12 Cruise Habits That Drive Other Cruise Passengers Crazy !

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  1. I save lounges it’s a vicious game out there abroad celebrity cruises every one fights for lounges I have to wake up at six to get one if you leave people just take it

  2. I wash my hands very frequently ESPECIALLY on a cruise, but I don't believe in the hand sanitizer in any environment.

  3. Saving the seats. They say not to do it so we don't and when we go down to use the pool there's no seats left near the pool but there's nobody in the pool either Just a bunch of towels on seats. I wish they'd either enforce it or not say anything

  4. Adding to the smoking comment….those that throw their butts overboard. Like the ocean is one big ashtray.

  5. I’ve taken over 20 cruises and have seen all of these. People should respect their fellow cruisers and the crew.

  6. Fat guys in spedo. Cruise employees marched down corridors waving white linens and passengers joined congo line around clean restaurant tables while sweating.

  7. i've seen a chef of a cruise ship about to leave the bathroom without washing their hands, well…until i said "you forgot something…and let me know where you're stationed so i know NOT to eat there!"…then i roll my eye's :0)

  8. How about this,"people just follow the rules". If people would just follow the rules put in place we would all be better for it.

  9. I hate it when people are late getting back on the ship. On one of my cruises, we had to wait 45 minutes past the time the ship was going to be pulling out because some bachelor party of like 30 people weren’t on board yet. They came running down the pier super late and it was very annoying to have to wait so long

  10. Are you on a cruise? In a restaurant? In an airport bathroom? Maybe you just took your shoes off at security. Are you at home and just used the toilet, took out the garbage, or just came home from being “out”? WASH YOUR HANDS!

  11. Gary : Excellent discussion on cruise ship manners on and off ship

    I'll share a bad behavior which happened during an excursion in St. Maarten. While on a return shuttle van from one of St. Maarten's beaches, a rude passenger decided to open the shuttle window and spit out on the street. The locals sitting and walking along the street clearly saw this nastiness; the shuttle driver, a St. Maarten local, heard the passenger spitting. The shuttle driver asked (with veiled civility) this uncouth passenger: "Are you ok?"

    We were fortunate the locals didn't take matters in their own hands.

  12. On the lines of human rudeness and a super pet peeve of mine (besides the seat saving) — When someone cuts you in line at the buffet!

  13. People who nap in the chairs in the Crow’s Nest; sleep in your room and let someone who wants to whale watch sit in the chair. People who walk slowly down the middle of the hall; move over so others can pass.

  14. One thing that annoys me is general bad manners, especially when aimed at the crew on board. On my most recent cruise I heard someone bark a cabin number at a crew member, expecting them to tell them where it is. The crew member wasn’t 100% sure and suggested speaking to reception. What I found frustrating, apart from the rudeness was that if the passengers bothered to open their eyes they could see that there was a plaque on the wall which had the cabin numbers on them and an arrow pointing in the direction of where the cabin was, Eg 6001 – 6100 ->. It’s not exactly rocket science.

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