17 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Everyone on Your List!

17 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Everyone on Your List!

– There’s – It bounces – That’s what serial killers say (laughs) – ♪Everyone’s dancing merrily ♪ (christmas music) – Welcome back to Clevver Style! You guys, this is our official
Clevver holiday gift guide. – Oh man – ♪ La la la la ♪ – I love the holidays. – Yup
– same – I love presents, getting presents, and opening my presents, and sitting down and seeing the presents are just me under the tree. – I am not really good at giving presents, but I’m great at receiving everything. – Well, for those of you out there who are not good at giving
gifts. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. We
compiled gifts for everyone in our family, our friends our co-workers. We put together-assembled,
if you will- I think a really good holiday gift guide. – And the best part about it, you guys, is that most of these gifts
you’re gonna see today are under $40. There’s a few in there
that are a little bit more, but, hopefully you’ll see
something that, you know, fit into your budget. – All right, so I think we
have a lot gifts to unbox and unwrap, so lets get to it. (christmas music) – Okay, I’ll go first. So, I
shop for my sister. She’s 17, she’s very into makeup.
All she wanted was the Shane Dawson Conspiracy
Pallete for Christmas. She’ll have to wait
until next year for that, but I did get her a
pack of Morphe brushes. so this kit was $34 on Morphe. This pack has 8 brushes in it, and it
comes with a pouch, obviously. – Yeah – Which is really nice – This is actually, like, a
really good gift for, like, anybody who likes makeup because
we know Morphe has, like, really good quality. We
know their brushes work, and its a brush for, like, all your needs are taken care of once. – Yeah – I think makeup brushes for Christmas are always a good idea. – Yeah – This is really cheap. $30 bucks? $34 bucks, I should say for
this. That’s really good. – What do you have, Drew? – I have this handy
dandy Basil Growing Kit. So, this is from Uncommon
goods. Its only $20, and they have a variety of
different herbs or “herbs.” you can get everything
from sage to parsley. Cilantro. I’m super excited about
it ’cause first of all, it’s very aesthetically pleasing. – Its so nice to look at – And, feel it. – What is that? – It is heaven. – So, what you do is you grow
basil in here in the jar, and you just pick it
out when you want some. – Sinead, you inspired
me ’cause you grow stuff. – Do you have basil, a lot of basil? – I have basil, I have
tarragon, I have sage, I have sunflowers, I have green peppers, I have strawberries. – I don’t know what tarragon is. – I found out very recently. (laughs) (twinkle sound) – It has growing utensils – [ERIN] (gasps) Aw, its
like a little strainer so it doesn’t get too wet. – [Sinead] Yeah, it is really cute. – There’s a lot of stuff in here! – [Sinead] You know why, its because this is a hydroponic grow kit, so it doesn’t have any soil. That’s even cooler,
hydroponic means just like growing with water. I don’t have a hydroponic
growing kit just sayin’ So I actually got this as
kind-of like a stocking stuffer like, um, go with for my sister, So I got this customizable popsocket, at popsockets.com and it’s $15, and you can
customize the entire thing including, obviously
what you put on the front and even the grip color too – I like it – Oh yeah I love my popsocket – My sister is, uh, a
talent manager and I got her logo, printed onto the popsocket – That’s so cute – That’s so sweet, I love that – And I really feel like
popsockets are the best gift – When it comes to
quality, you know when it’s not a popsocket, you know
when it’s an off-brand – Preach – Okay you guys, I have one final family, gift, it’s a little heavy – Ooh – It is, a, little retro vibes single cup Kurig coffee maker. My little sister is going to college – That’s awesome, yep – And she’s gonna live in a dorm – Bout to be broke – I-I know, and have no social life – (laughs) – But at least she
won’t have to buy coffee – Exactly – Very true – And you know, late nights,
all-nighters, exams, papers I don’t, remember what
that was like, but um, she’s gonna have to face that very soon – You’re so sweet you’re like her late nights that are
gonna be spent studying for tests, and her exams, I’m
like right, that’s what she’s gonna do. – That’s what I did – (laughing) – [Drew] I love the color
it looks like Tiffany Teal – So I got this from Target, for $69.99, and she looks like she’s worth every penny – This is amazing for a dorm,
such a good idea for her – Such a good idea – Love it (drum music) So this round is for our friends. And, when I say shopping for
our friends is fun, I mean it’s basically torture
’cause I shop for myself when I shop for my friends – Mm yeah – Um, and some of us are
very excited about our gifts – (laughs) – So I have two gifts for friends, I got this little terrarium,
but it’s actually a candle it came from Uncommon Goods. – Oh that’s so cute – Oh my god – It’s $20, it looks, really kind-of chic – [Drew] It’s like Palm
Springs in a candle – [Sinead] Oh my gosh, yes – [Erin] It’s like, one of
those candles you don’t burn It smells kinda like sandalwood – You misted it all up – You look like you’re on a
plane and the things fell down – And then my other kind-of,
friend gift to have on hand that can go for anyone is
one of these salt lamps. Okay, so this one came from
Urban Outfitters specifically (sniffing) – Doesn’t smell like anything – Yeah and so it’s a USB lamp actually if you want it at your desk at your office to give you good vibes, this will help – Ahh – I like night-lights (crickets) – These salt lamps are
really expensive generally and I know this is a smaller one, but for $24 bucks, you get
the same benefits of a regular salt lamp, but not the price tag. – Sinead what did you get? – Yeah what’d you get? – Okay so, for friends
gifts, I got aroma putty it’s like, kind-of like,
the cool, new, hip version of a stress ball, and they
come in Christmas scents for the holidays. Okay so, sugar cookie – Oh, you know I love a sugar cookie – [Sinead] I do I need to have pine, so
you can choose between gingerbread and candy cane. – But I really like pine – Pine is my favorite scent – (laughs) this is the friend category – This is-pine’s my favorite scent also there’s a child-lock on mine could somebody open it please? – Oh yeah I’ll be happy to! – Ooh it’s like it’s kinda – Oh this is nice, this would
be really nice if someone would give it to me – Smells like sugar – Ooh that’s nice – Okay put it between your hands everybody right now do
it, just do it, come on it feels really good, and
you’ll understand what I mean do it, like doesn’t that feel good like, squish it – Oh my god – Yeah – Ooh I love it there’s – It bounces! – I think this is super cute
it’s $15 bucks, got it on Amazon, the fact that it
comes with multiple colors makes it like, either a
really good gift, or like an awesome stocking stuffer, look at Drew, she’s making
arts and crafts over there – I know, I’m trying to make skin – That’s what serial killers say – (laughs) – Okay and then the next
gift is a Tile Mate, I’ve actually been obsessed
with these for a while because I am the queen of losing my keys, these are Bluetooth enabled, you can get these on Amazon, – What is it? – So it’s basically like,
you can attach these little tiles, to essentially anything
important in your house that you know you lose a lot – Mm hmm – So I lose my keys, all, the time it’s Bluetooth enabled so
basically if you are looking for that thing, you can
go on the app, and it will make it beep – Oh my god I wanna put this on – Your man – Yep, yep, yep – Oh, you could track
where he is, his location – Don’t normally do that
in a healthy relationship but if you’re in a toxic
relationship, do it – Do it – So we chose to get the 4-pack
of these, which you can get on Amazon, for like $36
bucks or something like that, but if you wanted to get
just one, it’s like $17.50 – [Erin] And it looks expensive, – It does – Like it looks like
you spent a lot of money – It looks like Apple-y – It does, it really does – [Sinead] Alright Drew,
you’re up, but let’s just clear all this stuff
up, ’cause you got boxes – Okay you guys, we
need to talk about this chocolate fondue, – Fancy! – Maker I’m very excited about this, I had Jackie in mind – Yeah – Because Jackie is such a foodie – And she loves chocolate – This is so, bomb, like churro and chocolate together? – She loves chocolate – Well I will say you
don’t have to be a cook to enjoy this – Let me unpack it for
you so you can really see all the ingredients. – This little puppy is from
Uncommon Goods, it’s $28 dollars, and uh, it has a nice little greeting for me,
it says: pick me up before you choco, don’t leave me
hanging on like a yo-yo (laughs) (humming) – Ohh – Okay you guys so there’s
multiple parts, so it has a smaller bowl within the
big bowl, so what you do is you put warm water in
the larger bowl, and then you heat up, the chocolate or the cheese – Mmm – In the smaller bowl, so it
like kinda does like a double heating feature, and then,
this little guy has a little tealight in it. And look at it! It comes
with the little tongs! – [Sinead] So cute – And it’s rose-gold – It’s rose-gold, which
makes it so fun and so holiday-esque. – It looks really expensive,
it looks like something that came from like, I don’t know,
one of those fancy places I can’t pronounce like, le(gibberish) – (gibberish) yeah! – Oh I love that place – Oh yeah that place – I think we should try it
out, because why not? You know – We’re gonna try Jackie’s Christmas gift? She won’t mind right? – Okay so we’re gonna make some fondue, we’ll be back in a sec Okay you guys, so our fondue is now made – It smells good – It smells delicious – [Sinead] Smells so good – It’s heated up in the microwave, overall I think this is
a great gift, it’s super easy to use, and I love that
the chocolate doesn’t get like overheated or hard
because it’s sitting in the hot water bowl – This is not gift-able again – It, no absolutely not sorry Jackie we just had to
test it out for the video. – Alright well I guess that at some point we’re gonna have to move
on to the next gift but, – This is the one that keeps on giving – I know – Yeah, this is, please hold. – Mmm – So good – Okay you guys this is the main event I have been waiting for – I know – This, is a karaoke microphone, it’s from Amazon, it’s
$30.00 and you definitely should buy 5. First of all, the case, the case is great – You’re not giving
this to a friend at all this is definitely going home with you (gasps) Look how pretty it is! – So you! – It comes in different
colors, this one’s like the pink rose-gold, first of all, it also has a mic
cover in case you wanna like not get your germies on it – Do some spits – Let me break it down
because this is very important – [Sinead] Okay – So of course you have
your handy dandy ‘on’ button (beeps) hello. So it’s on right now right – [Sinead] Oh my god – And what you’re hearing is an echo, because you can control, the echo, how much echo you would
like, so I’m gonna go ahead and turn it down
because it’s a little bit easier, you know – It’s like a TED Talk right now – Wow this is nice – Right in small areas This is like really advanced and high tech because if you just got
any karaoke app, you can basically see the words
of the song on your phone, it’s Bluetooth’d to the
microphone so it’s gonna play out of her along with your
voice, and just sing along! (exclaims) Should we sing a little number? – I think you should – But you have to turn it all the way up – Echo all the way up, yeah,
’cause it’s like auto tune – Yeah I just said, I
like the way it sounds, it sounds very holiday-esque – Okay I didn’t wanna sing
a Christmas number because you know, copyright, we
can’t get in trouble. Okay you ready? Can you introduce me – Wait I need the mic though – Okay go ahead, then pass it on – Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Truuuu- I was gonna say something else but I didn’t wanna – I thought you forgot my name (laughs) You can call me ‘Double D’ – Okay Now introducing, ‘Double D’ (whispering applause) ♪ Rockin’ around, the Christmas tree ♪ ♪ at a Christmas dadada ♪ ♪does anybody know the words? ♪ – Nope! Not to that one ♪ Everyone’s dancing
merrily, and a dadadadada ♪ ♪ You will get a sentimental
feeling, when you hear ♪ – Wow, we should take
this show on the road! – On the road! – As long as we have
that microphone, we could make our dreams come true – Yes! – You guys this is the best
gift you could ever give anybody – [Sinead] Dude, that’s
amazing I love it so much. God bless your roommates, man – Your dogs are gonna love it – They are in for a show – I think that’s such a
great gift, I think it’s so freaking cute. And honestly like, I’m really impressed by it. For a microphone that you got
on Amazon? Super impressed. – [Drew] The case? I’m obsessed with this! – But we have one more thing So on the line of music
and singing along, I have this last gift, I’m very excited about it, Drew it’s right next to you. Could you grab it ’cause I’m caught – Ooh – [Erin] Yeah yeah yeah yeah – This is beautiful – This is a vintage style, Bluetooth speaker it also has an FM/AM radio
on it, you can connect to your iPhone though
because, no one does, really radio anymore. So, obviously there’s the radio dial here. Fender makes, a version
of this, that’s a lot more expensive than this, this one actually is on Amazon for $39 dollars. – I love this – Thank you so much (playful music) – So I’m gonna get started,
I actually got this for my little brother. So I got him and “ugly”
Christmas sweater on Amazon it actually is $50 dollars,
but again, my brother right, flesh and blood, I should probably be nice to him about it – Oh it’s a suit! – It’s an actual suit – Sinead, are you sure
you like your brother? – [Sinead] Yeah I just thought this was funny
’cause I know that he would wear it, he’s kind-of like a class-clown – It’s definitely festive – I wanna wear this,
I think this is so fun – Also like, technically
this is the perfect idea if you are going to like
an ugly sweater party. – Yeah – Because like it’s not a
sweater sure, but this is definitely like a
stand-out piece, and like, a conversation starter if you will. – Yeah, if you wanna stand
out at an ugly sweater party wear this, for sure – Anything matching, around
Christmas time, top and bottom and if this couldn’t get any better, just so you guys know,
they have tons of options. It’s not just the
twinkly lights, you could do like a gingerbread suit, you could do like snowflakes, so don’t even worry, I know
you’re dying to go check them out right now, but just like, just, give us a few more
minutes to go through the gifts and then you
can go buy them all, okay – I chose something that
literally could go, for anyone. Cute, warm, holiday santa clause socks! – [Drew] Oh I love socks – [Erin] It looks small but
it’s mighty, there are 5 pairs of socks in here for $18.99 – I like them – Those are cute – Oh, they are softer than
I thought they would be feel that – Oh my god it’s so soft – Wow – There’s the thing I love Christmas fuzzy
socks because I wear them all-year round – Same – Yeah – All year ’round – So, I mean, you’re
averaging about $4 dollars a pair of socks, which is, I think really affordable for like a gag gift for like an office person
who you don’t know? – I think these are fun – So my next gift is a
portable straw because if you’re conscious about
the environment, the oceans, you don’t wanna be using plastic straws – Doesn’t look like a straw to me – Mm mm, definitely doesn’t – I love that it can
connect to your key chain – Yep – [Sinead] I do like that it’s covered – And it comes with a cleaner – (gasps) – See? – [Sinead] A mini – Wait, – [Sinead} A portable Cleaner – Awww – I know you want to – We’ll have to make a baby – So we got this on Amazon, it was $6.99 Super cheap and cute and affordable – It looks like it comes
in all different colors – Okay, moving on, there’s two things that
I feel passionate about in different ways, so I’m trying to debate what to start with. This is, a, uh, companion,
that you can keep with you if you are lonely, or you just want something to hug. It has abs – That’s funny – Look at the abs, look at the abs! – Those are pretty good abs – [Drew] Feel it though the shirt (laughs) – Oh my gosh he’s flexing! – It comes in different colors, different likeness, whatever you want and different sizes. This particular guy is
uh, about $33 dollars. – It reminds me of the
villains in “Spy Kids” I’m sorry I had to say it! – He has a nipple, and a peck – Stop it – I’m not even kidding – Is it nice? – [Sinead] Oh my gosh We gotta take it off, take the shirt off just take it off. – He’s really soft – Here’s my only thing,
this is a great gag gift I think it’s hilarious but like, what do you do,
like once the party’s over you gotta take this thing home with you. You’ll probably wake up
in the middle of the night and you’ll just see it walking towards you like – Jesus Christ Sinead – He’s decapitated! This might be one of my
favorite things on the table The Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy – I love these things so much – So you know when you
go to a car dealership and you see like the
huge guys like flaring in the wind? He’s like a little mini one You guys can scoop this thing on Amazon for only $7.99, and not only is he just adorable, but it
comes with a little book of history about him. Let me turn him on. Okay (fan blowing) – [Erin] Oh! – [Sinead] Dude that’s tight – Like that brings me so much joy. You know what this reminds me of? – [Erin] Yes, we know (laughing) – Anyways, I do love this though I think it’s really funny
and hilarious and like the perfect gift for like an office. – No one will get any work done everybody’s just gonna stop and
stare at your desk for hours – He brings a lot of joy – Okay, so that rounds up our fun gag gift silly, random, white, elephant,
Christmas, recommendations list some in the comments
if you have any other ones that are better – Yep – Than these – But, I’m gonna be very happy with mine, that I’m taking home – Nothing’s better than that – For now, I gotta know,
what were your favorite gifts of all the gifts that were given? – None of mine were my favorites you guys crushed this – This is my favorite – [Sinead] Oh, the microphone’s great this speaker is amazing, and I also like your K-cup too, the single one – And the tile is really good – Oh the tiles are good too – All of these are linked
in the description below if you wanna shop them, a lot of these you can, buy right now
and get to your door in a couple of days. – I’m gonna, I’m literally
gonna have to buy these things now – I know I love them all so let us know in the comments if you
have any other last minute great gifts for your
friends, or your family, your coworkers, let us
know in the comment section don’t forget to subscribe. – And also, I need to know
your guys’s opinions on the gag gift the muscle man – No yeah, yeah yeah yeah – Do you love it? Are you
gonna give it to a friend? Does it make you happy? – Who knew you would be so deviceive? – That is it you guys for
our gift guide for 2019 let us know in the comments
if you have any other gifts that you love to give to people, we are clearly still shopping. – Sinead, I can see you – Okay bye guys! See you next time!

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