2020 Toyota Supra | First Drive | Driving.ca

2020 Toyota Supra | First Drive | Driving.ca

today I'm at the wheel of the 2022 Supra the underpinnings of this car come from BMW it's a zet for you know the underneath of it the engine the powertrain is at four I have driven this at four and I was really curious to find out is it a different car okay this one has a roof that's a big difference right there but there's other changes engine wise it uses the three litre inline-six turbocharged engine out of the BMW produces 335 horsepower and Toyota versus 382 in the BMW you'd figure maybe with that difference in horsepower the third of be a bit slower but it's not it's actually almost half a second quicker 0-100 at 4.1 seconds it is made it to the same 8-speed automatic which so far is proving to be an ok replacement for the manual for those hardcore save the manual types no you cannot get the Supra with the manual transmission but it's a variable median transmission if you're shifting manually with the paddles it works very well instantaneous shifting and one thing about this inline 6 it does sound very very sweet and it's actually pretty powerful if you get on it the car moves pretty quickly it's maybe not the best car for these bumpy roads but it's not all that bad it's got two modes it's got a sport mode which gets a really really stiff and a normal mode which is let's say not excruciating and we're driving right now to Mont Rambla Ramon Trempealeau where we're going to get some racetrack time in this very car a few things to note about the super on the racetrack it is a very very good hunting car very sharp minimal body roll the brakes are actually in phenomenal it has brembo 4-piston calipers up front and there's one corner here drop block where you break really hard into a sharp right-hander it's almost a hairpin and you can really nail the brakes hard very balanced steering and handling a little bit stiffer actually than and the BMW said for that I've driven I'm loving this car on the racetrack right now and this is just just a lot of fun today really I don't have a lot bad to say about this car if you're thinking about the size it actually it's a little bit bigger than the 36 but the wheelbase is actually a hundred and one millimeters shorter so it's not a very big car and it is a two-seater of course I mean this is not something you're gonna carry your family and this is a second maybe third car where it really all comes together is the price it's just under $65,000 but that includes everything there's no options on this car if you're looking to place an order there's only 300 coming to Canada this year but that's you know we're already halfway through the year they're thinking about maybe 500 for next year I say sign one up right away because that the price for the what you're getting food the car you're getting a lot of value and a lot of performance on cost of missouri's for driving CA

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  1. The new supra is an epic FAIL

    Short base chassis: not good for high acceleration in aggressive boost.

    Small designe: smaller than a 370Z and narrower than a GT86.

    Fake vents: leads to nothing especially the door’s. Every car has fake vents that can be worked out by tuning companies (not a feature in the Supra).

    complicated engine: expensive to repair, and unreliable.

    Auto transmission: unfunny, underpowered and unreliable.

  2. Yes it is 2020 Renaissance Red Toyota Supra 3.0L Inline V6 339 Hp 427 Torque 24-26-31 Sport, & Normal Modes Brembro Brakes 0-60=4.1 Seconds 10.1 Cubic Feet 101 Meters Wheelbase $65.000 Thousand Dollars Compares BMW Z4!!!!!!!!

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