12 Biggest Station - Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up Let's Play

12 Biggest Station – Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up Let's Play

hi everyone welcome back I am Honeywell and we're playing overcrowd a communal up we're gonna go ahead and continue our campaign I cleaned up the station and spent just about all of our money before I exited the game the last time I wanted to add in some more retail so I went ahead and did that we have a lot more little kiosks I put in as much as I could spending all the money that I dared to and I also put in our third track I could have went ahead and I mean we had almost 20,000 pounds when we closed the other day so I could have just put in the two tracks that we needed to finish and been done with it but you know we've we've done that before so I want to try and make a little nicer station we expanded our entrance turnstiles we have like a gargantuan machine room now because we're gonna need more generators for these tracks I brought in tools for our two new staff members that we've never worked with I suspect that we will need them for two reasons one we want to bring them in to let them level up a little bit but these new tracks that we're adding they don't just ship commuters out they bring commuters in so we want to uh be prepared for them and other than that I think we are ready so let's uh let's bring on our first two staff members Phillips and uh Lewis Phillips you are amazing Louis you too Oh would you know what I wanted to do – I wanted to meet this really bin um this bin was almost full so I was worried about I don't want fumes building up in our machine room so I put in a big bin over here yeah and your litter stink and your megaphone and come out here and Louis your medkit your information tablet your megaphone and you can come over here oh oh do you know what I wanted to do shoot missed it darn it let's get this train out of here you gotta go you rust bucket before you break down put fumes all over my platforms send trainer League adhere and let's get stock three so some of the things that we want to do we want to get indicator boards we want to get in our fourth track let's let's bring start bringing in some worship of our staff though Wilson and Rose please let's see Wilson Wilson you are taser Rose you are mop Wilson ratcatcher megaphone just come out here Rose your litter stick and your whoops oh I'm clicking on Wilson Doh doh-doh Rose your watering can and you know what roses just go water that plant 2500 do you think that's enough let's um let's put in some a generator let's put in a generator and then let's do signal boards because look we already have people are already complaining we just opened the doors guy give us a chance let's put in our indicator boards I think they're only like 200 each you'll see and that should probably be what facilities yes yeah they're only 200 where do we want these I don't know 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 let's do 7 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and then in the middle okay so right here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I don't care let's just get this done 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 right here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 so there's all of our money and then after the indicator boards I think we want to get foot bridges how are we doing out here guys everything looks to be ticking along let's just call our tracks manually the other day we were trying to fill up our trains because we get 10 pounds for every person who gets off the train as well so I mean ideally you'd want a full train load of people coming to the station and leaving and it looks like we have some disease let's get in some more staff before things uh you know spiral out of control do we need Johnson yet probably not let's hold off on Johnson let's get Williams oh well we want to get more and Adams in here so they can start working on their skills so let's see Williams dr. Williams come get your defib before there's a heart attack Moore is refuse Adams is medical Williams medical Williams megaphone go do good things Williams more information tablet megaphone more what do we want you to do you know what more go get go get some tea and Adams Adams where are you at Adams what are you like Adams your real slow guy are you even gonna be able to help us Adams go get some tea more I just wanted you to get a cup of tea to uh you know speed up a little bit Kyle empty that trash looking good and Adams and I'm just hung out of the break room and there is a rat but Wilson should be on it do you hear that noise it's like their worst rants everywhere do you see one I don't see one come in we want our trains to come in as fast as possible and we're up to 4900 so we want to get our sec let's get our you know what what skillet we need we need stuff pas this area over here is just way too small and I can't keep somebody reliably keep somebody with a megaphone over here so we're gonna put in a PA system we might have to put in some maps too was that utilities PA number 2 let's put one right here should we put them in our lobbies – you know what let's it can't hurt since we're out splashing out with the money here some pas Adams get down here and help this person you're so slow Adams even with your little speed boost we're doing okay do you think we have enough to put in our second track or a fourth track rather I'm not sure Phillips you can't go on break everything falls apart when you do rows your break is done hon rose go and see that trash go empty that trash Williams we're sick people down here and go heal you know what else we might be able to use a PA maybe we can sneak one right in here and that will work on the top and bottom there we go I like it I wonder if our new people need TVs and we have 5000 pounds let's put in let's put in our second our fourth oh we have a rack down here I knew I heard a rat sound but let's get this platform in before this train goes because we'll need to put in one two three four five we'll need to put in bridges so let's do that yeah you got the minimal number of platforms that's good and we just need to ship a couple hundred more people what do we think we want this right on this side yeah I think so four one two three four five and then this one is one two three four yeah that's fine one two three four and then this one is one two one two three four five one two three four five but it can't go here why what's in the way one two three four five there we go that is good do we have enough yeah let's just do more one two three four five he's good I think one two three four and what else do we need we need to set the platform this way oh you know what we're not gonna have an opt warrant so we have enough electricity I forgot to buy generators me and everything is gonna mess up you leveled up more good job you can be so much faster there you go um let's change our Oh nope that's exit three and four on all the platforms in there we go turnstiles so much turnstiles more there we go two more escalators and then we're done I you know I didn't look to see how our escalators are dealing with with our crowds here it's a pretty big busy station let's see let's run this along so we can get some money now we have it with it yeah we need generators I know I'm sorry I am so sorry I forgot how's that is that enough disease but they look like they're on it let's get Johnson in Williams is very unhappy I wonder if I should put TVs in our break room probably huh let's put in a TV no we're not gonna do that use the plant its nature but what was I doing before I was looking at that I forgot I don't remember do you know what else we need to do we need in we need to automate this track down here do we have good reach Ange the Train we did let's put that in and let's get the signal Automator I think we're gonna have to run like another day of this like even if we complete the scenario I think I want to do another day just so we can see what our station looks like once it's all you know you know what I mean there we go signal Automator and do we still have enough power it looks like Adams should be getting that person with the disease Williams you know what Williams would come down here for a break Williams he need he doesn't need a TV there you go Williams don't be so depressed everything seems to be going well we have some disease over here but they're running around Adams is steady right there oh because Phillips is coming someone has the flu I know hurry up guys Louis go over there just to make me happy if we don't treat all there we go if we don't treat them fast enough the vomit and vomit spreads disease and it could be very bad where is I don't know where the vomit is but where is rose okay the vomit is over here and Rose is on her way yep I didn't need to worry we have a professionals we only hire the best do you think we'll be able to will will probably finish this level before the night is out you know we might we might want to look at hiring more staff I mean their daddy you didn't Louis let's play on for sure four stars this is Louis's last point that's the power of the information tablet good job Louis if I wanted to I didn't have to spend these points and Louis would cost less per hour but I think that's kind of cheating so so we're spending all of our points just to and we're happy to play pay her $12 or 12 pounds an hour we pay her more if we could another couple hours more is depressed but she's gonna go come down here with this TV I guess is anyone else close to leveling up more might be the next person someone has commune or a it's always a good time Wilson doesn't go up there Philips is busy with her med kit maybe we should have put in some security cameras we're losing the plot at the end here a GC our reputation it's ticking down it wants to tell us that we're doing bed but we should be able to recover oh no I definitely think we need another full day here at the station we have about 10,000 pounds yeah do we want to hire anybody I think we could actually use new new people if there's anybody here that we might want now this person is strong and he could carry a med kit do you know what maybe I think we're going to hire Jessica Davis no no we're not okay there we go that is the that is the everybody let's see whom we can send home Adams you are Adams go take go take a break Williams Williams are so full in despair Williams Williams come take a break and you can go home Phillips well there's so many full trash cans that are gonna start taking care of them themselves did we ever call Leigh Johnson we didn't let's call in Johnson Johnson come get your gas can Louis is gonna start repairing stuff a bad shopping range well there's nothing really we can do about that high prices overcrowded I mean it was overcrowded in order to thin out the crowds we could easily we could raise up our ticket sales to see how that goes but I think we'll leave like this 3405 power generated power drain 3405 does that mean that we don't have enough generators we'll have to pay attention to that in the morning but what else how did we do with income our earnings were 18,000 that's about 7,000 pounds more and our adverts are about a thousand pounds more than they burned the previous time so 18 + 3 I'm gonna write that down because we're gonna play another full day 18 + 3 well I am and hopefully we won't lose the we won't lose the scenario okay I am going to you know what I'm gonna do I'm going to send everybody johnson and lewis around to all of the ticket machines all of the turnstiles and we're gonna repair those our custodians will take care about all the trash our doctors and security persons as soon as they're rested up we'll send them home and i will bring you back in the morning when we're ready to start okay here we are we're kicking off a new day it took we were able to get all the trash out repair all the machines but phillips more and johnson we're here it took us so long that they're on breaks so we're gonna leave it like that and we're not gonna send them home we'll just keep them here and we added in some lights some indicator boards i put in a little coffee cart another generator and let's see 34 34 ish 35 so it looks like we just have enough power to run everything with a little bit to spare a little and when I say a little bit I mean a little bit all of our trains are good yeah let's uh let's do another day I think we're ready let's call everybody in off shift lexy Louis come in Lexi we need you do you know what more and Johnson are gonna have to go home because Lexi and Lewis needs to be number two Lewis and then we want then we want Wilson and Ava rose Wilson taser guy Rose the mop good job Phillips how are you doing well I guess you can hang out there for another couple seconds here Wilson Wilson I messed you up get the ratcatcher let's fix this there we go we'll sing you're over here Louise medkit trees then information tablet megaphone come out here rose you're rich look I know rose we're working on it litter picker and then watering can and rose the water that and looking good let's bring in more spam Johnson Williams we have Joel's music and whoops Williams let's try and keep this on running here then your tools and then you make a phone and don't do good things over here Williams your medkit and then your megaphone and Williams come out here we still didn't put maps on the board if we can if at all possible I'd like to not do that that way our staff can level up by helping these people and the last two are new people Isla and Adams more you are later picker Adams you are medical our escalators I need to look at this there's like so much to see it's hard to keep track of it all information tablet megaphone go do your thing more I'm sorry I know I sent you home when you needed a break but get your tools before you do that go get you it's this tablet and then get your megaphone and now you can go about the business take a break if you need one please please do what screen could you turn off these tags in atoms yeah these people need perception they are a lot less helpful to us without good perception because they can't find everything more your but your perception is pretty good more you see see for you more Emilia Emilia we don't need you to level up um oh yes we do actually no perception one more perception and then we'll work on your stamina just make sure you can see everything we have some flew up here but here's Adams moving at a snail's pace Williams is gonna get to him first I don't know how are we doing Oh someone just threw up where is throw should be on it hopefully I don't know where they throw up but hopefully she sees it and is know she's doing litter it's right over there she should see it which reminds me should we bring in some new staff who do we have someone has commuter age that's fine it's fine who do we have maybe Jessica Davis and we'll give her a medkit and that will help if she can treat people then they won't throw up let's get Jessica Davison and David Davies do we have room in the tool room for tools for you just let's get her a med kit and an information tablet because the med kit we need her to do the information tablet will help her level up and we are allowed to have one more staff member oh you need speedling very very much Wilson's over there so as soon as that person commits a crime we should be on that and then Davies whoops take up your information tablet Wilson over there controlled chaos okay I mean even though it like looks an absolute mess I think we're doing okay the disease level though station commuters look at the disease level I'm assuming this means they come in the door and like they're sick there's nothing is really outrageous it looks like they need the most is food they say they need tickets but I just think they're not I mean they can queue for tickets I think they're doing fine I think I when we started this level I had thought that we could pull this entrance down along here but we're not gonna do that do we dare open up another entrance I don't think so I think we're doing everything we can just cope with what we have here maybe we want to get an ornate clock for our lobby do we want that are these things even like oh they are I think our people are just better though we have some trash roses on it good and it looks like things are slowing down a little bit are all of our trains gonna come in I was getting I was getting nervous I thought we would have to call him in ourselves it looks good we should probably I guess we could open up the second side of this platform but these trains down here I mean I guess they're really kind of slow maybe maybe the last level assuming you guys still want to watch more maybe the last level we can like fill out the entire map it's pretty much here we could put a I mean to finish this we would have to build an entrance here which we could very easily an entrance here and then put in a little tiny train track right here oh it looks like the game froze a little bit on that last save there what's going on down here wait your turn looking good and another day so I think we handled this pretty well it could definitely go wrong though I was real I was getting concerned about the disease last trains of the night I wonder how I've seen screenshots where they have like they can see the whole map but we can't zoom out that bar I wonder if there's an option Oh heart attack Williams is in the break room I have no idea where the heart is a key is that up right up here Williams don't let him die you can do it Williams don't worry help is coming so uh yeah there we go another I say that this level was a very successful we learned a lot we learned that it doesn't pay to try and wait for your trains to fill up I think just keep them coming as fast as possible and well I can understand why people might want to to stagger them so you don't have a rush of people coming in all at once I don't know that I don't know that that's the best thing to do I'm just gonna keep calling in the trains as soon as possible I think that is best don't under I mean I've been this whole playthrough I've been going oh we sold 20 newspapers and oh well we sold 75 there what how did these things do it's just yeah if you have the people that come in and all of this adds up so I mean I really like the adverts of course especially for the earlier levels but once you start getting the coffee carts and the kiosks and stuff definitely put those in our sales earnings for today we're 20,000 so when we start at the level before we play in all of these carts we were making eleven out thousand pounds and now we're up to twelve thousand pounds almost two thousand pounds more in adverts so uh yeah all of these carts definitely worth it put them in the kiosks but yeah that is I guess all that we learned from this level everybody get out the door go ahead and clean up the station and give everybody breaks before we leave it but I am NOT gonna let you guys make you guys watch that here we are I decided to cheat a little bit I thought I was gonna clean up the station um you know and rest everybody up but honestly I did not want to do it so the chances of us replaying this level are slim so we did not do any of the evening chores and I am I am just fine with that the only thing that we're doing here is making sure the rest of our staff isn't decent enough shape so when we call them in they'll be ready to go and that was the last of all so we'll go ahead and pause this um you know what I wanted to look at let's look at the heat map of this station and it looks still looks pretty good this is getting a little warm over here so we'd probably want to put in some vents but otherwise I think it looks pretty good we did not have any problem with heat stroke so what we did worked and uh yeah I'm really happy with the station but I'm ready to move on so let's do it in the station oh I should have looked for employees but that's fine we'll pick them up the next level if we need them let's go ahead and do you think it's too late let's play on do we have any applicants is there anybody here that we want people medical repair the thing is once we get to this last level I mean you really don't want to be training people up and I don't know that there's anybody here that we really want James with a medkit in a in a pinch yeah but this is fine we'll have a chance on the next level to buy people so no yeah we're done here yeah let's go to the math we've done all that we want to hear and the only thing left is a zone one let's get a peek at it real quick massive issue so that should be fun thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the episode I hope you leave a like comment if you'd like I always appreciate it when you do and that is all thank you so much and I will see you next time bye bye

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  1. Strange behavior from the sick purple shirted person at 32:15 going from platform 2 to platform 3. Just cuz you're sick doesnt mean you can break the rules missy!. Love how the station looks and obviously hella efficient. I just hope the Community for Underground Subway Sanitation doesnt hear about the condition you left level 2 in…… :p

  2. I was wondering about the ornate clock, too. It might be what finally makes all the late people happy, since they were still popping up after you put the indicator boards in.

  3. It would be fun to watch you fill the entire map!!! btw…you are able to adjust the zoom in the display options.

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