$150 Star Trek Toy! | DOPE or NOPE?

$150 Star Trek Toy! | DOPE or NOPE?

Oh, Star Trek. (Giggles) Is that what it is? Yes. Yeah? It’s the Star Trek communicator!
Bryan (Off screen): I told you! I still don’t know what that is. (Laughter) Dang it! I’m sorry I didn’t watch Star Trek when I was a kid. I was like six, I was like, “Where’s Spongebob?” That’s why [Intro music] What’s going on guys? I am Matthias and welcome to another episode of D-d-d-DOPE or N-n-n-NOPE. That’s right, we take a look at a product and I let you know if this product is DOPE or it’s NOPE. You guys requested that I get this specific product and it’s something that’s not like, it’s not too crazy but it is kinda strange, it is kinda weird- It is the Star Trek communicator. Now, a little back story for those of you new here, I released a video called, “10 ‘As Seen on TV’ Products Put To The Test!” And as you can see right here, I looked at the Star Trek Original Series communicator. Now, it was 150 bucks, so I was like, “Uhhhh, I’m not gonna buy it right away if you guys didn’t like it” so I said, “Hey give this video a like if that’s a product that you wanna see me do a video on.” And BOOM! 1.4 million views later and 165 thousand likes later, well that’s what we’re doing. So here’s a little sneak peek of that: “‘Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Handset’ Okay that’s cool, dude.” So what this is, it’s a bluetooth handset to pair with your phone, Wow, in other words, a little light to say it’s charging. (Sarcasm) No way dude, for real? It’s just plastic. That means plastic case. It opens up too so that’s pretty cool. It opens up. Bryan: Are you a Star Trek fan? No, I would say I’m not a Star Trek fan. (Booing Sound Affect) Okay, so here’s the thing- true Star Trek fans I would assume aren’t really fans of the new movies; I mean they’re pretty good, I’m a fan of the new movies and that’s it. I’ve never seen the old shows, I’ve never seen the old movies, so I’m a big poser right now, I’m a huuuge poser. Bryan: Ooooooh. It’s ok, it’s ok ’cause I know it, I’m admitting it. However, I do like the fact that this is so cool looking, like movie memorbelia. You have friends? Bryan: That’s so messed up! ROASTED!! I’m just kidding. Geek culture is hip these days so if you’re not a geep, Geep? (Laughter) If you’re not a geek, dude you ain’t.. you ain’t hip! Woah, can you swallow any louder? Bryan: Try some? No, what is it? Bryan: Kombucha, it’s really good OHHHH, it smells like poop! NO! Bryan: It’s not bad, it’s not bad I’m not putting that anywhere near my body. Before we buy it, let’s watch a little product video that Bryan found ‘Hard-shell transit case’ So, is this thing battery-powered? Oh, you have to put it together every time? No it doesn’t look like it’s battery-, ‘contactless charging’, ooh it is battery-powered! (clap clap clap) Look, they have the costume on. (Little Chuckle) Flip to open the and, Talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking ‘Voice indicator’, ‘Power indicator’, ‘Bluetooth status’, ‘Mem’s microphone’, ‘Power button’, ‘5 way’, wait, ‘5 way’ what? ‘5 way jog button’? What does that even mean? ’20 voice clips and sound effects’ (Gasp) I didn’t know that! I wonder if they’re from the old Star Trek or the new Star Trek. Bryan: I’d say old, ’cause it’s- Because it’s for the die-hard fans, right? Bryan: There’s a clip that we found. Yes. Bryan: Where this actually appeares. Look, he pulls it out, I gotta talk to someone important! Flip, aaaah! Nice, dude. He’s talking, he’s doing his little communicator, it’s so funny because it’s like that right there, was like before cellphones were invented. And everyone was like, “Wow, do you think that that’ll actually exist?” Yeah. Alright guys, should we do this? Add to cart! Bryan: When there’s something expensive and electronic and I can’t slam it, I know, I was so upset. Bryan slams things down on the desk and it hurts my ears, like you guys can’t hear it because all the audio in these videos are compressed and everyone was like, “Why isn’t Bryan slamming it anymore?” in the comments and I was like, What the heck? Bryan: I didn’t see those comments. So, ‘Bluetooth communicator. Connect with any smartphone to make and receive calls’. They were right, we have this nice hard case. Look at this, this is like a little belt..thing. See- Wait, what is this? This is just like a little case it doesn’t even attach to my belt. I can’t be a super nerd. What the heck?! Bryan: You don’t even have a belt on. That’s true. Dun-dun-da-dun-dun-dunn! Oooh. Bryan: That looks expensive This is wireless charging. Ok so this clicks into this like this. Boom. Ok so that’s on there now. Ooh that’s heavy metal right there. Oh, and it just fell off. I have to stretch this out a lot more, and then put this-, there we go Now- nope. Right out the gate, This is literally supposed to click. Ugghh, I’m shook! I have to really like actually force it in there and then stretch it out. Here we go, this is it; this is the piece. It’s surprisingly light which is dissapointing, you know? Because- Heyy, hands off, broski! (Giggles) Fine, Just tarnish it with your dirty hands. It’s actually really light. I don’t know why it’s disapointing to me, they’re always trying to make phones lighter and stuff like that but I don’t mind a hefty phone; It makes it feel more expensive. So this is supposed to answer the phone. Ooh that thing’s cool. You can see when I move this like that , it does this little shift in color, Or in oar, is what it’s called? Isn’t that cool? So these buttons, Ooh. That’s a cheep button, dude. “Enterprise bridge to the Uhura.” Lieutenant Uhura. “Captain Kirk message from Starfleet command, top priority. Enterprise bridge to the Uhura.” Ok, stop, stop talking Uhura. Ok, so what if I hold it? “Waiting for Bluetooth connection.” Right now I’m going to add this to my Bluetooth phone. ‘TWC communicator’. And it’s connected! Just like that! That was really easy. What does it do. right now, when I click it? “Voice command.” Hello? Oh hello, Siri! (Ringtone playing) You hear that? Bryan’s calling me. Hello. Oh my gosh, that is quiet. Bryan: I’m talking. Oh, much louder. Bryan: I am the USS Enterprise. Ok- Bryan: Give me your co-ordinance now. Give me your, you, you, what do you want? Bryan: Give me your cordinance now so that I can beam you up for the USS Enterprise. No, you pervert! So hold on, I don’t know what these buttons do, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of volume control on the device, So the way I raised the volume was on the phone, which defeats the purpose of having another device that you don’t have to access your phone with. Bryan: What? That’s ridiculous, it’s the whole point. Yeah exactly, so maybe I don’t know hold on i’m gonna try and click some buttons here, if I end the call, that’s an accidentay. Can you hear me? Hello? Ohh I accidentally turned off the device. Can you hear me now? Bryan: Now I can. Oh ok, so this button right here turns the device on and off if you hold it. What about if just a press? Nothing. K what about this button? “Communication terminated.” Whoops. I’m gonna try and answer now by just swinging this open. (Ringtone playing) (Cyber Chirping) Ohh a little sound effect there, you hear that? So I mean that’s kinda cool but… (Sigh) Bryan: That sound, (Sigh) (Heavy sigh) Like, it’s just, for like $150, this thing is made really, really cheap. I’m gonna hang up on you now but I’m gonna show the viewers, when this thing closes, you can see it doesn’t even- Yeah, call terminated, I know. When this thing closes, you can see it doesn’t even make connection properly It’s like slanted over to the other side. It’s hard to see on camera but you can see right there it’s like… it’s not even like made properly. Like everything’s plastic except this, which is somewhat disappointing. So this button right here accesses Siri, which is kinda cool. I mean here’s the issue though, Siri’s useless, I mean if you’re on Android, it’ll access Google now. The other issue is there doesn’t seem to be any sort of volume knob anywhere on this and it’s SO quiet unless you turn up volume somehow… on your actual phone. Bryan: 3D map lazer-edge..texture? That’s what they said that plastic is around here? That literally means nothing.That literally… That’s how everyone builds everything. You know what I mean? That’s how like The Dollar Store builds their products. I’m actually really disappointed with this. It looks-, ooh that’s magnetic that’s cool, See? It looks really cool on your desk, so if someone’s like, “Ooh, can I touch that?” and you’re like, “No! No!No, It’s priceless.” Then they’re gonna have the illusion that you have something really nice and expensive, but… otherwise, It’s not fairing well for the DOPE aspect of it but we’re not over yet, ok? Because it’s not just my opinion that matters; It’s your opinion, it’s everyone’s opinion, so here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna bring in some other Hi5 Studio’s crew members and we’re gonna see if they can guess it, if they can rate it, we’re gonna see what they think. Ok? Who’s first? Bryan: Paul. Let’s do Paul, Paul from Googly Eyes. Click up there if you’re curious about what Googly Eyes is. He runs that channel so… let’s do this. Bryan: Pauly-D! It’s Pauly-D! PAULY-D! PAULY-D!! His last name doesn’t start with D. Paul: It does not at all. (Laughter) We just call him “Paula Deen”. Paul: Is that a mic? Is it? Paul: It looks like it. What is it? I say it’s a mic. Ok. You can’t tell me more about it? Get real close dude, get real close and personal. A speaker or mic, can I touch it? Paul: Can I touch it? I guess you can touch it. Bryan: DAH! Ha, just kidding. Heh! Really? You don’t recognize this at all. No. Bryan: Heehee, yes! I told you, bro! For real? Paul: what is this? Bryan: I told you! Paul: Is it like a little alarm thing? Bryan: Show him the original clip! Paul: My gosh. (Laughter) Paul: No way. Yeah, dude! I never watched Star Trek. I wasn’t into that. Bryan: Matt was hyping you up! I thought, I was like, “Paul’s a geek, he’ll know what this is.” Oh I’m a geek now! I’m a geek! Oh yeah, you are. You’re not that much of a geek now, Paul! Bryan: We’re older Matt, you’re old now, man! I’M OLD, MAN! You’re not hipp. I’M NOT HIPP, PAUL?! What this actually is, it’s a Bluetooth handset, ok? So it’ll actually connect with your phone. Paul: And you can talk through it. And you can talk through it. Here, I’m gonna put my phone to the side. Paul: Yeah. (Ringtone playing) Hello Bryan. Bryan (In a goofy voice): Do what must be done. That’s Star Wars. (Laughter) That’s Star Wars. (Fart noise) Did you fart? Paul: It sounded like it. (Loud fart noise) And this is how you hang up on people you don’t like. Paul: Ok, I like that feature! That’s a good feature. Now, you can see- Paul: You can actually just carry it. You can actually just carry it. So you just nerd out. Yeah. Get a feel for it. You’d be like, “Yo, I gotta call the homie.” Wassup? I think this is DOPE. (music) I’m not a big fan of Star, like, Star Trek or Star Wars too much, but this- So what do you even like if you don’t like either of those? Yeah, Dora the Explorer? Sure, if you guys say it. (Laughter) How much do you think that is? This I would say is probably like, 60 bucks? 60 bucks. I think this is $60 Ok so now after I tell you the real price, re-rate it if it’s DOPE or NOPE. $150 I think for a die-hard Star Trek fan this would be still DOPE. (music) Me, I wouldn’t spend $150 on this, but I still think it’s cool. Ok, there you go Paul, ladies and gentlemen, from Googly Eyes. Ok so you think he’s gonna know what this is? I think he will, I think he will I have faith in Connor. Connor is- yeah, I got faith in you, Connor is the producer of Team Edge Gaming. Click that info card right there to check out Team Edge Gaming. Now, what is this? It looks like some sort of microphone… (Bryan laughing off screen) And it’s blinking blue so I’m gonna assume that it’s a Bluetooth speaker that’s connected to your phone. But it doesn’t look recognizable to you at all? Not even the slightest bit? No? Ok what about now? Oh. Oh, Star Trek. (Laughter) Is that what it is? Yeah? It’s the Star Trek communicator. Bryan: I told you! I still don’t know what that is. (Laughter) Dang it! I’m sorry I didn’t watch Star Trek when I was a kid. You where absolutely right on this is a Bluetooth microphone. (Ringtone playing) What’s going on? Bryan: Machoo Pichoo! Dude, that’s kinda sick! Yeah! But I mean, what’s the point of that when you could just have a phone? I mean if you go to like Comic Con, it’s probably cool but you might as well use a phone while you’re at it. Yeah I mean, you make a fair point, you make a fair point, okay? Let’s just hang up on Bryan. “Communication terminated.” Is it DOPE or NOPE? Mmmmmm, I’ll say it’s DOPE (music) but it’s not practical. How much do you think it’s worth? 245? I don’t know $245? Pick it up, feel it, get a feel for… like the texture and the quality. I feel like I could find that at… Walmart in the kids’ section for cheap. Yeah exactly, the feel of it, once you actually feel it, So it was actually $150. Oh, so I overshot this time. You overshot this time. Oops. Yeah, you overshot. Well ’cause I figured it’d be legit like… certified so that is why I figured it’d be- I think it is. But it’s still-, in my opinion, pretty low quality. Are you telling me that they could’ve used this as a movie prop in the movies? I mean, yeah ’cause visually it looks all right, you know what I mean? But when you feel it, when you pick it up in your hands, it just feels cheap. DOPE or NOPE? DOPE! I say DOPE. (music) Bryan: For $150, you say it’s DOPE? Two DOPE’s, dude! I say it’s DOPE, I mean it’s cool, Ok if you’re really into Star Trek, you’d probably buy it. Alright, well there you go. Connor, ladies and gentlemen, from Team Edge Gaming. Bryan: Yaaaay! Go subscribe! K, I’m gonna go finish moving. Before I tell you my rating and Bryan’s rating, make sure you subscribe here because we do videos like this 3 to 4 times a week so you’re not gonna wanna miss ’em so click that big ol’ red button down below that looks a little bit like this. Now, Bryan number 3, you’re person number 3, DOPE or NOPE? Bryan: NOPE! (low music) I would agree, I would say this is a NOPE. (low music) So we’re at an impast right now, two DOPEs and two NOPEs. Here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna leave it up to you guys, OHH!
Bryah: OHH! That’s right, tomorrow, the day after the video releases, I’m gonna do a little community post, after a good amount of you have seen this video, and I’m gonna ask you, is it DOPE, or is it NOPE? Ok? So stay tuned for that tomorrow if you’re watching the video right after it’s release. If this product ends up being a DOPE, it will forever have a place on my geek shelf. (music) So that’s up to you guys. You see this thumbnail right there? That little match is literally waterproof. I dunk it in, and I take it out, and it’s still on fire. Guys make sure you go check that out I will see you over there. High Five!

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  1. My grandmother used to tell my father when he was a wee lad watching the original show that their would never be something that you could put in your pocket and talk to someone miles away like that. Sadly she did pass away before cell phones became a thing.

  2. Dope, so dope. Does anyone at Hi5 actually get into geek culture? Seems like a bunch of frat boys wearing "geek chic" shirts because they're "in" right now.


  4. How about….
    Use or refuse
    Use it or lose it.. use or loseโ€
    Purchase or worthless
    Receive or donโ€™t need
    Love it or loathe it…. love or shove
    Yea or throw away
    Like or not right
    Buy or deny
    Take it or break it .. take or break
    Grab it or trash it
    Look or shook
    Get it or ๐Ÿ’ฉit ( lol just playing)
    My fav is dope or nopeโ€ but feel free to play with these ….. love the show!

  5. I love all Star Trek including the original and the new movies. (I also love Star Wars believe it or not) but I donโ€™t like light stuff like that. It needs to made of high quality materials to be worth it. If it has no weight to it really then it is probably made with pretty low quality materials and just isnโ€™t worth it even if it looks cool. I gotta say nope personally. If it was better quality I would probably pick it up but as it sounds, no.

  6. Brain: Give me your coordinates now so I could baem you up to the USS Enterprise
    Matt: no you prevert

  7. Your videos are filmed and edited so well. I just found your channel, very nice video. I will be returning for more content.

  8. I think its pretty cool. Im a Next Gen guy, so the communicator badge would be really cool. Light Sabers are pointless but are nostalgic and fans will spend money on all sorts of memorbilia

  9. I love how Star Trek predicted flip phones then we have created smartphones which are superior, and then we go and recreate a prop that looks like a flip phone but needs to be connected to a smart phone to work.

  10. I'm watching this in 2019 and both channels linked in the info card are dead ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ rip googly eyes and team edge gaming

  11. this was way over priced it seems and where were all of these commenters who had one of these before?? This seems like a knock off one made cheaply. seems like they spent more on the packaging and the stand than the actual device! THANK YOU OF SAVING ME MONEY.

  12. You didn't read the instructions there is a lot more to that than you think there is that one knob on the left is also a D pad at the same time and that's the volume control and it also does a whole bunch of other cool stuff

  13. How you see the comments hi Iโ€™m a Star Trek fan how I see the comments ro wa jo fla gagaga membo slo slo trek star bee

  14. why didn't you turn the knob thing when you were in a call you did it before the call that could have been the volume knob

  15. Yes, Iโ€™m late to the game, but I have to say this; when I was a kid (3 decades ago) I had an Admiral Kirk costume from the movies, and I would have killed to have something half as cool as this to go with it. Granted, cellphones were still science fiction at that point, but still…

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