1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System Dealer Promo Film

1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System Dealer Promo Film

the sport Furai GT Roadrunner a 70 CUDA the Duster 340 Plymouth's five supercars from the Rapid Transit System every one of Plymouth supercars will top a hundred miles an hour in the quarter with ETS in the 13th that's really making it here's why they'll do it limits five super engines high winding 344 barrows Roadrunner 383 four-barrel the 444 barrel 440 six barrel and 426 Hemi these engines team up with Plymouth's five super gears rugged rear axles with rapid ratios ratio tells you how many times the engine rotates for every rotation of the rear wheel when you're in high gear a 410 axle digs out faster than a three to three because you get more engine turns or engine power for each turn of the rear wheels special high-performance axle packages and track packs are also available on GTX Road Runner and CUDA they include heavy duty axles brakes cooling and so forth they're detailed in the Plymouth data book Plymouth's five supercars are complete performance cars they not only go they have heavy duty suspensions for firm responsive ride control and cornering they have heavy-duty torsion bars and a heavy-duty anti-sway bar up front heavy duty leaf springs in the rear heavy duty shock absorbers all around a special Hemi suspension is standard with the 426 Hemi 444 barrel and 440 6 barrel engines on GTX Road Runner and CUDA extra heavy duty right right rear springs are unique six leaves in the left spring 7 and the right to eliminate torque roll that's rolling of the car body when you torque up the engine sport fury GT he gets a heavy-duty suspension with the four barrel and six barrel 440 but it's not extra heavy-duty it includes a front anti-sway bar and rear springs with six leaves each ride is firm but has a little more give than with the Hemi suspension to to 340 CUDA 383 get a heavy-duty suspension with front and rear anti-sway bars rear anti-sway bar is unique with it five leaf rear springs balance out the system Duster 340 also gets a heavy duty suspension with front anti-sway bar but none in the rear however rear springs have six leaves instead of five each suspension is tailored to car weight size and engine output right right and each plymouth supercar has its own special high-performance chassis components too for example each supercar gets powerful brakes drum and disc wide rim wheels beefed up spindles and bearings heavy-duty driveshaft and u-joints heavy duty front wheel control arms and ball joints and all-around Performance Package manual transmissions are heavy duty both three-speed and four-speed and they're fully synchronized with short stroke linkage for quick smooth shifts that 4-speed pistol grip is a real grabber so is the Hurst linkage for automatic shifting you get a heavy-duty torque flight with performance torque converter and high speed shifts barracudas TorqueFlite comes with a slap stick shifter that lets you slap it through the gears for manual speed shifting or you can drop it in drive and let it shift automatically that's a great combo all 5 Plymouth super engines have one thing in common high performance engineering throughout that means all engines are designed with free-flowing intakes and exhausts for superior high speed engine breathing all five engines have high flow intake manifolds large diameter intake and exhaust valves high performance cams that lift the valves higher and hold them open longer and low restriction exhaust manifold and pipes four-barrel carburetors and three two-barrel combinations mix in extra gasoline with the big volumes of air so you get more powerful fuel air charges going into the engine for even more power this air grabber cold air intake is standard on GT X and Roadrunner with Hemi engines optional with the GTX 440 four barrel 440 six barrel and Roadrunner 383 a cool air induction system is also standard on Hemi Cuda optional on the CUDA 440 and 440 six barrel it comes with a cold air power dome and shaker hood on the Cudas a control under the instrument panel lets the driver open the cool air intake for extra power it works the same for the air grabber and the kuda shaker hood cool air is more dense than warm air so it's more compact and makes more powerful fuel air charges gives you more power from the engine when you're running hot in competition what about competition for 1970 hottest competition is in the midsize and compact sporty car classes here's how the top midsize competition stacks up in engines anybody can buy off the showroom floor boards best is the Torino GT with the optional 429 cubic inch Cobra v8 rated horsepower is 370 another version of this engine called the Cobra Jet is also rated at 370 but has a ram air induction system and shaker hood chevy Chevelle's best is the Supersport 454 the big new v8 470 rated horsepower is 360 and that's tops even with the optional cool air induction hood Plymouth offers two hot cars in the mid-size class GTX and Roadrunner both are available with a fabulous 426 Hemi rated at 425 horsepower that's 65 more horsepower than a Super Sport 454 Chevelle's best and 55 more horsepower than the Cobra Jet 429 Tory knows best but that's not all Car and Driver magazine November 1969 issue has this to say about availability of super engines the Hemi is also the only real racing engine in all of Detroit that you can dial up from your corner dealer with relative ease you can't just tick off a boss 429 on a Ford order form and expect to get it you'll find Chevy's late production 454 hard to get to Plymouth's 440 six barrel v8 rated at 390 horsepower is also available on GTX and Roadrunner less expensive than the Hemi it's still topped Chevelle's best by 30 horsepower Tory knows best by 20 what's more GTX is standard for forty four barrel v8 the 375 horsepower beats the best of the other two GTX buyers get three engine choices rated better than the best of its major competitors in the compact sporty car class or pony car competition as it is frequently called its Barracuda Mustang and Camaro starting from the top plymouth again outperforms competition with the Hemi Cuda and is 425 horsepower Hemi v8 the cool air induction system with power dome and shaker hood is standard the 390 horsepower CUDA 440 6 barrel also is rated well above anything Mustang or Camaro has to offer the 375 horsepower CUDA 440 four-barrel equals Mustangs best much-publicised boss 429 the kids on the drag strips refer to the boss 429 as a turkey because it just doesn't make it secretly board has been so disappointed in the boss 429 that they have yet to discontinue the old 428 that's because the 428 rated at 40 less horsepower has a better reputation on the strips that means that Mustang doesn't have anything to compete with the Hemi Cuda or the CUDA 440 six barrel right board still has their same old problem a multi-million dollar racing team that does great on the big tracks but an inability to build winning streak machines they keep building turkeys with big displacements and the word is around Camaros top engine is the SS 396 turbojet rated at 325 horsepower that's 10 horsepower less than the standard CUDA 383 v8 and a hundred less than the Hemi Cuda no contest here Camaros top performer in the quarter-mile probably is the smaller 302 cubic inch z28 it's a high winding 290 horsepower v8 with a good reputation on the road but Cudas high winding 340 cubic inch v8 underrated at 275 horsepower has an even better reputation it has consistently outperformed Camaro z28 in the quarter-mile Mustangs answer to the CUDA 340 and the z28 is a high winding turkey the overrated boss 302 rated at 290 horsepower it already has a reputation as a loser among the in-crowd at the strips there are only two entries in the compact supercar class duster 340 a mover at 275 horsepower and Nova's SS 350 rated at 300 look for Duster 342 beat the Nova SS 350 going away duster 340 quarter-mile times are in the high 13 and speeds over a hundred Nova's SS 350 just can't make it in that league that's what it looks like for 1970 in midsize super cars Road Runner and GTX are again too strong for Torino and Chevelle in the pony car class Hemi Cuda and CUDA 440 six barrel will Maul Mustang and cream Camaro and how about Plymouth's new super bird Roadrunner designed to slice through the air at 200 miles an hour on NASCAR's super speedways look for this winged warrior from the Rapid Transit System to be a sensation in the high-speed racing circuit with all this going for Plymouth it looks like a sensational year for Plymouth's Rapid Transit System for 1970 plymouth makes it

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  1. I very much enjoyed the $500 340 cudas, challengers, dusters. Great time to be a teenager. I do not miss it much, or care to try and relive it. It is time passed and it is over.

  2. Ford chevy mopar were better back then good example look at the uhauls during the early nineties they still had 70s fords lasted for ever they all had reliability compared to today

  3. And they have got so cheap with none forged parts and cast aluminum and none galvanized steel rust so fast and then the prices

  4. Boy did they get the Chevy cars totally wrong. LS6 Chevelle 450 hp, L78 375 in Camaro, Chevelle, Nova. LT1 in Z28, 370 hp. PLENTY of GM cars that could whip a Mopar. GS Stage 1 455, W31 Olds Cutlass. My 69 Firebird 350 HO, 325 hp wailed on 340 Dusters and 383 Cuda often. BUT, I like watching these slides. I like any old muscle machine from back in those days I grew up in. You could buy any of these cars cheap back in the mid 70s. 70 SS Chevelle 396 4 spd 3.73s $575. I gave $1200 for my Firebird (lower miles), $450 for a 67 SS Chevelle, $500 for a 71 Camaro RS, 68 383 Coronet RT 4 spd, $375, GS Stage 1 455, $750. Mustang Mach 1s were 6-7-800 a plenty (not for me). I remember these prices well because the first time I heard of these cars going for over $25k, I knew I should have never sold. None of mine were perfect, without some rust and some leaked/burned oil, but man they were a load of FUN.

  5. Andy,
    I became of license age in the late 70’s so I unfortunate to experience the downturn in hp and excitement in cars that the manufacturers were churning out. Only in the last 10yrs, or so, have they been returning to the horsepower wars like what was experienced in the late 60’s.

  6. I still have my 340 but it has grown up with the help of a 4in. stroke and a .030 over, it is now a 416 cu. and can turn in the 10's.

  7. Them were the great years, and
    Molars were the bad ass. Cars
    Back them. For the price. They
    Rock.the Car world. By far.

  8. Chrysler really nailed it with this line up! And the colors were right there with the changeing of times and transition from 60s to 70s!

  9. The Glory Days of Chrysler's Plymouth Division, with the Optional Mopar Hemi Engines, the 70 Road Runner/GTX, the Restyled 70 Cuda, & of Course the Big Fury, with its Big Ass Mopar, Hemi Engines, Cops Loved the Furys, cause it was Big & Fast, the Belvedere was Fast, but Not as Powerful as the Big Fury, & the Duster which Turns 50 for 2020, People Say it wasn't Fast Enough, Horsepower at 270.

  10. Love my 440's but the 429 is no turkey. Raced one back in the day. Barely beat it. Never had a problem with chevy's but a Buick regal GS got me by surprise. I underestimated it. The next time I raced it also barely beat it as well.

  11. They really went off on Ford in this one, as in the mean time Chevrolet got off relatively easy. Also, it seems you couldn't get anything "normal duty" on these cars! Great overblown/little white lie style advertisement of the old. I'd really like a '70 'Cuda with any of those V8s.

  12. This presentation is a dealer information program put out by a media consultant for the motor company. The idea is to help the dealer sell the automobile. The more information the dealer has on the automobile the better chance he will have to sell the automobile. The automobile he will be selling is the Plymouth. It is no longer being built. Yet is was a solid member of the low-priced three. The other two low priced competitors were the Chevrolet and the Ford. The products each had advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. Yet the Plymouth was not as big a seller as the Ford and Chevrolet. For more than twenty years from the late 20’s to the late 40’s Plymouth did outsell the Ford but it fell behind in styling until 1957. Then Plymouth’s quality held it back so it never overtook Ford again.

  13. It's great to see the time when automakers actually tried to give the customer what they want. Nothing produced today excites me.

  14. Man, I absolutely love these old promo films. I'm 44yrs old…so I missed out. But compare that to the social justice warrior cry babies of today. To look at the change in buyer preferences from then until now, it's astonishing. There's no pandering, no insulting the buyer's intelligence. The men aren't bumbling idiots as they're portrayed today. The cars don't make a statement or judge you.

  15. These promos are great! It's just too bad Nader and the insurance turds cracked down on the fun,along with the Arabs playing with the gas taps back then. It's a drool festival when I remember these beautiful beasts roaming the streets on a daily basis as a kid in the 70s and finally getting my license and being able to get my own in the early 80s. Thanks for posting these, now where did I leave my time machine anyway? ▪☆☆☆▪

  16. I'm a mopar guy, worked for Chrysler for 42 years. I grew up with these cars and owned many of them. I see a lot of guys saying that this video is BS and that Ford and GM are misrepresented. I agree. They never mention the higher HP chevys and a lot of Fords weren't slouches either. But, remember this is a promotional ad, what do you expect them to say. For and GM ads were the same. Everyone said they had the best, that's the way it was. I still like my mopars and still own one.

  17. Well you could buy all the mopar hemi stuff and still suffer a bad case of limp dick if a 427 Camaro pulled along side of you.

  18. They were all just used cars when I was in high school.
    If you didn't spend gobs of money warming up your Ford or Chevy engine, all you saw was mopar tail lights.
    The mopars were cheap poorly assembled rattling pieces of tin with a hell of a drive train.
    Slam the door on a mopar, and the glass and every thing else would rattle forever.

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