5 Year Hair Journey || coffee&makeup

5 Year Hair Journey || coffee&makeup

hi everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is Britt and this is coffee and makeup recently I had a hair journey birthday I hit five years of growing out my hair so I thought it would be fun for this milestone to show you guys my entire hair journey from where I started five years ago my hair was about shoulder length to where I am now in 2016 my hair is almost touching my thighs so it's been a really fun journey I'm excited to share with you guys a lot of these pictures that I'm going to show you are cell phone pictures and they're pretty poor quality that's just because I had no idea that anyone else would be interested in seeing those I took them over the years for my own use and not particularly with any knowledge that I would be ever making these videos so that's just one thing to keep in mind but I hope you guys enjoy please comment below and update me on your hair journey and where you guys are with your hair growth and anything else you want to add ask any questions I'd be happy to answer them and I hope you guys enjoy the video so just for reference here is where my hair was five years ago as well as the length that is now and year one my hair was shoulder length and this is the year that I discovered the long hair community website and the site really inspired me to just go for it and try to grow my hair to really abnormally long lengths here is the first set of length pictures that I took for the long hair community site and when I was on the site I discovered pretty quickly that using natural oils for your hair care is essential and that's something that I still stick with today here's a picture of my very small collection when I first started going my hair I don't really use any of these products anymore except for the monoi coconut oil on the far right and here's a photo of myself and my mom doing a hot oil treatment this next photo was my first ever successful Dutch braid my hair finally got long enough to do Dutch braids and it definitely wasn't the last Dutch braids are still one of my favorite types of braids in year 5 but in year one I really really loved them I also tried a lot of other styles including this ponytail where you wrap a lock of hair around the band make it look a little bit more decorative I did braided updos half ups really anything I could think of when I had shorter hair I really liked experimenting with styles to keep it fun this lefts picture is a wedding up too and the right is for Christmas and of course I got hair sticks and continuously failed at using them to create a cinnamon bun my hair was just too short here is my hair fork which also didn't work that well in year 1 I did realize however that I could do a pretty good half up with my hair fork and then on the right side this is just a picture of some braid waves that I had then at the end of year one a tragedy occurred I got a really really bad haircut where I asked the hairdresser to just trim my hair and she took a razor and raisered off all kinds of weird layers so I was so upset and actually this picture is the only one I could find where you couldn't tell that I was crying but I eventually came back from the brink in year 2 my length started to get a little bit more impressive and also those terrible layers started the process of growing out here's another one of those ponytails this time I wrapped a braid around the band instead of just a lock of hair and in year 2 my hair was just shy of fitting into a cinnamon bun with a hair stick or fork but I ended up making it work towards the end of the year I also learned how to do this cool braid up bun where you braid upside down at the back of your head I really liked that one in year two and I first got up the courage in year two to wear a hair fork to class even though I was still afraid that it would pop out in the middle of class or just fall apart spontaneously I still was able to do that here's a picture of me with a yarn braid this was so funny because when I was looking back I grabbed a photo of my current braid and side by side they're almost the same length which is pretty neat all in all for a year too I gained some length I was starting to feel really good about my hair this is a picture of my hair with bun waves that I really liked so it was definitely a good year for me then in year three my length really started taking off this was also the year that I started following hair youtubers so this silk scarf idea was from the youtuber Steph Arizona I can't remember if I saw it on her channel or on her Instagram but she gave me that idea then this was also the first year that I trimmed my own hair I just had a straight across trim with a Korea clip dude that year and of course I was continuing my oil treatment I was a very good girl and I continued oiling my hair all throughout my journey which is really what I attribute its quality to so this is at the end of year 3 my hair is really getting along in length and I was very happy about it and that brings us to year 4 in year 4 I discovered braided pigtails and pretty much never looked back I love the style for exercising and workouts I didn't do too many other styles in year 4 but whichever ones I did they got pretty easy to do just because the length of my hair was a bit longer there's a bunch of pencils that I used in lieu of hair sticks and this is a half up looking very different than some of my other half ups from earlier years of course I was still oiling my hair like I said taking very good care of it and I also discovered Instagram hair counts for the first time so this is when my picture quality had a really big spike and here are just some braid waves on either side and then this is one of my favorite pictures from year four this is just my old apartment as having a cup of coffee and looking out the window and I think it shows the length well so this is the length that I ended up with in year four when all was said and done it was about tailbone length at that time so that brings us to year five my hair is so much longer than it was in year one it's kind of staggering and I mostly just wear it down because that's how I feel it looks the best and also out of a little bit of laziness on my part here's a style I did a while ago with flexi rods I did heatless curls and this was really fun experiment for me I kind of like the feeling that I was a curly girl just for a day but those tangles were terrible here is a Dutch braid I thought it'd be funny to put a picture of my very first stitch right here to see how far my braid has come pretty neat then of course I was doing oil treatments throughout this year as I did for all of the years of my journey ultimately year 5 left me with almost classic length hair and I really am happy with it I'm very pleased with the results of my journey and I'm excited to keep going and see what the next five years will bring so that was my entire hair growth journey so far all five years I hope you guys really enjoyed it and I will see you all in the next video bye

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  1. To those of you who are comparing my rate of growth with yours, you are forgetting one thing and that is HEIGHT! We are not all the same height and the distance between my shoulders and waist for instance is going to be different than yours. So don't get hung up on how "slow" you are growing compared to me – it's probably just because you are taller! Humans generally grow about a half inch of hair per month, and the variation from person to person isn't very big. In any case, try to enjoy the journey and appreciate your own lovely tresses at whatever length you have! 😊

  2. If you want to see results within a month then here's a tip for you guys and it definitely works, now all you need is caster oil and coconut oil, you need to do 1 tablespoon of caster oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, now mix them in and then apply the oil to your roots, massage your scalp for about 3-5 minutes and then leave it in overnight 😴 in the morning wash the oil out using your normal shampoo and conditioner and then you can if you like find a hydrating coconut spray to massage into your damp hair. For full results you should do this 2 to 3 times a week 😊 good luck to you guys, it's what I'm doing at the moment with my hair and it looks amazing only after a week!

  3. Long hair community = Natural hair community. Similar methods in naturally taking care of all types of hair.

  4. in how many days did u cut your hair and how much through out in these 5 years… could you please explain the cutting time….how much hairs

  5. My hair is a little longer than your begining hair, But I plan on being married in about 5 years, my hair has been growing pretty fast so I'm very excited to go on my journey, it has grown this much in two years from a pixie cut (The youtube picture is a year old so my hair length now is armpit length like it gets caught when I'm sleeping lol)

  6. I shaved my head two months ago and I can spike it already. Bondi boost helps. I want to grow mine long like it was when I was 6. Butt length.

  7. I chopped my hair off 2016 the year i graduated college, It was around chin length. it took me 3 years to grow until the butt length ('m pretty surprised it grew out quickly) I just recently did a big chop off the ends so now my hair is above my butt

  8. To me hair below the lower waist seems too much to behold and see. what's the prettiest is that tapered look some hair has at waist length.

  9. DO NOT CUT IT! I'm gonna try the 5 year oil treatment thing because my hair is shoulder length, I'm in year 8 and I really want to grow out my hair. You are such an inspiration, thanks for posting this! ❤️😍

  10. hi!! I'm watching this in 2019!! About a year ago, i got my hair cut up to my shoulders. A few weeks later, I REALLY wanted to grow it out. Now, my hair is at my chest. Your hair is sooo beautiful!! ❤❤

  11. One of the most well made videos out there on this topic… it's actually ac4 year journey given that haircut at the end of year 1 but I'm glad you call it a 5 year journey because that kind of a setback happens with everyone and your inclusion makes it v real..

  12. I appreciated this video, im glad you kept track of yr growth , im just starting but my hair is at yr 2yr mark so in about 2 more yrs ill have my length desired! Only to my tail bone no longer, as i think hair starts looking weird wen longer, just like nails, we want them long but not yrs growth! Well thankyou 😄

  13. I had the exact length at where she started it took me 2.5 years to grow it down to my butt like her instead of 5, and I'm 5'10 tall. I trimmed my hair in the process too.I thought everybody's hair grows fast like that but I guess not.

  14. My hair is half way down my butt and I noticed that the ends are starting to dry and split. What oil treatments do you use?

  15. Guys I have the best way: I always went to the Barber 2 times a year, so 6 months between each session. My hair grew exactly the amount that was cut off within the 6 months, between 10-15 centimeters (4-6 inch). Until my last session at the barber, my hair was cut to my shoulders, this was 3,5 months ago. But one thay i concluded that I missed a lot of volume at my roots, so I thought what if I washed and brushed my hair upside down, then my hair will grow straight. It kinda happened, but the biggest difference was, that my hair grew within months so much longer than usual. Normally 6 months (10-15 centimeters / 4-6 inches), now 3,5 months (20-25 centimeters/8-10 inches)

  16. now if anyone reads thing just know i am a moron, my stupid self had hair to my tailbone. It was all curly and soft, but i just cut my hair… but my hair takes only a year to grow out to wish me luck

  17. Thank you for sharing your hair growth journey… When I was 29 I could sit on my hair, but for some reason I had it cut first 12 inches and again had it cut 12 inches…and again… so I ended up with short hair and hated it… Starting 20 years ago, I tried to grow it long but even having just "trims" at the hairdresser, it did not grow long… and stayed about shoulder length. About 3 years ago I decided not to get it cut anymore and now it is pretty ragged at the ends, but the longest part is now at my waist… I don't think a person has long hair until they can sit on it, so that is what I am now aiming for… At this point in time, my hair is naturally platinum… I am 73 years old and still dreaming of being able to sit on my hair again…

  18. Your hair looks amazing by year 5! If you listened to hairstylists this would be impossible without major trims. I'm on year 2 with minimal trims. I also had the stylist use a razor. I'm coming back from that and hoping no split ends because of it. Using the oil and only wash 1time a week.

  19. Did you trim it at all? I know someone who didn't cut or trim for 7 yrs. and it's beautiful! She's vegan and used no heat on her hair. Yes, natural oils really help keep hair beautiful as it grows!

  20. I began growing out my hair about 5 years ago too, except I began at a pixie and now it's down to waist length. That was also when I decided to stop coloring and go natural with my gray hair. So now it's almost entirely salt & pepper overall with a thick strand of silver at the front which looks almost like a highlight 🙂

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