2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour - MC Commute

2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour – MC Commute

welcome everybody to another episode of MC commute my name is Zack and I'm gonna ride to the office today's show is brought to you by Sena makers of Bluetooth headsets and accessories like the new 30 K with mesh technology Sena supports MC commute so if you're in the market for a Bluetooth headset please support Sena by going to their website or clicking on the link in the description of this video on today's show we have got a legendary guest perhaps one of the most legendary motorcycles of all time that is Honda's Goldwing it is one thousand eight hundred and thirty three cc's of flat six power and an eight hundred and forty pound package so we're gonna ride to the office like you normally would with a bike like that right we're gonna talk about what the Goldwings good at and what it's maybe not so good at and we'll learn what it's like to ride I'm ready to go let's do it okay Goldwing tour Goulding tour i didn't mention that the tour has got the top box on that a big old luggage case above the saddlebags when i suppose we got here so we got big Nissen calipers all they're not branded 320 millimeter discs which is like sort of super bike spec the most interesting thing about the front end though is the front end itself it's this wacky classic style a arm suspension which you can't quite see from here but i'll show you guys while we're riding what you can see from the cockpit which is pretty cool um luggage it's not great luggage actually it's smaller luggage than it was on the previous model but still quite a bit of it headlights and a pretty wicked exhaust note i think Shoom very yeah very Starship Enterprise I just think it sounds pretty good from the cockpit – it's my personal opinion a futuristic face ok let's get our wing on ok so there are a lot of things to talk about on a gold wing lots of options and specs and whatnot so I'll try to cover the interesting stuff if I can like I said big old 1800 CC flat 6 basically the same as it has been for a number of years now although the engine was redesigned and redone for this model even though the displacement didn't go up also one of the first things you'll notice in the Goldwing cockpit is a bunch of two wheels right ah yeah give me a nod he also is riding a white two-wheeled vehicle with onboard storage and a top trunk anyway the gold wing cockpit has always been famous for just a plethora of buttons just an impossible amount of buttons and there's still a lot of buttons if I'm honest but it's definitely been simplified and it's got this big old color screen right in the middle which is pretty cool well I think the G wing also has ride modes I have it in tour appropriately I think there's also a sport and economy and rain I prefer tour no no it just seems like it offers the best of the engine the sport mode is just like a little bit excitable and the bike has a crap ton of torque it makes a little under a hundred horsepower and it makes us something like 105 foot-pounds of torque but I put a dyno graph on the website with a little description and such it's worth clicking on because the dyno graph is very interesting to look at the torque curve is sort of mind-boggling it just it makes all of the torque almost right away it's pretty shocking and that's good for the Goldwing tour which weighs 838 pounds with the full five point six gallons of fuel that's obviously not a light bike one of the reasons it's got those honking 320 millimeter brake discs and big six pot calipers and stuff because it's a big heavy bike I'm solving lots of torque he's good especially when it's weighed down and by way down I mean full of luggage and people which is what it's designed to do five point six gallons of fuel might seem like not very much for a bike this size and designed to go such long distances and it is less than the outgoing model which I guess is a little bit disappointing to some but rage is still pretty good 200 miles is easy 220 230 miles is pretty common so that's like I know pretty good legs for a for a motorcycle in this day and age I wouldn't mind seeing more I mean I feel like if I was designing this bike I'd really want to prioritize tons of gas just fill it up with gas and forget about it for a long time but it shows to just try to make the bike a little bit more aerodynamic and a little bit more fuel efficient to get the same amount of range as the previous model had which they claimed to have done but I don't remember those figures off the top my head so I can't say whether or not I buy it I like the way the Goldwing sounds it's basically a little 911 motor in there you know it's well flat six and it's got a real raspy kind of tone to it but it's smooth I don't know it's cool I think it sounds good I think it sounds better actually from the cockpit than it does being next to one which says a lot I think about the sound engineering that they did you know the to do that stuff on purpose right they want the bike to sound cool from the cockpit so they engineer intake noise and exhaust noise to be audible from where you're sitting because they know the person who's most interested in how the motorcycle sounds as always is the person riding it I mentioned the – and I'll need to do a follow-up video on that really – in order to dive into it because I can't refer to it all while I'm riding there's a whole bunch of stuff you can do the vehicle setting menu I can show you how to stop plate at some point which is pretty simple actually but there's apple carplay and navigation and phone linking and that kind of thing which is not gonna really jump into right now I can click on navigation though and we can see a little map of where we're going which is usually what I do just for the heck of it I guess even though I don't really need to know what my surroundings are in this particular ride there's also a radio I'll turn it up and see what station it's on single cannot deny me which is pretty killer I'll throw it on before I'm out of here at 12 o'clock they do the new album is on the way Newt you all Ramana wear it or release it it'll definitely keep you posted many times I had failures venue 95/5 apparently that's what we're listening to oh geez can you guys hear that yeah blasting music on a motorcycle is as always extremely embarrassing so I would only do it just for a gag but it does have a pretty bumpin system if that's the kind of thing you're into mostly though the interface is best for linking with your headset and your phone and then you can use apple carplay which is handy or just listen to the radio and control the volume from the handlebar controls which is pretty cool our job aids I should honk the horn that's one thing the Goldwings got in spades is horn noise it basically has a car horn on it which is freakin awesome in my opinion I use it whenever I can but you have to use it sparingly because it's so strong it's great it cracks me up but that's how all horns on all motorcycle should be and all right I mean why don't why do motorcycles have wimpy tiny little horns that go please OD at me don't you think that a motorcycle horn should be like extra strong that's just I don't know so I like the Goldwing horn good stuff so chocolate brakes for a minute so I'm gonna approach the stoplight I'm gonna only use the rear brake and not the front brake just to prove a point which is that the brakes are linked and they're linked quite well so when I hit the rear brake just then the center piston of the front six pot calipers also pinched the rotors so it sort of links the front brake with the rear brake there's actually really nice and it creates really controlled stopping and you can especially in this environment in a you know urban or suburban environment you can just use the rear brake all the time and never even touch the front lever which is kind of nice I still find myself using the front brake out of habit but the linked brakes are really nice and that's not always something you can say about linked brakes there have been once in the past that have not been good all right out onto the Goldwings stomping grounds the freeway and you will notice I adjusted the windscreen that is the thing that it has an electronically adjustable windscreen you can put it way up you can put it way down I like it somewhere in the middle where I can still see over the top of it but it makes the air nice and clean over the top of my helmet it's a really nice feature that any bike that costs nearly $30,000 in this design to tour should have in my opinion the Golding also has Auto cancel signals but um CQ faithful will know that I love to cancel my own signals so I turned off the auto cancel signals just because I like doing it old-school now onto one of my favorite pieces of the Goldwing and that is the keyring I'm in fifth year right now 3,500 rpm and I'm gonna up shift to sixth and it goes all the way down to like twenty-six hundred or something like that that's the 2700 still really really good I don't know why more bikes don't do this use sixth year as an actual overdrive if it's a split bike and it's going to the racetrack I can understand the close ratio gearbox because you want to be on the boil all the time and it makes sense can also experiment with cruise control now turn it on on the right grip press down to set and off we go cruising I guess they don't have much to say about the cruise control other than it's great and I recommend it ergonomics and comfort that's something I should probably talk about on a gold wing you would assume that they are very very good ergonomics and it is very very comfortable and you would be right all those things are true it's a really comfortable bike nice wide seat the pegs are like a little far forward for my taste I'd like them just a little bit more underneath my hamstring instead of underneath my knees but this is a very relaxed bike so I totally understand the ergonomics and yeah a nice like a pleasant reach to the bar you can move around on the seat a little bit you can move forward if you want to be a little bit sporty ER if you move to the back there's like a little Ridge that'll catch your lower back and sort of give you some lumbar support which is nice and while we're on the freeway I'd like to show you guys the suspension working if I can hopefully we'll hit some bumps here soonish I'm gonna poke the camera down in this little cranny here I'm gonna keep my eyes on the road Sophie you guys can see it but it's really a pretty cool thing you can see the end of these little struts that turn the front end because there isn't a conventional fork on this machine there we go you see all that stuff working down there see it's soaking up bumps pretty cool a zoo chevy cruze that's definitely a rental car no license plate frame don't know where they're going anyway the mirrors the mirrors are good pretty sleek I could stand from be a little bit bigger if I'm honest but they are perfectly smooth and they work pretty well chop the windshield down a little bit and while we're at the stoplight hopefully I can show you guys that suspension you see it in there see moving around and those little struts are pushing back and forth on the fork and there's two a arms in there that allow the front wheel to move up and down and there are a bunch of reasons for that one thing that that style of front end gives you is the ability to tune in anti dive so when you hit the front brakes real hard like this you get a controlled amount of dive in the front end which is a nice feature especially for a bike that weighs many many pounds but it also allowed Honda to do they were quick to point out is move the engine and everything else farther forward so a conventional fork would have taken up a little bit more room whereas this allows the front wheel when it hits a bump instead of traveling in the direction of the fork it travels directly up and down so they could move the whole bike more toward the front contact patch and help with weight bias which is pretty smart I'd have to say feel other little gadgets and widgets pouch here for your phone will go of box kind of thing just have to plug in to show you apple carplay this is where the gas cap is but you can't get to it unless you press this thing over here it's just a little cubby which holds a button which opens the gas cap compartment which is kind of funny I think there's also this little whiz-bang come on there we go which diffuses air I guess when you have the shield up I couldn't really tell it doing much but knowing Honda it's kind of hard to imagine they did it for absolutely no reason and you see what else yeah this is all sort of audio switches heated seat and heated grips I do have the heated seat on because why the heck not even though it's 62 degrees a little extra warmth on your buns nothing wrong with that okay let's say we've talked about brakes we talked about the engine we talked about the – we talked about the electric windshield we talked about the heated seats mirrors air goes cruise control gearing what else we got what else we got I don't know people way now be cool their box truck was Baku people asked about backing it in pitch I will attempt because I like you guys and I want to make you happy but I got to say I'm not that's super confident about it in the vehicle setting menu which I promised I would show you so I will do it at the end of the ride here you can shut off traction control but you can't shut off abs as far as I know okay so moment of truth 838 pounds of supermoto no not really so I got a lot of rear bias let's try one more time it's just too controlled it's too safe really and because I told you guys I'd show you the menu here let's go home let's go to vehicle setting so it's the vehicle setting menu that's the auto cancel turn signal that had shut off suspension preload you can tell it you know how stiff you want the suspension to be based on passengers and luggage Honda selectable torque control off Auto dimmer on the screen which is pretty cool oh yeah there we go TC off and we'll see what it feels like to move around with one hundred foot-pounds of torque brap brap brap so sliding a huge motorcycle like this around is fun and everything but it does really go to show how well engineered it is but you can get a big 840 pound bike like this sideways on some slippery pavement and it doesn't feel like just an insane thing to do I don't know it's uh it's kind of impressive I think now the real backing it in we select our for reverse and then we hold this button and then it goes good there we go reverse I just backed it in so to speak okay there you have it Gold Wing tour just took a little commute tour that really talked about what it looks like it's a lot smaller than the old Gold Wing just sort of like from a profile perspective it's sleeker I think it looks good I think they did a nice job with the with the redesigned and even though as the colleague pointed out to me it's kind of a risky thing to make the Gold Wing smaller it's always just been the king of the road and in many ways so the exhaust note see like doesn't sound like much here but like when you're in the cockpit I almost feel like it's louder I think it sounds awesome I dig it okay I really really hope I covered any questions that you might have about the Goldwing and I really did my best I promise to talk about all the things so yeah thanks for riding along on this MC commute and remember to please subscribe to our channel if you like our content and hit us up on social media and tell your friends and check out the links in the description this video for more information about the bike and sponsors of the show thanks again for riding along everybody see you next time peace

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  1. It drives me nuts that you drive between cars, especially during a demo ride. Man – you’re nuts!

  2. Thanks for Lane splitting, I also live in CA and love the Lane splitting. It's like having the fast pass at Disneyland

  3. I see this new and improved Wing, as catering to the shorter masses. Less Fuel, less weight, more visibility. I could be wrong though!!
    Then again I am 6'5" and was curious as to how much room I would have to move around on the Seat. As it turns out, this is the best Wing for a little taller rider. I only had about 1" between my knees and the Fairing on the last generation. So this new Wing is totally awesome!!!

  4. less gas no more mileage storage space is smaller only holds 1 full face helmet and they waited too long to put the 6th gear over drive in could  of killed the market with just the over drive 15 years ago maybe they need actual riders designing these that know what riders want and expect as far as changes

  5. The front shock is JUNK! They are bottoming out and so far Honda has done NO RECALL!!

    Watch this video…

  6. 5.6 gallons, sigh.. honda still doesn't get it! My GT has 6-ish and doesn't hit the reserve until 240 miles on average.

  7. Blasting music is embarrassing? Coming from a guy who never owned a motorcycle with stereo. Some of us like music.

  8. They needed 3.5" of additional width on the side cases and a matching increase to the top box. It's a fail for me. I shouldnt need a trailer if riding 2 up.

  9. Nice review buddy. What's your opinion on the clutch? Some reviewers are saying it's too heavy to pull and not smooth. Is this true ? You did not seem to have a problem. Do you know if a quickshifter can be added? Here is south africa, the price difference between a manual and dct is very significant. Thanks buddy.

  10. Having the bigger gas tank is not a huge issue because most people I know want to get off their bike before or around 200 miles to stretch their legs, bathroom break or to drink/eat. So at that point you gas up anyways.

  11. Zack, has anyone told you that you sound creepily similar to Jonathan Ward! Both, in terms of voice and speech diction.

    Also surprisingly, you both look alike as well..

    I love MC Commute and bought myself the KTM 390 Duke recently.

    Best wishes from India.

  12. I'm sooo glad I waited to get this bike. It's beautiful and hopefully I'll get one eventually but not until Honda replaces that gawdawful GPS and increases fuel capacity. Otherwise it's amazing and exactly what I've been waiting for to tour and do IronButts. C'mon Honda you're almost there!

  13. 12:49 I get dumb asses like that all around me ALL the time where I live. It's like the last thought on their mind is actually keeping their damn car on the road.

  14. Hey. Did you feel therec is a flat spot on the torque curve on the second gear only? Cause mine does.. On manual mode. On scond gear, on lower rpm it pulls really hard before it flattens outvon 3500 rpm to 6000rpm. And after 6000 rpm it pulls hard again. Helppp

  15. Muito bonita a moto o vídeo bem detalhado Tenho um sonho de ter uma moto dessas mais que pena que no Brasil e R$ 120 mil mais se de certo compro uma 2006 que já e de R$ 30 a 60 mil e continua o sonho agora

  16. Sena is shit speaker blew the first time using it and the other side cuts in and out. What a waist of money!

  17. Great, Zack! But you didn't talk clutch vs. dct. You were riding the clutch model and would be good to discuss advantages and disadvantages of both systems, and how manual gears worked. Thanks anyway, as always.

  18. Great vid once again…. Curious to see how that new front suspension holds up after a long ownership…. It looks to be a very "Consumable area" with all those expensive little moving bits!!

  19. Can you saperate the suspension compression rebound settings with the riding mode? What if i want sports mode but with a soft suspension setup..?

  20. One should be a fanatic to buy this; this kind of money easily buys a midrange station wagon touring car…one in which you can even sleep

  21. I've watched 10 other reviews on this bike yours was by far the best you were very comprehensive and very detailed thank you!

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