A Tour Of The Lyrical Lemonade Office

A Tour Of The Lyrical Lemonade Office

[Applause] all that I was expecting on top we assumed this MTV Cribs turn out the their plumbing all right this is the living room main common area we like to sit down here work hang out eat snacks drink water that's George over here we have another work area we like to just lay out here throw up a laptop have a meeting so on and so forth this is actually a speaker it doesn't sound that good but the fact that it's a speaker and then I have a purpose it's not just looking cool it's pretty nice right oh it's nice touch this cell right here letting hey guys doing it's great to have you guys some more actually this importance oh wait Oh later hey I was probably making some secret futuristic as usually does nice dude man show them the new era collab coming soon show them the Hat show them the detail sheesh yeah nice lookin at you got the back no sir now go this way while we're over here real quick computer paper it's a bathroom in your first moved here it was it was like it was a super nasty old bathroom and I find a common I want to have really cool bathroom so I figured all black bottoms got the black bodies black toilet black trash can keep it clean calm and collected download negative funky up top that's nice funny walls got some incredible classics Tommy Boy be somebody to America Billy Madison home alone a fake ID fake your head up there it's all my favors and I got a what's called a hand dryer because I want to make it feel like real office that's my favorite leg hold on favorite rooms there's been a stylish room and it stops room there just for like ever long day at work just relax and you get away from the guys go away smoke play some Donkey Kong watch some on he walked over it leave them behind we got the options but Steve Jobs my biggest inspiration you see it ain't different it's a message I prefer I really didn't know if I was thinking how about you say what's up to Jake man don't mind again let it get you that Tommy you said what you know they might know about that though but they don't know about that closes and I'm in last right now so embark room cook right there people have no holy dude y'all just having a quick smoke break into this value it's the dog network is the best place to have it to get out here it's a little smoke you're you staying here I'm up that's Mustapha ground get this angle they're not just a classic what a view right what a spot mr. mascot is the head of the mascot we'll put it on a little bit you see the full extent fly story we don't have any more room one of the reasons why we have to relocate to a new place but uh one of our last resorts to build new office spaces turn the French room into an office so that's what you see here if we were to stay here for a little bit longer the bathroom might end up end to an office you never know what little messy we like to keep it messy man it keeps us uh keeps us grounded not all of them Duchess solemn you see Lucy shows a great time we brought it was either Chicago for the first time face hardened their show maybe wasn't it let Dalia right here the end of the website day today it really holds it down history and all the bars on there usually have water bottles but he doesn't have anymore about today I don't think we conflict yeah look at look at look at the art it's a very well-versed this is a this is a student of the game you guys looking at you guys are looking high right now because you could I just got off the phone bro all right it's Jake right here takes off it's burning right there this is a picture of Jake's face in Jake's office I'm Jake's wall framed under way look at this real quick right here all right damn you see it they're framed big one on one shoot you're right here – now put the youth one lunch the other oh yeah can I give thanks yes it's stupid all right shake mouth it wouldn't be empty be crazy if I didn't show you was in the fridge laughing yeah well some leaking the Capitol City bumbum sauce is some great stuff yeah got to Kazan got some really old it looks like it could be apple juice actually tea or something yo does anyone else in this overwatch bottle right there Ocean Spray really everything you'd need in a fridge so have Space Jam next to the lyric alone native Asian classic I got some plaques I've been fortunate to you know receive over the past few years some toys and some books already like the Simpsons here's the three different hand options for colors that we're going for these two didn't make the cut this is our winner Thank You creative Jesus slow yard picture me a Mac rest in peace to a legend long live Mac [Applause] sorry I did expressed it I've slept many many nights on this couch just because I get tired sometimes so I just sleep right here sometimes I'll work in Houston you cooled out I don't want to walk away in the stockroom I'll just slide my chair over here I might even sit in you stop sometimes like this popping a DVD they're like old cartoons I got some classes toss it in reality oh yeah got shoes I wear shoes I got I wish you a very very tough I have a nice collection a nice

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  1. comment what video you want me to explain first / other types of content u want to see on this channel

  2. when the lyrical juice is coming and where they gonna release? (i mean release like which place they gonna go and sell)

  3. i remember watching a video wayyy back where it was cole predicting who was gunna blow up in the year or sumn idk but anyways the location he was recording @ was way way worse than this , happy to see you come up 😣💀

  4. Okay, you’re inspired by Steve Jobs and you got his quote, I’m inspired by you, what’s your quote???

  5. i want to know how you do such smooth scribbles? like in Noticed by Mosey. (also calling it now, imma work with you <3 someday)

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