2019 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T - POV Test Drive

2019 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T – POV Test Drive

all right in the 2019 Honda Accord Torian some things I want to mention this car is really nice very spacious really comfortable if you guys are looking for a nice family car or a nice comfortable car to commute I think this is really perfect for you guys you have your wireless charging a 12 volt USB right here eco most sport mode electronic Parker Brothers driving etc a nice big cubby right here another USB cord another 12 volt right there pushed up pushed out of course you have your pedals you're laying your traction control your power it also has four for powering on windows so that way when you press all four of them you just press it once you know overall down once nice wood right here nice dual control AC I also has cooling and heated seats which is really nice and coming from to the back seat it's really nice back here to really spacious this seats all the way back haul I like am 511 pretty much a lot of room it does have heated seats it does have dual events and she's really hot of space my first time in this car trunk space really really nice really big really deep you can also fold these things right here that way you can fit in more things if you guys need it but yeah I think you guys won't need it you guys have this much space really really nice car alright guys and if you guys are in the Bay Area looking for a car somebody who you guys can trust I will give you the best deal I will leave my boys Instagram in the bottom of the description he will hook you guys up big Tom and yeah just make sure you guys like and subscribe if you guys enjoyed this video and I'm gonna give you guys my honest opinions about this car but so far it's really nice really really comfortable car and we'll see how it is how it is in the road if this hell is smooth yeah I mean once you got on the freeway you can hit a hundred pretty easily and don't even realize that oh I got slowed down it sounded like big hello spacious you got your ventilated seats too it's comfortable man and I mean I'm not trying to talk your ear off about the car but like the adaptive cruise control and the Lane Keeping Assist I mean when I'm commuting on the floor I don't even know this my drives anymore I'm just chillin keep a little two fingers on the wheel yeah basically just drives itself every time like get a car sometimes you question like did you make the right choice yeah and I was wondering that at first but the more I just kept driving this thing it's like you know I made it I made the right choice go be happy with this class my so far as like damn here we go let's set the car thank you yeah and it's a like kind of heavy car but damn against it has the same engine it's the Type R oh it's just a different tuning so if you really wanted to and get the engine tuned like the type r yeah you know you could you could probably do some things to reduce the weight of this car – that's my plan I want to get the engine to be crazy I'm probably end up buying it yeah you should and that's the nice thing you know they'll be a lot cheaper by the end he releases not I saw him adieu to the Honda that when I got ya I'm gonna bind it up there that's gonna get lower payments yeah this the turbo kicks and I never drove a car like turbo really know what years receiving the 2019 is it is not the terrible one oh you got the name for the sport this is a sport is just a tool to point a leader ITEC or v-type yeah I wish I had the time I open tired yeah that's fun even the 1.53 about some stuff that super who like you could you guys end up like ties driving that Subaru you guys which one the WRX yeah the great one yeah actually I have some photos that I sit down your people really yeah you do yeah I'm the one that uh hit you up earlier wait you're Anthony yeah holy yeah yeah so you know every two though no yeah I know I knew him since I was like literally like crawling broad even since elementary yeah because I was thinking about this I was like oh I need to reach out to but it's the same guy all right meant to be then yeah yeah no yeah I seen that Subaru and your page I was like damn that thing is wet like probably did they turn it in for something like this years or he might have traded it in thing might have been inside it could have been a lot of people you know they got those manual cars they need to get something sensible they got a kid or something yeah that's nice and I'm surprised that it hasn't sold yet because I've had a lot of people asking about it no one's pulled the trigger yet I would have I would have got this my bad that month buddy find the drive I need to learn manual locus but you guys had the sport the manual 1 to 6 transmission of this this those are hard to come by that I've seen a sport with manual 6-speed yellow happy though we might still have it but as far as Tory I haven't seen one yeah have you dope you know like it has a blind spots – yeah no no you gotta see something yeah yeah see I'm chillin just chill on the back seat to the seats that's what I do sometimes I just like to hang out my car hello comfortable notice the couch back there the cop that replaced by another one the entire like 0 to 100 times yes it's crazy like the true one I've seen videos where like the true one soon as your foot touches the pedal right the zero to sixty it's like seven seconds you know for the true time it's pretty good yeah this cars really big though – yeah that's the thing you got a lot of weight I mean if you really wanted to I don't know what you could do with this car to try and reduce the way other than taking out though how about what I just leave it hot is honest it's not super effective

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