19 Travel YouTuber's You Must Follow in 2019 - The BEST Travel Vloggers

19 Travel YouTuber's You Must Follow in 2019 – The BEST Travel Vloggers

what's up guys this is David Hoffman from David's been here before we jump into this video I want to first thank each and every single one of my subscribers for being part of my YouTube journey this year 2018 was my best year ever I really am super grateful appreciative and humbled by you guys for following me for viewing my videos for giving me thumbs up for commenting and just being part of this journey I'm super super grateful thank you so much right now I want to talk to you about 19 video creators you may not know but you have to subscribe to in 2019 they all do amazing work and I hope you guys give them the same love and support you've shown me speaking of supporting me if you haven't done so already please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification about to get updated when all the new videos drop alright guys are you ready for this 19 video creators you must subscribe to in 2019 let's do it let's kick off this list with Sam and Audrey you guys probably already know Sam from our recent adventures in India together but if you haven't checked out their channel yet you're missing out this world-class husband-and-wife team moved to South Korea to teach English years ago but then decided to follow their passions by traveling off the beaten path to create in-depth vlogs and travel guides for locations like Croatia Quebec Peru Thailand Greece Portugal Indonesia Bosnia and the Ukraine and immersing themselves in the local culture and delicious food scenes the recent Japan and India series are must watch if you look closely you might spot a familiar face in Sam's videos next up is my good friend tall better known as the traveling clap at the age of 21 he spent the entire year traveling the world and circumnavigating the globe he's a fun quirky guy who believes the world's a global classroom and is all about having a blast while sharing helpful travel tips how to videos and travel vlogs like the conversations with Navajo tribe members in the heart of Navajo Nation to finding the best slice of dollar pizza in NYC to trying some of the world's most amazing unique foods in places like the Philippines Japan Siberia Israel and right here in the US of A another couple that has dedicated their lives to experiencing the world through travel are my good friends Mike of making it happen vlog they were once saddled with the conventional 80 hour work week jobs but finally they decided they had enough and it's the nine-to-five lifestyle to lead a life of excitement and exploration where the entire planet could be their backyard there are passionate travelers who focus on lifestyle and food in various parts of the world including an extensive Philippine series as well as helpful travel tips and hacks about mileage programs and Airlines as well as motivational content and much more up next is Kara and Nate a married couple from Nashville Tennessee who I've been following for about a year now their inspiring life of travel began in the year 2016 when like many people decided to take a year to see the world before their lives got too serious before they knew it they were bitten by the travel book and haven't stopped sense in less than three years they have curated an impressive travel based YouTube channel that includes entertaining travel vlogs helpful vlogging tips travel hacks food videos and more in dozens of countries around the world like Canada Thailand Kazakhstan Oman Myanmar the Maldives Egypt India and Turkey next up is my good friend and travel buddy Mike Corey who I personally shot videos with in both Mexico City and Miami this break dancer turned marine biologist has a YouTube channel called fearless and far that is all about traveling to little-known places around the world making connections with people he meets in those places and immersing himself in the unique experiences that others might find strange or uncomfortable when he's not visiting cliffside coffins in the Philippines experienced some of the world's most bizarre festivals or being cleansed by witches in Mexico City you can find Mike filming cinematic underwater adventures and urban exploration videos you can also catch him hosting the BBC travel show on the BBC World Channel next on this list is Garrett from chores to townie a world traveler from a small town in upstate New York whose goals is to travel deeper and make the transition from tourists to townie and truly understand the foreign communities he visits he does this by building relationships with locals and diving headfirst into their culture you'll find a wide array of videos on his channel include cinematic travel vlogs in locations like Japan the Philippines Iceland Portugal and Thailand as well as tips and advice on how viewers can travel the world essential travel gear how to get cheap flights and much more up next is my good friend and one of the hardest-working travel bloggers in the game my dears de viaje who I first met in Mexico City after linking up with her through a mutual friend and also worked with in Puerto Rico and Guatemala her channel is almost entirely in espanol so be sure to brush up on your Spanish before you check out this energetic funny and passionate world traveler her travels take her through much of Latin America including Mexico Puerto Rico Argentina Ecuador and Chile as well as other spots around the world like Canada Ireland Spain and Morocco Maria also shares helpful travel tips and recommendations to help your travels run smoothly definitely subscribe to marietta VI hit next on this list is lena and david's talk better known as the divergent travelers a husband-and-wife team from wisconsin who have traveled to over 70 countries on six continents over the last 13 years these professional photographers became full-time travel vloggers back in 2013 and they haven't stopped showcasing the world through their high quality videos and stunning photos from visiting the ancient muy on Easter Island to sharing 4k footage of the unique wildlife of the Galapagos to capturing beautiful Rwandan cultural dances their travel content is a must for any traveler enthusiast the next travel creators on this list are another couple called Graham and Theodora known collectively as babe where's my passport this adventurous couple made the decision to finally rid themselves of what is in life and sold their businesses and belongings in order to travel around the world with the go eventually being able to become full time travel vloggers their exciting Channel includes beautiful and cinematic travel adventures through Asian locations like India Brunei Sri Lanka South Korea Bali as well as fantastic food vlogs informative travel tips and first impression videos up next is Drew Pinsky a 27 year old travel vlogger who aims to inspiring young people like himself to see the and shattered the misconception that the world is unsafe by showcasing amazing people and fascinating cultures in his mini documentary style vlogs he was first bitten by the travel bug after studying abroad in Prague now with over 150 countries under his belt since 2012 including Egypt and Dora Indonesia Lebanon Malawi Iran and Equatorial Guinea he is well on his way to visiting every country in the world don't forget to check out his travel hacks and tips on how to stretch out your money while traveling they should not be missed the next travel video creators you have to subscribe to is Pierre and Trina here you have one of the more unconventional stories on our list Trina a girl from the United States met Pierre a French man in Nigeria and they fell in love since they gave up their lives in New York City to become full time travel vloggers they have lived in Lagos Istanbul and Paris and are aiming to secure their futures while living anywhere in the world without losing their passion their in-depth travel tips entertaining food challenges and travel vlogs make them another couple you have to follow oh and Pierre is all about photography check out his photography channel also in the link below next up on our list is sunny side better known as the best ever food review show a travel and food blogger whose content I've loved for years with a personality and sense of humor as big as his fan base this passionate American foodie has lived in Asia for more than 10 years and decided to base himself out of Vietnam after he noticed the country's potential as its economy and tourism rapidly grew this guy is always gain two-sample unique or bizarre food including brain curry in India eel salad and fried turtle in Vietnam and Cobra blood and snakes attire in Indonesia sunny is always armed with quippy and punchy reviews that are both hilarious and informative if you're not subscribed to this guy you have to do that right now our next video Creator is John Barr a former sportscaster turned travel blogger whose content is aimed at savvy travelers his highly helpful videos which you can find on his channel here b-bar include lots of tips and hacks from people looking to have a good time in the concrete jungle of new york city travel and food vlogs in locations like wales the czech public Japan Mexico Morocco and Spain he also showcases fun and more unconventional activities you can take part in around the world like attending ninja school in Japan spending the night in my in villages in Mexico and going caving off the cliffs of moher in ireland if you like unique and fun travel experiences John Barr is your guy my next entry on this list goes to Trevor James better known as the food Ranger this guy is one of the most popular travel and food vloggers on YouTube and his channel is all about the unique tasty and bizarre foods you can find along the side of the road in many places around the world Street food his aim is to constantly share food something that connects us all with as many people as possible while learning about new cultures with fascinating and entertaining Street food video spanning multiple countries including India Sri Lanka Egypt China Mexico his passion for people and food is undeniable up next is a friend of mine I've known for 10 years who has been a huge inspiration for me and someone I've had the pleasure to meet and film with Marc fiends of migration ology this type based travel and food vlogger developed his passion for street food after graduating University and deciding to travel for food now with over three million subscribers Marc is arguably the most popular travel foodie in the world and with regular informative high-quality food based vlogs from countries such as Pakistan Kenya India lose beggar Stan Japan Ethiopia Cambodia Mexico Bali and Ghana it's not hard to understand why he's so big this guy does not stop he is a machine definitely follow his channel our next travel content creators are Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson a Taiwan base couple who use their channel chopstick travel to shine a light on local cuisine street food and adventure travel their goals are to highlight the best places to get the most authentic taste of the places you're visiting and help other travelers navigate the world of amazing Street food their fantastic Asia content includes mouth-watering videos of Taiwan India China Japan Singapore and Malaysian street food and be sure to check out their food and travel vlogs in other countries like the Netherlands and Greece this is another Street food channel you have to follow today next up on our list is Josh and Ashley also known as way away a couple who use your travel and food based channel to spread the message that people around the world are more similar than most people tend to think and believe in celebrating differences while meeting new people and experiencing different cultures these guys never seem to stop traveling their Channel is a fun and informative mix of travel and food vlogs in places like England Hungary Brazil Austria Turkey India Philippines Taiwan and Israel as well as fantastic travel tips and hacks and entertaining food challenges up next on this list is another couple that never seemed to stop traveling and one I also had a blast of working with Eric and Alison from endless adventure this travel obsessed couple proudly traded their conventional jobs steady paychecks and stable home for a much more passionate life of adventure and food from around the world with entertaining food adventures filmed in countries like Cuba Cambodia Netherlands England Japan Mexico Estonia Thailand and the United States these Globetrotters are some of the best and most inspiring from around the world they really never stop traveling and last and hopefully not least is me my name is David Hoffman and I'm addicted to traveling the world in the last 10 years I've been to over a thousand cities in more than 70 countries around the world including Mexico China Italy Spain Singapore South Africa India and much more there are a few things I love more than visiting new places meeting the locals participating in local traditions and sharing local foods with my new friends my travel vlogs focus mainly on food and culture but I also love showcasing two of my other passions history and wildlife my goal is simple I want to inspire you to see the world by showcasing interesting places that are off the beaten path stay tuned because I have so many incredible travel plans for 2019 and I release one video almost every single day and there you have it 19 video creators you have to subscribe to in 2019 if you enjoy traveling learning about the world sing new places and immersing yourself in new cultures these are the youtubers you should be checking out on a regular basis they're all inspiring and amazing human beings who are more than worthy of being subscribed to speaking of subscribing if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet please do so I would really appreciate it hit the notification bell to get updated with all the new videos drop almost every single day and yeah guys I hope you love this video 19 video creators you have to subscribe to in 2019 these are all amazing people I don't know all of them but I hope I can collaborate with most of them in the near future and yeah where have you been bring it back joy 19 where have you been

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  1. Thank you all for watching these 19 creators in action! I highly recommend you check out all of their channels and subscribe to be inspired about to travel the world. If you're new to my channel please SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/DBH-SUB for new travel content every week! Also follow me on Instagram to get live updates: instagram.com/davidsbeenhere

  2. so glad I found this video thank you so much so many new people to check out! didn't see Australia in anything mentioned, if you want to see Australia we have started a home series maybe you could check out and one day we might make a list.. thanks again great video

  3. Yo fellow travelers and enthusiasts, got some vids on traveling. Went to south Italy with my woman and also got some backpacking Europe vids where slept on streets and lots of other crazy stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What? You don't like Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling or his half-a-dozen other food and travel channels?! Shame on you…!!!

  5. Check out Kylie Flavell, an Australian girl that moved to
    Italy. AMAZING filming, editing skills and travelling content.

  6. Kyde and Eric https://www.youtube.com/user/kepsux/featured

    Cory May https://www.youtube.com/user/CoryMay81

    Harald Baldr https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKr68ZJ4vv6VloNdnS2hjhA/featured

    bald and bankrupt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxDZs_ltFFvn0FDHT6kmoXA

  7. Hereโ€™s the partial list of vloggers who actually vlog – harold baldr, bald and bankrupt, karl rock, jacob laukitis, kold, amongst others.

  8. Mark Wiens is the worst on the internet. Besides sticking the camera in his croch as he manspreads away, while talking as if heโ€™s a cult leader or something, he is lacking 100% in anything genuine.

  9. Kara and Nate are all about credit card โ€œhackingโ€ – not traveling. They โ€œhackโ€ aka scam credit card companies for points, then travel to a place where they can namedrop where they are on their youtube thumbnail. They do not talk to anybody local, do not talk to other travelers, and only talk with eachother. They are uncomfortable wherever they are and are extremely awkward to watch. The fact that you think they are amazing befuddled me.

  10. Sam and Audrey with their cheesy format? Are you actually serious? Sam and Audrey are literally doing a parody of a vlogging channel … you do know that, right? They are laughing their way to the bank.

  11. I am working with my 9 year old grandson: cntravel aboyslife… where would i find ideas for his openings or marketing? He has sensory processing disorder and we travel in our area Missouri… I feel like I am not marketing him as well as I could. I also am learning editing and video so it's a learning curve for both of us.

  12. I just saw this great analysis… great video thank you so much …. I like people travelling around and showing us the places to discover… I highly recommend to visit new guys also such as "faruk uslu gezelim gorelim"…

  13. David! I would love you more then A lot! Please tell the place at 12:33 and at 12:41 ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  14. You forgot to mention flying the nest. They are cute Australian couple traveling around the world i recently watch their videos and they are fabulous

  15. Too many annoying flower power couple vloggers on your list. The only couple on the list should be Harald Baldr and 'Bald and Bankrupt' (no homo).

  16. Hi, Guys am new to this and i have set up a travel vlog i will appreciate if you guys can check it out and subscribe

  17. I will not follow any of these travel vloggers.
    All of these travelers can only speak English, maybe a bad second language.
    So what adventures you will have? Asking "Do you speak English" all the time to find your way?
    Please learn WELL at least "THREE" languages before showing people your true adventures.

    BTW, I like the food adventure YouTube videos "Strictly Dumpling" that you didn't mention.
    That guy can show us 100 different local cuisines from a single country, truly open my eyes !

  18. Great video! What an amazing collection of talented travel vloggers. Gave me a lot of new creators to follow!

  19. Hi David – Thanks for sharing this – awesome it's always great to find new fellow travel vloggers and we're looking forward to watching other travel vloggers as it's great to learn from other styles. Just found your channel and looking forward to watching more – Chris and Marianne ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

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