos.

  22. Add red loctite to the threads of the t20, theyll have a very hard time getting it out. Make sure to clean it well before applying it

  23. Trucker path, it's a great app that will list Walmarts, truckstops, and rest areas. As well as distance, fuel prices, and phone numbers of each stop.

  24. Today happened

    One guy : India is a ….

    Me : shut up anti Indian I will throw my slipper at you

    Teacher : think before you talk

    Me : oh ya I forgot … I have two slippers you anti Indians

    Every one 😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬😁😁😁😁

  25. Also at most truck stops and gas stations they don't have any toilet seat covers. That's not an issue if you grab one of those free news papers out front of the store. Rip it into 3-4 inch wide strips and wallah instant ass-gaskets. Speaking of taking gnarly shats, you may want some better food than asbestos cheese sandwich's. Buy cup of noodles, add some dehydrated beans and then some spam (single pack, cut with a blunt plastic spoon into 1/2 inch cubes while still in the package). Hit that with some boiling water and you got yourself a good hot meal which tastes way better than semi warm bread and cheese.

  26. With our 2011 Toyota sienna XLe we always have a trashcan in it due to a little space underneath the consul. So it’s perfect for the carbage bin.

  27. Tip #12, you can take a $12.00 shower at a pilot/loves/ta truck rest stop, sleep in your car/truck there too.

    Tip #13, the more organized your small space is, the larger your small space becomes larger.

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