1970 / 71 Plymouth Duster Rapid Transit System & 340 Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

1970 / 71 Plymouth Duster Rapid Transit System & 340 Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

I am Lou with another episode of my car story and today we're at the greatest muscle car show on the planet the muscle car and Corvette Nacional in Rosemont Illinois I'm with Michelle Michelle what's your last name those men Michelle doze Minh and Michelle you are a car girl and with that you were having the privilege to share with us today three of the full rapid transit cars I'm going to go right back here tell us first of all what is the rapid transit car scene situation well sure back in the day for Chrysler in the 70s they would travel around with the rapid transit cars and then try to promote products engines high-performance parts those kind of things and who was the caretaker of these three cars I know he's just recently passed yeah so do you know ya Stephen Giuliano let's collected three other the forever if you wanted to share these cars at this show so this is fantastic and we're going to show them each at a time I'll show each one this is one of the cars but we'll come back to that later and we're gonna feature this car also which is two so you can come back to that but which is this that work we train right now sure this is the Rapid Transit 340 duster though Rapid Transit three full years or so back in the 70s they would take these this would be the car show cars and this would be the uniqueness of each one of them now share with me the original color on this car was not this color so this is exactly how the car was some of the features that make it unique clearly the headlights are different as we can see here this grille I just want to show through the side has this kind of pushed out look to it that you can see they're being pushed out yep highly modified and even like you think these air intakes it looks like the brakes that is correct on the front the American Racing wheels period correct for the time and what a wild color of course very familiar with the employment and Mopar dodge color is the sub lime green or the limelight based on the cars so let me just take a little more time on the front of that to let people take that in and we'll go from there let's take a look at the side of the car now these cars haven't been shown are since quite some time correct that is correct when do you think the last time these cars came off I believe that was in the late 90 and that would be Chrysler's at Carlisle Chrysler's at Carlisle great show so just one of them at a time I'll let you kind of take it some of that information there we got the for their this is share with Ursula is a big gas tank yes and it's actually off of the Cobra and they're dual a scalp massage each side moves and you can fill the tank from either side Wow let's take a look at the back as we look at the back I mean that may be the most amazing work on this car with the dual exhaust coming out the back future its friends and this this moment let's take each one and its own it's also has this neat venting almost has a little 71 AMX flavor to it they're very right the Goodyear correct wheels American Racing the second this points let me just show that from that angle of this time let's take a look at the interiors relatively and we have you open the door there just so I can take a look in I won't jump in it but it's got a unique button that you push on the outside too very standard duster interior gauging pretty standard but all pretty cool great coming but transparently were having a little challenge getting so I'm not showing you that 3:40 we show you the engine on the other two give you what it sounds like Gregg we appreciate you starting our for us Michelle's husband thank you we're so scared it's their particular thank you so much for sharing this unique piece of history I know I'm looking forward to the other two but I'm so fascinated with each one individually people like what they see subscribe to the channel thanks for being on my car store guys pleasure thank you

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  1. The headlights really do express how narrow a Duster is. The break ducts surprised me, like this was some sort of race car

  2. It is a shame that these will NEVER see the open road 🙁 oh well. If they were mine I'd drive them constantly.

  3. That's a cool one of a kind find Lou! So sorry to hear her husband passed. Glad she's sharing this piece of history with us.

  4. This Duster has a very very interesting backstory. It was sold into the public, then it was used as a car and driven, at some point it was parked in a parking garage in Detriot where it was abandoned. It stayed parked in this indoor parking lot for year and years. Finally, the previous owner was hunting for this exact car and posted ads in the back of car magazines asking if anyone knew what might have happened to it. One person replied and said they parked next to it in a parking garage in Detriot. Once hearing the news the person looking for the car flew to Detroit and confirmed that it was the car they were after. This is when the next problem arose, and that was the car could not be sold. The car had been in the parking garage for so long but the parking garage did not legally own it. They did, however, have a debt with the person who did own it for back parking fees. So months went by and the parking garage called back the person looking for the car and said the preformed a lien sale and held a public auction and no one arrived and bid on the car so they have the title on it and were finally able to sell it. The rest is history, it was fully restored and is now back in the show circuit with its siblings.

  5. Those front headlights look similar to those of Sweden car call Verderjo if I'm Not mistaken,A very luxury car that both Sweden and Chrysler got to together in the 70s as you all may know Chrysler and other countries got involved like the Jensen interceptor almost similar headlights and Ghia of italy.

  6. I've been reading about Steve for years in mopar action magazine. Didn't know he passed. He acquired some really cool mopars. He also owned the Diamante. Try to find that one. Thanks for the video Lou

  7. Don't get me wrong I love your videos it's just that when you pick up the camera we can't hear your questions and it's very frustrating.

  8. My first car was A Rallye Red with black houndstooth interior Plymouth Duster! I wish I still had it!

  9. The rapid transet vehicle is why the fires in California are about.
    If you look at the map and see the deriction of the build of the rapid transet vehicles path it is exactly the same as the ground laying deriction of the rapid transet vehicles are being built.
    The government officials in California have sold the people out in California.

  10. You had to ask the woman a direct question, else she clammed up and wasn't willing to offer up much info at all.

  11. Lots of interesting & unique features on this Duster. It sounded great, too. Thanks for sharing it, Lou!

  12. The green Duster looks like it could've been an Aussie version of the Duster, pretty cool ride right there Lou!

  13. The front end looks very different with 4 headlights not 2, the front bumper is thin & wraps around the front of the fender too. No rear bumper on it looks very different. No door handles also… wow
    Too bad we couldn't see the engine compartment…
    Please try to make a part 2 Lou! lol
    Thumbs up! 👍🏻

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