5 Star Trek Gadgets That Became Real | What the Stuff?!

5 Star Trek Gadgets That Became Real | What the Stuff?!

(playful piano melody) (crack) – Sorry. (playful melody) – I said tea, Earl Gray, hot. This is coffee, black, lukewarm. Mark it dude. – Tea, earl gray, hot. – Can you order tea, sir? – Tea, Earl Gray. – Can you order tea, sir? – Hot hot hot. – Since it first aired in 1966, we’ve created tech just as good as Star Trek. Sometimes even better,
except transporters. But, who wants their atoms
scattered all over space, anyway? – Buried alive, buried alive. – Khan! – The most ubiqiutous Star Trek gizmo we have today, is the communicator. Or, as we call them, cell phones. On Star Trek, they were more like those annoying push-to-talk
devices popular in the 90’s. Even the next generation communicator badges are possible today. We have similar badges that can link people over wireless networks, or use bluetooth to connect
to our phone contacts, to enable voice messaging. – Please Spock, do me a favor, and don’t say it’s fascinating. – No, but it is interesting. (speaking in alien language) (speaking in alien language) – Now, if you spoke Klingon,
you’d know that means: – Perhaps today is a good day to die! – Or you could just use
a universal translator. We have devices that translate phrases into specific languages. Our only problem is, the
language has to be predetermined. But voice recognition is
advancing considerably. Our computers just need the available data to translate with. So, they’re not universal just yet. – Damnit man, I’m a
doctor not a physicist. – Help it, treat it. – I’m a doctor, not a brick layer. – Your a healer, there’s a patient. That’s an order. – Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor,
not a telemetry sensor. Well, actually I’m neither
but Star Trek’s tricorders could measure all things
medical and environmental. Today, NASA actually
has a handheld device, called a LOCAD that measures
unwanted microorganisms. And other handhelds help doctors examine blood flow and bacteria. Qualcomm even has a contest for the creation of an affordable,
non-invasive handheld that can detect at least
15 medical conditions. Like an elementary tricorder. – [Voiceover] Thank goodness. – Goodness had nothing to do with it. Three to beam up. – I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. – We obviously now have video conferencing like they did on the
bridge of the enterprise. But did you know that we are developing immersive telepresence kits that combine audio, video, and lighting, so that it feels like we’re in the same room with someone hundreds of miles away? And let me tell you, nothing feels better than saying “let them eat static”, when the feed goes down on
your bosses’ end of the call. – They’re requesting communications, sir. – Let them eat static. – Something’s not right here. – Was this man always standing right here? – Even though Geordi la Forge was blind on Star Trek, The Next Generation, his visor let him see through the electromagnetic spectrum. In 2005, scientists in Stanford implanted chips in blind rats that worked very similar to that visor, processing light from glasses
into signals to the brain. – Fascinating. – What? – That is a human expression. – Yes. – Fascinating. – Fascinating. So what Star Trek technology do you most want to become real? Let us know in the comments, and check out our original list: ten Star Trek technologies that actually came true on Howstuffworks.com. For everything from tractor beams to torpedo coffins, my name’s Jonathan, and I have been, and always
shall be, your friend. – There are! Four lights! (piano key) – Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

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  1. Of course, leave it up to these nerds to leave out teleportation and time travel of which there's ample evidence of being achievable. I know I'll get barraged by trolls, so I'm ending this now. And yes there's loads of youtube videos on the subject, which NO I don't have time to hunt down right now. (I know, how convenient.) pppppppppppppp

  2. The "tricorder" please. Most especially the medical uses part. I am getting old and  showing signs of aging; I have never been comfortable with invasive medical procedures of any kind. Blood work scares me and it hurts. I would happily live without it, I have no wish to be x-rayed, forced to ingest vile liquids,catheterized, scoped or probed. Can't happen soon enough. Live long and prosper!

  3. Without a doubt, food replicators. Imagine, exactly what you want to eat, when you want it, without having to shop, or prepared it, but the best part is that you just put the dirty dishes back in and poof, clean up is done.

  4. replicator or what ever they are called. replicate everything from food to nuts for a fixture hahaha JUST EVERYTHING, Joseph T

  5. cell phones yes…, but not from another planet, get it? see, here on earth we have satellites and relays but out there…on other planets…, so isn't that way yet

  6. I'd love to see working replicators.
    One: You could eat all the junk you want with only a tiny percentage of the calories.
    Two: You could have almost anything you ever wanted.
    And Three, the end to world hunger and poverty ^_^

  7. But the Enterprise does not have to place satellites in orbit or raise radio masts before they can use the communicator.

  8. @2:34 ..Look at the fake NASA photo…LMFAO!! …"Space Station" LOL…hair spray salon!.
    Do people still believe we went to the moon? SMH!

  9. We need phasers, badly. We need the phasers that vaporized, which is way better than a lightsaber.

  10. I'm sure there are many, but I've got one more: I just read an article about processing magnesium and aluminum into transparent plate armor. it's impressive stuff/even defeating the infamous cal. .50 BMG at less than two inches thickness. you can add "transparent aluminum" to the list.

  11. TASER = Phaser
    VR & AR = Holodeck
    3D printer = replicators
    Laser and particle beam weapons already exist.
    Ion drive spacecraft propulsion engines are already operational.

    NASA says they have successfully tested the eM drive, a reactionless space propulsion system that closely parallels Star Treks impulse drive.

    Transparent Aluminium has been created.

    IPAD, mobile phone and Stealth technology all directly inspired by Star Trek.

    Sexbots will be the first expression of any kind of android closely matching Ltd Cmd DATA.

    The onesie I can't forgive them for and the chest communicator is equivalent to present day wearable tech.

    Faster than light travel and communication is still impossible and transporters are just fantasy.

    But Star Trek has definitely inspired the the men behind SpaceX and Blue Origin, I can only hope that if this tech does allow us Interstellar travel, that we also take along Star Treks greatest innovation, that being the non interference Prime Directive.

  12. I'd say a computer interface that actually understands your audio commands the first time, and an actual android that could function as an intelligent friend. Androids exist today, but their working dialogue is extremely primitive.
    I'm also thinking about replicators. But let's face it: If we had replicators, they'd only make us more lazy.

  13. Sorry but my new Apple I pad pro still has trouble FUCKING recognising my voice 😩 Voice recognition is not that clever and has anyone noticed lately Just why does Google keep asking us every two minutes for a sample of our voice . They want our names our address the ability to see through our picture Gallery and to watch through our camera this is BIG BROTHER WHICH MEANS BIG PROBLEMS for our freedoms . I also wonder if the people on the Enterprise ever had trouble watching porn on there screens or doesn’t it exist in the future . My final thought on Star Trek is why they weren’t brave enough to have sex android call girls . After all there were lots of guys on the enterprise and there was only one Yeoman rand And sure there were a few other chicks but not enough 😂👋🏻🇬🇧

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