AppDynamics BiQ Demo - User Journey

AppDynamics BiQ Demo – User Journey

let's take a look at how you can improve customer experience and drive revenue with user journeys as users are interacting with your digital properties it's critical to know where you can optimize their experience many companies leverage marketing analytics to give visibility into what users are doing but it's often difficult to answer the question why did someone abandoned without the ability to combine performance data with the business context of your users it can be difficult to pinpoint the causes of abandonment and take action to drive revenue let's walk through how app dynamics can help app DIY books has received a Business Health Alert from app dynamics that expected sales and conversion rate are both trending below their baselines a conversion is driven by users viewing products adding them to their cart purchasing the products and getting a confirmed order lepton timox is able to combine the details of the journey including how many users successfully make it to the next step or abandon alongside with key performance indicators that let us know where users could be abandoning due to poor performance we immediately see that what we have expected abandonment of users who view product details but don't add something to their cart it looks like errors and slow response time are driving users not to move paths adding products to their cart to making payment and placing an order leveraging app dynamics we can easily drill down to our add to cart business transaction and identify the root cause of errors looking at the technical environment behind our Add to Cart transaction we can quickly drill into the errors that users are experiencing and we immediately see that the root cause looks to be an issue with our discount API more importantly we're also able to view a business context of these users who experienced an error when adding something to their cart that caused abandonment in this case if we hone in on the impact by promotion we can filter this data in real time and we see that most of our users are impacted using this promotion code in San Francisco attempting to purchase the Goldfinch a novel and a clockwork orange' we can also export this data to our business teams to potentially win back these customers with user journeys you can leverage it to both protect against abandonment due to performance issues but also to optimize key paths across your applications to drive additional revenue by combining this performance and business context

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