Always Pressing PGA DFS POD - 2019 Travelers Championship

Always Pressing PGA DFS POD – 2019 Travelers Championship

and welcome back to Olli sorry I got canceled this he says hangouts on air is going away later this year just so you know funny that yeah but so anybody listening there you go but we'll start the podcast Carol and welcome back everybody to another episode of the always pressing PGA DFS podcast this week we'll be previewing the 2019 Travelers Championship it's a fun one it's actually a better feel than I expected going on in order to break it all down my Coast as always you can find on Twitter at DFS golf gods Jesse how we doing man don't pretty good dude how are you I'm doing I'm doing I'm tired but another Monday in the books another podcast breaking down this week PJ action it's a little different Monday for you seeing as how you were at Pebble Beach Golf Links yesterday yeah it was a great day it was beautiful day got to a bucket list item cross off and basically been able to reach out and touch El Tigre but he looks worse for wear I'll be totally honest with you he does not look good these days he looks old and tired so that was interesting to see him up that close and personal but I still playing good golf but it was yeah it was fun seeing some of the best the best because we were talking before I know if I go to the program every year a couple days each time and you see some good golfers there but this was just like one after another after another knows the stripe shows some of these guys been put on cuz I we made a point to stand on 10 because it's a 526 yard par 5 so I was one of the few holes you're guaranteed driver and my goodness was spectacle to see some of these guys hit their cloves but yeah I can't it it's it's it's crazy if like obviously if you play golf a lot and then you go out and watch these guys like it's just a whole nother level of golf you can't even really it sounds different just put that way it sounds it looks different yeah it's wild but oh no yeah it was awesome the course was great I know there was a lot of complaints about it because you know US Open carnage I personally didn't mind it it was Pebble Beach is what did you expect them to do you can only lengthen it so much they did they length of every part they could like them there were spots and I showed up on Tuesday for the practice round and we talked about it in the /n I was like holy crap they've got a tee box there like that would just shocked me but they couldn't do any more lengthwise they grew the ref out the best they could they's you know it got wet and there's nothing they can do about it and they're not gonna burn Pebble Beach all right you can't yeah like I mean I guess you can that I've seen pictures of like past tournaments and they looked it looked more burnt out but it's it's just harder to do it didn't get windy there's nothing to do about that and that could be a complaint that could be a complaint like gold and don't put it somewhere else if it got windy the scores have been like – – the same thing with Aaron Hills like yes that that was the defense of that golf course and Brook shot 16 or whatever he shot there that year and then you know just there was when there's like you said when there's no wind at Pebble like the only thing they could have done in anticipation of not they're not being wind is bringing the fairways in more but you know I mean how do you know to do that two or three months in advance that's when you got to really start growing it out and getting everything going so I mean it was it for me was disappointment from the fact that you know you didn't see the carnage but like at the same time like the guys really like the golf course maybe is because they you know there's low scores I don't know but the greens looked good they rolled good and it was it was it was a great golf tournament – yeah and that's the thing is it was still a good golf tournament the best of the best are still on the leaderboard at the end for the most part like you couldn't complain about that if you compare this event to the pro-am the program's winners like 20 under par so it's not like these guys lit the course up like they do on the pro-am and the other factors if we want to collect the wind game well then where's the British Open complaints because that's every course over there was not windy they're gonna tear apart that's every single course so I understand I get the car engine part maybe I'm just biased because I love Pebble Beach like walking around Pebble Beach just awesome but they hit play tough and if you look at the overall scoring there's a lot of guys that worked on your part a lot of really good players and there was only three guys that shot all rounds on your Park so it right it eight people's lunch it it was the total like that's what the guy said I feel and all these guys why they liked it so much it rewarded good golf in penalized slightly off golf and that's that's all you can really ask for it on a venue where you can't completely destroy it right so yeah I think I get both sides of it I was just I guess I was on one side that wasn't as popular as the other yeah I'm with you I mean I think a lot of it too especially in our circle comes from the fact that no 79 79 guys made the cut when it's when it's top 60 and ties you get 79 3 when the 66 percentage is normally very low and then just a bunch of chalk made it right on the number and of course I wasn't on Webb and he was the highest owned and then he goes just absolutely the off on Sunday there I'm told how much he cost me by doing that but I mean Gary woodland got it done did he looked great he looked really good I mean and staredown Brooks koepka I really thought I don't know where you were at when they started their round I don't know if you saw it or not but Brooks on to get it way right would have been an OB in the in the 18c pro-am finds it hits it up short and just a god-awful loss got one foot way above his left foot way above his right foot and hits one of the greatest shots I've ever seen out of that rough and they makes a par somehow I thought it was just gonna be his day especially after that star but did Gary's like just he just stayed calm cool and collected and like never got phased made a few bogeys but you know got up and down when he needed to and I mean just looked really confidently and it's really hard to do on that kind of stage so with Rob's to him it was awesome to see cuz when Brooks was doing it on – I was sitting on three just a little past were kind of their tee shots land for their kind of wedge in so I sitting on the side of the hill there on the right side so we could see the ball at the green and everything but watch him hit and it was like Rory's group or whatever is right before Brooks and you see the crowd like you can see to where he was and this just kind of waves over but they're coming closer to the third hole and wondering what they're doing and then you hear this just roar like he said basically he hits a shot like holy crap and this guy next to me one of the year radios and a bunch of people had and he's telling us what happens we already knew Brooks birdied 1 and we're watching this the scoreboards were waiting and then Brooks comes and it's really interesting so the pro-am the tees are closer and guys don't try to cut the corner they just play it safe and wedge it in well here the thing was way way back and they're trying to cut him over trees and a couple guys are like playing almost behind the 16th green because they land there and wedge it up but Brooks just hits this bomb like I've never seen a guy hit it where it was he maybe was like 90 yards out it was just ridiculous yeah and he wedges it in to it then I think like three feet or something the place is going nuts and he just has this strut and I'm watching him he's probably like 50 yards in front of me I'm going oh pray for Gary woodland like this guy this looks absolutely just like yep no one's beat me today or if you're gonna win you're an erna tech thing like I'm gonna put this pressure on you Gary was awesome it was a it was a great it was like one of the like I don't think you could really have a better start from Brooks kept good them the way he started it I mean he he I mean you know 4-under through five is nuts on a golf course he's it's a big opportunity he eat are five you know you shouldn't be probably should've birdied six which is very brutal playing the easiest easiest hole on the golf course I was texting a buddy all weekend how that Cole was playing like minus seventy five thousand billion yeah birdie of course everybody I rostered was just pouring it I had one got double bogey it I think Deki double bogey that hole he may have tripled it that day anyways long story short Brooks gets and then like that's he just couldn't and when he couldn't birdie at 14 he didn't didn't bore to me mr. green yeah I mean and then Gary dude coming up I'm sure you saw it coming up 14 really you know he was he was in the fairway which one which one was out of the rough day 14 is part like 13 there yeah 13 right for the part 3 12 yeah yeah so 14 he hits at the fairway and everybody's like oh you know he's just gonna lay up dude pulls 3-wood and just bombs it flies it on the green and it's just off to the left or whatever chips up makes his birdie and then do that shot on 17 that ship oh my god that was like I literally sat there and I'm like okay he deserves every bit of that trophy right now that was one if that's me I would have bladed that over the green about 20 yards I either blade nothing into the Pacific Ocean or I take like a 12-foot divot out of that they barely scraped the green but he blames it on that downslope and then just checks up and goes almost goes in yeah I thought I was going in probably not as hard of a shot but with the pressure on like that's that insane shot dude but we see we've seen Gary he's over seven entering tournaments of thank you for a week anyway they talked about it plenty on the damnit I'm coolin kalevi yeah Mina you know he's got powers people call him Brooks koepka light and not and I couldn't see that but he's got he's also good at that just just at least this past week he had that calm cool demeanor and maybe that's something that he can continue to feed off of for you know rounds coming up I don't know what his issues been I know a lot of it's been with the short game and he had a hell of a week around the greens and all the greens but it'll be it'll be fun to watch him you know I mean if if he's another guy who can step up and compete with Brooks and EJ and Rory let me golf man crazy it's awesome and week-to-week like it's just so many good players because we've been on Gary a lot this year like we're pretty pro Gary on this podcast we like Jeremy we play him a lot he's always been so close you just can't like finish it but that's why he's always priced in the middle like he's always that mid guy but he's really good he's only missed one cut and that one cut was ridiculous when he missed it he's just a monster and I was listening to his last time like a home they were replaying his his interview and then the media Tim I would trophy and everything and he talked about a few things he said he spent like the last three years really learning how to play polo well that's why he plays it better now because he couldn't play before and it showed this week a lot and then when they asked about that deal ago on 17 that chip it's something I never would have imagined but he said he started working with some new guy like nine ten months ago I think it was and his chipping around the girl was so bad the the coach made him hit off chip off the green for like 30 to 60 minutes a day it was like the first week the superintendents hated him because he was what the the the pro kept saying if you can learn how to chip off this you can learn how to chip off on anything and he made him do it over and over again like holy crap that's pretty impressive yeah I'm for sure me I mean that's that is that's actually a really good it makes me really good you don't want to you know go to your local Mooney and just start chipping off the game we don't mean if you're a pro golfer like a would Lennon and you know that the course probably just deals with it but yes wild I mean but the leaderboard otherwise too was was pretty stacked you know Brooks up there obviously what a run for Brooks man in its in a solo second in last three years in the US Open is three majors this year's second wins second yeah Jesus Christ and he looked he makes it look so easy out there and somehow I know I know you was the highest price but somehow he was less than 10 percent owned in the Miller this past week – which is what Lowe's my mind but probably less than 10 percent of the open – and it's a links course or even if he's off target he can probably go yeah I'll be all over him there but he'll also probably the highest price again and I mean I know that's got something to do with it but the same time you sometimes you just gotta I mean you know what I mean like when I guys on a run like this I mean no nobody was gonna be fading Tiger back if we had DK back in the 2000 so when Tiger was was going off you know everybody be playing up 14 15 thousand for Tiger at that point but you know John ROM up there he had a good showing Justin Rose was interesting man you know I mean I talked about him at the on the pod last week and he had a really odd week did not hit the ball will and it really caught up with him on Sunday where he shot three over R and fell back to a tie for third but otherwise a good week I mean a lot of it was just around the greens and chipping chipping well and then also you know obviously a good putter one that got like 22 putts in round one get 34 we had 34 1 putts through his first three rounds Justin Rose he was he was uh yes I mean the putter was just hot fire meaning he had 50% of greens and finishing the fairways in round one crazy I mean for the whole entire week he hit 59% of the fairways and 54% of the Greens it's just really bad and that was a tie for 60th basically but you know another stacked leaderboard dude I mean Rory was up there Henrik was up there Lillehammer Norway really good really good Sunday 67 so yeah I mean that my only disappointment kind of was a DJ man I mean he just couldn't put which is surprising well kind of surprising as always an Achilles heel yeah just I figured going into it like he knows these greens he's going to be comfortable on him he's gonna feel good no sir yeah he lost seven strokes putting this week like this if you add that on you know he's he's contending you made it makes you know people's sweat a little more just yeah miles might want to den pick two great time to use DJ that was great but it was an awesome week the leaderboard is great we'll talk about some of these guys when we talk about players in the field like Victor hovlind watching him for a couple days this kid is frickin good I'm pretty sure they probably drool over him all over the telecast but the dude is really really good and he does not care about he okay we're sitting on ten tigers in the group right behind him Tiger sticks one with really close four on eight from atop the crest there over the water sticks it sticks it and the crowd erupts behind us and he's addressed his ball already and he started on the swing and he could have stopped he just kept going and he piped them like nothing fazed him at all I watched other golfers stop on Wesley standing there I didn't get phased by industry yeah he's launched run he's gonna be special yeah if you look at his stats – we'll talk about this more in a minute but he played really well eat a lot of good tee shots and obviously had a very good Sunday yeah so we'll get into that like you can tell by kind of the way we're talking here I could sit and talk about I love wheat we love golf and major golf and as long as it's competitive like it was this last weekend I was pretty happy with that because it might not have been neck and neck coming into Sunday but it was close enough to keep us interested for quite a while there so right and that's that's all I ask for in a major make it don't the run always kind of sucked like if it happens it happens but give me something to talk about and they definitely did it this week all right let's give her this week's PGA Tour action a much more loaded feel than I thought when I looked at the drafting is pricing I was like holy crap all these guys are actually playing with this event it is the Travelers Championship 156 man field t70 and ties so we had TPC River Highlands up in the northeastern Connecticut area Jesse want to give us some past event history so last year Bubba Watson was the 2018 champion which is obviously last year three shots he found 17 unders three shot winner over Paul Casey Stewart Cink JB Holmes and Bo hustler doesn't 17 champion was jordan Spieth in a playoff at 12-under over Daniel Berger I think that's the year that speaks chipped in out of a bunker there wasn't it you move yeah yeah 2016 Russell Knox was a champion 14 under one shot over Jerry Kelly so bob has won this golf tournament three times it's you know obviously the third time was last year one in 15 he also wanted in 10 Kevin Streelman is a past champion here Marc Leishman is a past champion here Stewie Cink has won this championship twice who's gonna stick out and but last time was in 2008 and then Phil Mickelson has also won this championship twice as well he won in 2002 and 2001 back to that back to back chant Phil all right yeah it should be a fun tournament and as you kind of mentioned with some things there it's a tournament where all different types of players can be very successful TBC River Highlands is a Pete Dye track your Hill you'll hear that over and over Pete Dye specialist but there's actually some validity to it I'm pretty sure Jesse can kind of agree with that there is Pete Dye is a special type of course it's a very visually it can it can alter your decision makings if you haven't played it enough because it'll it'll kind of make you look at things a little differently be a little distraction to you there but some guys like what I actually played 90 holes of golf Thursday Friday and Saturday on a PPI design this past weekend outstanding I guess there's one out here in Carmel Carolina Valley Ranch I play once or twice a year and I once I played it the first time I realize exactly what people talk about they say how it can visually mess with your mind I totally mad you yeah totally man watch here because once you walk up to your ball you look at you look back at the tee like an idiot or something along those lines all the time well it's just he's constantly doing something that like like you said is it like an optical illusion type of thing a lot of his greens also run front to back so they're sloped away from you makes it a lot harder to stop the ball in the green and you at least on the courses that I've played there's another Pete design up in French Lick Indiana another plate as well but they're a lot of fun to play if you ever get a chance to play a design I highly recommend it because they are fun they're fun and they like and they're fun and they won't destroy you as long as you kind of know where you're doing right they're not meant to just ruin your round there's meant to kind of make you think a little bit a little different off well yeah and you get more comfortable on to where you play on them two more times you get around them you know so course it's really big here but go ahead yep sixty-eight hundred and forty yards give or take here it's a par 70 so not a long golf course is kind of a theme we've had a lot Jesse a lot least par 70 70 ones but just like shot-makers courses their tree-lined fairways there's bunkers and places where you kind of need to be accurate off the tee to avoid them or go over them unlike some of these other course we've had where it's been less than drivers specifically this you can bomb it or you cannot it's one of those like you can take your chances the the are a little bigger than what we've had but still the trees are there the rough is not super penal but it will affect you a little bit because the biggest thing here is reading all the different quotes from guys you need to be good I notice a wide range but different guys are different thoughts on the based on how they get off the tee but if you can hit good for like 1 to 150 so wedge shots iron shots in you're good because you want to be able to at the greens the greens are kind of a little undulating but not horrible there's very hard to get up and down around the greens so that'll penalize you big-time a lot of these guys said if you get an accurate shot off the tee your approach game is good you'll have a lot of chances at birdie like a lot they said you can go really low here the Greens kind of average-sized their power a little bit of bent grass different than the poet on the west coast where they won't kind of get beat up a lot throughout the day but they grow a bunch throughout the day so a lot of the other quotes I said if you're on the early tee times so if you're playing showdown Thursday or Friday think about this a lot of low scores in the morning not as many low scores in the afternoon keep that in mind it's supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday supposedly we'll be clear through the rest of the week – slight winds so it also means the course might be a little damp which means you're gonna have a little more receptive greens but also the rough might be able to grown out a little marks that couldn't maintain it so keep that in mind few water hazards but they won't come into play very often it's about all I have on this it's yeah super score will swear Furyk chose 58 so you can make it happen but if you're not hitting greens you gotta be really good around the green I've got to emphasize that a lot so approach game is going to be key what kind of stats are looking at this week Jesse a lot of course history so I'll use that but also greens in regulation a little bit more accuracy for over distance I know Bubba is obviously a past champion here and look at some of the other guys like Leishman you know he gets a I said pretty pretty far off the tee but for the most part it's more of your court hitters I mean Spieth is a past winner here and he's not super lengthy so more more guys who just keep it in the fairway versus vomit way out there and so chokes can't approach if you're on fantasy national proximity from 120 to 150 150 to 175 birdie or better a lot of par fours here for 50 to 400 to 450 kind of yet yep I'm pretty much on the same page with you there Soula fan share sports real clip if you didn't take them up under 50% off offer and you wanted to try them I don't know what you're waiting for but you can still get 25% off by using promo code always press all one word all lowercase letters always press it's going to some of the last the information every last for travellers events average drafting scoring ball case he's played in all four and he leads the win 97.5 DK points on average here and it's a lot like a Valspar course that makes a lot of sense Brooks has played this twice he's averaged help over 94 points jordan Spieth over 92 of course he won it Russell Henley over 90 Hoffman 90 the Jiri Bubba Watson's played all forgotten almost 88 Danny Lee can't lay and bow Hossler have all played really really well at this event if you do Pete Dye course it's the last 10 Pete Dye Course is obviously not all these guys like 10 but some guys had to played you know a handful Kistner averages over 83 points on Pete Dye he's a specialist molly almost 82 can't lay almost 80 points in Pete Dye courses and so on of so forth you know you'll hear seaweed Kim's a specialist here and many many more and lastly guys with good current form and good course history coming to the weekend Vic's kept kageura dispise are on the list Kent Lake Kevin to a actually plays really well here surprisingly and then Russell Knox and Millie an agree oh Tyler Duncan McKenzie Hughes and many many more all right before we get in to the graph king scoring wanting a little shout out to our boy fantasy sports deejay jens and slacks chat over there Mitch Mitch crushed it the $8 5 max took it down for $5,000 over the weekend that's pretty damn cool watching him sweat it out every day getting the updates and he took it down six to six line up also stuff for Mitch right there the wild thing about that lineup is is he was really sitting really well after Thursday except for Webb Simpson and of course did he have to have to root for the chalk and then 60% get 6 is 6 or 40% whatever was so yeah did hell of a score for him Congrats on that yep I had I think I had four of the same six guys he had in my five or six lineup and I lost because of Justin Thomas that was fun I had two six Pacific's is that in cash I guess I shouldn't say too much then but basically what could have been is what I'm trying to tell myself like I had yeah it's frustrating but don't take it away from Mitch Mitch has a hell of a lineup and some other guys did really really well Sean and Eli and I was doing well ch Rudy other than a handful of these a crushing food showdown and other actions so join us some slack shad it's free guys and that keeps saying each week I know Jesse talks about it the golf chat keeps cranking up more and more I love having the activity because Jess you know we talk to each other all the time via text and stuff so we're not gonna sit there talk to each other in slack chat but if there's ever questions jesse is usually there I'm there someone's there Kevin's in there a lot now come join us it's it's a blast just talking golf and help each other build lineups so come join us and make it happen but Jesse let's get into the travelers some like I said a really loaded field 10 Kain above I got five guys got Brooks at eleven a guy can't lead at eleven three Spieth ten seven Molly ten three and Jason gay at ten thousand it's a weird week because the six case sucks but you might be able to make it work what you left the cap here yeah it's not nearly as comfortable as it was last week going up and and grabbing Brooks and for that reason I mean I'll take Brooks all day every day a 19th 9th and 51st and his last three appearances here 19th was last year 6th 2016 finished 9th 2014 fish 51st you know probably going into it most people will be of the you know he doesn't give a but did again I mean you could spin it the other way you know he could finish second he didn't win last week maybe we get angry Brooks again i slided Brooks who brings his a game and really bears down or maybe he doesn't even hardly tries to what's everybody's ass so I'll take Brooks I think can't lay at 11 3 also is a I mean from the stats perspective he's definitely hitting the ball well at least a week last week finished 15th here last year 21st last last week and obviously won the Memorial two weeks ago and that was after a third third and a ninth and his last three periences before the Memorial did you just put on a ball strike and clinic so those are the two guys for me up top here the two highest price guys you know I don't you tell me is it a is it a moly week or not yes this fits him to a tee you know he struck the ball so well last week like his he struck it really really well his short game like we talked about a lot you talk about all the time you always when you talk about that you played Molly and he always joke well not looking forward to him like three-button from three feet or whatever yeah it that was his kryptonite I don't have all the stats in front of me but it just felt like that was his kryptonite last week was his putting because he played really really well especially on he started really hot on Sunday I'm excited me no I didn't 106 six laughs I needed him to go and when he was going it was looking good and then he just the wheels came off about nine or something than anyways so I mean if you say so then I guess I'll have to do it yeah and like I agree with you on Brooks eleven eight is insane but he's earned everything about it like I've I become a Brooks fanboy I know I might be a little late to the party I've never not liked him but watching his swag I respect the of what he does out there again a guy with that much confidence and he backs it up I will respect her to you like it was it was cool walk and he's totally humble about it to like you like woodland stuff lately but like he said he can either come in with two factors he could be the guy that it's not a major so if he goes and finished its 35th which we've seen many times or it's I finished second place I know I should have won that tournament I'm gonna go truck these people at this course right now like I can see him going either either way with that I think cantly is a great pick a measly pre popular 11:3 I've heard his name a lot already and I haven't even listened to much but he seems very very popular so I'm going Molly if I'm gonna up here alone Molly at 10 three just when you look in a shop makers golf course it's rheems a guy like francisco Molnar it really really does and I'll roll that dice with him again again if he's not make make a kitten greens it could get dicey but for now I'll go Mali and go from there but in reality I think I'm gonna be spending a lot of time a little lower and let's get lower it's getting in the 9k range you got KCC at Justin Thomas in 98 Casey at 95 Fleetwood at 93 d Shambo at 92 Leishman at 91 and Tony fee now at 9,000 if anybody is worried about Justin Thomas it was his putting that screwed him again he's healthy because on Sunday he was playing Cypress Pointe so he's just fine but what he got here tonight kid range you give me to all the Paul Casey and Tommy flea what I mean you know Casey obviously made the cut last week finished 21st you know good Sunday Fleetwood uh you know his game is it's in a weird place he made the cut but he played like ass I mean he never even just interested on some day he shot 71 73 73 but now he still has not missed a cut since the open de France kind of got such good accent since out rare a just how good my accents are back in July so I mean the guy may not be contending it really hasn't been in contention since the players I guess kind of at the British Masters but as far as a PGA Tour goes since the Players Championship or top 5 there of course history here he's never played so how he's gonna figure I don't know but those would be the two guys for me here I mean obviously Leishman is a defense as a past champion that was in 2012 you know he's hit or miss Bryson he had a decent showing he just never could really keep it all together at the US Open Tommy said not really great comp here but I don't really like him female no I just can't do it at this point it's just his don't know where his games at May and it's really odd his okay course history but just had a really weird year for Tony's you know we really expected him to have a great year and it's just been a you know an average very very average and disappointed yeah yeah but yeah I'm with you Casey all the way I love Casey you're like in reality jumping back there Justin Thomas might be the way to go here like I'm in a GPP sense because literally when you look in his ball striking yet again this has been a trend like two weeks ago mr. cuddles ball striking was great ball striking was great to get this past week he just couldn't putt it was as simple as that not saying it's gonna change this week but a guy that strikes the ball well it's JT does GPP why is this cream very and she's like you'll get him very low well it's been weird with him like his ownership has been at the memorial his first tournament back 27% he was the chalky missed the cut 22% Canadian open and down to 16% the US Open where the pricing was a little bit softer and a lot of options around there so I mean obviously if it continues that downward trend I'm all over that but if he's gonna be chalky man I'm Curtis I don't know yeah I don't want a chalky JT but I didn't think a lot of people are gonna go with $95 Casey because yeah that's thing you're probably right and I don't blame anybody like you like him I like them a lot of things of course if it's Casey phenomenally I'm just thinking if we come to Wednesday night and JT like predicting us 10% I'm very very intrigued by that predicament because as much as he burned me last week I know how good he can be and that is an interesting spot to be in but I like Casey I agree with your Fleetwood takes and at least Mike's a very good play at 91 in there but like there's a lot to like that leash you know you're playing with Tiger on Sunday that can't be easy but you see this kind of having a good time shot one over on Sunday t35 over Raleigh and fifth it's the memorial past winter here I think there's some upside the Leishman 1,900 bucks and he it's quite overlooked at that price point so give me some Leishman at 91 it's good to the 8k range you got three-time champ Bubba Watson and 8900 another guy that struck the ball really well surprisingly last week but couldn't putt to get around the green yeah Osteen 88 Mickelson 87 Sneddon 86 reven 85 reavie at read at 85 revealed 84 kokrak 83 shriman 82 Hoffman 81 and your boy burger 8,000 bucks and by the way burger pipes it absolutely pipes it but what do you got here to get a range I'll start with Bubba I mean so there's a couple different ways to go with Bubba either you know everybody on top now he's three-time champion you know this is his type of course but this is like Bubba has just like certain courses he's probably never going to want a US Open he probably will never win a PGA Championship he might win the Masters again I don't really know his history at the Open Championship but I mean he missed the cut last year long story short he missed the cut last year at the US Open and turn around won this golf tournament the next the next week it's the same exact setup almost almost to the day that the US Open ended last year then he turns around and wins the the Travelers Championship the next week so I watch and see how chalky he is projected to be if he's chalky I don't know if he's not I mean when I say not less than 15 percent is I think a good number on Bubba but he will get a lot of tags so it'd be interesting to see if that actually translates into being really chalky moving on down Chas reavie man you know I talked about him last week and he had a really really good week and I think they shed like two shots of his on Sunday with his opening tee shot and like his last putt no lion got up guys were like all over the fact that Fox just refused to show him and he was like they didn't show him a couple times when he was smiling when Brooks was just making when you asked yeah like after Brooks I think birdied five or whatever and he was 400 through five like Chan's turns around and he's smiling or whatever cuz it's like he's just like holy like I'm gonna sit here and watch this all day and then you didn't see him again till I think like 17 and he actually really good shot in the 17 but here 3-wood everybody else was hitting like four hours anyway his kokrak man he's he's interesting so miss got last year but 26th year before 34th and 48th and the three years prior to that and he's kind of you know obviously coming off the memorial he finished 62nd at the memorial but week off a couple weeks off now I'll go back to him and 8,300 Streelman – at 8,200 past winter here forth at the memorial chant at the Memorial Tournament there and has made five straight cuts on tour and then last but not least Berger obviously finished second here – Jordan Smith in 2017 last year he was 67th not really worried about that but he is just continuing to make out just turn out cuts and I keep saying eventually it'll all come together for him and he will have a good weekend and get into contention so eight thousand bucks in this in this field I would like a lot I don't hate that at all Bubba I'd imagine he's gonna be popular because between winning here and the term Pete Dye specialist he plays well is it Riviera that's a Pete Dye I think there's one bounce out that he plays really well at he plays well at shot shape for courses if you say so Bubba 89 is gonna be bridged and see how that plays out but I think you see interesting 88 coming off last we could perform it may be feeling feelin the groove there and striking the bowls we know he can when he sleeps in the right bed chairs really day before I like a lot I think keep riding the hog here we've seen really at times he goes on streaks let's see if he does it here maybe it's just a one-week thing because it was at e3 he missed the cut at the Charles Schwab or than a PGA champion with 14th Wells Fargo in 1828 the Heritage so four of his last five events he's actually been really really well he for the most part he's pretty accurate off the tee and that's what you looking for here with an approach game the puttings usually kind of suspect of him but he likes poetry ins it could be and shouldn't even 84 I like that quite a bit you mentioned kokrak this guy hasn't missed a cut all year and just continually gets it done he was on that run for a while there he's kind of hiccups a little bit of late but I think he could maybe jump back on him at eighty three hundred and then Berger I'm 100% onboard with you the dudes getting closer and closer I think you're you're gonna get it here pretty soon with him it's all gonna come together and I think at $8,000 it's it's a good risk reward type deal at that price point with burgers so I'm aboard with you there I like cheese and coke back the most in this range for me but that's where I'm looking at all right 7d 500 and a bun guess who's got a handful of guys for you looking at here start on top with a gritty yo 7900 to start my cuts here is line 2 appearances 19th last year 43rd year before didn't have a good week you know you know he started pretty good at the US Open shot three hundred the first day but then three over three over and two over to finish it out and I really could show it the more Memorial Tournament so I liked him I loved Hovland but like yeah it's he's not gonna be not popular I don't think especially at that prize coming off you know they had a they had him on Fox after his round where he shot 4-under on Sunday broke Jack Nicklaus is sworn in record which I'm sure jack will put an asterisk by himself since it wasn't on a US Open what about US Open course even though he won he was open yeah all right I mean you but you know jack is anyways long story short on homeland I love him but like you know first it's gonna be his first start as a tour pro he's turning pro now so it's gonna be a little bit of different mindset a little bit of a different set up for him just depending on how chalky he is or how much buzz I mean I think he's gonna get a lot of buzz this week so it'll be interesting but my pivot off of him as Russell Knox looking at some course history stats he really stands out thirty eighth last year sixty Seconds here before and he won it in 2016 and made two straight cuts on tour didn't miss the cut the PGA Championship not a huge deal but I just obviously the course histories there and and I really feel like people will flock to this 70 100 range with with grillo and and Hovland so give me all the Russell Knox at 77 yeah but bud Cauley again as well bud Cauley at 7600 for the same reason it was a lot he just stands out the he's kind of training upwards as far as his form goes – for sure I like Victor often quite a bit but I'm not playing chalky she said it's just not gonna happen the kids good they could he could win this whole thing if you really wanted to he's very very talented it's a birdie fest he can attack rings but I'll sit and loan yes if not no agree oh is a great play as well when it comes to ball striking extraordinary to 1700 bucks very good play but so is Vinny on it 78 there's a lot life that Vinny on had a good finish last week T 16 at T 17 with Memorial a good iron player in his own right 70 hundred bucks I think he's a very very good play there I love the Russell Knox call he's another guy with you know approach game iron play we talked about a lot so I'm with you there Kevin Kisner is interesting to me he's a guy that plays really well and Pete Dye's we talked about last 10 Pete Dye events you know t-49 last week t 41 to memorial he's kind of had an up-and-down season but he won that match played Mexico out of Pete Dye course it's really really well at those type of courses you know you hear the the Valspar comparison TT 24 of the Valspar some some interesting things to look at with Kevin Kisner at seventy seven hundred bucks probably overlooked too because I don't think I've got a ton of attention there another guy are you talking about kind of shorter courses lesson driver necessary courses just ball striking Adam had one you know six at the Canadian but 52nd that's one more no 29th the pga 38 the Wells Fargo T 48 at the Heritage Hill goes super Owen at 7600 bucks so he could be a play for you I'd rather have kids nur potentially and then lastly Danny Lee plays really well on iron courses approach game courses like this I like him at 7,500 bucks I think this 7 K range is gonna be the fun range because you can make the arguments for a lot of golfers here and you could really get your ownership here in 7 K range to not have to worry about the high guys as much that's my two cents on this that's why I applied name off more than most people wouldn't miss range but there's a lot of ways to pivot here is basically I'm trying to say what he got it's 7,400 below guessing I start with Kevin why you mentioned him earlier he's played well here before he finished six there last year 40th year 43rd year before and in 2014 and finished 26th he has made 5 straight cuts on tour after missing six straight cuts on to her so he's figured something out starting to play better Matthew Woolf another Oklahoma State I guess alum I'm guessing that him and hofland have both graduated anyways long story short on him seventy three hundred not got show up on anybody stab models law he did play in a PGA Tour event this year I don't know if he's turning pro or if he's just got an exemption or something I've really talked about that first of in view of his ownership when I won my chance Phoenix Open yeah yeah three three percent it's okay he wasn't talked about uh maybe run backed off six thousand dollars he made to cut there and finished fiftieth so he'd be interesting you know kind of a pivot off of hobbling again and then Nick Watney is seventy two hundred another interesting guy Sebastian munos it's seventy two hundred he missed the cut here his only appearance in 2017 but as has finished 11th in the Pete at the Canadian seventh the Rex Hospital open which is web girl convent tenth at the Byron Nelson Championship in 30 H at the Wells Fargo Championship so has been playing well of like tour marries another guy at seventy one hundred and Mackenzie Hughes I think you mentioned him and the what the fan share deal is well both those guys you know 70 Waldo 70 100 bucks those would be my my two guys down there that low with with Munoz I like the math you wolf call that could be a fun one there see but–can you're gonna hear that a lot because he plays Pete Dye very very well seventy four hundred bucks he's played well here before as well so that could be interesting but we're I'm gonna go down here in this kind of recent form and getting to actually watch them a couple days is SEP strata the rookie at seventy one hundred bucks it's a big dude that can hit it really really well t28 at the open T 60 at Canadian t20 and Byron Nelson whose last three events missed a couple cuts and T 26 at Punta Cana but this dude's a really good iron player I was really really impressive when I saw from him doesn't mean you can't miss the kind of setting 100 bucks as a rookie but I think there's upside with him before the weekend let me pull his stats back up here you know he had a 76 on Saturday other than that if they really really well so I think there's some upside there was Seth Harris English is actually swinging it really well and though it's not a name that gets talked about a ton $7,000 I have T 58 last week with T 20 at the Canadian Open t43 t54 t25 and his last few events I don't mind him at $7,000 to make the cut maybe maybe run into a t25 or something for you so I think there's upside there at 7000 so I guess I like more the 7,500 and above them the 7400 and below but that's drunken and English calls I go get it super low ownership and he'll help me out of time I was super surprised as he struck his name up there and I guaranteed 99% of people watching I like who the is that yeah I was shocked my song won the practice Day on Tuesday and then get on Sunday dude 67 on Sundays legit – he played terrible on Saturday / but to come back with a 67 on Sunday is impressive yeah he's playing good and I think the way I saw him his irons there that's all I needs to do here and might be in hey he's a rookie first time I the course could be interesting but and that there's upside there for sure 6k range it's interesting down here Jessie very very interesting were you looking at you start all right I got Nick Taylor at 1600 bucks coming in in good form the last two events he's been in the US Open a t43 Canadian t27 I'm afraid this guy might be popular but he's really playing well call him work our of the cow t35 of the open T 14 the Canadian Open and he's just a really small just consistently keeping it in play player right down the middle doesn't do it too fancy but like you look at his four rounds at the open his four runs of Canadian Open nothing fancy but just doesn't screw up you only had 18 birdies last week I say only a team that's really good at a US Open course for your first time and any other eight birdies the Canadian Open so keeps it in place keeps himself out of trouble and the other two I'm looking at for now until something might change I think Vaughn Taylor he always plays these small courses really well maybe not contending but he's gonna make a cut for you make it interesting and then Brian day is another guy like on a which game tech courses he's very tilting because if certain like his puddings off it's a nightmare but usually his iron play is really really good so gay at 67 could be could be a good one what about you yeah Colin Morikawa gasps didn't somebody in the slack chat mention him last week I think so and I think like some reason why his name wasn't I saw him walking around early got me see this guy had never even heard of him he just signed with Adidas so yeah I hadn't either and anyways I like that call another guy six nine hunters Peter Malnati don't mind him a bit moving on down Tom Hogue hoagie whatever 6,500 just from a course history standpoint and then also Scott Langley at 6400 another guy just from a course history standpoint it you know it's there they're hidden mess but you know Langley finished 25th here and a left and 11th and 2015 and 2014 he did make the cut of Canadian Open he missed a bunch of cuts before that Tom Hogue every other year making the cut this should be the year for him but just kind of another hit and miss God and then they got levy Oda to there's there's several options down here in this range it's just it's not nearly like last week so it's a little bit it's a lot more uncomfortable yeah well at least least seventy guys make the cut and uh and you mentioned could you mention before lavota they're huggy and opening bogey made the cut at the open so he played like the weekend which is always a good thing that leads me to my question for you I should asked it earlier but I'll ask you now do you have any concern with guys that played all four weeks at Pebble and flew out last night or even this morning to the Northeast did you know first of all did you see chip McDaniel finished his round about 18 hours ago or probably 24 hours ago now at the time I was like 18 hours before and then Monday qualified for this event are you serious yeah that is so mean a lot of guys will take today off and travel and then probably have real light going on tomorrow and then play some golf on Wednesday you know that you could lean more on course history just for that reason if it's a brand-new guy's never seen the course you might want to you know give the edge the guy who's seen the course a little bit more or potentially didn't play last week but I'm not super worried about it yeah most of these guys travel pretty well not all of them but most of them doing well they suck though that they're going from the west coast to the east coast I grew up that way that's my concern but like the big boys are flying private they'll be okay let's recap things look like 10k and above give me your top play just Brooks I'm gonna Molinari 9k range give me your top play Paul Casey yeah go Casey with you there to 8k range give me two guys Bubba and Berger the sandwich I like that I'm gonna go or Evie and kokrak 7,500 above give me two uh-uh 7,500 and above Knox and Kali I'm gonna go to make it different I like the Knox call a ton I'll go griot and kids near 7400 below give me two munos and Kevin 20 ma'am let's see top on that tilt trying I'm gonna go struck an English and give me one guy below 7k the one guy below 7k mentioned this guy before and I'm gonna go ahead and store Mother Nature and golly he from like a stats perspective he lines up better than anyone down in here and he's actually decently high on the model so I'll say him from a non stance for sure that give up man Morikawa that's wrong going Morikawa I might be crazy Mike you might be popular now also I'm not paying not Billy all I know that guy don't go all in on anybody down here but I'd rather I'd rather go all-in on struck in English and I would anybody down there but try I'm gonna try to stay out of there my plane struck English as much as I can but more kagra my guy down below but I'm just I want to see what his ownership is this week after kind of this he's more known now let's put that way picture alright if you're building a GPP lineup give me three guys it started with at this point in time uh Brooks Munoz and man I'm just gonna say coke crack because I mean I got to yeah this some people might not consider this GPP well I'm gonna go with the Leishman Bubba and burger that's my my GBP stack heat something I could say that more caching but that's my GPP way if you're starting cash I'm gonna start with Casey Chaz and coke crack where would you start in cash yeah I like that quite a bit Casey I would throw Grillo in there as cash worthy and then Knox as well yeah I think you can make a fun cash line this week that has GBP upside for sure I feel story of like our boy and dog mentioned to our boy Rob who was leading his cash game line up he says you always play your cats and the GBP always played some fun with GBP last but not least got some winners for me Jesse no I have no ideas gonna win this well I got goose T at thirty three two one you guys got some some merit to it kids nerd seventy five to one has some merit to it and I'll leave one of them for you I know you're gonna go to him what is Bubba Bubba is he's thirty five to one yeah I mean I don't mind that for Bubba the other guy that I would I would consider his nogs he's got to be 160 yeah that's why I left that one I figure you want him or burden you know definitely go burger over Knox if you got eighty to one on burger and your boy weighs 110 to one that like that's not very good odds on Knox so and he's like miss price then / the odds at down 77 versus I mean it's not that far off but hmm this could be one of those weeks though where a longshot could take this thing it's one of those nine percent well of course I just got that feeling that a longshot could take it I keep scrolling through them and nothing's really ringing a bell yet but there's names down here that it wouldn't shock me if something weird happened like you know teeters 251 where I'm looking for your would trick golly I must have passed him but yeah there's a lot of guys down here so I'm not gonna accept struck as 201 I don't think he's gonna win it but I take a t20 and see what that pays out I like him a lot so I think stock is pretty interesting but any other odds you're looking at here no ma'am I'm a terrible terrible terrible better all right well any final words for DK when it comes to the driver's championship I don't hope the energy level gets back up but Wednesday Thursday and it's always it always sucks coming off of these big-time tournaments but yeah we're just a month away from the next one the Open Championship so can't wait golf season is just flying by the flying by and it's been absolutely awesome the winners have been great it's it's been a fun year golf so it makes Monday's you know Monday's usually suck but it makes talking golf with you a lot better because at least something fun to talk about so we will continue to bang this out and if again if you guys have any questions Jesse's on Twitter at DFS golf gods I'm at pediatric and the plot of guys that always press TFS but join us in the fantasy sports TV and slack chat just ask one of us will get you an invite and we'll rock and roll it for you and you have a lot of fun in there as well does all sports not just golf talks everything in there but until next week this was the always pressing PGA DFS podcast between the 2019 Travelers Championship catch you later

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  1. What most people don't realize during the ATT Pro am they do most of their scoring on the other two courses. ( Spyglass Hill and Monterey Peninsula )

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