A Solo-Traveler's Guide To: Laos

A Solo-Traveler's Guide To: Laos

got bored of I needed some change your senior to keep saying when I travel turtle anywhere or I haven't gone before no wants to go with me nah I'll go myself holy crap am I really doing this and we're only getting on this plane to go to a place where I know absolutely no one why am I doing this again oh yeah I was bored volunteer soldier hours got to us this episode car is almost all about starting with wearing Gotham in the north bank robbing banks along bang being vientiane the capital and ending with don DET a backpacker destination in the four thousand islands in the south for some background info mouse is one of the poorest countries on earth but more and more tourists are coming from the beautiful landscapes friendly people and to escape the overly commercialized tourism industry of Thailand welcome to solo transcribe for us adventure starring chiang rai from there in northeastern thailand i got a bus to who we say the border and from there instead of taking the conventional backpacking of trek from we say to go on fri bank I got a bus from there to know why I got them which is very mountainous more north and right now most seasoned almost go back matters so it really is a slow traverse kind to us for now tomorrow I'll be doing some bike riding through the countryside and then after that the next day I'll be going to in front robbing and hopefully finding people to continue my adventure down south so chars got to roust a tune so got my bike now I'm ready for breakfast and then a two around the countryside girls Cambodia and Thailand rental bikes you're seeing there is almost no gas in tanks oh you have to pull up yourself and then doesn't matter what well we'll level of gas to bring back shop you there's no real point in coming from Tidewater to announce them except maybe first in tracking where you go through the jungle and sleeping the local villages huts trekking here is cheaper and more authentic than in Thailand because the lower number of tourists passing through I was lazy and rather bike routes see the countryside but if I had to do it again I was skip wearing out them and head straight to like robbing using the two days slow boat from the border but biking in the hills and passing through the local villages on either side was a unique experience that I will not trade Frank my last night and going off spending it here in the dormitories of ethnic travel tour guides and this is the room they get for 20,000 Kip or basically two dollars and fifty cents which isn't too bad if you think about it you it are so brazen weighing probably is relative big city for house and worth it to spend two three days in this town I'd book central backpacker hostel had a time and made immediate friends which I'd have adventures with during my time and annoying frothing hi my name's Liza mistletoe kuang SI waterfalls is a must and lowing problem with my group of friends from the hostel you had to haggle the tuk-tuk driver for 50,000 Kip or a little over six dollars with transportation to and from the waterfalls including the a trance ticket if you're only one or two people renting a motorbike is a fun alternative kuang SI waterfalls has many levels which you can stand under swim or climb trees to jump in the water all while if you got a loofah or dr. fish why tie the dead skin on your feet and pick up any scavs you might have ah allow garment is socialist and almost all drinking establishments closed after 12 a.m. but after a few drinks in her accent bark our utopia many people take tuk tuks waiting for them to go to a bowling alley which is the only place that pays out the cops to stay open late and serve alcohol this bowling alley creates a surreal experience for drinking involved bowling bang model service for 30,000 kids bowling for 20,000 kids that's how you have a night and way for bangin house bye Oh bowling come to wake up at rolling grab your phone plan everything its initial across everyone envelopes of mine : the best I've ever had in my as earlier think travel is maybe the best thing in the world and you meet so many different people from so many different countries you see so many different types of people with different personalities I think everyone who's traveling is open-minded for it and yeah just nice you see landscapes and you avoid a little bit the busy life from your hometown so like a little escape the market in wing problem is a great place to haggle for souvenirs like rose and art and a cheap place for delicious food Wow is oddly enough no one heard sandwiches with the country being a French colony at one point they made decent baguettes in my time and weighing prodding I had a sandwich waiting we always came back to and for 2 dollars and 50 cents I basically received a full-on selfie with chicken bacon cheese avocado lettuce Nardo green hot sauce and Emilee tomatoes sandwiches let market house it's a good idea to walk around the small town and take its showers for a few hours it's also worth its climb hair rub before sunset to see a few temples and Buddha's on the hike up but also to see the gorgeous Valerie that annoying product system surrounded by a few Hills and the mighty Mekong virgin you it's also worth it to wake up early in the morning before sunset to see the procession of the mosque or the album ceremony monks are not allowed to buy food and only eat one meal day and every morning they cook this boot with generous townsville it is a beautiful ceremony but please keep your distance and turn off your flash for pictures as to not interfere with it my uncle Angus foetus medium not the best food the sandwiches are quite nice yeah I like the talented Porter and the sauce where we are is quite nice asuras good and the waterfalls are cool so I really like the place I would spend you like maybe four five days my few days in the Waring Pro bang were up and while everybody else was heading to the party capital grouse known as vane da I headed to Fong Salaam a small provincial capital they had the famous plain of jars which I decided would be worth my time getting around the house is easy those very hostile and guess I was able to provide a bus ticket for you to the next town or country Feliz para was a night bus which will reach France tomorrow to a ingre bus from wine for rank to phonsavanh yes getting off the bus with me was the only other tourist in manual a French soil traveler we decided split a room on a guest house and see the play no jars in next morning after getting used to semi-auto bag motorbike we had a pleasant ride both with many wrong turns and asking for directions were finally there nobody knows exactly why the plain of jars are carved out by the creators whether for cremation or alcohol distillation is unknown but just as we are curious about the jar some of the locals from the capital were curious about us they tried sneakingly taking features of the white ground rather than mobile so the whole family took pictures of the real lunches in love you the yeah do it away a Dan and I is more than enough for phonics a mom but if you're running on time you could skip it and not be missing much except maybe for the celebrity effect and having the time of your life drinking beer loud during karaoke with some office workers it was time said to the party capital well that was bang Vav this infamous town got its notoriety because of drunk tubing where a bunch of backpackers drowned on the river while drinking because of a strong current and limited inhibitions with alcohol maybe other drugs since then the government shut down most of the bars on the river but two or three still remain in autism this town is still a haven for the party going backpacker in vang Vieng I met up again with my old friends from one program to buys Jana Tom wood and drove home and I was like meeting old friends I haven't seen in forever during rainy season the powerful Mekong River has extremely strong undercurrent so the chances of drunken black partners drowning is even higher so while tubing was closed we could still use kayaks to get around from bar to bar it's literally a bar on the side of a river built on a cement pad in a Calif yield surrounded by turns the way I'm life every time you wear a drink at one of these bars to linger in this case forget a little anchor every night people go out to numerous bars around town many of which are free mixers from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. and almost all of them close at 12:00 p.m. and the party gets pushed to room 101 exos in bang VA you can get almost anything else you wanted in this town including Hatton no authority of tourists watching friends all day after a hard night party and then the gluttony drinking the excess and drugs that night it's a life besides to being watching friends and drinking a visit to the Blue Lagoon might be worth the trip announcing rain recently in the waters Troy group good not so blue when it rains two or four days is enough to experience our Giamatti that is banging but it's easy to get stuck here I had already spent a week in vang Vieng now it's time to leave next up was an ante at the capital of Laos heading to a new place you meet new people and usually ask these people the same questions where are you from how are you travelling where you been and where you going in the capital I met a fellow solo traveler who shared many of the same opinions hi my name is chef and I'm a soldier traveler from England I am bored but I've got to explain I get bored of myself asking a question when I'm speaking well you come from an incredible set but I'm not in any way ordered the answer it's because it's the same repetitive questions but it leads to most time thank you the most you need in Vientiane is a folder for my half a day to walk around the city see a few temples see the victory arch yes it's a little bit like the Sean's Alexander's but here's the vientiane version and the other half day to visit buddha park just outside of town a park started by mystic in the 1950s and 60s containing dozens of ornate buddhist and hindu statues inside of a giant pot into the park surrounded by buddhist on the way back we stopped at the COPE center to see the dusting effect of bombing on Laos during the Vietnam War millions of unexploded cluster bombs leftover still injure and kill hundreds of wow people in the countryside the cope Center equips these people prosthetic legs and arms and physical therapy to try and restore some normalcy to their lives sticky rice and now thumbs up and of course a night on holiday isn't complete without a trip to local establishment I've been in his dogger Bank Group's he will be problem after a day and a night in the capital it's time for our final destination don DET since don DET is way in the south of laos by the Cambodian border I had to take a night bus a smaller van and then finally a ferry house anytime this is not be a comfortable ride Don debt is the main backpacker destination on the four thousand islands a delta the Mekong River chief guest houses for five six hours and I admit for two to five dollars but bring all the cash with you since this island design have a in the ATMs on don DET I took a one-day kayaking adventure which included seeing dolphins on the Cambodian side of noontime a lot of paddling and a lot of waterfalls during my last full day in Laos I began thinking about what a few friends that I met along the way said about travel and life I mean I've been travelling no four to nothing for two enough weeks and now I can't say if it's changing maybe I think after my trip I realizing what I did and then I say yeah of course it will change me yeah and I think I would be a little bit more open-minded to everything and it's easier for me to go to people and speak to people because you have to be really social when you're shopping on my own while I travel I travel but two main reasons I think that's to eat new food new crazy food and then second of all probably just be like am i meeting new people you know it's kind of troubles going to made up for having these almost mini relationships it's it's a weird environment economy right it's like you get to know someone just with a we're talking about something and progression is so quick yeah that's the memory a little under three weeks and miles north to south was an incredible adventure with many new friends warm hard to draw people and a ton of stories to tell but if you are in a rush ten days just might be enough time for you to get a good understanding of the country what a way to end my three weeks in the house besides on the $4,000 watching a sunset next up Cambodia premier from don DET he four thousand islands I have a very to mainland and from there a bust the border and from there going to hi Marie in Cambodia and this has been a so chars guide to help thumbs up you you

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  1. What a sin full fools!!!!they think its fun to drink !!!!!stupid there are many wonderful things that land has to offer you to make you into a better person!!!! Cheep people go to Asia to drink !!!!!! They miss the point of Asia!!!!!!

  2. It's sad to see how we westerners have become so dysfuntional in the world. Most of us can't even have fun without alcohol anymore. Í'm happy I traveled without drinking for 4 months. The experience gets so much better, I promise!! πŸ˜€

  3. I going to Laos sometimes this year and I just want to k ow if you Rent a Motorbike do you need to have some kind of license

  4. People complaining about the partying are naive. This is how most people travel, especially when they are young. Personally, I stay away from Westerners when I travel for this reason, but I'm aware that I'm in the minority, and to each their own.

    On a positive note, I was glad to see this edited honestly and cleanly, without color grading the hell out of it, throwing anamorphic bars over it, speed ramping, slow mo, glitch/zoom/lumafading everything, etc.

    On the other hand, I would have liked to see it cut tighter. 2-3 quick drinking scenes would have been enough; a lot of the other scenes dragged as well. I found myself skipping ahead quite a few times. I did watch it to the end, though.

  5. I really enjoyed the video, but I think it could have done with a little less drinking scenes. I really liked the plane of jars part, and the monk watching. Thank-you for uploading and giving me an idea of what to expect on my trip!

  6. Interesting enough..and might come in handy for my trip to Laos..especilally in avoiding cool backpacker dude establishments where said, dudes, are so ultra hip and cool and get drunk…but worth the watching otherwise..

  7. How embarrassing. Going to laos just to get shit faced. Really people I don't want to bump into. Vang vieng ruined by pissheads who just have no respect for culture. Be careful for uxo.

  8. this is not a guide to Laos, its a tourist guide to drinking and partying your way through the country. Might as well stay at home and go down to the bar

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  15. hello! thanks for the videos! they are great! planning my trip around southeast asia and just wanted to ask to include the overall summary for each country totalling expenses and tips. thanks

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