Advertising Bait Review – The Truth about affiliate marketing 2018 –  free vacation

Advertising Bait Review – The Truth about affiliate marketing 2018 – free vacation

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– Hey, it’s Michael Mansell, and I’m gonna come to you guys today with some inside information you
really need to have about Advertising Bait, before joining up, before giving away any free vacations, if you’re considering
adding Advertising Bait to market your business,
online or offline, these are some things that I
really need to make you guys aware of, before you jump into this so, let’s get it right into it. – Quick testimonial for Advertising Bait. And as I’ve been experimenting and testing Advertising Bait for
the last several weeks, I’ve been offering my
customers who purchase one of the three night or
five night incentive trips, and I can tell you, it’s
converted very, very well for me, I’m using Advertising Bait in other areas of my business as well, if
you’re looking to boost sales in your particular business, I highly recommend Advertising Bait, it will help you increase
your conversions. – I started using Advertising
Bait back in November, and since then I’ve seen
increasing engagement with my customers, and a 60%
increase in terms of sales, okay, and it’s amazing, I even referred them to my colleagues, and they’re seeing results as well. It’s very simple guys, you
literally provide a, you know, a vacation incentive for customers
if they sign up with you, or, you know, purchase your
product, you know, and anything. Who doesn’t want a vacation? – Okay, first and foremost,
I want you guys to know that I am a huge fan of Advertising Bait. It has dramatically, not only
increased my opt-in rate, but it’s also increased my closing rate, especially for cold traffic,
these are people that don’t know me, don’t trust me,
don’t know anything about me, don’t know my track record, don’t know how big a team I’ve built, how many people I’ve helped out online, it’s doing wonders for cold traffic, cause it gives that little extra incentive for people to take that leap of faith, to look at the program
further, whatever, you know, that I’m referring or recommending
online at the time, so, be sure to watch this video
all the way to the end because I’ve got some fantastic bonuses that I’m gonna give you
for trusting me enough to pick up Advertising
Bait through my link. Now this is, of course, after
you hear all the details that I’m gonna lay out right here, and give you my honest
opinion about whether or not I think that Advertising Bait is worth it, and what you really need to be
making your people aware of, before just saying, “Hey, I
have a free vacation for you”. So let’s jump over here to
the Advertising Bait website, I’m gonna show you
exactly what it looks like as a member, now first and foremost, Advertising Bait is 37 dollars a month. In my opinion, absolutely dirt cheap. They even have a yearly plan, great option to do,
something that I’ve done, because this is something that I definitely can see myself
using, not just today, but also a year from now, because I’ve seen such
great results for it, I went ahead and upgraded
to the yearly plan, I highly recommend that
you do that as well, or you can just stick to
the 37 dollar a month plan. But let’s jump right into it here. So here is the back side
of Advertising Bait, once you have your account set up, there’s a link in the
description of this video where you can click on and set
up your account right away, it only takes a few steps, and you’ve got your own
account set up, and you’re in, but, this is what I want you to know. When you give a free
vacation away to somebody, the actual resort stay,
like the room itself, is indeed free, that’s not a
lie, it definitely is free. But, the person that you
give the free vacation away, is going to need to pay a few things, which are mandatory, and
this is the way it is with any type of bonus
vacation, free stay, even the stuff you get in the
mail or phone calls about, it’s all the exact same, so
this isn’t really exclusive to Advertising Bait themselves, it’s just how the world of free resort stays and incentives like this work. First and foremost, you need
to make your people aware of the fact that they will
have to pay the taxes on it. So when I say the taxes, I mean, the taxes that the
company Advertising Bait actually has to pay for, they
pass that on to the member that’s getting the free vacation, or the person that’s
getting the free vacation. And this tax could, you know, range anywhere from 19
dollars to 50 dollars, so that’s something that you
need to be made aware of, now, they’re three to
five night stays, so, 30 to, you know, 20 to 50
dollars is not a big amount for getting a free stay. The second thing that you need
to make your people aware of, or just you need to know it yourself, if people ask questions about it, is the fact that when you go
to actually stay at the resort, wherever you’re giving
the free resort away from, whether it’s for yourself, or you’re giving it away
to a potential customer, or an existing customer, is, they will have to pay any
associated resort fees. This is true with any stay that you do, this is becoming very, very common, if I go to Las Vegas, for
instance, and I go to The Palazzo, I’m gonna pay anywhere
from 200 to 300 dollars a night to stay at The Palazzo, right on the strip in Las Vegas, and in addition to that nightly rate, when I check in at the hotel,
they will make me aware that I have to pay a daily resort fee. And this resort fee is in addition to whatever I agreed to pay for the room. So the same goes for a
free stay at any resort that they send you to, and
you will be responsible for any resort fees when
you get to the resort or the hotel that you’re
gonna be staying at. And this is gonna be a daily fee, and the fees for resort fees, again, range anywhere from 20
to 30 dollars a day, and you’ll be required
to pay that on checkout, that’s another fee that will be charged even though the hotel stay itself is free. Which, of course, I would be happy to pay 20, 30 dollars a
day for a nice resort room, four or five star room, if I didn’t have to pay, say
the 200 to 300 dollars a night that I normally pay when I
go and stay at The Palazzo in Las Vegas, so, those are
some things that you really need to be aware of when giving
these free vacations away, and lemme show you how easy it is to give away a free vacation, so you’re simply gonna come down here, you can set up specific business names that you wanna give it from, so if, say you own a real estate business, and you wanna give away free
vacations to anybody that does a free home estimate,
or a free consultation, or whatever you’re doing to get
that, generate that business and you wanna give a free vacation away to anybody that comes in and
spends that time with you, well what you can do is you can set up various business names, and then have those here in the dropdown, so that say you’re
using it to promote your XYZ real estate business, you could pick that
business name outta here, then put the name, of the person
that you’re sending it to, and then, the actual email
address, and then you would pick which vacation you
want to send to ’em, and there’s, there are tons of options for you to choose from here, you can send ’em to
Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Las Vegas, Orlando, Branson, now anyone in the United States is gonna be a three night stay, and any of the Mexico destinations are going to be five night stays, so you pick a destination, say Orlando, and then you click generate
vacation incentive, right here, you just click on vacation, generate vacation incentive, and what that does is
it sends an email out to the person that you
put, their information in, and they’re going to get an
email that’s gonna tell them that they’ve just received a certificate to claim their free vacation. What they do then is they have seven days to click the link inside the email, go to the website, and
verify that they are indeed the person that you
sent the free vacation to. So that part’s really straightforward, but something else you
do need to know here is that if they don’t
claim that free vacation within the seven day period, their certificate will become invalidated. The reason the company does that is because it actually generate
more vacation redemptions than most companies do,
they have the highest redemption rate of any company, online, for giving away free vacations. And, they do that by giving
that seven day deadline, to claim their free
vacation, it’s kind of, funny in the fact that people, you know, will procrastinate on
claiming their free vacation, but that’s the reality of
people, they procrastinate, so by adding the seven
day time window in there, it ensures that the people you gave the free vacation away to will indeed go and claim
it within that seven days, and then, book their
trip or their hotel stay. Once they’ve claimed it, and the company will send out three emails in that seven day period reminding them that they need to claim
it, once they claim it, then they can have up to a year to actually book and go on
that vacation, for free, with the exception of the
taxes that they’ll pay, and the resort fee, now
the taxes they actually pay to Advertising Bait when
they book their trip, the resort fee will actually
be paid at the resort when they go to the resort
wherever they’re staying at. So those are two separate
payments, but that’s what people will, you know, need to expect when they’re claiming their free vacation. It is a free stay, it
legitimately is a free stay and I’m gonna show you testimonials of people that have actually gone on the trips, I personally have not gone yet, I’m planning to do that this summer, but I personally have not gone yet, but I have testimonials
and reports from people that are inside my team
that have indeed gone on the free vacations, and have come back to confirm and verify
that they really were, the resort and hotel stay
itself, really was free. So that’s really good news there, that gives me a lotta confidence
in using this as a tool. Now why is free vacation
incentive so valuable? I really shouldn’t have to
spend much time on this because, it should be pretty straightforward, if you can give somebody
something of value, in exchange for their time, they’re more likely to
spend that time with you, so that you have an opportunity
to present your product, your business, your service,
whatever you’re selling, and using the free vacation
as an incentive for, so that’s really, really straightforward. Secondarily, it makes people
feel extremely important, and valued themselves when
they can get something of value just for spending some time with you. Time is a very, very valuable asset so, it’s important that you give
a ton of value up front, and then you’re gonna get a ton of value back from your potential
client when they purchase your services or products or goods or whatever you’re selling so, that’s just a little side note there. After you generate that free vacation, it’ll be sent to ’em, they
can claim it, you’re done. You’ve sent it to ’em, you’re done. Now, a couple of the details in here, you can do bulk vacation vouchers, so say you ran a promotion on the radio, or online and you have
a database of people that claimed a free vacation, you can go in here and
upload a CSV or an XLS file, and it will automatically send all of those emails out on your behalf, you don’t need to do them one
by one, that’s a great feature inside of here, another thing
that I wanna show you here is, the videos that they give you
for promoting your free link. The other aspect to having this tool is being able to get the word
out there to other people that you have this great offer. And the videos that are in
here are super professional, the videos in here are
extremely well-done, great copy, and I can see them
converting extremely well, you can filter them down
for real estate businesses, marketing, refer a friend,
affiliate programs, gyms, fitness centers, travel companies, cryptocurrency, digital
businesses, roofing companies, cable TV, I mean they just have so many different videos in here that are ready to go, done for you. But, they give you one more incentive to do the yearly plan, and that is, if you do the yearly plan,
look at this right here, upgrade to an annual payment plan, and receive three free custom video ads, which means they’ll take three of their already-done video ads,
and they’ll customize it with your business name,
and a custom message that you wanna put on it, and that’s, that’s some huge value there. Not only are you getting an incentive for doing a yearly plan,
you are getting the ability to have three of their videos customized to your business, your company name, and a custom message on those videos, and they’ll do three
different ones for you, just by doing the annual plan instead of doing the month-to-month, so that’s another great
feature that you get. One more thing that I’m gonna
talk about in here is that just for becoming a member
of Advertising Bait, you’re gonna get access to
the ultimate Facebook secrets. This is an extremely in-depth course, and I’m not gonna show you all of it here, but they are video instructions
that walk you through, step-by-step, how to do Facebook Pixels, how to do audience
creations, I mean look at, the extent of the training
that they give you in here, if you’re a business owner,
and you’ve been wanting to do Facebook marketing, the 37
dollars a month is worth it just to get access to this
Facebook ad campaign training, it’s extremely valuable, I’ve gone through a lot of it myself, I already
know Facebook advertising, but I learned quite a
few different things, tricks and insights, into how
to increase my conversion rate with Facebook marketing and Facebook ads, and just, a better way to do it, even going to Facebook messaging bots, and how to automate a
lot of your messaging that is generated from
your Facebook ads, so, this is a great bonus that
they give you, automatically, for you joining Advertising Bait. Let’s talk really quickly
about some of the bonuses that I’m gonna give you,
for you using my link to join Advertising Bait,
I do make a commission for you joining Advertising
Bait through me, and once you join through
me, I’ll actually show you how you can refer other people
and make 40% on any referrals that you make, that purchase
Advertising Bait through you, but, just as a thank
you from myself to you for joining Advertising
Bait through my link, I’m gonna do a couple of things for you. First and foremost, I’m
gonna give you access to my Team Mansell
members-only training group. This website is packed full of marketing strategies
that I personally use, YouTube ranking strategies,
YouTube optimization strategies, how I’ve generated over
$400,000 in commissions in the last year, 100% from YouTube, I tell you my exact strategy,
inside a video here, on how I did that, and how
I’m still doing it today, this isn’t old stuff that I did, this is stuff that I’m doing today, these are things that I’m
marketing in my business, today. You’ll also get access to training on all the various affiliate
programs that I support, and promote, online, and
you’re gonna get access to all of that training, but
inside of here specifically, I’ve got an Advertising Bait
tutorial, and walk-through, on how to get yourself set up and going with Advertising
Bait right away, you get access to all of this for free, just for purchasing Advertising
Bait through my link. Another thing that you’re
gonna get access to is my personal Facebook
group that I’m involved with, with Advertising Bait,
you’re gonna get access to the Advertising Bait support group, and in addition to that,
you’re gonna get access to the Advertising Bait funnels
and landing pages, these are a bunch of funnels
that are already set up, with videos, that you can
start using right away, to start leveraging the powerful
tools of Advertising Bait, you’re gonna get access to these tools, just for joining me in Advertising
Bait and using my link. And, for reference, my
link is, if you go to, you will get access to
Advertising Bait through my link, and after you join just
shoot me a message, and I will send you all of my bonuses. The other thing you’re gonna
get is you’re gonna get direct access to message me on Facebook, and I’ll be able to help and support you, and you’ll be able to learn all the ways that I’m personally
leveraging Advertising Bait for my various businesses online, I don’t hold anything back,
I teach these strategies in my group, any time
I learn something new, I teach them to my team group. And just as, not, in any
way that I’m bragging but, I have done some things online that have completely transformed my
life and my wife’s life, we’re living a completely care-free, financially independent lifestyle now that is something that I only
dreamed about before, but now that I’ve mastered a lot of these marketing
strategies online, I’m able to now pass that
information on to my team, pass it on to people
like yourself that is, really desperate and
looking for ways to either market your business, grow
as an affiliate marketer, so be sure to get Advertising
Bait through my link, I’ll be happy to help
you get up and running, with Advertising Bait
and teach you the ways that I’m leveraging it in
my own personal life, so, those are a few things that
I wanted you guys to know before joining Advertising Bait because I like to be very straightforward
and direct with people, so that you know what to expect, for a service like Advertising Bait. It certainly is a great
program, the support has been top-notch, you can chat with
them right on their website, you’ll get access to the
Advertising Bait members-only support group, and that’s a
great resource there as well. If you have any questions at
all, my Facebook messaging link is in the description of this video, you can reach out to me on Facebook, lotta times the messages
do go into my other folder, so just comment on one of my
posts on my Facebook page, and say, “Hey, just shot you a message”, and then I’ll check my other
folder and respond to you. Michael Mansell here, looking
forward to getting you up and running with Advertising Bait and, seeing how you can grow your business by giving away free vacation incentives. Click the link in the description below or go to, get all the details about Advertising Bait from the company themselves,
and click the join button, subscribe for the 37 dollars a month, and then I highly recommend
that you do upgrade to that annual plan,
because then you can get those three videos branded to yourself, customized to your business, and start really rocking this thing, it is extremely valuable,
and has helped me convert so many more sales, and one
last thing I’ll mention, if you join my team through my link, I am actually integrating
the Advertising Bait free vacation incentives
directly into the funnels that I give to my team, so, I’m doing some really cool things with automating a lot of that process, so that you don’t even have to, you know, spend a lot of extra work
in doing funnel designs and coding so, you’ll get
to learn all that stuff that I’m doing inside of
my team group as well. Have a great day.

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