2020 Lincoln Aviator: First Drive — Cars.com

2020 Lincoln Aviator: First Drive — Cars.com

Lincoln is in the midst of a product
Renaissance with models like the well-received navigator full-size luxury
SUV and next up is the all-new 2020 a v-8 er it’s a midsize three row luxury
SUV that’s designed to compete against models like the Audi q7 and Volvo xc90
we’re here in Napa Valley to drive both the gas only and plug-in hybrid versions
of The Aviator for the first time to see if it has what it takes to compete with
true luxury SUVs we spent much of the day driving on winding two-lane roads
and it really allowed the Aviators twin turbocharged three litre v6 powertrain
to shine the engine makes 400 horsepower 415 pounds feet of torque and it is
really strong and helped power the Aviator uphills
had good passing power when you needed it and it works with a responsive 10
speed automatic transmission that makes smooth refined shifts the plug-in hybrid
version of The Aviator is even more powerful but there are some differences
in terms of the driving experience it’s rated at 494 horsepower
630 pounds-feet of torque so it’s definitely a performance-oriented hybrid
but the drivetrain is not as crisp as the gas only version it still works with
the 10 speed automatic transmission but it has an electric motor integrated with
it and also the brakes have a different feel they’re not as linear as the
traditional brakes are the plug-in hybrid offers a pure evie mode which
lets you operate the vehicle in electric-only mode and it’ll stay in
electric-only mode even if you floor the gas pedal which is different than some
other plug-in hybrids you get moderate acceleration in an indicator on the dash
saying if you want to switch out of it for greater performance now the plug-in
hybrid is estimated about 18 miles of range on a full charge in about 23 miles
per gallon come mind which is a few miles per gallon
greater than the gas only version both the regular and plug-in hybrid aviator
had Lincoln’s available air glide air suspension and it offers a comfortable
ride but at the same time these vehicles were equipped with 22 inch wheels on the
gas model in 21 inch wheels on the plug-in hybrid version and these wheels
had low-profile tires that kind of counteract what the air suspension is
trying to do the air suspension wants you to give you this comfortable ride
where these low-profile tires really pick up some of the bumps and breaks in
the pavement where they exist so kind of two things working against each other
but the different drive modes really allow you to see how adaptive this
suspension can be there’s the normal drive mode which allows some body
motions but when you switch it to the Excite mode which is Lincoln’s version
for like a performance setting the Aviator really hunkers down and it was
great to have this mode when we were taking to all the winding roads on the
drive route and it really turned it into a much better handling SUV and made it a
lot more fun to drive the combination of adaptive cruise control and Lane
centering steering manage a lot of the functions a driver would otherwise be
responsible for though you still have to be engaged in the act of driving because
the system is quick to remind you if your hand is off the steering wheel for
too long the interiors of both aviators were the same we drove high-end Black
Label versions of the SUV and its really nicely finished on the inside with a lot
of soft touch surfaces and high-end materials throughout the driver faces a
configurable digital instrument panel and there’s also a large screen in the
center of the dash that’s easy to reach and operate our Aviators had the
available perfect position 30 Way active motion seats and some of those
adjustments include a power adjustable head restraint an upper backrest angle
side bolster and a massage feature and even though they had all these
adjustments it still took me a while to find a comfortable seating position and
even then I thought the seats were kind of narrow
and that also applied to the second row chairs which are kind of on the small
side for being a captain’s chair design they’re narrow you kind of sit with not
a lot of thigh support moving back to the third row it’s definitely an
occasional use space I climb back there but there’s not a lot of legroom for
adults and you sit with your knees elevated and not the most comfortable
position as mentioned we were driving high-end expensive versions of the
aviator but in this form it stacks up well to the q7 and xc90 thanks to its
interior quality technology and performance the aviator starts at around
fifty two thousand dollars before a Black Label plug-in hybrid version the
price tag can approach ninety thousand dollars the aviator is starting to hit
dealerships as we speak and if you’d like to learn more about the vehicle
head over to cars.com

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  1. The only person that has killed the Aviator. Others have praised it, saying the Hydrid is the better of the two.

  2. Great vehicle, but price for regular non electric should be 45-50k. At those prices it will kill. Once you start going above 50k, you may as well buy a larger size SUV.

  3. Sure, we’re all entitled to our own opinion, but, this reviewer is simply a hater. Lincoln, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s definitely working.

  4. Yes I would like to learn more about the vehicle but not from this Lincoln Hater! Did a Lincoln run over his dog? To me this review was more like an opinion. How can all others be impressed by this stunning looking vehicle except this baffoon!

  5. Although his verdict was that it compared well with Audi with a high quality interior and drivetrain, you could tell by the TONE of his voice that he really was trying to downplay the review. We don't expect cartwheels, but if one enjoyed the vehicle, at least sound enthusiastic about it. If the reviewer is reading this, think of it this way. If this review was about your dog. Do you think anyone would think that you have a great dog by the TONE of your VOICE? I certainly wouldn't. Your tone is just as important as the substance of your material. If, for some reason, you have a bias against any brand, you should recuse yourself from reviewing that brand. Kind of a tough position to be in, considering your line of work.

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