2018 Honda CBR650F - MC Commute

2018 Honda CBR650F – MC Commute

hello everyone and welcome to another episode of MC commute my name's Zack and I'm gonna ride to the office this particular commute is brought to you in part by Sena bluetooth makers of the momentum helmet with integrated Sena technology for an unprecedented audio experience Sena is a supporter of MC commute so if you're into Bluetooth technology please do support center right back on today's ride kind of excited about this one because this is a bike that was requested again and again and again by MC commute viewers that is a Honda CBR 650f is not a cbr600rr it is not a CBR 500 so what is it and what does it feel like we're gonna find out on today's ride and it's gonna start right now let's do it okay yeah so there's critical rundown you get a steel frame sort of look it has a sort of aluminum twin spar kind of look right I just probably they were going for but it's steel and you got two 320 millimeter rotors which we will talk about fo-sho and i'll see it going on back here at this underslung exhaust this is kind of interesting I think this is basically a touring foot peg right big thick beefy thing with rubber on top we're going to talk about that too no such luck for the passenger they just get a cast aluminum mamuh Jama anyway yeah pretty handsome bike I think in this red black white that figure what's called he's called Millennium red or something it's the only color option and there you have it boom yeah good-looking Bank I think a pretty cool looking headlight there yeah okay let's do it already right yep alright so your CBR 650 basics you got 649 CC inline-four very typical in line for conventionally conventional firing order four valves per cylinder fuel injection blah blah blah so yeah it's an engine designed just for this place in Honda's lineup and in the market between the sort of ninja 400 CBR 500 level of sport bike sort of entry level and the very serious kind of our six and cbr600rr level of sport bikes which are very popular but quite a bit more expensive and performance oriented so yeah the CBR 650f here does not in my opinion suffer from being too performance oriented it's pretty mellow and it likes doing this kind of thing right here pretty well just cruising right along at 45 miles an hour it's much more comfortable than a 600 RR thank goodness now there's a pretty good legroom the foot pegs are not quite as high the seat height I believe is 31.9 interesting like that so not crazy low but also pretty approachable and the handlebar situation handlebars are the clip ons are a little bit more reasonably placed much more upright and so what you get is like a very reasonable kind of sport touring position sort of a VFR 800 or ninja1000 or Ducati Super Sport kind of riding position and it's pretty Pleasant people always ask about height you know I'm really short will this bike work for me I'm really tall well this bike work for me I think this is one of those bikes so work for just about anyone as long as you can feel comfortable at a stoplight with a 32 inch seat think you'll be totally fine I bet I'm six foot two I bet it would work for someone up to 65 or something like that one thing I will say about approachability is the weight which 472 pounds like I mentioned is pretty hefty for this class of bike I think it's worth mentioning that other motorcycles in the class are much much lighter I'm thinking of course of that Oh God squirrel don't do it oh my god this is suicidal man look making me nervous anyway I'm thinking especially of Yamahas MTO 7 which I think the last time we weighed that thing granted only holds three point seven gallons of gas if memory serves was 400 and 408 pounds maybe or 410 something like that I remember at one point it was 400 on the nose I think when it was new backward is the f07 anywho that bike you know I mean 65 pounds lighter something like that is no joke that's a big deal so that's an unfortunate thing that the CBR 650f has to deal with when it comes times to stop as we're doing right now luckily the brakes are quite good so it's 320 millimeter rotors that I pointed out the calipers are nothing special they're just sort of sliding pink calipers in fact I'm pretty sure that the same ones basically to get on a cb500x or an NC 700 that kind of thing except in this case there are two calipers and two rotors which makes a big difference and I'm glad Honda did that we go test those brakes one more time oh good they're really good there's not a ton of feel they don't feel performance oriented but they do work really nicely and do the trick there's plenty of power which is confidence-inspiring all right let's pull this sucker up see what we got here well just touch the rev limiter you heard that I think the rev limiter is at eleven five but that little zing that we got there from the engine I think is something that is worth talking about because that's not something you get from a Yamaha MTO seven or a ninja 650 or an SV 650 or yeah never else in the class because it's an inline four and you get that sort of I don't know yeah you get that kind of competition sound because any bikes sport bikes that race right or inline force and when you Hasan this thing kind of makes that sound a little bit oh yeah it's got a little scream – okay chunks open abort anyway yeah I think Honda deserves a little bit of credit for delivering in this class of motorcycle and that sort of that inline-four feel I will now editorialize and say that I don't think the engine is as good as an SV 650 or an MC o7 I just think nm to7 engines just spunkier it's more fun it's probably in part because the bikes lighter but yeah I you know this doesn't really do anything for me personally I would rather have a little twin with some more torque on the street but a lot of people are after the sort of in line for sport bike thing and if that's what you're after then this bike delivers where other bikes do not okay we've got some time to look at this – from who's it so let's do that shall we very simple speed nice big digital speedo and then this little sort of quasi analogue tach thing which you think is pretty useful and then clock fuel gauge and one set of data that you can cycle through by hitting this so you get average fuelled stuff like that trip a 130 4.4 yes that clock is accurate I'm late for work but I'm not really late though I'm hanging out with you guys talking about motorcycles and it's like my job is to talk about motorcycles so I think it's pretty unfair to say that I'm not working right now can we agree anyhow back to the – thing people have complained that it's not up to date and those people are probably right it's pretty simplistic it doesn't I mean I like the layout honestly the layouts not bad I kind of like the asymmetry of like speed and tack on one side and some other information on the other side but it just doesn't know I'm surprised there's no gear position indicator frankly and I feel like a little bit more space of LCD screens to show what's going on might be helpful here we go yeah onto the freeway with CBR 650f and we are into sixth gear we were trying to get flanked by that CRV and toward this little hornet's nest of traffic so as I signal and I look at my mirrors and I move across traffic here what I notice about this CBR 650f is how much better it is than a cbr600rr at doing stuff like this I'm more upright it's easier to see the mirrors are better if I want to check over my shoulder the riding position is easier to do that with this is sort of why they created this bike is being in this situation because as proud as Honda engineers are I'm sure of the cbr600rr they know it's not for doing this whereas the CBR 650f basically is and they designed it to have extra torque so theirs will roll on power here we go out carpool lane nice rule on power really good and it's not the kind of power that is gonna intimidate someone who is new to motorcycling but it's plenty to get the job done and you know that's very Honda of them they set out to do something and they hit the nail pretty much right on the head I don't actually remember the torque number off the top of my head I want to say it was 47 44 something like that comparable in the class but of course it occurs a little bit higher in the revs then the twins do horsepower number for this bike was 79 at 10,000 something rpm which yeah so this serve you a little bit of that inline-four character we're not quite going freeway speeds right now I've got a little bit of congestion Zoar ago and you know 50 55 here but I will say that the CBR they can speak from experience and tell you that the wind protection is not super comprehensive but it is much better than an actual naked bike even at a couple inches over six feet I get quite a bit of benefit from this little screen here it takes the wind off my off my torso my shoulders and arms are still out in the wind but my helmets in clean air which means there's no buffeting and it's a little bit more relaxing to ride on the freeway then a bike with no wind protection in my opinion also this is usually the part of the ride where we talk about the mirrors and I gotta say CBR 650 meters but darn kid I think they suffer a little bit from the Ninja 400 problem of being far away from the rider so I'm a natural riding position here and if I reach out to adjust the mirror I can't even reach it it's pretty pretty far over there which I think makes a little bit harder to direct your line of sight in the reflection to the right spot but they are dead smooth you can identify cars from pretty far back it's not all blurry and wacky which is a really nice feature and speaking of blurry and wacky where those mirror vibes often come from is the engine of course and it's surprising that the mirrors are so clear honestly because the bike does vibrate a fair amount now I'm going 75 or so I'm pulling 6000 rpm there quite a bit of tingly vibes in my hands and the footpegs also even with those little rubber things that we saw when we first looked at the bike so you know fighting vibes is another thing that's a little bit of a tricky thing on an inline 4 you're bound to get a little bit of fuzziness from the engine so I think Honda did pretty well fighting it but I would certainly rather be feeling the 270 crank twin from that at the MTO seven right about now okay peeling into the off-ramp downshift third gear bend it in ya feelin pretty good leaned over very very measured it will not do anything weird when you're leaned over on the side of the tire it's a fun sport bike sort of feel without you know the actual sport bike capability it doesn't change directions very quickly and part that's because of the weight and in part that's because I think it's been tuned to be gentle yeah definitely going from side to side is not very agile but it's dead smooth and it likes leaning over just fine there we go it's fun it's a fun engine it's not my taste in engines but it's it's good for what it is it's fun time neutral nice and easy I'll say that also or on the topic of neutral the transmission is very very easy to use I was just riding a big touring bike the other day there's actually a BMW touring bike and man find a neutral was a bear every time I come to a stop it was like I had to my foot was dancing on the things trying to get in a neutral we go from first to second second to first I like to think I'm at least competent and finding neutral after riding motorcycles for the better part of 30 years the CBR though really direct anytime you're in first or a second it's just so easy to find neutral all the shift action is really positive it's not a particularly sporty gearbox but it does talk to you and tell you what's going on which is nice I guess one thing we haven't talked much about is the seat I don't think I mentioned that I talked about riding positioning comfort and stuff but this seems pretty good I think I haven't ridden this bike for more than maybe an hour at a time so I don't feel like I'm in a great place to tell you if it's all-day comfortable but I find the shape to be good and it's pretty reasonable to move around on if you want to scoot back a little bit you don't feel like you're crunching you're growing on the tank okay can we back it in second gear the first sort of but you can't shut off ABS on this ABS model so it doesn't really do that that well maybe it a wheelie though there we go a little wheelie out of the bike that's pretty good I didn't had a whole lot of luck pulling big wheelies on this thing but there you go you can do wheelies let's try the back you didn't works on shall we whoo that was a little bit better first time just gotta dump the clutch and the back wheel chattered if you just fan it a little bit you can get it to step out a little more gently but again that's not really a jam of this bike really what it's for let's talk about price it is 9250 I believe for this machine with ABS I think it's 8750 for non abs and again the colorway is the same and that's another sort of hitch I have what this bike is that that's kinda expensive right I pull into a new new parking spot now new office new parking spot but yeah that's kind of a problem right it's just it's a little bit expensive for what it is because you got MTO 7 at you know what is it 7700 or something like that you know this new office and he's not working out at all at traffic and stuff so yeah anyway I just don't think that it's priced very competitively can we agree it's a it's like a thousand bucks or so more than a ninja 650 then and I'm to7 that an SV and I don't know if it really delivers anything that those bikes don't if you want the classic you get the SV and then just 650 is quite a bit cheaper and realistically just as capable and the MTO 7 is a great deal and spunkier and way lighter I don't know it's hard to hide you really see we're at the CBR 650f it's to me and I don't really think I would buy one that being said there's nothing wrong with it it's a great motorcycle I think it looks cool I think the brakes are gonna think of transmission's good I think it's comfortable it carries a reasonable amount of fuel it's justit's a good it's a good bike it's a great bike no no so if you like it then love it and get one and have fun like I said not really my cup of tea but can't argue with results there you go that's what it sounds like when you spool it up Oh guys we'll do a few questions and then we'll and then we'll call it a day here let's see here abdel what is my opinion regarding cornering it's the last four cylinder kind of commuter bike the other ones are twins I think we covered that it's all bit heavy so it feels heavy is it worth the money over the other six 50s on the market no not in my opinion at this medium performance level does the fairing and bars make sense mm-hmm I think so I mean it's a look thing right you know so that's a good question there for Mandy knuckles but I mean it's a matter of opinion but I don't think it doesn't make sense if that helps would you pick this over a Ninja zx6r I don't make jeans good question I mean maybe probably not though I know it is quite a bit cheaper and if I was just gonna commute it's probably better at that than a zx6 but I'd be tempted by as the x6 is performance and I like going to track days so someone asked if it's a three cylinder no what does not see someone asked if it's a legit sport bike ie not really can you comment on fuel economy Oh hmm you know what yeah I can and I got some numbers here well let's run through them real quick on 52.8 I can tell ya we get 105 miles divided by 2.8 gallons 37 five so I think 35 or 40 is what she can expect for fuel economy and that's all the time we have for questions I think I don't let you guys get on with your day because I'm sure you got important things to do thanks so much for watching I really appreciate it see the links in the description of this video for a link to a little piece I wrote and a dyno chart I'll show you the exact horsepower of the bike and of course some more information on sponsors of the show thanks again for watching see you

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  1. Would rather have the 2014 VFR800. Can find brand new ones on the showroom floor (still!!) for the same $ as one of these, but you get the lovely v4 engine. They are a little heavier though

  2. He stops at 7:13 and the traffic light holds him above minute and a half…quite a waiting in case you rush for work 😀

  3. So in canada, the cbr650f is priced the same as the FZ09.
    the 07 is actually cheaper than this honda.

  4. How does it compare to the old cbr 600 F? I loved the old sports touring machine. these seem to be down on power & performance,

  5. I have this bike and I am fully satisfied for street use, even the odd sporty but legal ride and a daily commute.

    The small inline 4 beats every thumper and twin regarding versatility up to relaxed riding while still retaining some reserves in legal traffic. It is unobtrusive and compliant if driven with some feeling and reminiscent of it's limits. If you buy this for the looks and then complain it is no R or RR – well. No. It is not. And it was never meant to be.

    It is unfortunately the only option left for someone looking for an affordable sub-750 inline 4 with fairings and a more relaxed approach to riding than a R(R) while still being a hunch sportier than a pure naked.

    I also bet against 95% of all the ppl who complain about this bike's power, weight ratio, torque, non-adjustable fork etc. that they believe themeselves to be street Rossi while unable to ride even this bike close to it's limit.

  6. 1. It's a Honda
    2. It's an inline four, with better, smoother power than a twin.
    There's where your $1000.00 went. And well spent at that.

  7. Just so ya know…the CBR650F does the quarter in 12s flat. No slouch in the power like you suggest!

  8. Are you seriously comparing the CBR650 to the MT07? The MT07 is tiny…for girls really!
    Btw that inline 4 is awesome and you have some really strange preferences. So go buy a girlie bike and fk off

  9. As an owner I…
    ease of use
    ABS (saved me a couple of times)
    wind protection (more than naked)
    mileage ( I get about 50)

    Don't like:
    weight (needs to be low 400's)
    no gear indicator

    Overall I bought mine new in 2018 and almost a year later I'm bored with it. This is my second bike that I have EVER owned. The one before this was a Suzuki 80 DS about 30 years ago.

  10. It's good to have some heft for ride control and comfort. 472 pounds is not the end of the world; this obsession with light weight is ridiculous as far as the street is concerned. you are not riding a race track. My 1990s Katana was 540 pounds and CBR1000F was almost 600 and I flung them around with no prob down to peg the feelers when safe and riding single. Most street riders I see do not seem to understand or utilize counter steering and lack good riding skills that can compensate for a bit of heft.

    One advantage the older bikes had was their plush passenger accommodation. Today's bikes look ugly with having a non existent back end. The passenger perches are precarious and not practical. Plus it was fun to have a girlfriend as a passenger for longer trips. The bike sounds good. Thanks for the review.

  11. Please do a review of the 2019 cbr650r whenever it comes out!! I've been saving money and I really wanna hear your opinion on it before I consider getting one

  12. I own a 2016 CBR650F, and I have no complaint…..kinda. But now that I know how to ride, it's time for it to go. It sits too high, sounds like a lawnmower, it gets hot quickly, a little heavy and vibrate like a lesbian in heat. It's not worth $9400- ABS version. And Honda decided not to make it anymore after 2018….good decision. Suzuki all the way from here out.

  13. You'd have to be an idiot to pick MT07 over this. This honda looks waaay better, has more HP but it's not uncomfortable like a ''legit sportsbike'' (which is a dumb ass term by the way) I actually own a Kawasaki z650 but I'm considering swapping it for this motorcycle because it looks a lot cooler! Ninja 650 is made for midgets and females on the other hand and I'm 6,1 so…

  14. I Have one and I think the seat is ish comfortable for long rides it start to feal uncomfortable after like 3-4 hours at the time :). But I agree with this video for pretty much everything, good review 🙂 also good bike I love it !

  15. in Europe we had 2011-2013 CBR 600F (PC41), which fell pretty much within the same "budget" I4 segment but with several important differences: 600cc w/ 102hp, around 13k rpm redline, inverted forks and a digital instrument cluster; was around €7-8k new (tax included), produced in Italy (Honda Industriale S.p.A, not the Japanese factory); having experienced both it and its predecessor (PC35) it's a bit neutered in comparison, so this 650F looks a bit too mild and much more expensive than the alternatives

  16. The bike is your ideal first big bike, which is what it was designed to be. Its reliable, comfortable, easy to control, linear, forgiving engine so if you are in the wrong gear it doesnt matter. It will even pull in top gear from low down. You can ride in it the twisties, you can ride it to work, you can tour on it. It is a great all round bike. The seating geometry is more upright than a supersport so long journeys are a breeze.
    This bike needs to be supported because it is one of the only 4 cylinder bikes in its class all the others are going to twins. If you can only have one bike, and don't want an adventure bike this is it. They are also on at good deals at the moment because the 2019 model is out soon which addresses all of the issues Zac mentions.

  17. Hi there, thank you for such an amazing review. Could you please please help me? I just got my learners license in Australia and want to make the most of the summer riding. I’m stuck between the MT07 and the CBR650F. I would want the cbr because of the inline 4 sound (especially with an aftermarket exhaust). Because there are restrictions on the learner permit in Australia, the cbr is the only inline 4 I’m allowed to ride. Do you think it’s possible to put aftermarket clip on handlebars that are more angled and lower to give a more super sport feel? I’m not a big fan of sports tourer position. Hope you see this and get a chance to reply! The dealer is refusing to get involved with such a modification and is avoiding the question! Thank you!

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