7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Star Trek!

7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Star Trek!

I bet some of you guys thought we were
going to do Ghostbusters this week since the new one is out this Friday. Well, guess again,
because we already did Ghostbusters. So, so there, please go check
it out if you haven’t already. Instead, we’re drawing inspiration from
next week’s big release, Star Trek Beyond. Here are seven things you
didn’t know about Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, probably. (Sound)
2009’s Star Trek reboot was pretty action packed, which has almost everything
to do with why everyone loved it so much. But you may not have known that there was
a crap ton of action that wound up on the cutting room floor. There was a whole subplot with Nero
being held captive by the Klingons for 25 years and
it had a big prison break sequence. In fact in this shot that’s
still in the final film Nero was actually on a table being tortured and interrogated by the head Klingon
who was played by Victor Garber.>>Cooperate and you will be spared
the most unpleasant experience.>>But since that whole storyline wound up
being cut, they figured out a different way to contextualize the shot within
the film which kind of sucks. because it means we missed out on seeing
a Victor Garber all Klingoned up. (Sound)
>>I like this ship. You know, it’s exciting.>>The Enterprise has all sorts of
crazy gadgets, gear, and even crew. Here’s something that you probably
didn’t know was inside of it, a fully functional beer factory. The engine room of the Enterprise is
actually a Budweiser plant in Van Nuys, California, which means those giant
vats off to the side are full of beer. (Sound)
But shooting at a beer factory turned
out to be less fun than you’d think. First, it was super cold in there. Then there were a ton of FDA
regulations to work around. Craft service wasn’t even
allowed to make popcorn for the crew because of potential
beer contamination from the odor. So even though the taste
would indicate otherwise, it turns out Budweiser has fairly
strict manufacturing standards.>>you burnt Budweiser. Stop making pee water.>>Holy. (Sound)
>>Ben Burtt was in charge of Star Trek’s sound effects, and he’s got
a lot of street cred in that department. He did the sound design for the original
Star Wars movies and Indiana Jones. On Star Trek, you’d be surprised to
find out how he created some of the most iconic sounds in the films. For example,
the sound of the Enterprise bridge door (Music) Well,to get that, he recorded
the sound of an airdoor on a trolley, then recorded he sound of his and his son’s sneakers squeaking on a floor
and just put the sounds together. And you’ll never guess what
the photon torpedo really is, (Sound) It’s a slinky. (Music) Burt suspended a metal coil from high up,
connected it to a pickup, which is basically just a little
gadget that picks up vibrations and translates them into sounds. Then he just tapped the base of
the slinky with a drumstick and presto, you get the iconic pew pew
of the photon torpedo. (Sound)
For all the high tech imagery and gadgetry
in Star Trek, you might be surprised to find out how they achieved
this shot from Into Darkness. This shot of the glass with the spherical
space ice was actually a pickup shot done after principal had wrapped. So those lights in the background are just
Christmas lights that are out of focus. And those blue lights reflecting in the
glass come courtesy of the flashlight on J.J. Abramson’s iPhone. Way to go, Paramount. $190 million well spent. (Music)>>Are you out of your Vulcan mind?>>I bet you didn’t know that Into
Darkness is totally messing with your head in this scene.>>Sure, it looks like everything’s
gone sideways because the Enterprise is going down but Kirk and
Scotty are totally lying on the floor. And the crew member who
goes flying by them there? (Inaudible)
>>You know, that lady that they
completely failed to save? The actress is actually just being
pulled on a wire across the floor. Same here with Chekov. He’s flat on the floor and
they’re just pulling him with a wire. (Inaudible)
>>For this shot, they pretty much pulled a. By that I don’t mean they
pulled a dated reference. I mean they just built the set on its
side so that the wall is on the floor and then they just had the actors
run on the wall floor. Pretty much all the shots in this sequence
use tricks like flipping the shot upside down or putting the camera on a trick
angle to fake the environment for being upside down or sideways or whatever. All of the direction, moving on.>>The bastard go away.>>What do you mean?>>It´s a portable
transwarp beaming device.>>If you´ve ever thought that
the portable transwarp beaming device from Into Darkness looked somehow familiar,
it wasn´t just your imagination. It looks familiar because
it´s a vacum cleaner. The team had played around with
several design concepts for it, but none of them were quite
what JJ Abrams wanted. Then one day, Arrnie, a custodian at their
Sony offices just happened to be walking by and Andy Segal,
the prop master suggested they base the design based on Arnie’s vacuum,
and JJ was into it. Throw on some paint and futuristic
embellishments, next thing you know, the vacuum becomes
a portable beaming device. Movie magic y’all.
(Sound)>>Since my customary farewell would appear oddly self-serving,
I shall simply say, good luck.>>Since this is our last thing,
let’s end on a goodbye. Specifically, the goodbye
between the Spocks in Star Trek. If you look closely, you’ll notice that
there’s something sort of off about Spock’s Vulcan salute to Spock Prime. Well, it looks slightly off
because Zachary Quinto’s fingers are glued together. Quinto just couldn’t do it. He’s one of those people who can’t
get his hand to form the salute, so they had to do it with glue,
and good for them, I guess. Solving the problem with good
old-fashioned glue instead of a freaking CG hand double or
something like that. That wraps up 7 Things You Probably Didn’t
Know About Star Trek and Into Darkness. But hit the thumbs up if you guys would
ever want us to do a part two with some other things we didn’t have time for
today. Be sure to check out Cinefix.com and
subscribe for more truish things about movies, and sometimes pee water, y’all,
right here on Things You Didn’t Know. (Music) Live long and prosper.

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  1. getting really annoyed that JJ Trek keeps forgetting the other part of the vulcan salute.

    Peace and Long Life, Live Long and Prosper

    in his defense, ENT did it too.

  2. I can do the Vulcan salute with both my hands at the same time… of course I have been practicing since I was to young to remember when I first started trying. That's been a long long long time.

  3. When i was trying to master the vulcan hand greeting, i resorted to taping my fingers together for about 3 days.

  4. Nope, Zach used tape and the doors also had a flushing toilet sound in there as well.
    This info comes from the cast themselves.
    I think the rest is true tho.

  5. If you can't do the hand salute, just do what I did. Take medical tape and tape your fingers to the point where they can't bend. Leave them like that for about a day. Presto. You can now do the salute.

  6. Also the Spock meets Spock scene was the first scene shot for the movie (or at least for Spock 2.0) can you imagine your first scene is opposite of Leonard Nemoy playing HIS ICONIC ROLE

  7. Thought I would know more than one of your Star Trek facts. Didn't realize the title meant only this one movie, though. Need to distinguish you're talking about new Star Trek.

    I knew about the deleted Klingon prison scene, though.

  8. The photon torpedo sound is about the only thing they didn't retcon aside from the names of stuff and the basic shape of the Enterprise.

  9. How stupid do you think the casting directors felt after auditioning heaps of guys to play Spock, screen testing Quinto with Pine, Saldana etc., going through Spock's costume design, having Zachary Quinto learn the script and how to play the character, only to realise Quinto is incapable of the very hand gesture iconic of the character!

  10. Using an actual industrial plant to pass as the Enterprise did not work, as it was the first I noticed… "Hey, this is an ordinary, earthly factory!"

  11. That actress being pulled on the wire was given stunt pay for that trivial bullshit. Women are given the same pay for less work or qualifications in the stunt side of things while the guys have to provide a shit ton of skills, experiences and references before being allowed to APPLY for stunt work on a major motion picture.

  12. Personally, I am NOT a fan of the J.J. Abrams reboots of "Star Trek." I just felt that those films didn't appeal to me as a "Star Trek" fan. I prefer the "Trek" films of the past.

  13. One of the Worst Movies ever. If you remake or redo a Movie you cannot crap on all that came before you. I dont even like the Trek World but what a Betrayal. if I was a Trek fan this movie would have made me very angry.

  14. OK why don't your planet build diamond coated UFO's cyclone intake sorter valves psi tanks microwave panels solar dynamo brake generators PTO press gears cable pulley systems flex tile power wyned poles power wyned tectonic plates. is earth robot phobic and alien phobic if it is sure would explain amount of weapons on earth amazing more weapons than living and dead on a earth

  15. I love these "Uhhh all action, no message, philosophy, etc" ppl lol Just cause it went over your head doesn't mean there isn't philosophy there. Funny fact is The City On The Edge Of Forever is widely regarded as the best Star Trek episode ever. All 3 Kelvin movies have similar themes. But the Star Trek fan base has become utterly retarded and these things just fly over their head at warp speed.

  16. Woah woah WOAH!!!! Budweiser beer is PEE WATER??? Are you effing kidding me? ARE YOU FREAKING K-I-D-D-I-N-G ME???


    Excuse me…. but you MUST specify the species of the pee!

    Budweiser is **HORSE** PISS!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather drink HUMAN PISS than freaking Budweiser! Please re-edit this video RIGHT NOW or I will report you to Youtube ASAP (not really LOL) for saying that Budweiser tastes like just any kinda piss. It doesn't! It tastes like HORSE PISS! Or WHORE PISS! Whatever the case is, you need to specify this kinda thing!

  17. Anyone with half a brain in a taste for beer with a recognized the damn beer factory in the damn trailer before the movie even was released. Star a new Star Trek movies are terrible. Waste of money waste of attitude waste of everything waste of time waste of talent. Paramount and the producers of the film's should be ashamed of themselves!

  18. Bonus Thing You (Probably) Didn't Know: in "Stat Trek" (2009) after Chekhov is able to manually lock onto Kirk & Sulu in free fall, his unscripted exclamation shown @ 3:35 is "Yomayo", a Russian curse phrase. "Yo" is short for "Yeblo", which is a form of the Russian word for "F*ck". "Mayo" means "me" or "mine", so Chekhov is exclaiming "F*ck Me!" but in the self-referential "I Can't Believe It!" form.

    …and this was unscripted, all "on-the-day" by the late Anton Yelchin, who was born in St. Petersburg, Russia but whose family emigrated when he was 6 months old, and spoke fluent Russian… certainly to whip an under-the-radar curse to make the scene & character more realistic. And it worked, as the phrase had audiences at the Moscow Premiere and other Russian showings laughing their heads off and spontaneous applause occurring. 👍🏼

  19. The first one was shockingly good; the second was just a popcorn movie; the third was Kirk on a motorbike… Yeah, that went south so fast! And now Discovery with Resident Evil monsters, midichlorians teleporting ships everywhere, and the most incompetent X-O in Starfleet history. We need a reboot from the reboot.

  20. Fact #8 Something in these films turned grown men and women into whiny bitches over fictional events in make believe films.

    Seriously, even back in 2009 there were really serious real world things that people ignored in lieu of crowing like a punished child over make believe space films.

  21. I liked these films when I first saw them. But when I actually looked back on them, I realized they were absolute shit.

    They are so full of moronic scenes and an overall lack of thought.

    For instance in the first film when the Vulcan planet is getting laser drilled and no one knows what is happening despite there being a massive ship firing a massive laser right at their planet in plain sight.

    And not only that, but Spocks mom and a few others decided to take refuge in a cave during an earthquake.

    Just WTF?

    I could write an essay on why that film was so moronic.

  22. They don't have a portable beaming device in next generation so of course they have them in the original serise way to shit on the cannon JJ you poor excuse for a director what a putz

  23. So the only dude who could kiss Uhura, probably didn't like the idea that much. (not in this video but it was a surprise to me regardless) Then the only dude who needed the Vulcan salute, couldn't do it. Was Spock the right Spock for this?
    (just kidding, of course, I liked the movies)

  24. Deforest Kelly couldn't do the Vulcan salute either, and they needed to use rubber bands to have him do it in Star Trek III.

  25. Really it's not like u have to be double jointed to do the Vulcan salute. I think he was a good choice for young Spock.
    Jist like a lot of the Star Trek movies they are hard to follow but how come they havnt made any more. Time for Disney to buy another franchise

  26. I’m sad you didn’t make a passing reference to what Chekhov says when he beams them while they’re falling. It’s translated from Russian loosely as “I’m the shit!” I watched it with a Russian friend and she burst out laughing. Only reason I know that fact haha!

  27. One thing I DID know about the J. J. Abrams reboot is that it is Star Trek blasphemy. It's crap and needs to be undone, Abrams fired, and we all need to recognize that Star Trek is dead, and we need to allow it to rest in peace. It died with the end of S.T. Ent. and the death of Captain Kirk.

  28. Ok… now there needs to be a director's cut release with the Nero captivity part. That makes SO much more sense than a ship full of klingons just "laying low" and waiting for Spock to finally come through the vortex.

  29. apparently we might be getting a new Star Trek movie but it's not going to be a sequel to the new Star Trek movies.

  30. I actually didn't know some of those. Usually "things you didn't know about ST" videos are things every-f'ing-body knows. I did know about the cut Klingon scenes. And I heard the ZC couldn't do the salute. But I didn't know they used glue.

  31. One thing being ignored here is that Jar Jar Abrams shit canned everything that happened in all the Star Trek Series there ever were except Enterprise.

    In the classic Hollywood style rather than create something new that added to the legacy of Star Trek – he threw all of it away so he could recycle the original characters.

    Hollywood wants a Formula For Success – and that's why they keep doing remakes of things. Most of these fail because the success of the originals was based on something complex that the copy they make doesn't have.

    Science Fiction used to be about ideas but Hollywood is all about Characters. But the public are idiots who only want to feel – and not think – so they gobbled up the crap he foisted on us and destroyed Star Trek. He was so successful at that that Disney hired him to reboot Star Wars – and that is what he did – ruining that too.

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