2017 Polaris Slingshot SLR LE – MC Commute

2017 Polaris Slingshot SLR LE – MC Commute

hey-ohh team welcome to another MC commute my name's Zack and we're gonna ride to the office today though are we really gonna ride to the office or is it gonna be more of a drive that's a player slingshot I don't have to tell you that that's four cylinders three wheels two seats and a partridge in a pear tree so we're gonna take you to the office we're gonna talk about all the questions that I'm sure you have and no time like the present let's do it so the first question is why right why Zack what are you doing that's not a motorcycle the first thing about the slingshot I'd like to introduce you to is this sticker right in the middle of the console that says warning this is a motorcycle and it says to wear a full-face helmet which I'm gonna do this one comes in the colorway of an FZ 10 as you can see or any of these series with that sort of battleship gray and high-vis thing going on it's the SLR model so you got forged aluminum wheels they're a little bit dirty sorry about that ready to take it first Bend all right and away we go onto the open road breaking the feeler pretty fast there okay respect slingshot so I guess they don't have to be wearing a jacket I chose to wear a motorcycle jacket that has like armor and weather and stuff I just out of habit I guess you don't have to wear motorcycle jacket when you ride a motorcycle either but I choose to do it and I went with no gloves I don't know why I guess it's kind of a pleasant morning here in the California so I don't wearing gloves hopefully my hands don't hit the ground wearing a seat belt so I don't think I'm gonna get thrown out of this thing so a little bit bigger engine then in the usual motorcycle and then si commute it's like 2.4 liters I think or just about 2.4 liter it's a 4 cylinder I think it's from GM it's like a Chevy or a Pontiac engine or something like that I don't know enough about car engines to know what makes it special if anything but if it's a 4 cylinder GM engine I guess I kind of assume that it's not really special hopefully that's not going too far way is like 17 or 18 hundred pounds I think just under 1,800 pounds and it makes 170 175 horsepower something like that I don't have you noticing that gear whine that's something I noticed right off the bat specially when I get off the throttle listen to this sounds like straight cut gears to me I checked a bunch of slingshot forums and people have been complaining about it forever as far as I can tell since the original slingshot came out so the noise from straight cut gears is sort of like a performance that you me hear that from like lamothe cars and rally cars and stuff like that so maybe polaris thinks it sounds cool I think it sounds kind of cool but I also think if I owned one might be kind of annoying because it's pretty loud this is the part of compete where I usually talk about ergonomics probably don't have a lot of questions about ergonomics in this case because it's a car sorry I guess it's a it's a motorcycle that feels like a car that's what I meant to say with rubbers sort of seats I mean it's everything in the cockpit is waterproof so it can sit outside the cupholders have little drains in it so everything's made out of plastic and rubber and like like you'd expect I guess some things more plasticky than others the windscreen is kind of flimsy but you know keeps the wind off the face what keeps the wind off your face if you're shorter than I am anyway because wind blast kind of catches me right in the middle of the kisser I would say being next to this f250 brings up one of the things about the slingshot that makes me a little bit nervous which is that it's really low motorcycles are not famously safe I think we can all agree on that but in general your head is approximately driver height if not a little bit taller you can see over and around cars a little bit the slingshot is very very low also no lean split and in the slingshot because it's got like a 75 inch wide front track or whatever it is it's like a wider than a sports car up there so there will be no splitting lanes if you live in California this is actually amazingly frustrating not being able to plane filter just have to go the speed that other people want to go is this how car drivers live all the time that's infuriating people are getting out of my way though I probably think I'm a police slingshot that would be a really bad idea no one's done that have they no Police Department owns a slingshot I hope except to give kids rides on weekends or something okay if I can reach over and show you guys there's little cubbies back here to little storage cubbies behind the seat so you know that's the thing you've got that a motorcycle doesn't do something that's something Moretz kicking in for a couple reasons one it has TC which is smart frankly to the rear tire is basically bald on this thing because every other journalist that's had it before me as I assume done massive burnouts in it so fried the rear tire but lastly the throttle response is not great I think one of the reasons the slingshot feels kind of fast actually is that it just wants to either accelerate or decelerate it doesn't do neutral throttle all that well so when you leave a red light it's I don't know it's kind of exciting actually because it just feels like it pulls the throttle is kind of a hair trigger and if you're wondering how people do burnouts if it's got trash control it's got this little switch right here on the dash and if you go click click then this little light lights up and it says no TC know TC no more and you can do big old Brodie's which is pretty fun maybe we'll experiment that later Oh guys go dark on a slap to each his own but I don't ever want to drive around to the dog in my lap just getting that out there I guess is very look at the – you know huh we got here whole usual things actually speedo tech odo clock that isn't quite right I'll work on that later air temp trip range you know the usual things and this big old infotainment thing which does nav which kind of cools I get directions the office if I needed him but I don't glovebox USB charger in there that kind of thing boosah you get some this might be one of my favorite things about the slingshot right here we're about to do is whip through a corner and then whip through this corner frappe it'll pull some serious G's man it really well it's impressive it likes to go through corners got lots of grip man it's like it's like a big go-kart that's what it is I do think it's silly but I will admit that I have laughed out loud in my helmet more than a few times and if a vehicle can do that it deserves something I'm headed for the carpool lane some of y'all might be thinking what though what carpool lane you can't take carpool lane in that that's not a WoW but it is a motorcycle honestly I'm kind of expecting to get pulled over because I'm not driving with anyone that's how a carpool lane works you have to have more than one person in the car I do not have more than one person in this vehicle I have sort of assumed if a cop sees me he'll pull me over he or she excuse me will pull me over if that's the case I shall direct their attention to the sticker that I showed you guys that says this is a motorcycle so if that happens we'll see the gearbox is also surprisingly satisfying anyone who rides a motorcycle will prefer a sequential box any day but this this is a pretty satisfying little Sport gear box here real short throws click-click click-click burp wind protection pretty good as you probably expect the wind hits me in the forehead ish you might be thinking with of low ride height like this and kind of you know semi low-profile tires that would be a a bit of a rough ride and it is but I will say it's more comfortable than I thought it was going to be considering you know it just feels like a big go-kart basically we're gonna try and give traffic a bit of a head start here for our favorite little off-ramp situation so that we can have a little bit of fun not too much fun just a little bit of fun crap there's still probably porridge here so it's pretty fun the brakes are quite good too I usually talk about that at some point I got a funny feeling you guys don't really care but it does have abs it does have pretty good brakes I mean for a quasi car it's pretty light right and he's gotten lots of contact patch up there yeah it stops pretty hard trying to hit this guy he looks nervous looked at me like I was gonna hit him for a second sorry mang so it'll be like 20 grand $21,000 I'm like that for a base-model slingshot this is the SLR which is more like 30 or 31 maybe thousand dollars you get the infotainment you get a little bit beefier sound system I think you had forged aluminum wheels I don't know probably some other stuff to the point is 20,000 to 30,000 dollars is your basic ballpark for one of these bad Nellie's which gets you a pretty nice motorcycle I think we can all agree it gets you a pretty nice car frankly and I think that's the you know that's always the sort of gateway when it comes to a slingshot of you know the why because motorcycles in general are often times just accessories in our culture so if you're gonna get an accessory do you want it to have three wheels do you want it to not have a roof so on and so forth get it back any guys what city Sally yeah it looks like you can not very gracefully if you're me anyway but you could probably teach yourself to do it I don't know I'm gonna have to try that again it's the first time I've done it honestly I didn't even occur to me until I get to this spot like always yeah three-wheeled vehicles historically kind of dangerous I raise side cars for a number of years very dangerous I'm gonna turn off traction control which you can do on the fly by the way because it feels like the right time doesn't it yeah pretty silly little vehicle here got backup camera by the way so I won't hit this wall hopefully I don't really know how to show you guys what it sounds like other than to sounds like a four-cylinder car right there's Stephen hey Stephen but there you have it slingshot SLR hope you guys enjoyed that commute and I don't know if you own one of these things let me know what it's like put a comment below I'm sure lots of people are going to tell me what you think sounds better than you remember that's good no I don't know sound like a rental car before see my colleague here walking up one to know about the slingshot motorcycle person wants to know about a slingshot that's one thing you get with a slingshot did you get a little bit of attention the thing we can do is pop the top here you guys can check out the engine bay here you get your your variable valve 4-cylinder GM thingymajig telling you about okay thanks again for joining me on this commute you guys was fun as always and I hope to see you on the next one see ya you

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  1. This guy was always the weak link in this show. Blithering away about inconsequential crap. He is such a waste of time. Even on good bikes he was borderline,. Good intentions are not enough. Put some new tyres on and please try not to be boring.

  2. This is not a motorcycle. It has a steering wheel and car seats. This is obviously closer to a car than a motorcycle, so why they call it one is beyond me. So stupid!

  3. Admit it, you can own a motorcycle and still want one of these. I own both. You really can't compare it to a bike, because it's not!
    Don't rule it out until you drive one, LOTS OF FUN!!!!

  4. I have a buddy that has one , and I’ve driven it a couple times , they are a load of fun . The most annoying thing I found though ,is you cannot avoid potholes , ether one of the front wheels get it or the rear wheel catches it .

  5. Ugly and in no way a motorcycle!!!!!!
    It's a car with 3 wheels…..
    And o it's UGLY as a bag ass holes….

  6. IIRC Polaris adds the motorcycle warning for legal reasons. It's the state that determines what type of vehicle it's considered as. My state has a special category for it, some have it classified as a car, and in others it's a motorcycle.

  7. I'd rather see the Razor or whatever side by side ute, street legal. At least some of those have 4 seats and storage.

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