Amazing seven year old sings Gloomy Sunday/Billy Holiday (Angelina Jordan) Eng sub

Amazing seven year old sings Gloomy Sunday/Billy Holiday (Angelina Jordan) Eng sub

Angelina – Hey
Judge – Hey, welcome! Angelina – Thank you!
Judge -Whats your name? Angelina – My name is Angelina Jordon
Judge – How old are you? Angelina – I’m 7 years
Judge – What are you going to do for us today? Angelina – I’m going to sing for you
Judge – What song? Angelina – Gloomy Sunday – Billy Holiday
Judges -Ok! Oj! Judge – We are looking forward to it Angelina,
start when you feel ready, the scene is yours! Judge – Angelina!
Angelina – Yeah? Judge – I think you are an old soul who has
lived many lives. You sing fantastic and I got goose bumps from the very beginning. I
haven’t really…. I don’t have words really! Judge – It was completely fantastic, it was
real, you are music! Angelina – Hehe, thanks
Judge – Yeah front of us here, we have a star.
Judge – Sometimes when you are an adult, and you see a child that sings we can’t really
understand how it’s possible. Because you sing in a way that we believe you have to
be old, or even very old to be able to do. Do you know what the song is about?
Angelina – Yes, it’s about a sad Sunday. Judge – Yes, I felt that sad Sunday, it was
fantastic to listen to you! Really nice. Judges – Let’s vote….. YES!

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  1. I hate it when i watch the story behind this song first and watch this cute little girl next🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. മിടുക്കി നന്നായി പാടി😍😍😍 ഒരു പാവം മലയാളി…..☺️☺️

  3. 2:40
    So everyone stood up and applaud the girl for her wonderful talent.

    They then grabbed their ropes and hung thereselves, and died happily ever aft-

  4. After i watched these my mom calling me to eat but i said "later" then she come and go to my room and now i dont know my mom not talking to me even i shouting to say later.

  5. Her coach heard the song by mistake and perhaps thought :
    " Why tf should I die alone, hope to meet all you dicks and cunts there below. "

  6. This song is too very meaningful… Something that is composed out of pain, heart and soul and what not… So it had the impact on the people…and was banned for a reason… No wonder 🙏

  7. I jusy found out that that's a suicide song.. and my head is full of dangerous things rn.. idk what to do.. how can i take it of my head?

  8. Ok…ive just listened to her…when will i commit suicide i mean when will be the best time to commit suicide ?? 😂

  9. Típico de este tipo de programas de medio pelo y de puro puto show de mierda se dejen llevar por el sentimentalismo y no califican El verdadero talento pinche chamaquita culera cantaba bien feo la canción los jueces se dejaron llevar más por la letra

  10. Funny that the stage has a huuge red cough communist star in the middle XD

    Btw the lil girl sang so perfect. The whole performance was moving and emotional

  11. THATS IT??filipino kids cud sing WAY BETTER than offense shes good but not good enough!!u guys have a very little standard with it comes to SINGING!!

  12. The judges: she sang beautiful

    Audience: can anyone bring a knife

    Girl: i can kill anybody

    The writer : am I joke to you

  13. Glue me tiny things she was whispering, no wonder so cheerful and delightful perfectly matching with her killer smiles..

  14. 7 out, which apparently as seen, and 77 in may visible only outside of a chmi-med world.. Wondering if it is an art of software or hardware.. No memory of ever sang “glue me” in my upside down life..

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