A Message For People Who Want to Change the World | Kid President Travel Show Ep2

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  1. Totally didn’t cry. I’m not crying. I forgot about kp. I first saw him in third grade.. now I’m in fifth.

  2. Omg, im so happy youre back. You were a huge thing for me when i was in elementary school. I have autism adhd and enxiaty. I wasnt the most social growing up because kids didnt like how childish i was. But i had one friend who is still my best friend to this day. He would watch kid president with me alll the time. And he would even watch cartoons with me too. You were always the person i went to when i was sad because my alchaholic father had yelled at me again. Thank you for being there even if just through a screen.

  3. What if he actually grows to be president, I would totally vote him
    Press the like if you would too, we all would tbh😄🙌

  4. This is deep sort of so lets lighten it up she is a freedom fighter because of a spinning chair and it was worth it

  5. I just remembered how much you changed people like a bad kin into a good kid like me I was a bad kid and you made me a good kid but you have done so much for the world

  6. This gives me hope that I thought was lost in this world. Thank you, for everything honestly. When I was younger you changed my life for the better and you are starting to now as well. I know youve never met me, but I honestly owe you a lot.
    ~a friend

  7. Wow.. that was touching, kid president is awesome and he got to meet someone that marched with the president! it was so sad how she couldn't sit ON a freaking counter just bc of her race. Now and days we are free and we can change the world like that women did.

  8. im in the 7th grade and we watch his old videos in class all the time and when i saw this in my recomended i had fo watch it. This just shows people of any race, age, and religion can change the world if they truly try

  9. we still do socktober at my school! They had a movie night on the jumbotron on the football field and to get in students had to bring two pairs of socks each.. hundreds of people showed up!! Thank you teenage president you still inspire us today <3

  10. Guys he is not tenacear president he is man president why ? Just because he has i dont know A WIFE AND KIDS
    Watch the first episode

  11. A president doesn't last forever 😭 even if he's good .I understand that he's now old , voice change but we can get a new president like his brother daughter or son 😭🔥🇺🇸🕴️

  12. Black people dont even face racism as much as white people do nowadays and im a mexican that is saying this since it matters what race says it

  13. Every white kids and black kids deserve same things not like “uhh your a different color” bc that is not right (I’m a white kid) but I’m not like them

  14. i hope he rlly becomes the president, or just does something really important. i can tell he has a whole, amazing life ahead of him

  15. Gosh that is sad. Joanne just wanted to sit down on those chairs and lick ice cream cones she wasn’t allowed to because of her race

  16. I really hope he changes the world if I ever have to chance to vote for him as president. I WOULD DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT. 💪🏼😊

  17. Everytime they'd show a kid president video in class I'd always wonder "where is he now?" . Never forgot about you, we love you kid president

  18. I can’t wait to see president trump win in 2020 and then pence win so I can see teen president Barron trump become president Barron trump

  19. My childhood
    Watching all the kid president videos in class and writing notes on them watch this video brought back the memories

  20. I remember my brother talking about it ALL the time wondering what he was talking about and now to see all this I really made me miss hearing about kid president

  21. Wow, this was very powerful. Thank you for raising awareness for these social justice movements and their history. It's almost 2020 and discrimination based on arbitrary traits needs to stop! I'm embarrassed how much of this World is still so backwards. If anyone wants to learn more about speciecism, I highly recommend checking out "Dominion documentary" here on Youtube.

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