A Very Camp Fire

A Very Camp Fire

yo boy what are you doing what is that well that right there is me practicing riding horse you spiked yourself we got a spanker horse like it's uh getting tired of eating these beans you know what I want to eat what do you want to eat hell I want to eat some of that pussy son some of that sweet pussy girl that prostitute thee we love riding whores Oh whores is like a horse like riding a whore how many boys you had this past week it's just a week yeah must have been hundreds like Wow hundreds of whores like you sometimes I go in there I don't even buy a drink at the bar I just had them upstairs and have sex with all that women you're crazy I don't know all right what you just rock on in and I walk on in there I don't even touch her liquor whiskey you know what I'm looking women I can tell if I was a woman I I would be frothing at the Virginia you know I I'd be dashing out you know what I read somewhere some stupid shit you know I was in town some guy was he's like you know when the fire starts to go out and you ain't got no word like you're supposed to huddle together you know to transfer the body heat from one individual to the next right I heard that somewhere but you know I have no problem with it you might think it's some gay shit no way I was there anything homosexual about that that's survival boy that's right we're men but if the fire was to go out well that fires going out it may look big right now but trust me that is on the verge of leaving and we would have to share more energy I mean a Warbler [Laughter] I know stupidest flame you know I got bought some beers you want a beer yeah I want to be a beer yeah all right Cheers – that was real good yeah you know mmm I'm not play you a song you won't play yeah I'll show you only yeah you play you take care of Lucy now clean it off a little bit take you know a lot of cleaners been lining the dirt here we're gonna do is gonna get both the hands that's real nice whoo all right he's she's ready this one has nothing to do with the earth it's a completely separate situation and now I'm no magician just put a song right right right I want to suck yo D going to the tail yeah why is there some there's some gays in the woods we got it not rat

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  1. RISE OF A VAMPIRE 4!! Please daz we have been waiting so long !

  2. The question is. Are we gonna see more of Billy and his powers? Will we ever see his school burn down? Will we ever see his girlfriend again? Waiting for that video XD

  3. Hilarious!!… I'm gay and loved the entire thing. If anyone finds anything wrong with the comedy, they don't have a sense of humor!.. make more!!….

  4. Totally bros at there best really girls what else did YOU think happens at the weekend when y'all are being lesbians when oh no it doesn't count we are "just good friends" yeah right broke back fountain everyday bruh.

  5. Me: oh itโ€™s fine Iโ€™ll watch it without headphones…
    Turns it up all the way
    Daz: you know what I wanna eat…PUSSY

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