421 adventure – Presentation

421 adventure – Presentation

Hello! We are Marco and Aurélie. Wait, that doesn’t sound right! You are Aurélie and you are Marco. What we really like to do is living, meeting
new people, learning new things every day. But what we love doing above anything else
is cycling! We do everything on our bikes; sport of course,
but also commuting, shopping, we even go to the toilet on our bikes! The aim is to go from Finland to Singapore
on our bikes. It’s gonna be a long trip full of landscapes,
people and adventures for sure. But what we’d really like to do is to show
people that there’s another way of travelling; one which allows you to see our planet’s
majesty. And of course, we want to do it in the most
sustainable way possible. So what’s better than doing it by bike! I think the fundraiser was born as a natural
response to our wish to help people. We would like to be ambassadors to the bike;
show that life is beautiful and that you should never ever forget your dreams. I once read a quote which said “the world
is like a book, and if you never travel you’re just reading the same page over and over”. We would also like to share our passion and
our deep belief that bicycles can help make this planet a better place and more sustainable. This is one of the reasons why we have decided
to collaborate with two organisations which help people. Bikes can do that!
88bikes provides bicycles to young women and girls who have been victims of human trafficking. These bikes for example enable them to go
to school more easily and have access to education. This organisation has been doing so since
2007 and has successfully donated more than six thousand bikes in 17 countries such as
Uganda, Peru and Cambodia. Wheels for Wellbeing is an award-winning charity
which supports disabled people to enjoy the benefits of cycling. They also campaign for better infrastructures
so people with less mobility can also go by bike. It’s amazing how little can go a long way,
so please help us by following us on our blog, youtube channel, and Instagram. Spread the word and don’t forget to donate
for these admirable causes. Be part of the story!

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  1. Hé! Belle surprise! On ne se connait que par email et par PW, mais je vous dis bonne merde et bonne aventure. Ciao, Tulio

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