48 Hours of My Life + Barcelona Travel Vlog | Aimee Song

48 Hours of My Life + Barcelona Travel Vlog | Aimee Song

hi guys I was going to show you guys we're just trying to focus what 24 hours and a day in the life of ami song is like so I am the special performance I'm sorry it gets stressed and anxious so I had an interview with business of fashion and I met with this journalist her name is Rachel Strogatz and then right after that we went to my office that we work had a team meeting and also today is national administrative appreciation professional so yeah something like that so I bought my team lunch and after that I came home heck I'm leaving my snack and then now I'm going down town that's where we're going oh we're going to the forum not downtown LA we're good what I just realized that was in Inglewood Inglewood and then because I am speaking out we day with some amazing people I mean my my session is only like really a few minutes but still I'm gonna be on the same stage that's Kendrick Lamar actually for me I tell you mm-hm so I am the special performance thingy with Kendrick Ansley to go Selena Gomez is going to be the Kendrick will not be there unfortunately maybe you one chance will be there cancer rapper yeah Natalie Portman Natalie Portman oh no Patrick Harris so cool I'm going to be speaking out one day tomorrow so today is rehearsal okay so it airs on ABC in September no snacks today right before banana the chocolate Oh we'll make sure you tomorrow I tomorrow can you allow me to be thanks purpose half we go time to go on stage put the damn almonds down miss Oprah Winfrey it was here last year go on saige how many I think it's time to put your almonds down 16000 wait it's kind of like so beautiful package just let Co you to burn influencer mama some joy packs and other than a trip to Kenya now she's here to tell us all about it content / me dewy and she just told us that miss Naomi Kendall will be here tomorrow – mmm like I am collision that's like drink right oh my god Kendrick Naomi song jillian is here in the house she is prepping all the things all the things all the things so you know we came back on wheat and it is almost 5 p.m. and it's too early for dinner I to build one for Yakko pull what I'm eating you know cuz I'm hungry so I just have to decide if I want to go to Khan so Julie and I are discussing whether I have fun the brand would be an wit to go to Khan huh I don't know what you're saying what is it can I our contacts uh-huh no just be funny that's not funny did you think that it was funny like Khan like the can tomorrow by the way I'm going straight to Barcelona from weed a from Inglewood because it's closer to the airport now I'm coming back tonight I am planning to go workout because I have not worked out for a while so let's see if I'll be able to make it to a workout class today I'll keep you guys close Julianne prison for you oh my god I love you I have much much more yeah go for I got you one too cuz I know you like this okay thank you I'm happy and we have Antonio it's a full house here literally there's so many people one two three four five six more I did make it to it workout class I'm so proud of myself and now I went to the groceries and bought jackfruit by the way this water bottle is not mine it's my big pet pain its Jared's mm-hmm see I always carry a water bottle this is a train would Danny water bottle this is what a jack for it looks like I don't know if you've ever had it has a spiky exterior and the inside is like this then each of the yellow things contain two pits that you take out when consuming and charcoal was like looking at me because he I know he wants jackfruit but I don't think they're for dogs charcoal I'm sorry if you're just watching this I like it looks like snot huh this is not a pretty situation I guess that's why sometimes your Google finds me unattractive actually that I don't know you still loves me despite this I am masking tonight because tomorrow's an important general are you talking I'm diamo been a good boy I am very shiny cuz I got out of the shower and just slathered on coconut oil and then put on found and I haven't put on any powder yet except for eyeshadow and today is the we day day and it's kind of early I feel I didn't wake up with a good mood I don't know why you guys but sometimes I wake up with a really great mood sometimes I wake up in a shitty mood I didn't sleep much a lot on my mind and I just feel like today's like it's such a busy day and I'm getting stressed and anxious which is not a good thing I'm trying to like trying to shift the mood the thing is I have Jared staying with me Yawk was Fred Antonio is staying with me and Jakob was here there are three people in this house on top of the two dogs and then today is Thursday which is the day that my housekeeper Yolanda comes who is amazing but then again still there's four people then and then I have my girl Maggie was helping me pack and then Gillian who is my executive assistant and she really makes my life easier so that's six people in the house so just like everybody's asking me things and I'm just like I feel overwhelmed a little like just give me some space I'm just venting cuz it's a lot every morning everybody's just asking me things I just want to be left alone I feel bad complaining but my complaint I think if I don't complain and just keep it in they're just gonna like build and build and build so I just have to vent and say it so you can skip this part if you feel like you don't want to hear me complaining but sometimes I just feel like I need some alone time and I don't get any alone time yeah today's Barcelona I start to do my makeup and hair and finish packing all in an hour and I have so many things happening in the house so the plumbing is not working there's like a crazy plumbing situation happening there is a bathroom next to the kitchen and every time somebody uses a shower or flushes the toilet it smells like poop and one time I was grinding using the food processor or the food grinder inside the sink grinding my celery Yolanda my housekeeper was like oh my gosh on me the cellar is coming out of the shower Oh gross okay I'm going to finish my makeup I actually do my makeup was peaceful and I lit a sage this morning when I try to change my mood I mean I have so many great things to be grateful quarter things will be well all will be well thank you God like Oprah said in Maya Angelou okay we day at the floor we have two antennas already tape with all my suitcase because I am going straight to the airport throughout we day I'm Ava I'm KP sir from Chicago yeah what are you doing here in LA well I won the PacSun contest to come visit you that's do you get nervous I get nervous but right now you're totally fine I don't yes or not sustainable economy for people in Masai Mara Kenya food and education for kids so keep my receipt you at the moment was amazing but knowing that the proceeds of these bracelets will go toward creating more opportunities for women in Kenya is where real positive change happen [Applause] they proximately ten hours later I cleaned up nicely have an a so this is my outfit for the Pronovias show in Barcelona which is why I'm here I'm here to attend the Pronovias Fashion Show I know them as like wedding dresses and party dresses so wearing something of theirs here right now it's a little long but it's really sexy huh I'm so sleepy guys so so so sleepy I didn't really sleep on the plane so I'm really tired and then as soon as I landed I'd done my fitting interview hair makeup also because the show is at 9:00 p.m. it's technically 8:30 but most likely I bet it's going to be at 9:00 p.m. I don't think I'm gonna have time to eat dinner until afterwards but thankfully I remember still oh no where a lot of people eat dinner super late I remember the first time I was in Barcelona I went to a restaurant at 7 p.m. because I'm from LA and I like to eat dinner around 7 p.m. or 6 p.m. if I can and I remember always the restaurant it was empty so people apparently don't eat until like 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. so by the time I get out of the show I'm going to be munching on a lot of things I wanna eat pie tapas fish avocado potatoes vegetables keep you posted hey this one's recommended by so many people and grant has been here before oh my gosh everybody's been recommending this place that's really like oh my gosh avocados order whatever Barcelona the last night we were eating until 1:00 a.m. I was 1:30 a.m. we needed it so bad and then and we found this place and 8:30 p.m. not so right bye good thing I ordered another dish cause you never know got scrambled eggs how's it so energized for the day and it's already almost vintage shopping in Barcelona you find anything geez how much are they here 25 year-old okay I get a rose bowl and pay 20 bucks for my so the circumference of your neck is a width of your waist scallops with kimchi cream oh yeah dish number one five I've never seen anything like this I'm curious what their stories are and we also have a pizza coming but we're gonna walk back to the hotel so it's all visual and it's a vegan place or vegetarian please

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  1. Yay so happy you uploaded even tho you’re probably super busy w/ the launch and all your projects! Congrats on your collection btw✨ you did soo amazing!!

  2. you inspire me every single day aimee. Your journey, your laugh your realness everything is so true and feels so real. literally every time I'm having a career block I go through your previous you've videos, delve into them and it makes me get closer to what I wanna achieve and I think of why one can't be exactly who they want to and also excel at it. thanks for everything

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