2019 Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT : What Adventure touring dreams are made of :  PowerDrift

2019 Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT : What Adventure touring dreams are made of : PowerDrift

adventure motorcycles or adventure – the motorcycles they make a lot of sense of India right they've got good ground clearance long travel suspension yeah now well there is no dearth of big motorcycle yeah he's about the riccati is you got the Tigers you have pretty much everything in there but you don't have a lot of options in the middle of eight segments just one and that took us it's not a very awful oriented bike to start with exactly not an adventure tour of sorts so what do we have you're at into more 2018 well at in 2018 we got to take a good look at the Suzuki v-strom 650 XT now this bike has already been launched in India at a price of rupees seven point four six lakhs ex-showroom just right now but why are we looking at a bike in in the mud is only been launched in India because we are at intermode courtesy Michelin tyres who have been our official sponsors for these international expose for now now true to its adventure to your character you have a lot of things that you have put about 150 mm of suspension travel and at the front the rear mona socket is adjustable for both preload as well as rebound and you also have a very fan in place knuckle guards in place over 20 litre tank the works yeah but what about the engine now the engine it's a pretty familiar engine if you know your Kazuki's it's a 648 CC v-twin motor that slooghi has been using for pretty much all their mid capacity bikes all right from the SV 650 to the radius and now this as well and it's a minor tweak to suit each bikes character in that sense exactly but does it have any AIDS then well of course you have abs which is coming in as standard but the nice thing that we will see on the way strong XT is the inclusion of traction control you have two-step traction control something that the worst is 6:50 does not get a couple of things that the worst is also misses out on is sport rims yes absolutely 19-inch front and 17 inch rear spoke lines which will mean cube tires not really because even though it has spoke x is actually running tubeless tires which is deaf of win-win situation punctures are a lot easier to fix they deflate a little slower as well which means you can write down for longer with the temperature and I think it just makes life a lot easier if you're out riding in the unknown it'll be seven point four six lakhs as against the six point six lakhs price tag of the versus this seems to be a big bump but at least on paper things are a little different yeah yeah but this is the v-strom 650 XD which indicates this is the full spec radium it's got pretty much everything and if I were a versus owner and probably feel like going on a little adventure one day I would probably spend more money than what the difference here is to actually put a load of the componentry that is that much something else exactly so the wee strong 650 XT has finally been launched in India at seven point four six lakhs ex-showroom we are going to get to ride it very very soon yeah and hopefully we shall roll out a full-blown review make sure you stay subscribe make sure you stay notified and we shall be back meanwhile it's a more update coming tomorrow as well as the baddest products show you

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  1. 2018 Suzuki V-Strom 650XT ABS is now launched in India at Rs 7.46 lakh
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  2. It’s a great bike, but can you tell me why the stock exhaust is so big, heavy & ugly. Its a very good adventure bike who is alone in a large price range; but Suzuki need to design a new front nose & a new head led lights as its so ugly & a new smaller stock exhaust would also be awesome. Common Suzuki: please do those changes, those improvements & i will highly consider an upgraded, improved, modified V-Strom 650 XT 2020 to upgrade my CB500X 2017. An aluminium bash plate would also be better then the actual plastic one.

  3. When can we expect to see a detailed review of the Suzuki V-Strom 650 ? I have seen every other channel's review but still waiting for the most accurate review on youtube from you guys ! Do it .. please /

  4. I have been closely following this particular segment and was unhappy with what Versys was offering and no way would have been able to afford even the Tiger 800. Thanks Suzuki for this!!

    The spoked wheel + tubeless tyre combination is like a dream come true!!

    Powerdrift.. please do a comparison review between Versys and V-Strom. At the outset, V-Strom DEFINITELY looks better than the Versys in terms of what it is offering for 80k more. But a comparison review on all the parameters is the time of the hour for Indian customers.

  5. Absolutely adventure bikes are like monstrous machines they look very beefy on city roads and traffic but it's a head turner too. Hope I would own such a bike in future. I like the Kawasaki versys it's good looking .

  6. Varun Painter and his rhythmic dialogues a better love story than twilight :D. Loving the content, haven't missed any so far and hopefully will not either.

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