Welcome back, Tangerineys. This is part of our series on Las Vegas. Today, we’re going to be telling you about tourist trap, scams and other ways that the casinos or other people might be trying to get more money out of you, weasel a little bit of extra dough, or perhaps just deliver a different outcome than you’re expecting. So, we want to make sure these things don’t happen to you, so you can have a better time in Vegas and walk away with the amount of money you’re hoping to keep in your pocket. All right, let’s get right into it #1 – So the first word of warning we have for you is about the showgirls and the street performers. You will see their demeanor go from “Hey, come over here and take a picture. This is Vegas. Get your Vegas showgirl pictures!” to “I’m going to call the cops if you don’t give me $20 for this photo.” So, we’ve seen this happen a ton of times where someone goes over to take a picture thinking maybe these girls or these guys are part of the casino or they’re from a show that just got let out or something, go to take a picture and then they start demanding $5, $10, $20… more even, so, if that’s your thing and you think that’s worth it, by all means, knock yourself out but just know what you’re getting into beforehand. #2 – It should be no secret to you that Vegas has an advantage – the casinos always have an advantage. They are always going to win unless you are very lucky. You should never bank on getting anything, But something that you should extra watch out for, are casino games that make you think you’re about to get a big win. And in reality, it’s just a scam. It’s just a mind trick… [People saying hi] Oh thanks guys! Thank you! It’s just a trick to make you think you’re on the verge, but in reality, nothing is going on. For instance… We just passed one. I was trying to point it out to you, but I interrupted you. Sorry. So, for example, This machine has this gold pot that fills up. It makes you think that once that gets really full it’s going to hit the bonus, but if you click the help button and look through the rules, it actually says the number of coins in this pot has no effect whatsoever on when the bonus is going to hit, so don’t let machines like this trick you. Oh, here we go! The accumulation of this coin symbol over time in this pot has no effect on triggering the jackpot bonus. But as you’re playing and you get this coin symbol, it’s going to add these little coins to the pot making it more full and more full and more full, but that’s not going to mean you’re just due for a win. Here’s another one. Actually, this wicked devil wheel, where it has something… It has this cauldron that fills up and on this game as well it says animations adding to the cauldron have no effect on the progressive pick bonus – whatever the bonus game is. So, this is just another one that will make you think, “Oh, it’s full… It’s piling over” “I’m going to get a win soon”, but sadly, no! #3 – This is one that if it happens to you, it’s really going to ruin your day and that is theft, thieves, pickpockets, things like that. And this one actually happened to me. We have been to Vegas dozens and dozens of time and this only happened once, but it did suck royally. So we’re going to tell you about it. Whenever there’s big crowds of people, whenever you’re in a club, I think those are the prime time for people to get in your purse or slide their hand in your pocket and steal your phone out. What happened with me was, we were in a busy club, Jordan had his hands around my waist, so I wasn’t paying attention to anyone else potentially touching me. There were tons of people on the dance floor pushing past, legitimately like start pushing past. So I was just thinking, “Okay, oh my gosh.” I’m just getting shuffled back and forth with my stuff. But what actually was happening at some point was someone getting right in my purse and taking my phone out and I just thought it was part of the deal being in the club – being in the crowd, so unfortunately, there went my phone, never saw it again. In general, I don’t feel like I have to really watch my stuff in Vegas, but whenever we’re around big crowds of people like, in a club or on a busy sidewalk like last night, it’s “Labor Day” weekend. There were so many people out, Yeah. Like shoulder-to-shoulder on the sidewalk. You better believe I had my hand on my fanny pack and you were really keeping an eye on your phone in your pocket. Yeah, absolutely! #4 – This isn’t so much a tourist trap, but it is going to take more of your money than other things. Well, slot machines have bad odds in general. The ones that are branded are even worse. This one like, “Breaking Bad” or you’ll see “Sex in the City” or “Walking Dead”, all of these have to pay royalties to the rights holder of these shows. So the odds are even worse than other slot machines. So, on something like this the house is going to have a 15% advantage unlike something like this, where they might have a 10% advantage. If you’re enjoying this video, please consider subscribing to our channel to see other Vegas videos that we make and also our travel vlogs that we put out about our travels in the world and our life in Mexico. #5 – Often times when people come to Las Vegas, they’re looking to go to day clubs and nightclubs. So, something you’re going to be looking for is a promoter to get you on the guestlist for free or whatever the case, trying to get you past without having to pay a very high entrance fee. That’s another scam on its own. So you go out and you find promoters on the streets, they’re like “Hey, come on” “You can come to Omnia tonight. You can come to Jewel. You can come to Drai’s night club” or day club, whichever one it is and they’re like, “We’ll give you free drinks.” “We’ll give you free entry” We can give you a table If you have like this ratio or whatever. (What is a “good ratio” in Las Vegas? Clubs prefer groups with lots of ladies and fewer gents). Something that you want to look out for though is over promising because, in the past, we have seen it time and time again. They say you can skip the line or get all these free drinks for ladies or whatever it is, and it doesn’t always happen. They can’t always follow through on those promises. So, go to clubs because you want to have fun not because you think you’re going to get all these extra goodies. And one caveat is, Not all promoters or scam artists or anything. If they say they’re gonna get you on the list for free before 11:30 or something. You’ll probably get in for free before 11:30, but those extra things that’s what might not happen. #6 – One tourist trap – well, something that’s going to really dig into your pocketbook is buying drinks at nightclubs, or day clubs, or even out at the pool. They are so expensive! So, try to do your drinking before you go to these things so you don’t end up having to pay $30 to get a drink, or just a bottle of water. We talked about that in our first video. Yeah. Ungodly expensive. Horrible. #7 – So, this next one is a scam we’ve been told about on our channel, but it has not actually happened to us, and that is, apparently people will be selling water on these walking bridges – these pedestrian bridges That take you over top of the roads, which I have seen before. We have seen that. We’ve never bought water from them, but the scam is, they will take old water bottles and refill them with tap water. Which is… Ewe. And then, so you don’t notice, they’ll be so polite as to take the cap off for you and hand you the water bottle. So I supposed to get around this, notice if they have all the same water. I feel like if it’s a bunch of Kirkland waters, they probably just went to Costco and got a bunch of waters, but if they’re all mismatched – You want to go down here? Yeah. If they’re mismatched water bottles or they are being so polite to take that cap off for you so you don’t notice that they just glued it back on, don’t buy it. And water is relatively inexpensive at CVS and Walgreens on the strip, so you might as well just do that. For me, although I’m sure this has happened, I don’t really buy this one, because waters are just so darn cheap when you buy them in bulk at the grocery store. You can literally get them for 10 cents a piece and they’re selling them for a buck or two. So you have huge margins and in order to fill up empty water bottles, you’d have to go through the work of finding all those empties and then filling all of them up, when that seems like way more work than the price you can buy them for in bulk. That said, desperate people do desperate things. So, you just never know. Just proceed with caution on that one? Yeah. #8 – We’ve mentioned this in previous videos and that is going to timeshare presentations for the promise of free stuff. So, we were actually in an uber with a guy who used to be a timeshare promoter person and he was like “I had no idea what I was doing.” He would promise people that it would be an hour and a half. They would call him back up later, going “You said it was going to be 90 minutes” and it was 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours long and then they would be even angrier once they went to the shows or the crappy buffets that they gave passes to, to realize that they had wasted a huge chunk of the day or a huge portion of their trip only to get basically crap in return for it. So we have said it before but it’s worth saying again, just also proceed with caution. Know what you’re getting into with the timeshare unless you’re like super interested in timeshare. I personally feel like it’s a huge trap. How are you going to know it’s a timeshare? They’re probably going to ask you, “Are you married?” “How long are you in town?” Questions like that. “How old are you?” “Are you two on your honeymoon?” But I would definitely qualify this as a tourist trap because almost everyone who does a timeshare presentation says “Never again!” I do want to clarify though that not every buffet is crap. Not every Vegas show is crap, but some of them are. Like we went to the “Misbehave game show” and it was so awful. For the love of God, do not go to that show. There are some really great ones like “The Cirque shows”. “Beatles Love” is an absolute favorite of mine. We’ve been to it 3 times because I like it so much and some of the buffets are really good. We just checked out, what was it called? Bacchanal. Bacchanal buffet. And that was like, oh my gosh, so good. We also love the “Aria-buffet” But then there’s others that are a little bit more low quality. So, when it comes to these timeshares, I don’t know, ask for the good stuff if you’re going to go through with it, but still, I recommend don’t. We’ll get right back to the video in a moment, but we wanted to let you know a great way to save more money on your next Vegas trip and that is by signing up for Rakuten. They changed it. It used to be Ebates and they changed the name to Rakuten. It makes me so mad. It was so easy to say before and so easy to remember. It made so much sense like Ebates, rebate on the Internet – Ebates. That’s exactly what it is. You’re getting money back when you make purchases online. So, whether you’re booking your next flight to Vegas, your next Vegas hotel room or buying a Groupon for your next trip, or going to do some online shopping, getting a new outfit or whatever… Whatever you’re doing, just about every store online, you’re going to get cashback if you go through this extension. And something cool about it, if you sign up through our link, you’re going to get a $10 bonus. This is not a sponsored video, but we are an affiliate, so we do get a little something if you sign up and make a purchase. So we’ll link to that down below in the description and you can go get those extra 10 smackers. #9 – I haven’t seen this a lot in Vegas but I have seen it a couple times and that is 3-card Monte where they’ll have 3 cards out there and you have to follow the Queen or where they have 3 Solo cups and one of them has a ping-pong ball underneath it. These are a scam, do not do it. You’ll see people winning but those are other people who are in on the scam. They convince you to come up there, throw $20 down and then you lose because it’s rigged. Yes, it’s rigged! They use sleight of hand to switch it out and you will never win. #10 – And another thing to keep in mind and look out for is Resort fees. You might be like, “Oh, I found this great deal on a hotel. It’s only $50 a night.” Well, then you get there and realize that it also has a $35 night plus tax resort fee. That for the most part, you’re not going to be able to opt-out of it. Most hotels don’t allow it, whether you want internet or not. Yeah. However, we recently found a way that we no longer have to pay resort fees ever. So, we’re going to link to a video right above here and in that video, we tell you exactly how you can avoid paying resort fees as well. Word to the wise, there are some rare ways that you can get out of paying these resort fees. BONUS TIP (this isn’t in the video linked above). For instance, we play the Wynn Slots app, and you can accrue gems which help you get free rooms. When you book those free rooms, you can opt-out of Internet and some of the facilities, I think like the gym, so you don’t have to pay like $35…$40 a night. And then there are casinos like “Treasure Island” where if you book a certain offer or through a certain way which I’m not totally sure what all the ways are, you can also opt-out but you’re just basically saying I’m not going to use Internet, I’m not going to use the gym, potentially, I don’t think you got to use the pool either but if you want to save that money (and it is a lot of money) and adds up, then you could try to find these ways. In our other video, that’s not one of those, it is how you get those resort fee for free. You still get all the benefits that come with them, but you don’t have to pay it. #11 – Sometimes when you’re walking down the strip, you’re gonna have people trying to hand you CDs or fake monks trying to hand you a bracelet. Did you say fake monks? Yes. Monks? Yes. It’s a thing. Okay… I’ve never seen that one. But the CDs one is more common. People that are trying to hand you stuff, sometimes that’s cards… Which are somewhat harmless except they’re like strip clubs, stripper, hooker things. But [Showgirl standing on the sidewalk] Would you guys like your photo? No thanks. We’re alright! The other thing is, people will be… The other thing is, a lot of times, people will have CDs, their sample discs. Sometimes, these are just blank CDs, so you would be buying nothing. Generally, just don’t take it. Just put hands in your pockets, don’t do it. So you don’t have to worry about getting scammed in whatever potential way they’re trying to work you. When these people hand you CDs, they’ll want payment in return and then they won’t take it back. They’ll refuse to take it back. So, if this ever happens to you just toss it to them. They’ll be forced to catch it and you walk away. #12 – So pretty much everything in Vegas is expensive and ATM fees are no exception. Almost every ATM on the street is going to cost you $8 to $10 every single time and I’ve even seen pictures of someone paying $200 for an ATM fee at a strip club. So, be sure to get your cash out before you come here or have a bank that refunds all ATM fees like we do, to avoid those charges. #13 – Here is the next scam, it’s 107 degrees outside. Probably fricken 100 and I don’t even know, 10? It feels really hot today. And then! They’ve got this scam right here – elevator out of service or I mean escalator out of service and we have to take the stairs. Ugh, I have to use my own legs! [Laughter] #14 – And last but certainly not least, are the taxi drivers. We have definitely mentioned this before but it is another one of those that’s worth mentioning again. When you get in a cab, typically from the airport, a dishonest cab driver will try to scam you by taking the longest possible route to get you to your hotel, maybe slowing down so they don’t miss that or they don’t get through that yellow light or what is the other thing? Yeah, basically, just things to rack up the fare and they’re already expensive to begin with. Using uber or lift instead of a taxi is probably going to be about half of the cost for you. So that’s definitely the way to go. And of course, the fare is predetermined. Everything is within the app – you have recourse if something crazy happens with Uber or Lyft. You can report the driver, or report whatever it is. In general, anywhere in the world, avoid taxi drivers, it’s my advice. Before we go, please go ahead and comment down below if we missed any tourist traps, scams, or bait and switches that you’ve experienced in Vegas. Obviously, since we’ve been here so many times, there are a bunch of stuff that we just don’t fall for because we know it seems weird and it’s not just “Oh, this is crazy! It’s Vegas” Kind of thing. So yes, please comment, let us know what you’ve experienced, or things that you’ve heard about that we may have missed. So that potentially we do a part 2. And go check out our other Vegas videos, we’re going to link to a couple of those on the end screen here. We have a lot of great advice for you and ways for you to save money, coming up on your trip. Thank you guys for watching, please be sure to subscribe to our channel if you want to see other Las Vegas videos that we create and also travel vlogs that are putting out across the world. And one more very important thing… [Bell Ringing] Gong that bell! So you get notified the next time we put out our new videos, and we’ll see you soon. I think I just shot something out my nose. [Laughter] Gross!

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  1. Start getting cash back from your online purchases through Ebates/Rakuten: https://www.rakuten.com/r/OURTAN3?eeid=28187

  2. I used to drive a taxi in Vegas.
    Believe it or not not all taxi drivers are assholes.
    People dont understand that Uber/Lyft are ripping off their drivers big time.
    Most people dont realize that the maintenace cost of vehicles for average CONSUMERS is 61 cents per mile. Whereas with taxi companies its like 17 cents per mile because EVERY TAXI COMPANY has an in-house mechanic with full service shop.
    If Uber/Lyft drivers could wrap their brains around this concept and FACT, Uber and Lyft would go out of business overnight.
    Fun fact: 90%+ of all Lyft/Uber drivers quit within the first 12 months.

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  36. I lived there for a long time and I was interested what might be new. I moved away to Alaska in 2001. Ok so, you asked about scams. I have to tell you, this was one I’ll never forget. And there’s another one too. I’ll tell you about both of them.

    My son has medical conditions and at the time I was looking after my uncle, too. He loved the casinos. There were few wheelchair accessible parking spots. They got gobbled up by the seniors I guess. So, it felt easier and safer to valet park.

    However, the parking lots are several stories. We were on the ground floor. Although it was daylight, it was quite dark in the parking lot. So it was hard for me to see real well.

    They say cocktail waitresses and valets make more money than doctors and lawyers in Vegas, or at least they used to say it.

    Maybe this is why. So the valet came out. He brought my car. I had a little boy in a wheelchair and an elderly man with me, I mean come on. You’d think he could have some compassion. I don’t think I would have been mistaken for a billionaire, just regular folks.

    Those people have no heart at all. It was partly my fault but I really felt I wasn’t the first such victim, and when I called the casino afterward, they refused to assist me in any way whatsoever.

    It was dark in the parking lot and yes my mistake, however I meant to give him two – one dollar bills. This was normal at the time. It was a normal valet tip for locals. It sounds cheap now probably, but then it was a standard tip.

    It was probably 1997 or so. I didn’t notice until later when I was at the grocery store and couldn’t afford all my groceries that I had mistakenly given the valet a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill.
    Apparently I tipped him $101.

    That guy never flinched. Not a peep. He took my money as if he got tips like that every day, and I never saw my money again. He had a great poker face. It was a hard lesson.

    Although I definitely feel it was my bad mistake, I understand that, I also felt he ought to have thanked me profusely, or asked if it was a mistake, and verified that I had intended to give him that much. It might have been the case that I did mean to do it! I might have just won some money. But I wish he’d been decent enough to ask! if that was what I meant to give him, but it’s Vegas! They don’t care.

    That wouldn’t have happened in a small friendly town or some other place. It’s just how it is there. That’s a big part of why I didn’t want to live there anymore. A lot of the people seemed cold and selfish, shifty, and really scary. There are too many desperate people eager to take you for anything they can. I didn’t want to live that way anymore. So I eventually left.

    Another scam was one New Year’s Eve I took my uncle out to a special show for the holiday. It was pricy and swanky and it included dinner, and a nice show. The drinks were on us. It all seemed nice enough and I hoped for a pleasant evening, and a good memory, but what I remember most was the waitress, and that’s not good.

    The scam was that my poor uncle was getting really wasted on drinks, and he wasn’t noticing anything. He called it “feeling no pain.”I guess the waitress was hoping I was in the same condition, but she was out of luck there.

    The scam was she was giving herself huge tips and including it in the bill. She would bring the bills back and every round of drinks she brought, she added an extra $25 or $50, as “gratuity.”

    When I realized it, I complained but she said that was because of the holiday and she was trying to make it easier for us. Yeah, sure! I told her, sorry no good, and I made her give her tips back to me, and then I gave her what I thought was a normal tip under the circumstances.

    I felt I was fair and she was lucky I tipped her politely. If she hadn’t given the money back, I told her I was going to raise Hell. I don’t usually care about a dollar this way it that. I wouldn’t spoil a dinner over a few bucks, but it appeared she was prepared to scam us for hundreds of dollars before the night was done, and that made me angry.

    But yes, there’s a lot to do there that’s fun in Vegas. It can be a nice place to visit. And I had some happy years there. But the time had come for me to leave. It was the people that made me leave more than even the hot weather.

    There are a lot of very mean and desperate people there. I had relatives there at first, but they died. After that I did all I could to make it work, but it just came to the point where it didn’t feel like home anymore, at all. I felt the place was a real dead end for me.

    So I had to leave and start over elsewhere, and that’s what I did. But now I’ve been dreaming a lot about Mexico, the weather, the nice people there, etc., which is how I came across your guys great videos.

    Yes, it’s always good to leave your purse in the hotel safe or locked out of sight in your trunk, and just bring with you enough cash to cover your needs, a lipstick, a comb, etc., and leave credit cards if possible, phones, nice jewelry, etc., somewhere else, somewhere hidden and safe.

    That way if a pickpocket finds you, and you can nearly count on it in a thick crowd of tourists, there won’t be anything you’ll be too sorry to lose. You can also hide your cash in your shoe or an inner pocket or your underwear.

    Some people are like predatory animals. You have to be careful. The trouble with Vegas is too many people gamble too much and then they may end up homeless and desperate.

    To be honest, I never have missed it. I had enough of it. It has nice shopping, restaurants, etc., but in the end it wasn’t my cup of tea. As they say, “It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

  37. I did a vacation there. Yes it is an awesome place but what your proving. All of the bad so called people live west of the strip. All of the good people south of the strip. If you go there and just want a normal store, restaurant, ect all of those places are south of the strip. The hwy goes east to Arizona or the dame at Lake Mead. That hwy just south of the strip is normal life in Las Vegas. Even in Bolder City. Just run or dont go threw just east of the strip. Not a good place to be. As you said you lost your cellphone, you will find it somewhere in that location.

  38. Hi guys, I'm going back to Vegas in November. Love your videos! The resort fees are always taken off my room. Because of my gambling.

  39. First of all I drive a taxi in Las Vegas and yes we do use the freeway out of the airport to go to almost all west side casinos so that would be Mandalay Bay the Delano also park MGM the Wynn ect

    We do this for convenience I’m not sure how long you like to sit in every single red light there is and you are right about one thing the yellow lights I’m not gonna run want to get a ticket for your cheap ass

    Also just so your aware every time you stop at a red light The chance of a rear end collision goes up so please don’t think we’re trying to steal from you our rates are set by the state

    Also worth noting Uber and lift heavy shit insurance so when you get into an accident in one of their cheap Half the cost right expect to get half the cost of medical treatment and if somebody happens to hit you so hard that you kiss your own asshole In your medically fucked for the rest of your life just remember what that bus fare limousine ride got you

    However I will be nice and one thing for you if you go to the CVS across from the hard rock that would be at the corner of Harmon and Paradise The ATM is virtually free is it an all point ATM as well as the credit union ATM

    You also left out the liquor store kickbacks to marijuana store kickbacks the strip club kickbacks the restaurant kickbacks the ticket sales kickbacks and the massage parlor kickbacks and finally the whorehouse kickbacks

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