#56 – 17 MILES IN A DAY! Epic Journey To Avoid Bad Weather

#56 – 17 MILES IN A DAY! Epic Journey To Avoid Bad Weather

Okay, so we were moored here next to a steep bank, but this is Runnymede and this is owned by the National Trust, so it’s seven pounds a Knight to moor. In fact, if we’d gone round the bend it would have been free to moor.
We’re gonna push on today. We’re doing quite a bit. We’re gonna get hopefully to
Hampton Court Palace, and then maybe on to Teddington Lock, because we know the
weather is turning for the worst. We were due to get off the Thames on Tuesday but
it looks like we’re gonna try and get off the Thames for Monday now because
the weather is changing and we don’t want to be in the bad wind and rain on Tuesday As you come out of Runnymede and the
lock, we’ve got these two bridges to go under. M 25 And there’s boat for sale over there. This is another one of the islands. Lots of little tiny islands on the Thames. People waving over there. So, we’re coming into Staines now, or going through Staines and under the bridge, and I believe there are some moorings on the
left-hand side. A pub on the right, “The Swan,” and there’s moorings on the left-hand side
and apparently there’s a Sainsbury’s not too far from the moorings, so if you need to get any shopping this is the place to stop. We’re cruising with our fellow YouTube
vloggers “Never Enough Cruising,” and for once we’re actually sharing a lock with a narrow
boat. Swan resting his leg. We’re coming up to Chertsey Lock and there’s lock Keepers on again. Yay! How about that ship for your home then?
That is quite spectacular. They’ve made it look like a galleon. Can you see
the boat behind with the masts? Oh, look at it from the back. Okay, so we’re not far from Weybridge now
which is where the River Wey meets the River Thames. We’re not going down the River Wey today.
We’re possibly gonna leave up until next year But we’re going to carry on along the Thames.. Pharaohs
island, and this is the bit we’re navigating through, or will be in a
moment. We don’t want to come down here at all there’s a lots of different weirs
and then this comes on to the River Wey navigation, so we are going to come from
Pharaohs island, through the lock at Shepperton,
and then onwards. So this is Pharaohs island. You can go either side of this
island, and we’re gonna take the right-hand side. Lots and lots of houses
in the middle, so they must have to use their boats to come off the island, perhaps. There’s a weir that goes that way down towards
the River Wey, but if you wanted to go to the River Wey, you need to come
through this lock first. This is Shepperton lock. You either
continue on the Thames through Shepperton lock or you come out of
Shepperton lock and turn right to go on the River Wey. These are the flood marks.
My goodness, 1894 – that’s right up there. 2004 was quite high. That would mean the water would have been right up to them houses over there, or the bottom of them. And if you want to go to the River Wey,
it’s down there – not that you can see anything that tells you. Oh dear, it looks like a barn has been burnt down here. So, what I thought was a pub wasn’t a pub. it’s actually the “Weir hotel.” So,
we could have moored up there and the Weirs – Julie and Mark Weir, obviously ourselves,
would have taken our boat “Weir on the move” to the “Weir hotel” opposite the weir.
Unfortunately we’re cruising on. How many boats can you get in a lock, when we’ve got three in
front of us, we’ll be the fourth one, and another boat behind us. Let’s see if we can fit in. I think that’s a boat for the Caribbean
and the summer vacations, and a little one to do maybe a couple of days away
on the Thames, and then another little boat just to – you know – just go up and down. Four boats and one house! So, we’ve just come up out of Sunbury
lock and we’re making good time. Lots more floating homes as you come
into Hampton. Many different shapes and sizes. And as we go through this bridge here… my goodness, there are people jumping off the bridge. That’s not good. Don’t do that
when we’re coming through. And as we come through this
this bridge here, there’s a weir in front of us. We have got a turn, or steer right
and then we’ve got to go left into the lock. You don’t want to go straight forward here ‘cuz you’ll end up over the weir. We’re gonna make a right turn, quite sharp right turn. So, we’ve got the boats moored up, we’re
double-breasted. You don’t often see that. And we are right outside Hampton Court palace
let’s take a Wander I don’t know if you can see the little
characters that are running along the roof up there. And this is just the entrance. We’re in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace and they are beautiful.
This is outside with a view of Hampton Court. You can you can come and you don’t need to ticket for this. And there’s a lovely tea room nearby.
It’s well worth just coming in and having a look around Where does this entrance lead to I wonder? Oh, it’s quite a tunnel And I wonder who this could be speeding past us?
you The train going over the river Really unusual houseboats. Very unusual
I bet you get a great view – there’s some windows at the bottom. I bet you stand up and look through. Look at this floating home, it actually
looks like a proper little house. Under the railway bridge Here we are, moored at Teddington lock with all the swans

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  1. I do look forward to my Sunday morning breakfast viewing. I think you set a record for “weir” mentions 😂 , remind me again Mrs Weir, where were the Weirs when they were near the weir which was where the Weir Hotels was?

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