Algonquin Park Backcountry Canoe Camping Trip To Rain Lake

Algonquin Park Backcountry Canoe Camping Trip To Rain Lake

We’re in Algonquin Provincial Park At access four on Rain Lake. Hi! It’s September 3rd 2019 We’re in Algonquin Provincial Park at access number 4 on Rain lake for a backcountry canoe trip. We’re heading to Saywer(s) Lake tonight, then To Moccasin For One Night Then back here to Rain Lake for a night. We also have the baby with us. Vicka Hopefully we beat the rain today It’s supposed to Rain tonight Hopefully we can get to camp before then. It’s pretty nice so far. It’s like 18 degrees and overcast. Sawyer(s) lake! [light rain hitting the canoe] Well we made it to our campsite here on Sawyer(s) Lake. We’re at the furthest campsite closest to the portage. It’s probably the nicest site on the lake i’d say. It took us what, two hours to get here? Less than that maybe? Less than two hours. Double carry on the portage Bit of rain, but nothing too serious. Vicka is getting some wood for us. [sound of the campfire crackling] [sound of the fire crackling- Tonight on the menu, we’re having steaks Some zucchini from the garden And some potatoes from the garden. Put those in some tin foil and roast them up. Should Be good! Oh no, don’t eat his foot! Ohh that’s disgusting! It’s morning. Day 2 of our Algonquin Park backcountry canoe camping trip. We’re still on Sawyers Lake. I think we’re going to stay here I think we’re going to stay here tonight. We were going to go to Moccasin Lake But the weather really isn’t cooperating. So with the little one, I think we’ll just error on the side of caution and stay here for the day. It’s a little cool, but still very nice. [sound of bacon sizzling] How is it? What’s your favorite part? The bacon pancake part. So on the second night of our Algonquin Park canoe camping trip we had black bean pasta Here’s the final product. We used black bean noodles. They didn’t really hold up too well. But…it still tastes like spaghetti. She looks comfy. [sound of baby crying] (sound of birds chirping]

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  1. I did pretty much that same trip last summer as well staying at the same campsite on Sayers Lake, a beautiful site for sure. When I did that trip I did mention in my video that it would be a great trip for a family with small children… You proved my point. Good to see you starting your child so young… Loved the video… Dennis… Canoehound Adventures

  2. Awesome video! Last year I made the trip from Moccasin Lake to the access point and it was definitely a long day, you made the right call for sure!

  3. Awesome video, and thank you for subscribing. It was nice seeing a warm weather Algonquin video this time of year….and were those bacon pancakes?!? The breakfast looked amazing!

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