2017 Honda CB1100 EX - MC Commute

2017 Honda CB1100 EX – MC Commute

heyo welcome commuters to another episode of MC commute my name's Zack and I'm gonna ride to the office today's show is brought to you in part by arrow stitch arrow stitch has been making apparel and accessories for over 30 years for motorcycle riders plus they support MC commute so if you're in the market for that kind of thing check them out on today's show we're stepping into the Wayback Machine with Honda's CB 1100 got a nice sunny morning so you can see all that lovely chrome very retro looking bike as you probably noticed and it has some updates for 2017 as you may have noticed so we're gonna talk about all that as we rolled to the office on this lovely morning let's get to it it is hot and I want to get moving but we should talk about a couple of the little things here wheels are slightly different so 18 inch rims so you can get that classic rubber there are fewer spokes now and they're stainless steel and so steel I believe exhaust is a little smaller biggest thing is aesthetically probably the seamless tank there's no more stamp seams they're all tucked behind sort of smoother no seams no sees no stamens no sticks and pretty cool LED headlight kinda looks like an alien eye looking at you your cool steel fenders okay let's do it ah so the base64 is CB 1100 you got an 1100 cc engine 11 heard 40 I think 1140 but it doesn't really matter in line for obviously air-cooled also obviously just how I get all those fins on there looking so fly and sort of the whole point of the engine is to be in a mild state of tune so it makes sense to make it air cold it weighs kind of a lot like 550 something like that it's not super light but it is pretty low the seat height is very approachable and you know the center of gravity is pretty low in general it doesn't have it's just not a very tall big intimidating bike even though it is heavy which is nice also not intimidating is the horsepower number which is around 85 something like that 85 90 horsepower is what you're going to get out of this beast which yes it's not gonna knock your socks off or anything like that but it's pretty fun as we will experiment with this right here really is what's CB 1100 is best at I'm probably gonna come back to that a few times during the the show here but it just it cruises along really nicely it likes it likes going 50 miles an hour 60 miles an hour even less just kind of burbles along it's gentle smooth yeah doesn't really encourage you to do anything crazy which makes sense you know it's a child at the 60s this bike I mean in spirit anyway it's not actually a vintage bike it's actually pretty modern but the idea is that it looks that way and feels that way I'm glad it's a sunny day because just look at this thing it just glows God if you can see this paint I'll get it up close to the paint when I'm at a stop or something but they did not shy away from sort of chrome and aluminum the back of the blinkers are chrome I mean there's just there's all this sort of like bright metallic stuff and it's not it's not an accident they wanted it to be classic and they wanted it to have a you know sort of a parking-lot presence right like a kickstand pose and and attract attention and it really does as we'll see at the end of the show when we prop it up in the sunshine nod from the CBR 600 guy he appreciates his heritage if I want to shoot away from a stoplight like this one for example I get on it I mean it's pretty good right okay zero to fifty and hey not very much time it's got a nice little nice little squirt of power the big thing about this bike is that it just never encourages you to do anything silly you know it never sort of wants you to get on it I don't know do you have like an aunt or an uncle who's always just kind of like okay everybody settle down no playing ball in the house and if you're gonna play with the dog just be nice please because he's old that's how this bike is has the same attitude just take it easy relax enjoy the ride fortunately it's easy to enjoy the ride on this bike because everything just works so well it has I don't know it's just it's very it's very Honda everything is everything feels good the transmission feels good the clutch even though it's one of those slip grip things that I don't really like in general it just feels nice the brakes are strong they're not by T but they're strong the throttle response is really smooth and nice it's just it works really really well some missin callipers up there nothing special but yeah they work well and they should because you know 550 pounds there's no joke police yeah gave me uh gave me an odd he's fair looking at spike thinking that guy's probably like 75 years old so he's not gonna do anything crazy and he's right I'm not gonna do anything crazy because the bike doesn't want me to it just wants to cruise along take it easy I guess we gotta got a minute here we can look at this – thingamajigger yeah pretty basic you got your tacho on the right you got your speedo on the left then you get the sole LCD screen in here with the clock and a gear position indicator trip meter fuel gauge all the basics but I think it looks really nice I like the way they they set it up oh hey Johnny 7-series burnin some oil Suzy 7-series excuse me I think the one thing that Honda could have done with the switchgear and the cluster and stuff is to not have buttons on the dash to have them on the handle here so you could cycle through different trips and stuff without having to reach up and touch the – but that's a pretty flimsy complaint I know plus you know you have the the old retro bike excuse like well that's not the way it was you used to be you had to roll it with your fingers and so on so it's more authentic I suppose just touch the foot pay down it's uh it's agile and it works well going through twisty corners this bike but there isn't a whole lot of ground clearance but to me when you're in the class with a Triumph Thruxton or I don't know sort of other retro bikes that are true to form then you know you don't a whole lot of twisty road performance as long as it holds its own and not that disappointed I don't think doesn't like I said again it doesn't encourage you to do that stuff so you're not gonna be disappointed when the foot bait touches down on an on-ramp always thought not so while we were looking at the – you might have noticed that the tax says six speed on it and you might have been thinking yeah six speed just like any other motorcycle in this day and age but when it first came out the CB 1100 did not have six years that only had five and it was a complaint so they fixed it which i think is pretty cool and now the gearing is quite good I think Carrie ragtop getting Craig Craig so nearly the gearing is pretty good I think which if you watch this show ever you know that I complain about gearing a bit but the Seabees get that it could almost be geared shorter but I don't often say usually like gears excuse me bikes to be geared taller because I like to lug the engine but this one really just kind of Lopes along sixth gear at freeway speeds which hopefully we will attain at some point here it works nicely there we go finally going freeway speed and I'm in fifth gear at 3500 rpm and I can just go click into sixth I'm a using the freeway it's actually a good time to talk about writing position because as you know the CB 11 hurt does not have any wind protection and as you also know I often point out that naked bikes on the freeway can be a bit of a drag because you just get hit with all that wind and you need to be able to kind of brace yourself against it the CB 1100 is not great in that category frankly because the foot pegs are kind of far forward and you're very upright it's a really comfortable bike which I'll get back to but yeah when you start going you know the difference Junko in 70 right now it's perfectly comfortable you just get in kind of a nice wind blasts that you expect on a motorcycle and it's just fine if you go a whole lot faster than that you're gonna be like kind of pulling on the bars a little bit you kind of can't embrace yourself as well against the wind because the your feet are a little bit farther forward then you might expect the one plus side is that it's a nice flat long seat so you can move around quite a bit gonna move back and lean into the wind a little bit you can do that it helps a bit back to the topic of comfort for just a quick second here I think the CPI Levin heart is especially comfortable in my opinion because yes it fits in with triumph bonneville or something like that another nicely built retro bike that's pretty comfortable and fun to ride but American v twins are another one of those bikes that sort of have heritage looks and not a lot of performance in the mid to just cruise but frankly they're not very comfortable anytime your feet are way out in front of you or they don't have any suspension travel and the CB 1100 suffers not from those problems it there's plenty comfy it's you know it's upright it's easy to take it's a it's a really nice way to get around and look stylish just Harley brother that we saw before on the freeway got that ol white bagger yeah I think his bike and this bike are actually kind of similar lots of chrome lots of style not necessarily a ton of performance but just being upright and in a much more natural position in general this bikes way more comfortable whoa got the rev limiter it's like just before nine grand student driver let's see how can we have fun with this I guess it probably shouldn't but at the very least we should teach the student driver that in California it's legal to clean filter on a motorcycle you see that you can you see that paint now I mean look at it oh I got it just glows it's so good okay about the time we talk about price it's actually about 12 – I think for this CB 1100 X which is quite a bit more than it was when it debuted the CB 1100 but I supposed to get a little bit more than you did way back when you get a six-speed for one zooming back it in kind of I mean you can kind of do it but it has abs and you can't shut it off because this bike just wants you to take it easy of course so yeah and it's got that slipper clutch that kind of works a little bit too well frankly if the slipper clutch didn't work so I could probably back it in but kind of like keeps them from having too much fun did ya so $12,200 you get your money's worth in chrome you get beautiful paint you get a really solid machine that is probably not going to be unsatisfying from just sort of a mechanical perspective it sounds good it just feels high-quality yeah I don't know which I think what else thicken other knowledge I can impart and you guys that isn't just like wild opinion oh no Josh control though so you can get Swayze if you want to oh no it's a cloud of cloud in the sky well we'll see if we can get some some song that autumn so you can see this thing glow but there it is CB 1100 I just think it's a really handsome looking bike really handsome and it seems louder to me this year for some reason I don't know why kind of sounds like to see be 450s to me in some ways I think it sounds pretty good though all right there you have it CB 1100 retro style modern feel cool bike thumbs up Honda and thumbs up to all you guys too I'll see you next time later

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  1. Honda nailed it with the cb1100.It is TRULY a nod to the 750 four of old,and absolutely beautiful!

  2. All of your reviews are great Zack. I have learned a ton from watching your videos and just want to take a second to say thank you. If you find time take a look at my channel, i recently did a review on the Yamaha Mt-07 vs. Mt-09. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who finds their way to my channel!

  3. Mighty fine machine. I think it looks a bit better if they painted the side panel same color as tank.

  4. Thanks for the nice review. What a great bike! Nice looking and great sound. Awesome ! I want to buy one or these but wondering about the air cooling. Is this bike great for traveling? I don't know if it's motor get hot in the trafic ? Do you have any info about that. Thanks for sharing and good continuation.

  5. I just don't get why buy a classic bike that's an in-line 4. Surely you'd want to enjoy the sound of a twin? Give me a Triumph Bonneville anyday.
    (4s can sound great, but to me this is a real hooligan sound – GSXR…)

  6. First time I drove this bike , in France , very new , and my first transition from 600cc to 1100 (before I drove Kawasaki er-6n , Yamaha Fazer 600 ). I was amazed how much low torque power have , and pretty much can be agile, despite the weight. True future classic, and I believe it will go for many generations ! Cheers to everyone 🍻

  7. Really happy to see a review that isn’t based on how well this bike will perform balls out at a freaking race track. Not everyone cares about if this is.2 tenths quicker in the quarter mile.
    My 2014 CB1100 is the nicest bike to ride and get rid of the stress of a long day at work. It’s comfortable, fast enough, and I honestly just like how it looks and sounds. Reminds me of the CB I wanted in the early 80’s.
    Best of all is that I like it and that’s all that matters. Don’t regret buying this at all. Probably best bike I’ve ever owned. Perfect

  8. Really happy to see a review that isn’t based on how well this bike will perform balls out at a freaking race track. Not everyone cares about if this is.2 tenths quicker in the quarter mile.
    My 2014 CB1100 is the nicest bike to ride and get rid of the stress of a long day at work. It’s comfortable, fast enough, and I honestly just like how it looks and sounds. Reminds me of the CB I wanted in the early 80’s.
    Best of all is that I like it and that’s all that matters. Don’t regret buying this at all. Probably best bike I’ve ever owned. Perfect

  9. Bought a bone stock '91 Cb750 Nighthawk six years ago, w/only 19k mi. on the clock. Had sat for ages in a tool shed, but didn't even need a carb-sync to run well. Replaced the plugs, rubber parts and tires, fit it w/a touring Plexi-Fairing and a good size backrest/trunk on the pillion seat. Have put almost another 40k mi. on the bike, replacing only "consumables" — tires, chains, sprockets, brakes, filters, etc. It's never left me stranded. Ever. At 465 lbs. dry, 5-speed with 75 hp (only 5 less than the 1100, and 100 lbs. lighter) you can do 500 mi days with ease, or ride it like a retro sportbike.
    I'd gladly take on a Cb1000 if given to me, but I couldn't see trading in the Nighthawk to get one.

  10. I owned a brand new 1980 CB750F SuperSport and have ached for a traditional Honda ever since. I sat on one of these in the showroom when they first came out and immediately fell in love with them. Don't own one YET, but I will in the next year or two and at my age (64) it should last me the rest of my hopefully many riding years. I absolutely love this machine.

  11. I live in Las Vegas. An air cooled bike won't work for me. To hot in Vegas to be riding around on a daily basis with an air cooled bike.

  12. I generally like your commute videos…but clearly you don't like cruisers or cruiser style bikes so I wonder if you should review them.

  13. Haven’t ridden either z900rs or this but from sitting on both Kawasaki feels more comfortable although somewhat more bulky. Hoping to pick one up a year or two down the road for a reasonable $5-6k. $12 large is too much for nostalgia that I don’t have.

  14. Why the americans test a bike just on there shit, straight higways? On this kind of street it does not matter, which bike you drive. Harley or a Suzuki GSX-R it goes just straight.

  15. Just as Zack said, this is bike that’s happy trundling along at 50 or 60 mph.
    Had mine a year and it’s just excellent.

  16. Good grief kid. STOP TALKING WITH YOUR LEFT HAND AS YOU RIDE! It does nothing for your review and hugely compromises your safety. Otherwise, great review and thumbs up.

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