A ‘10 hour’ Sintra day trip itinerary. The best castles in Portugal!

A ‘10 hour’ Sintra day trip itinerary. The best castles in Portugal!

Sintra is magical. “It’s quite romantic it reminds me of a fairytale setting.” The charming hilltop town, peppered with
ritzy castles that date back hundreds of years. Watch on and I’ll
explain how to get there, plus help you pick which castles to explore.
INTRO: I’m kristina and this is my partner John. When we’re
not working as a TV journalist and airline pilot, we’re exploring the globe.
Subscribe and let’s get lost in Portugal. From Lisbon the easiest way to get to
Sintra is by train from Rossio station. The trip takes around 40 minutes and
costs just over 2 euro each way.. but entertainment is extra. As soon as you walk onto the platform,
look up. From the train station plan your day and work out what attractions
you want to visit because it gets super busy. The most popular is the Palace of
Pena, while the most loved is Quinta da Regaleira, and then the Castle of the
Moors. Top tip: head to Pena Palace first to avoid the crowds. To get there we
reluctantly chose the hop-on hop-off bus. If you’re not on a budget weave in and
out of traffic on a speedy tuk tuk. Although reviews online are mixed. Back to Pena Palace where crowds are already building… Check out the two-hour line just to go
inside. This is why we opted for the cheaper ‘park’ ticket which still allows
you to get up close and walk around the colourful terraces to get some photos.. while skipping the queue. Pena is one of the most recognizable
tourist attractions of Portugal. Built in the 19th century it’s like something out
of a fairy tale. Spend a couple of hours walking around the gardens until you
reach your next stop… Welcome to Quinta Da Regaleira It’s a UNESCO world heritage site. The
palace – built by a millionaire. Most people flock straight to the former
initiation well. Walk down the 27 meters spiral staircase which leads to
extensive labyrinth like tunnels which were once hidden passages. Pop out here…
oh my gosh… you’re surrounded by extravagant waterfalls, lakes and
grottoes. What are your first impressions? It’s
pretty breathtaking.. It’s quite romantic it reminds me of fairytale setting very
Hans Christian Anderson. I love the moss. I’m obsessed with the moss. Let’s
check out the rest of it! Ensure you’ve got your runners on —
you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day. We walked from that point up there… down this
hill.. and how do you feel? Exhausted! Small confession.. between here and Pena Palace… we got lost along the way. We were
meant to stop past the medieval Moors Castle which dates back to the eighth
century. Hundreds of years ago noblemen and the elite chose to build many grand
palaces and extravagant homes here in the region’s Hills. Sintra was a
sanctuary for royalty now transformed into a popular resort town with
beautiful beaches nearby. The bus took us for a 30-minute drive to
this enormous beach and outdoor swimming pool. Before venturing to what was known
as the end of the world. Along the way we met friends on the bus .. meet Loumna from Morocco! We just met her on our tour bus and she has some really cool information… “That place was believe to be, the end of the world before they discovered the Americas.” Another fun fact, it’s the most western part of the country. All round you could say it was a pretty breezy day. Tomorrow’s a little bit more intense as we travel along the coast, we get wet. How’s it going? We’re about halfway. Join
us for a hectic swim to a natural wonder.
“That view is awesome!”

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  1. Hey travellers! I hope you liked this guide 🙂
    If you're staying in Lisbon – make sure you check out -> https://youtu.be/MNEL4kZPuHQ
    There's plenty to do and see in the capital!
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  2. Excellent video again. I love your accent 😉
    Keep going, i love your style of vloging
    There are several others palaces in Sintra:
    …and one of the most breathtaking beaches near cabo da Roca:

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