5 REAL Possibilities for Interstellar Travel

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  1. I have a propulsion theory that will produce a kenetic force of near half the speed of light. However, to scale it up to move something of notable mass would be the challenge.

  2. So we get there … then what? Turn around and come back? Send a picture back (that will take Years to arrive)?

  3. Maybe one day our time travelers will come back and let us know what it's all about and we won't have to go there.

  4. But what’s it matter we can’t load Evernote I’m meaning at lest 98 percent of humanity is lost probably even more plus those people would make it and take forever to colonize and then food comes into factor they have lost their home planet where will they get all the food in time before the 3 generations die out

  5. I believe instead of investing in bombs and fighting with each other we should be looking into space as a human race not as separate countries. Its the Last Frontier I mean why not I believe all the answers will be out there

  6. 2019 anyone?

  7. it is not a product of light, but these UFOs are moving at a light speed or in a light drive with the help of magma; therefore, they are the most overlooked nerves of volcanoes as they lie in and out, also not bright in the universe have protection from reflection and absorption, ie, reflection which does not reject light or do not scatter it, the universe is still a cold and dark place, and every trace of light is important to them

  8. I’d like to ask Elon Musk…if possible could you just send this prick to space by himself….what a toff

  9. Shit up you idiots you don't listening to the children of light ? Matter energy in prime infinitesimal particles next to 0 mass it the only way not to have any defects to are D.N.A. or baby's will be impossible

  10. Why don't you just use a merkabah ship rings of gyro,s magnets and crystals and more rings all spinning making a reverse vortex worm hole ? Point A becomes point B we will get there in 1 yeah because you need a point of origin to calculate point A and point B

  11. That would take 10 generations on the ship adjusting to walking after getting there that's silly

  12. Your primitive ways will have you all die to be in space that much time and born is space your bones will not be strong enough to walk in gravity

  13. Energy is infinitely useful and the most fast point a becomes point b boom flash where there

  14. Get real, homo sapiens! In case you haven't been paying attention to what's been happening since post WWII, the human species is well on it's way to bringing about it's own, well deserved extinction. If nuclear holocaust doesn't occur (it's just a matter of when, not if), then our inability to reverse the cascading effects of climate change will slowly do us in. I'm a well read student of quantum mechanics, but it's apparent that there are too many people who have watched too many episodes of "Star Trek".

  15. This host makes is in a fighting stance.
    I feel like he's getting ready to jump out of the screen and do some kind of karate on me.

  16. Not sure how old info is… But we only need to wait 15 years to get to earth 2.0 in as little as 20 years….

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