3 Day Winter Camping Trip in a Hot Tent with my Dog

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  1. Only 10 mins into this video but can we all appreciate how much effort Joe puts into getting the shots he's filming. But take up so much energy putting the camera down for a shot then going back and getting it!! Much respect to you man.

  2. Your dog was getting snow stuck in his paws like you was saying. Sorry for not using the correct term for it but ya it happens to my dads german shepherd as well

  3. .Good dog.Next time bring a small pulley and 100' rope for getting your sled up some hills.Love your videos.

  4. Its been rough but your videos are keeping my spirits up. Thanks. I've been camping for about a month now. Haven't slept due to the cold and now I have pnuemonia and haven't been able to keep any food down. Pray for me.

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