2020 TREK Domane SL

2020 TREK Domane SL

okay this is the new domani series it comes in an SL and SLR and the SL is a little bit more affordable than the SLR so this has been in the lineup for quite some time it's called the trek domani my dad and I have personally written the one that's a little bit older in years this is the rear this is the front shock this is separate from this and so this will give about that much basically less kick it more power to the pavement one of the cool new features about this bike compared to the other Daman is that they've had is that it's very airy looking so you can see how this is very aerial you can see how it's real sleek it's almost looks a lot like the Madone except it's a little bit more of a comfort position you can see how you can put a bigger tire up to a 38 C on here so if you do want to take it on some gravel roads it's awesome bike too and very durable um another thing too it's a very comfort oriented bike just because of the shocks and this is so much fun so you put your snacks in there or your flat fixing so this comes out within reason but when you have a flat you just want to get it done look at those little tools right there they don't come up the tools that we can definitely have them in stock for you tire levers and your co2 and your little air Chuck and then whatever else that you need

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