After Show: Holiday Cards

After Show: Holiday Cards

(upbeat pop music) The light is burning the back of my wig, she’s right there. Look, it’s only 11:03 and these boys are about to bounce like nobodies business. A ritz, to go. Mmh, the shiatsu foot massage. Okay? Your feet. Willy, nice job with the outfit today, wait where did I get the blouse? It was a gift
Okay, but– From– But somebody, but anyways, and a DVF skirt, go ahead Dominic. Nice job with the wig today, oh you’ve got, that’s the cat food food and stuff, oh I forgot. Okay, just leave it in there okay? Its too heavy, I’m not, I can’t. All right, bye, see you tomorrow. Aww, see how it goes down, they leave me as soon as their job is done. Democrats, Republicans, uh god. Hi, welcome to the after show, if I’m lucky I can get out of here in 32 seconds, I have no to place to go except for home, where I will slam the door and mind my own, aw, business. Aw, this is really cute, a bag charm, with a flamingo. Its from Her Creations, in Virginia. I like it, I’m going to put it on my bag. I guess it’s real crocodile. It was a gift, and I am not rejecting it. Ugh, I hate the whole animal rights thing. Its like, you know humans before animals and yeah, if you watch the show, I talk during hot topics, I do, give chit chat in my way, not all the time, but every once in a while, they do get human food, they happen to like shrimp, they happen to like caviar and Doritos, they happen to like guacamole, and they do like Mexican corn. They also love chicken, they also love lobster, where we going with this conversation? I didn’t say I do that all the time, they eat cat food all the time, not going to say what brand they eat because, you know why? This is cute also, not really my style, but that right there, is. Oh, what’s this? Oh, a bunch of knobs to put on something. What would I put these on? Oh these are cuff links or something? Now, I’d wear these, all right I’m going to hand this stuff to wardrobe, cause Willy will always make something work, but the bag charm, I’ll walk away with today. And the bag is like three years old, and, you know, I wear leather and, yes, I do have stuff embellished with fur and don’t cut this out of the after show, because I am tired of having to be censored because there are things that I will never purchase again on my own, but I happen to have them and I’m not throwing them away. Including a mink, a chinchilla, this and that and the third. They are so old it’s ridiculous, But I’m not going to throw them away, I’m not going to give them away, I’m not going to action them off, please. You know, you work hard to get stuff and then you finally get stuff and then you find out stuff is not what people are wanting you to wear, and then, you know, I went naked for Peta and what not. You know what? I haven’t, I’m not a consumer, I don’t like leather jackets, and, you know, any who. Please, Aww, Pee-Wee Aww, you knew about this? A Christmas card from Paul Rubens. Happy Holidays Wendy, I hope 2020 brings you happiness and joy and good health, great fortune, and stupendous luck, and lots of love. Peace on earth, your pal, Pee-Wee Herman. Have a swell 2020, love, Paul Rubens. Crazy I don’t know who I’ve become but I like her. Wow, I’m such a fan, oh, what is this. A bag of flamingos? What is this. Erasers. What, aww, I wish I was a student. I wish I had a classroom, aww, I made a mistake. Oh my gosh. Okay, I’m going to save these for children. Whoever sent these to me, do not be offended. I will keep a hot pink one and a light pink one for me, but the children would love these, erasers. You’re a child, you do want one Jessica? How was your weekend? It was good. So horrible here in New York, right? Yeah, the weather is just so unpredictable. And it’s still going on, I can’t wait to get out of here, going home, and on the way I’m going to stop and– Aww, Gene Losier from Hillsdale, New Jersey, thank you, Gene for the flamingos, wait what is this Gene? Another flamingo? Gene, not a flamingo santa. Gene, why are you everything right now to me? Why do I feel like if I bring this home, it’s going to break? I’m going to sit it right here, for all of the holidays, and throughout the year, you know why? Because if you live your life right, everyday is Christmas. Maybe I should put a little bit of Crazy Glue on the bottom so it doesn’t fall over, so I have a flamingo here, and people will always tell me that, um well, my soon to be ex-husband, it used to be one of the charming things, he’s like, you’re like a flamingo, all legs and rest. He said thanks. So that’s been my thing, I have a flamingo collection at home and I have one here, but I don’t keep anything inside, oh there is something inside of here, hey, what is this? Oh a Trendy at Wendy watch, in case one day I forget to bring my own watch, I got a watch. Yeah, and now I have yours Gene. Thank you Gene, and you wrote a card with a whole lot of language, I’ll read it later Gene. Thank you Gene, you gotta stop, this is a beautiful picture of the boss, Diana Ross. You’re my one shining moment, Merry Christmas, Darnell Gamble. Don’t tease me Darnell, I don’t know who you are, but I know who this is, I thought this was from her. Thank you Darnell though, thank you. It’s a really pretty picture. This is pretty enough to frame, don’t you think? Yeah. A little frame, put it someplace tasteful, its the boss. I feel like Antwan used to have shirt with it on. He did, it was our connection, stop with the Antwan before I start crying. Fancy me, thought I had my degree, in love and how love ought to be right. I had one step-chance to prove it. Thomas Fuchs, well you know who he is. He’s the guy with the dishes, oh my gosh. Like I’m drowning in Fuchs. He did the giveaway, I already eat off his dishes, I sent something on my Instagram this weekend, with the– Words cannot express what I feel about your journey, your staff and your show, what a gift. We were a small boutique company, we knew that it takes a lot to build a brand, we felt your show was the high and your biggest brand ambassador, I’m the biggest brand ambassador, oh. We love you Wendy Williams, all the love and light, from Mishu and Thomas. I’m a brand ambassador. Oh gosh, okay one more, I wanna go home. Another card, oh my gosh the chief wanted me to sign these cards today, I’m not doing it, I’m going home. It’s now 20 after 11, I could be home for the 12:00 news. Wishing you, and your loved ones, Happy Holiday memories. A fan, always, Jane Skidmore. Jane, P.S. extra thanks to Jessica too, do you know her? Um, she made the cat pins for you, of chit chat and we called her a few weeks ago. Excuse me, the cat pin that I have on my, uh huh, Jane, thank you. Civilized, handwritten, I like it. Get out, get out right now. I have to go home, I’m going to take off this wig, and I’m going home, and I’m not signing any Christmas cards, not even going to take off my eyelashes. I’m going to go home and drop them on the ground. I’m chit-chatting my way, they love playing with my eyelashes they like they’re bugs to them. Anyway, I love you for watching, tomorrow, I forget who is coming over, but, who cares, it’s me and you and that’s all that counts, bye. (upbeat pop music)

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  1. Wendy,
    You be you and be happy…people just want to complain about other people. Enjoy your life and be healthy plus by happy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Wendy I'm with You wholeheartedly
    I'm sick and tired of The Political Correctness Brigade
    Snowflakes that want to dictate Speech
    They're fascists
    Pathetic and ridiculously moronic beings.

    Wendy You said alot today without saying much
    You know what's happening in The industry

  3. Dominic Im sorry but the wig was not it today…it was so fuzzy in front mainly during hot topics… I know he knows how to lay down baby hairs. Or mabe it was not his fault Wendy may have been rushing today???!!!

  4. Idk, ppl talk about what cats can and can’t eat and I see them surviving on the streets everyday. Can’t remember the last time I was walking in the city and saw one open up a can of friskies.. nowadays pet food is gmo and has loads of syrup, sodium and fillers too. 🤷‍♀️ they can have a tiny bit of human food once in a while, just not our junk food

  5. I really like the fact that Wendy's viewers send her items she Enjoy and Want🤗….Not a bunch of Expensive/Name Brand unnecessary stuff…

  6. Buying real leather = Poor suffering animals. Buying fake leather = Poor suffering planet . Either way you contribute to suffering of one or both of these…we are doomed one way or either.

  7. Hey Wendy I was just wondering would you ever get your own tabloid? That would be very good for your Empire. How You Doing with Love

  8. They're saying feeding cats, table scrap causes cancer in long run. Should be fed wholesome real food with specially NO salt, onion, etc. I'm not sure about organic dry cat food. But like rice with plain boil/bake chicken and certain veggies. This is what I read.

  9. Wendy I LOVE you but what is up with the lace area of your wig? Normally the lace is unclockable but today it looked like you pulled your wig too far back or something. I personally have been a fan of the new wigs until today. Sorry auntie

  10. Right! My mom is always like "aren't you a vegan, why are you wearing fur?" Woman, I got it as a gift when I was 16, I'm not throwing it away.

  11. Hi wendy! Love you!! How you doings👐..I'm a wendy watcher and I love cats..Just wanted to let you know that avocado is poisonous for cats…please look it up on line….👐😊

  12. I love you but I'm not pleased with your animal comment. How would you like to be skinned alive. How disappointing to hear from you.

  13. The glam squad got some nerve leaving after the show. They all need to stay after and practice. This season has been unacceptable. Murrell is the only exception.

  14. Wendy I love you so so much! me and my baby girl Watch you every day! she is special needs. cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, visually impaired, etc.. but she knows her Wendy! and she smiles so big when she hears your voice! OH and her bedroom room is Pink and Flamingo. sending you lots of love from Georgia!

  15. hi can someone pllls tell me how to find the
    recipies on today’s show pllls she said go to her site i did and its not there plllls reply thnx id like to make the baked apples or send me the link thnxp

  16. Anyone ever thought of all the human food that resturants and stores trash? Can you imagine? We could feed ALL the homeless and the animals!!! Those damn regulations hold everyone back thanks to the democratic party!
    So Little minds CAN solve problems. Society holds our own selves back.

  17. Wow. Human food is toxic to animals. Of course not "all the time" and once a week too much. Why make fun of animal rights activists but not other activists? Its purely ignorant selfish & cruel to put them in order "humans before animals". We can do both- unless your dumb cruel & justifying your bad behaviors. Like that aligator bad. A being was captured, tortured, and skinned alive. There's no excuse. Just a shame. Discuss it with Corey Booker next time you see him. He knows & can wake you up.

  18. i love the after shows, Wendy should talk about her personal life here instead of in the HOT topics, cause some of her stories are NOT topics

  19. I can’t with the ban on leather! Wendy I am sure those sneakers you have been wearing due to your “condition” and many of your shoes; belts are leather😚 wear them‼️

  20. what a sad weird after show, nothing much to say, just opening cards, no Xmas spirit, you can feel the tension with boys, it's not like back in the day, they were laughing /goofing around, now they leave crime scene ASAP. And btw I remember everyone was complaining about Robyn when she's started, now you appreciate her art. I liked Robyn's wigs from the beginning

  21. I was just about to ask how long ago was that gift. Because it’s engraved with WWH. But she answered as I typed. (3 years ago)

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