2018 BMW G310GS - MC Commute

2018 BMW G310GS – MC Commute

good day to wheel friends and welcome to another episode of MC commute if you're new to the show my name is Zack and I'm gonna ride this motorcycle to my office and we're gonna talk about it if you're not new to the show hey how's it going guys okie-doke on today's show we've got BMWs g3 ten GS it's an interesting little bike for a number of reasons I think it's made in India mostly which is sort of new for BMW it's also a stab at a small version of BMWs best ever selling motorcycle basically right so yeah it's cool have been riding it for a little while and right now we're gonna talk about what I have learned so cool let's do it g3 ten GS from here some of the things that I like about it those the fork I think it looks good you know what I think it looks good in general I really do it's just sort of it has a very GS dive about its kind of like wide at the front and kind of muscular look in and you know they kept these little angular pieces that look like in our 12 GS and the beak of course and I think they did a good job making it look kind of handsome and the gold upside down fork I think looks cool you get vibrate breaks I don't remember what size the rotor is but not big enough we'll talk about that one thing I think is really cool about this engine is it's a single right but you see how its canted back it's like that's because the exhaust comes out the back and the intakes in the front just kind of cool not the first engine in the history world to have done this but I think it's kind of neat there's rain intake down in the front exhaust at the back that way the pipe doesn't have to route past any you know other stuff pretty smart pretty cool and I rode the little sucker off-road in this little guard that they put in here to keep the shop clean did its did its job good job anyway G through ten GS and the curried roll – from who's it simple enough engine on pitter-patter pitter-patter pitter-patter and we're off okay so your basics on the g3 ten GS you've got a 312 point something CC single I believe sometimes it's quoted as 313 sometimes quoted as 310 these 312 point something anyhow around a 300cc single pretty simple chassis is also pretty simple put it on our scales with a full tank and was 382 pounds which is I would say good not great for the category the verses X 300 with a 4.5 gallon fuel tank weighed in at 380 pounds full of gas so that's pretty cool plus the twin cylinder so you know and the CRF 250r rally from Honda weighs in at 342 pounds I'm sorry like based on dirt bike right so it's a little bit of a tough comparison but still those are the two bikes the X 300 and the CRF rally that I will be comparing the g3 ten GS to throughout this ride so the g3 10 is the heaviest by a little bit and out of that engine you get twenty nine point something horsepower on our dyno so call it 30 horsepower which is not bad but not great either that makes it quite a bit more powerful than that CRF rally of course because that sucker made 20 horsepower on our dyno that's just really really something anyway we'll talk about that more later hopefully those specs get you off to a good start and we're taking a little different route to the office because it got a pay rent so just give me a second here okay what else can I tell you about the g3 ten GS I don't remember the seat height off the top of my head sorry that's my bad I should have had that one on tap but I didn't anyway it's 37 inches yeah the thing is I think is that the GS feels pretty big to me it does not feel big in the context of an Africa twin or r1200gs or a key team 1190 of course not it doesn't feel big it feels small and light compared to those bikes but the first time I saw it I thought wow in the flesh it really actually looks pretty big and handsome and actually ready for adventure and when I sat on it I thought the same thing it feels like a full-size bike doesn't feel like SEF rally where you're like jeez it's like clearly just a little dirt bike that they put some stuff on yeah it feels like a full-sized motorcycle which i think is good and bad the size of it is not intimidating but it is big enough I think that a smaller adventurous rider if you will it might be a little bit scared off by by its size and you know how tall it is I just think there's potential there which I hope doesn't happen because more motorcyclists know better you know on the topic of ergonomics it's pretty comfortable for me at six foot two I don't have a lot of complaints about it the seat is pretty soft and plush but once I spent a bunch of time in it I realized that it's a little too soft I think I ended up blowing through the foam and kind of sitting on I don't know something uncomfortable down there eventually so the seats not perfect although it's a nice shape and it works pretty well and I think the ratio to the foot pegs into the handlebar pretty good I put the handlebar back in the stock position but what I had done before was to loosen these bolts here and I rotated the bar forward so that the bar was a little bit farther away from me and a little bit taller and for someone my height that worked a lot better and I think if I owned the bike that's what I would do if not maybe even a small set of bar risers if that's even a thing but in general a pretty comfortable bike position I think the one thing that I don't like about it and I might as well jump right into this is when you stand up the ergonomics are not good anymore when you if you're going down a dirt road and you stand on the pegs it's not bad but the middle of the bike is a little bit wide right here like where the gas tank is kind of and that like pushes your knees apart if you're tall and when you stand up and lean forward it makes your legs have to spread apart which didn't really appreciate and overall not bad also when you stand up going down a dirt road or on something bumpy you will notice that the pegs are real narrow they're definitely Street foot pegs and I'm not great for standing up on these are counting nitpicks you know nothing nothing really to write home about or I'm considering the class of bike that it's in not that big a deal right looks like we've got a minute we could talk about this – man who's it I think is pretty good-looking bull – it's not complicated and so much is there's not much you can do with only one button adjust the clock which is 10 minutes fast I'll have you know but yeah fuel gauge will tack along the bottom and speed gear position indicator which I really appreciate and not all other bikes in the class have that so yeah it has all the information that you that you need even if it's not super duper fancy and that's the ship flight ready yeah see it come on that little white snowflake I don't know exactly what RPM it comes on but once it sounds like the engines being tortured and now they're on this little Street stretch of road I can shoot away from some stoplights at maximum power on this bike because we won't be breaking any speed limits if we do that and you can hear what the sucker sounds like there you have it bounced off the rev limiter in fourth gear 40-something miles an hour sorry bounced off the rev limiter in second gear so what I said anyway just like any other little engine like this it doesn't really mind being flogged like that but I have to say it's not I don't know something about it is kind of tinny and not terribly satisfying when you rev it up I wish I had a better way to explain it I just it doesn't really doesn't bring me a lot of joy to rev this engine I feel like the the versus x300 that little engine when you spin it up it just it's like a little puppy it just seems like it's having so much fun this engine seems like it really wishes you just upshift already on the topic of the way the g3 ten GS looks I said you know the curb sort of curb appeal where it's it on its kickstand it's a handsome looking bike and I think that continues into the cockpit when you're sitting on the bike and you look at all the controls and the dash and I don't know every it's just uh it's nicely finished well BMW logo and this weird sort of textured plastic but they have that stuff on the high end bikes too and I think the dash is kind of classy it's not like I said not fancy but it's nice and the cables are just routed very thoughtfully and it's pretty clean the levers are not adjustable which is something arguably that people shopping for motorcycles in this class would want so that's I guess a little bit of a downside but grand scheme of things again not that big a deal yeah red light on stab these brakes I will say the brakes are one of the worst things about this bike it's that big old hybrid caliper there which is a friend bow subsidiary but the the front brake is not good and the rear brake isn't much better if at all no there's just not a lot of feel it's not a lot of power by the time you get into the ABS you're really really torquing on the on the lever I don't like the brakes so I can really say about that need light a lot of people on mctv been asking what the hell this lights for and I guess if you're not from California or someplace that does this it's a little bit confusing but this is just a meter traffic to go onto the freeway so they stop everybody and they only let you go one at a time or two at a time to get on the freeway so that there's no big flood of traffic that goes on and creates a backup that's the idea anyway Adam hi little G pretenders do it onto the freeway okay here we are 65 miles an hour out on the freeway the engines out spinning 6,500 rpm basically and it sort of feels like I'm standing on two palms Sanders that are running there are a lot of vibrations in the footpegs definitely a big drawback of this bike dissention is that above 6,000 rpm pretty fuzzy and it just gets worse really when you keep rubbing it up for at least the frequency gets higher the bar is not so bad which is thing I guess in part because it's rubber-mounted you see it move so that's one of the reasons that the bar doesn't vibrate quite as much which is either smart engineering or backpedaling depending on how you look at it I guess not the only bike to have rubber around a bar of course so I guess we can't blame them for that wind protection actually pretty good I was impressed the G 310 has this kind of aspect keep trying to keep the seat a little bit lower and the front is a little bit tall which is a good thing I should say because the dash is more in your field of vision and this even though this is a fairing is pretty tiny it actually keeps windblast off my you know the lower part of my chest and my stomach and I still get it in the shoulders but then again I'm six-two so a little bit taller than some people that might be riding this bike and I actually think it's pretty comfortable from a wind management standpoint on the freeway at 65 miles an hour which is approximately how fast they're going right now the mirrors are pretty bad I don't know exactly why but the left one is much clearer than the right one what the deal is there but in me the faster you go the buzzer gets in the mirrors kind of suffer from that they're not bad but they're also not good so I guess a little bit sad cuz you know how I love mirrors and here we are now we're going 75 which is more like California quite a bit of vibration in my feet and in my hands but you know 75 miles an hour 7200 rpm and not a lot of complaints from the bike really just you know the engines a little bit strained but I don't know it's not overeating or anything I don't think unable to slay this corner like I like to sometimes actually this dump trucks holding pretty good APEC speed anyway there's not a whole lot to be super thankful for when it comes to going through twisties on the g3 10 it's fine it works okay but the suspension is very very soft yeah it's and again granted I weigh almost 200 pounds so it's entirely possible that I weigh quite a bit more than the average person that's going to right a GP ten but yeah the suspension is very soft and it works fine it just you don't get a whole lot of feedback or anything and I should say that when I rode this bike back to back in the dirt with a CRF 250r rally the suspension was probably the biggest difference the CRF rally suspension I mean the bike felt like it was double the price for how well the suspension worked it was unbelievable it just floated over all these bumps and when the G 310 hit the same bumps it was just oh my god missed a shift that doesn't happen all that often but all on the subject I don't love the transmission the throws between gears are very short so you can sort of sneak through when you quick shift which is nice but just like the brakes and the suspension and a lot about this bike there isn't a whole lot of feel yeah which isn't great anyway back to the suspension comparison with the CRF rally which was not flattering for the G 310 yeah that it would hit the same set of bumps and just like rock your skeleton just got got and the CRF was just floating along and there's a lot to that right the CRF is based on a dirt bike for crying out loud so you know it's got nicer suspension and more suspension and the wheels are bigger so yeah it's rolling on a 21 inch front wheel instead of a 19 like the g3 10 is but I really cannot overstate how how much better the CRF suspension felt just done' on a bumpy dirt road once i was picking my way down through some like single track and I don't know like little rocky sections and stuff this bike really wasn't bad it's um it'll hold its own and and go down a down a couple little trails or a dirt road or something but it's not refined not even close unfortunately and for those of you who are fans of the channel and you remember when we did the ride with the CRF rally and the vs X 300 you will remember that the vs. really kind of held its own it's more of a sport touring bike and a true off-road kind of adventure thing but when we rode on dirt roads area tackles himself on that bike that was pretty pretty good and it really didn't fall behind as badly as we thought it might so yeah realistically I think we're the G 3:10 fits in is hard to say all right anyway one thing you can do is hold down this button on the g3 ten GS and when you do so a little ABS light comes on on the dash you can do that while you're rolling you can do it when you're on the gas if you want to and it shuts off ABS which means of course you can back it in which is pretty cool I think and it'll do little wheelies if you really try there's not much there though I have to say but jokes aside the EBS button is really cool you go down that dirt road you just hold it down you shut off ABS I think that's a level of responsibility that most motorcyclists can handle and I very much appreciate BMW giving the option plus if you're an a-hole journalist big fan means you can pack it in which is super fun as we all know ok office complex and now it's time to move on to the bottom line as they say 5695 so fifty seven hundred bucks for a g3 ten GS that's basically the same amount as a vs. X 300 with ABS I believe is also fifty six ninety nine so fifty seven hundred so yeah that's a pretty direct comparison well not going on here well that guys backing up hood G's she's not gonna like this sorry friend and in the context of price you have to talk about that CRF rally again which with abs I think is 6,200 bucks which like and the CRF rally is way better off-road than other bikes in the class but it's not better on-road that's for sure and it's pretty expensive I think BMW did a great job pricing this thing aggressively I think it's really cool that it's same price as that as a kawasaki but at the end of the day I gotta tell you I'd buy a vs. and the vs. X 300 will probably soon be a versus X 400 right and once the vs. is a 400 then jeez Louise everyone else better watch out in my opinion because that's just such a sweet little engine and the vs. is a great platform anywho listen to this uh Karev it's a quick to review late nice late flywheel you Indian viewers will be probably sad that I didn't mention that it's a TDS Apache and I don't really know anything about the t vs Apache so I can't tell you sorry but feel free to chime in with your t vs Apache notes I guess anywho but else we got oh yeah I was gonna answer a few questions let me do that okay off we go I can't answer all the questions there were just too many but let's see enough power for 190 pounds at least 70 mph on the highway yeah man we covered that baby cool yeah here's the good question any compromise on the quality you find from the larger bikes I think that's the question from dvj and MKZ don't have any idea how you pronounced that but anywho from a sort of aesthetic standpoint no I don't see any real lack of quality I think everything looks and feels really nice but the ride quality the engine the suspension the brakes not even close to BMW standards in my opinion Josh Baldwin asks about Duke 390 versus baby GS I gotta go Duke 390 the bikes badass turntable ologist good question this Traverse is 300 and I covered that one versus 300 for me Merlin on Mars asks if it's comfy for six-foot guys yeah it is I think so Taylor Barnum asked if the trash controllers can be shut off yeah it can be shut off in so much as there's no trash control so no need to worry about that what else we got here homemade waffles ask why no spoked wheels I don't know sorry I don't know that's a question Andy knuckles ask is this bike worthwhile compared to a CB X 500 I'm sorry cb500x I don't think so I would get a cb500x way before I got this thing personal opinion but that's what I say okay last one here hn Shree Kent's asks how does it cope with really heavy traffic does it overheat is it comfortable good for daily commutes that's a lot of questions my friend but yeah it's good at all that stuff it didn't overheat on me but then again it wasn't very hot so I can't say about that sorry it just wasn't hot when I was riding it so I have a lot of information there I do think it's comfortable I do think it's good in heavy traffic and I do think it's good for commuting albeit you know not my pick in the category unfortunately okay really seriously though last question Oscar frou would you pick this over a used 700 GS I think that's a great question and the answer is no I would get a used F 700 that's your g3 ten GS MC commute thanks so much for watching guys check out the description of the video for link to dyno chart of the engine and some other notes and specs and whatnot until next time thanks so much for watching I really appreciate it everybody rides safe see

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  2. All thumpers are buzzy/vibrate to an annoying degree at higher speeds.
    Same re the sound you mentioned saying it sounds β€˜tinny’- from my exp, all thumpers do.. want nice grunt or deep nice sound, get a twin..

  3. The engine was inclined to the back so that the wheel base can be shortened without reducing the swing arm length..

  4. Love the reviews! Light yet informative. Out of all the bikes you have ridden which is the one you most look forward to riding home after work? Very interested to know.Cheers.Jon

  5. Sad that BMW used an existing TVS engine for this bike. If they had to make it in india, they should've at least given it a decent new motor. Was considering this but the Versys 300 seems more tried and true. Plus for small bikes a twin is nice. That way you have power all the way up, instead of dropping off and sounding terrible as singles do in the high revs. I'd love a BMW in my price range, this unfortunatley isn't a BMW its a TVS in BMW clothing..

  6. I come from the town where this is being manufactured. I have seen this one and its naked sibling doing test rides. It looked/looks good. It was released just recently here. By the time the Apache 310R which uses the same engine including exhaust had already come out and has/had issues like vibes. This is again less than 2/3rds of the price of the bmw 310 twins. So people who want the bmw badge alone opt for the bmw 310 twins.

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