AmaViola Cruise Ship Tour – AmaWaterways River Cruises

AmaViola Cruise Ship Tour – AmaWaterways River Cruises

Unveiled on the Danube River in June 2016, AmaWaterways’ 170-passenger AmaViola has been custom-designed with families in mind. AmaWaterways is chartering AmaViola for much of the summer to Adventures by Disney, the touring arm of vacation giant Disney, which is launching its first river cruises. Among the family-friendly features on AmaViola is a large, deck-top pool a relative rarity on river ships. AmaViola’s top deck features awnings that can be lowered when the vessel passes under low bridges. In another unusual twist for a river ship, the deck-top pool on AmaViola features a swim-up bar. A variety of drinks are available at the swim-up bar located on AmaViola’s top deck. The top deck of the AmaViola also is lined with a large number of tables, chairs and loungers from which passengers can watch the passing scenery. AmaViola’s top deck features awnings that can be lowered when the vessel passes under low bridges. Lounge chairs line the middle of AmaViola’s top deck. Another family-friendly amusement on the top deck of AmaViola is a giant chess board. Just in front of the AmaViola’s wheelhouse on the ship’s top deck is another seating area with chairs and low tables. The seating area at the front of AmaViola’s top deck features oversized furniture topped with plush cushions. The hub of the AmaViola’s interior decks is the lobby, which is located in the middle of the ship. At the center of the AmaViola’s lobby is the ship’s reception desk. AmaViola’s lobby area rises two stories. Among little touches on the AmaViola are umbrellas and walking sticks pre-positioned in the lobby for passenger to use during outings. A welcome mat with the Adventures by Disney logo greets AmaViola passengers during Disney-chartered sailings. Just off the lobby is a small retail store selling jewery, clothes and other items. A digital map of Europe in a corner of the AmaViola’s lobby shows the location of AmaWaterways ships across the Continent. As is typical for river ships in Europe, the AmaViola has one big, forward-facing lounge where passengers gather nightly for port talks and entertainment. The lounge is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows, offering passengers spectacular views of the passing scenery as the AmaViola travels down the Danube. As with other areas on the AmaViola, the lounge is filled with contemporary furniture. The room is home to occasional port talks and other activities. The stylish, angular bar in the lounge is quiet during the day but often bustling at night. As on other Amawaterways vessels, beer and wine are available at no extra charge on the AmaViola at dinner, but passengers pay extra at other times for bar drinks that include a wide range of top-shelf brands. The AmaViola’s lounge is lined with seating areas. Gluten free snacks are available in a corner of the bar in the AmaViola’s lounge. AmaViola passengers also will find refreshing drinks available on a self-serve basis during the day at the bar. A small buffet area at the front of the lounge is the site of an early risers breakfast. Large sofas and upholstered chairs are arranged in seating areas at the front of the lounge. The AmaViola”s lounge also has a dance floor and is home to live piano music nightly. The lounge is home to a grand piano. Just off the lounge is a small library and games room. A variety of games and puzzles area available for passengers in the small library and games nook just off the lounge. The small library also offers a collection of travel guides and other books that passengers can borrow during voyages. A two-sided staircase wraps around an elevator connecting all three of the AmaViola’s decks. As is typical for river ships in Europe, the AmaViola has one large main restaurant that can accommodate all 170 passengers on the ship in one seating. The AmaViola’s restaurant features booth seating in areas with room for four to six people. The AmaViola’s restaurant serves four-course dinners nightly. It’s open buffet-style for breakfast and lunch. The AmaViola’s restaurant features two walled-off seating areas that can be used for larger parties. During Adventures by Disney sailings, the space is dedicated to teens who want to eat separately from their parents. The entryway into the AmaViola’s dining room. A second restaurant called The Chef’s Table is located at the back of the AmaViola. Available to passengers once per cruise, the Chef’s Table serves a multi-course tasting menu. The Chef’s Table has its own dedicated kitchen area that is on display to guests. The glass-enclosed kitchen area at The Chef’s Table. A tomato appetizer awaits distribution at The Chef’s Table. The Chef’s Table is open for dinners only. The Chef’s Table is located at the back of the ship on the Violin Deck. Just off the lobby on the AmaViola is a cafe area with tables and self-serve coffee and tea. The coffee nook has an self-service espresso drink machine that is available around the clock. A small seating area is located just across from the reception desk in the lobby. Large Adventures by Disney signs adorn the lobby during Disney-chartered sailings. The AmaViola has a room for massage treatments located at the base of the main stairwell. Also on the AmaViola, adjacent to the massage room, is a hair salon. Just across from the hair salon at the base of the AmaViola’s main stairwell is a fitness center. Unusually large for a river ship, the fitness room on the AmaViola features a weight training machine as well as cardio equipment. Most cabins on the AmaViola come with a small balcony. Cabins on AmaViola range in size from 160 to 350 square feet. Here, a Category BB cabin, which measures 210 square feet. AmaViola has 79 cabins spread across three cabin decks. Cabins on AmaViola have miniature refrigerators that are stocked daily with bottled water at no extra charge. Bathrooms in Category BA and BB cabins on AmaViola have relatively large walk-in showers. Cabin bathrooms feature Hydro brand toiletries. Cabin bathrooms on AmaViola have a contemporary design. In a nod to families, AmaViola has six sets of cabins with connecting doors — a relative rarity on river ships. The connecting doors between six sets of cabins on AmaViola slide into the wall. AmaViola cabins feature built-in, floor-to-ceiling armoires. The built-in armoires in AmaViola cabins have room for hanging clothes and come with umbrellas that passengers can use on rainy days. The built-in armoires in AmaViola cabins also offer large personal safes and robes. Category BB cabins feature two twin beds that can be pushed together to form a queen-size bed. The bed area in AmaViola cabins feature a single outlet as well as two jacks to plug in a USB cord. The desk area in AmaViola cabins is lined with European-style electrical outlets. Cabin desks feature Apple computers that double as televisions. A range of movies is available to watch free of charge. A small seating area is located near a French balcony in Category BB cabins. A self-serve ice maker is located at the entryway to passenger decks. Passengers enter the AmaViola through sliding glass doors located at the side of the ship. AmaViola’s hotel director and cruise director have desks in an open area at the top of the vessel’s main stairway. A smoking area is located at the back of the AmaViola’s top deck. Smoking is forbidden inside the ship. Located near the front of the vessel, AmaViola’s wheelhouse can be lowered when passing under bridges. AmaViola was built by Vahali Shipyards in The Netherlands and Serbia. A buoy stands at the ready on the top deck of AmaViola.

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