214 sq.ft Japanese Apartment Tour

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  1. With thousands of empty properties in Japan, people still have to live in an area that is the equivalent size of a caravan

  2. He's Wife kinda look a type women who wanna divorce you if you cannot find a job or broke.

  3. Having a positive attitude is a wonderful thing which you guys exemplify so effectively! You set a great example.

  4. You’d put the key in the door and break the window on the other side of this claustrophobic squat hole. ☠️

  5. Size doesn't matter..its how u feel happy in ur own house. U and ur house are beautiful. Love from India.

  6. In the land of the plenty, we often forget how little we need to live a full and productive life. In the west we become hostages to all the stuff that we buy on credit. Watching your video is sobering. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I used to live in a place like that. My wife at that time and me had only the essentials, it was a minimalist life. Might look claustrophobic but we really thrived, that’s where my son was conceived in fact. Such nice memories.

  8. Does the sink water fill the toilet tank? Not common in America and Australia. Some may find a demo interesting.

  9. Lo unico que no me gusto fue la cortina…eso era una cortina o un individual..? de resto ,bonito el aprtmnto.

  10. Love your tiny house: 1- good for young couple 2- yes, Japan is small country and small houses are necessary. 3-not much to clean and dust.

  11. She's sexy, calm, caring and cute. You won't find those girls in the west anymore. The younger generation females in the US are often lazy or entitled, or both.

  12. pretty sad. that i have almost twice as much space in my rent apartment. =P and i do not even use half of it. (64 squares (metric)).

  13. Thank you for the tour and Greetings from North Michigan USA. I sold my 4000 square foot home just North of Detroit and purchased 40 acres of woodland on a small lake in North Michigan. I built a 340 square foot primitive cabin, hand pump well for water, wood stove and minimal solar electric to run my computer and charge my phone. Best decision I ever made, thanks again.

  14. What's on the other side of each closet? The first closet that was shown seemed a waste of useful space.

  15. Love this πŸ™‚ The North American Myth you need 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a rec room, massive kitchen, walk in closets, huge backyard..etc etc etc and 3000+ sqft of house minimum or you are obviously poor is so backwards. This apartment is all 1 or 2 people need. Thanks for the Tour

  16. Wish the US had apartments like this, many times what we have is to big, and cost to much for rent. Total waste of space, then you also have to keep it clean and heat/cool it. For a long I've considered just buy a old camping trailer, and renovation it, Frankly that all the space I really need, even more so when single.

  17. Japanese take lemons and make lemonade.America on the other hand won’t even build apartments that size for elderly, students or even single individuals with no children. But thanks for showing us how y’all are living.

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