1970 TASMAN SERIES Production Touring Car Race

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  1. Pete Geoghean was a big guy but was regarded by a lot of people at the time as being one of the very best drivers in Australia. I would have loved to see him in an open wheeler. I am not sure if he ever drove one. If you put him in the field of a touring car today he would probably get penalised for driving infringements.

  2. Sorry about the history lesson folks but this racing is very close to me and i went to school with the Geogheans and Warwick farm was Accesable to all people and you didn,t need a weeks wages to get in and see the action. Although packed Vegemite  sandwiches and a bottle of cordial helped cellebrate the day.  I saw this actual race as a kid and never missed a race 1968 to 1974 including practice on saturday at Warwick Farm and still have the magazines.  Warwick farm was the best and easy to get into the pits and watch the cars race around the causeway… the chargers were the loudest and i remember seing mainly all charger races where all the cars were E/38,s when they first came out. Great racing,, The Monaro like my 327Hk i had for 23 years and including the HT 350 really was a 1/2 baked Camaro,,it was pushed and marketed as a big banger, when the 327 in the HK was  1st model 250hp and later 275Hp,,,, where the hot 327 in the corvette of 1963 was 320Hp.Even the 350 HT has a basic low performance 350  engine stock  where the Camaro in 1969 Had  seriouse 350,s available.The Ford 351 GTHO Australian made high nickle engine was higher spec than the American equivelant. Especially the XY Clevaland that saw OUR 351 cleveland put into DE Tomaso Pantera Sports cars that killed it at Le Mans in their class.The Xy351 Cleveland around 340HP was unstoppable and all Holden had was the 300HP HG Monaro but elected to run 186 LC Toranas in racing. Essentially a Vauxhaul with a hot HR Holden engine and pommie carbies,,OMG.IFFFF the monaro had the LT1 350 chev with fuellie heads  like the Ford 4v equivelant and a BIG muncie equel to the toploader the XW XY had and they were like  boss mustang material the race would have been really on.Great cars AUSSIE made and still fantastic golden days racing and fantastic video.Caltex used to do the schools in the 1960,s with 16mm reel to reel tapes and put on Colour movies for the kids and i think we saw Bathurst 1967 in Full Colour and Sound that ran for 1 hour.

  3. The Alfa was a 4cyl Twin Cam, 1750cc, I know later model Alfa's with 2000cc Engines put out 150hp  The Falcon GTHO was 250 HP they said. Pete Geochagan was the real Champ of Australian Racing.

  4. I dig the lug nut remover, @ 23:50! Are these still available..? How soon did they allow pneumatic guns to be used..?

  5. Love the Holden it looks to be set up tighter as it doesn't roll as much as the Falcon… It also reminds me a bit of the Barracuda body from '68.

  6. Why so much body roll when they corner, were they not running sway bars or were the rules as such you couldn't run a fatter sway bar… don't know just ask'in…

  7. I love this vintage racing! So, the Alfa is running a straight six correct? So how much power is the Alfa down on the V8's? It looks like the V8's pull away a bit on the straights and then the Alfa makes it up in the corners…

  8. youd think someone would of tapped that guy on the shoulder and said "its not monero , its monaro !"

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