hey lovers it's Olivia and this is my channel Oh JC astrology this is gonna be a Libra moon transit video so I pulled three cards the first card is going to be the energy the second card is going to be kind of what's blocking it or the path there and the last part is going to be kind of like into the future or advice and the cards that I got for this transit is the knight of Pentacles the magician and the ten of swords and you know we have a full moon in Sagittarius this week so there's a lot there's a lot you know we've had a lot ever since this weekend we had the Virgo moon transit and that was making a lot of square aspects to the Sun and Jupiter which I've been in opposition they both have been squaring Neptune and there's been a lot of chaotic things going on there's been a lot of chaotic thoughts a lot of people questioning and looking at different routes and trying to decide what's the best what's the best next move you know there's been a lot of anxiousness I feel like over the weekend there a certain amount of anxiousness started to brew but this could also mean for some of you excitement has been brewing or new ideas new quest if you even want to put it that way but with these cards I feel like the next 48 hours of this transit a lot of you are gonna be thinking about if you how you want to feel as you stand alone who you want to be for yourself this is about deeper self esteem greater self esteem more empowerment self empowerment self-love nourishing ourselves investing in ourselves I think a lot of you may feel like this libra moon transit that you know we had a lot of those we had two Libra full moons this year and I think that there has and then we also recently got out of a Venus retrograde last year you know and I think that there's even this energy for some reason I feel this week with this Libra moon transit a lot of you may be wanting to focus more on the relationship with yourself maybe even detaching a little bit from relationships in your life maybe detaching from your social group detaching from certain themes over the next two days just thinking about what it is that you want what do you want to invest yourself into what do you want to do you know how can you find greater abundance in your life within yourself so just a little bit more of a setback I think right now is the time for a lot of people to really you know kind of do self inventory and make sure that you are and you are taking care of you and you are believing in yourself and supporting yourself and committing to yourself above all you know I feel like this is gonna be a transit about self commitment and taking initiative to have better abundance in ourselves and our lives and just spiritually energetically and then with the magician this makes me feel like a lot of you can be you know coming out of the Virgo moon transit the Leo moon transit a lot of you may be I almost see this as there could be a conflict today within people in the collective and remember this is a general reading so if it's not resonating don't try to make it you know don't force it if it is resonating still remember use your own intuition it's it's a general reading but it almost could feel like a lot of people right now know that they have greater potential know that they could be doing more know that they have more talents more skills more levels that they haven't tapped into so feeling like it's time to advance yourself level up and promote yourself put yourself on a higher level take yourself to a higher place and a filling I'm just wanting to level up wanting to you know what is it to know that you could if you don't or what is it to know that you have a skill that you don't utilize or what is it to know that you have magic or to make magic happen if you're not actually doing it for yourself if you're not actually utilizing everything that you have within you to empower yourself and your reality and put yourself in a better position I think people right now are thinking about their position in their world in their fight financial world and their physical world their relationships and there's more like an independent focus about how we all can better trust in our inner magician and our inner ability to manifest I think a lot of people during this transit are gonna be focusing on what they want to manifest for themselves alone independently if no one else was involved if all you really had was yourself and who you are in and out as above so below what would you start to really invest in what would you change right now about your life what would you cut off what would you commit more to how would you stand in a greater position how could you level the ground below you and stand on it more powerfully so it's almost as feeling of people grounding this is a I feel like this is an important transit to ground ourselves and really get our feet in the ground and feel where we're at feel what's going on check in with our body check in with ourselves are we listening to ourselves are we really truly you know utilizing everything that we have within us to better ourselves in our position I think a lot of people will be focused on their position right now within themselves how they feel even just people focusing on what they feel towards themselves what they feel about their financial situations what they feel about who they are and their reality you know a lot of focus on that a lot of people are wanting to break out and ascend higher I feel like this is a transit where people are wanting to ascend into a greater position where they feel more confident and grounded and secured and who they are and what they will be and what they are will manifest and 10 of swords as the advice makes me feel like you know this is an air transit the moon already was opposing Chiron so this is you know the moon also tomorrow and Libra it's gonna be squaring Saturn and it's gonna square Pluto today the moon is going to be squaring Mercury and Mars and the North node so there's a lot of confrontation right now there's a lot of conflict and I feel like this is personal conflict with the nine of Pentacles like and the thing is is that whether male or female as well not a Pentacles doesn't I feel like nine of Pentacles is such a feminine card but even men listening to this this could be you within yourself how can you better take care of yourself and even bring out your more feminine qualities you know pull out the energy to nurture yourself ground yourself feel confident feel scent sensuality feel security radiate from within and without outside of you so I feel like this is a time everybody wants to focus on being in their bag in a way focusing on manifesting what they want to manifest in a way and feeling good I feel like this is a this is gonna be a the challenge of this Libra moon transit is gonna be can you feel good right now standing alone grounded in your life can you really look at your circumstances look at where you are and feel good about who you are where you are where you're going and this is definitely I think gonna challenge people's confidence and challenge what have you really been thinking what have you been believing in that isn't serving you anymore what thoughts think about what things do you think about and then you immediately go into a negative headspace or what circumstances or experiences or thought-forms or as soon as you start to get into that space you start to think very negative or you get a negative headspace I feel like there's this is going to be a transit especially because this is a –air moon it's gonna square Saturn and Pluto in the notes where it's like there's gonna be pressure where a lot of us are needing to really figure out what are the thoughts that we keep saying or repeating to ourselves and it's blocking us from ascending higher it's blocking us from going to the next level it's blocking us from tapping into the next point of magic that we can reach or greater manifestation I feel like thinking thoughts right now in old suppressed ideas and thoughts and beliefs right now people not letting certain ways they've always thought be dead like people I feel like there is even an anxiousness I remember I was talking about the mutable energy we all just got out of over the weekend you know I feel like everybody's still kind of there's a little bit of chatter in the mind for everybody everybody's kind of thinking a little bit or overthinking or wanting to think their way out of something find certain understanding so I feel like right now the headspace matters a lot where people are needing to get out of their head and get into their lives you know get into their spirit really get into themselves because the 10 of swords is built up external stuff that and experiences and just letting it pound you down that's when you let external anxiousness block you from your spirit within and block you from what is true right in the present moment so there's almost a feeling of not wanting to overthink I think a lot of people are gonna find over these next few days there's a need to be more grounded do more meditation make sure that you're checking in with your body make sure that you're not you know overthinking or doubting yourself you know telling yourself you can't do something or telling yourself or telling yourself stories that are negative inherently and I feel like this is also gonna be sort of like a transit you know after the Libra moon transit we're gonna go into the Scorpio and when we go through the Scorpio moon this is going to be training all of the cancer energy and training Neptune and sex styling the Capricorn so it's like we go through this weird portal now but we're not at the deep part yet we're not transforming yet this is gonna be in transit this Libra moon trans is gonna be about deciding decision how are you gonna think about yourself how are you gonna think about who you are and what you can manifest are you going to believe in your narrative that you're the magician of your life and you can make it happen that you can stand on your own that you can be independent and that you are worthy you are valuable you are abundant are you going to believe those things or you want to continue telling yourself negative narratives or are you gonna keep beating yourself up on your head about things that you know are over with or can't be changed you know I think that a lot of us are gonna find that this is going to be a moon transit that we step into better self empowerment and we find our magic again and we stop feeling sorry for ourselves you know I feel Tenace sword sometimes can feel like where things have just gotten out of control where there's been just misplaced grief or you know backlash of communication or where things just feel like they were ruined in a way this is when people are in their lowest state of mental being when they're thinking the worst so a lot of people right now may be needing to realize you know what this is the worst and okay now I need to conquer now I need to move forward I've already thought of the worst I already know what it could be I'm gonna stand in a greater position now I'm gonna tap into my inner talents my inner self I'm gonna shape-shift I'm gonna move I'm gonna shift out of this I'm gonna create a way through and this is gonna bring people more into their present self and in their physical self so that they can get out of the mental illusions or the mental you know stresses and anxieties that could be blocking you from really truly standing in your power and really truly you know ascending to a higher place so where you can manifest where you can move forward where you can feel secure and confident and ready for whatever and not holding yourself back so I think this is gonna be a very interesting moon transit I think that by the Scorpio full moon that's when the transformation will really happen and then we're gonna go into the Sagittarius moon transit you guys and I'm gonna do the full moon cones this week we have a full moon coming up and yeah it's let's see how it happens so I hope everyone is doing well anything else I want to add about this moon trends and I'm probably gonna write about it on Instagram but one thing I want to say is that you know tomorrow when the moon squares Pluto and Saturn there is gonna be a lot of mental pressure mental agony there is going to be people really questioning should they be in a relationship or should they keep doing this there's gonna be a lot of that mental pressure because Pluto is squaring the moon and Saturn is squaring the moon and today the moon is squaring mercury so it's already people are playing out it's like symphonies there are certain symphonies that need to die there are certain thought patterns that you need to kill off that you need to Det because getting in that headspace does nothing but lower your energy and hold you back and it's blocking you from really being present you know sometimes when people get really stuck in their head they they don't realize that they're not living you're not living if you're just stuck in your head you're not living if you're spending so much time thinking and thinking that's that's not true life so I feel like this is gonna be a moon transit that kind of activates what is the real life you want to live what is the real things you dream of that you want to manifest who are you really inside what are you really capable of what is it that you really want to do and if you never doubted yourself and you never held space for negativity if you truly believed in yourself mind body and spirit where would you be right now how would you feel what would how would that look different I feel like this is gonna be a moon transit where you need to commit to that you need to commit to the greatest you to your greatest life your greatest livelihood and you need to put an end to any sort of thinking or cyclical patterns that take place in your mind or paranoia or anxieties that are making you believe in things that are not true because the only thing true is right now in this moment that you are alive that you are you are capable that you can that you have everything you need you have everything you need to get you to where you need to be or where ever you want to be but you have to know that in your mind and believe it so I feel like there's almost a feeling of mind/body/spirit sort of energy with this Libra moon transit really aligning getting that balance I feel like those of you who have been maybe putting too much of your energy into the what shoulda coulda woulda or or what ifs you may bring energy back to yourself now and be like you know what I can or you know what I'm not gonna think that way I'm gonna I'm gonna be positive I'm gonna empower myself I'm gonna feel better about this and it's kind of like well I think it's not even about taking our power back but bringing our magic back activating our magic back again within ourselves for ourselves independently because that's nine of nine of Pentacles as she has it on her own so and it's like she does and she's gonna be her greatest self for herself so that's kind of I feel that this energy is for the next two days and yeah I hope you guys are doing well I'll be back soon with more videos this week I'm gonna have some videos up and until the next time we talk for the lovers

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  1. I needed this so much! I was literally stuck in the mental realm, doubting everything I've become and have been building for a long time. So grateful for you, thank you Olivia ❤

  2. really resonated. i am so anxious, can't sleep, overthinking so much. but i know i can get through this. thank you for your encouragement ♡

  3. right on.. i m feeling all those emotions that now is the time to stand up alone without the need to
    those external escapes that i would normally go.

  4. Pulled the magician card today for the first time in a long time! Time to take the magic back!! ❤️❤️❤️

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