Are Chinese Tourists Invading South Korea? | China Uncensored

Are Chinese Tourists Invading South Korea? | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored: Are Chinese tourists invading South Korea? Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. Lunar New Year. A time for Chinese citizens to celebrate family. And China’s transit system. But there’s a new New Year’s tradition among
Chinese citizens with money. Matt Gnaizda has more. Chinese New Year. For China’s growing middle and upper class, it’s a two week break from the monotony of
white collar office jobs. And there’s a growing trend among these Chinese
to not be in China. One of the hottest new tourist destinations
this time of year is South Korea. And why are Chinese so fond of South Korea? Why do you like Korea? Korea… I don’t especially like Korea. The shopping is convenient, but the food takes some getting used to. I like this country. It’s very civilized. Why do you like it? The culture attracted me. People are very polite. What else? The shopping is pretty good. The beauty products and makeup are really
good. So, polite shopping is a huge draw. But while everyone I talked to was nice, Chinese tourists overall don’t exactly have a stellar reputation. Last year, this video posted by a Thai celebrity visiting South Korea went viral. Everyone was lining fine Then the Chinese got here And LOOK They don’t know what it means to have manner, to form line, or to have curtesy! None! Whether it’s clumping in line, spitting on the floor, or urinating in public, it’s gotten so bad that the Chinese government even published
a handbook for Chinese tourists traveling abroad. I mean look at these Chinese people at the
presidential palace in Seoul. They… Well, they seem pretty polite, actually. But anyway, to get the real scoop, I decided
to ask some Koreans. How is Chinese people’s behavior when they’re
here? I think that problem will be smaller and smaller, day by day. Most people’s behavior is very good and kind. But I mean, do they really want so many Chinese visitors? I think Chinese tourists coming to Korea is very, very good for Korean economic system. They spend more money in Korea, so it can be a help for the Korean economy. I’m looking forward to them— more Chinese tourists coming to Korea. Wow. These Koreans are the nicest, politest people. Let’s ask an American instead. I don’t like to judge too much on people until I’ve actually experienced them, and talked with them, but. Can’t you just stereotype everyone together? You can, but a lot of them only applies to a few people of that race. This is getting ridiculous! You’re causing me a problem here. Don’t edit my words in bad ways! You mean, like this? I don’t…like…tourists from China… They…are…not…considerate in public places. I would never do something like that. But if Chinese tourists are not that bad after
all, does that mean they’re the best tourists
in South Korea? So which are the best tourists? Best tourists? Say Americans. Americans. And there you go. Alright, thanks very much. This is Matt Gnaizda, reporting from Seoul.

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  1. Oh my…After watching a bunch of videos from this channel, I started thinking what gonna happen if Chris travels to China and someone recognize him, they probably will chop him into pieces and make hotpot. But I love his videos

  2. lol, they didn't the drama or bad opinions they were expecting to get from the locals. It would probably better if the interviewer is a local Korean rather than a white person

  3. I'm South Korean college student, I don't think All of Chinese are not bad, some Chinese don't keep rules, but it is a little bit. Yes, Chinese aren't best traveler. But they are not very bad. If Chinese don't keep rules, How about say to them"How about keep rules in here?please?" And I think Best visitors is Americans. I like America

  4. Chinese mainlander tourists were rude in this buffet in Thailand, using plates to shovel shrimp and prawns in a buffet and leaving so much left overs

  5. Another restarted practice. When will people learn? Tourism is bad for you idiots. You get to rely on having tourists spending money in your country, until they don't and you are left holding the bag.
    Get smart. Tourism is not an industry you can rely on.

  6. this is why SK should really stop hating japan

    mainlanders are a much bigger problem

  7. I do speak English better than some Koreans in this video. Interview me someday Chris! I wanna be popular!

  8. I smelled sour and stink from this POS video. I have to say this even as a Chinese guy: actually the most popular tourists are Japanese. And the worst tourists are Americans, and certainly Chinese has their bad reputation too. Just google it before making this kind of nonsense shit.

  9. The film maker expect obviously that korean ppl say what they want ,,hear,,. For the last korean girl, the conversation has been cuted…. Is that u so called uncensored, disgusting.

  10. chinese tourists? well, as korean/ small group or single backpackers are really nice. of course most of them are younger generation. the problem is "DOSENS OF CHINESE". man, they are just like goose swarm. freaken loud, no lineing, massy…these chinese doesn't know how to travel by themselves so came korea by large group traveling agency. i think they will learn soon

  11. funny, im from the Philippines, but i could say that chinese tourist are even more disciplined than my fellow countrymen, and also there's a lot of Chinese in my country that it is nearly impossible which one is Filipino, substantial portion of our national population are chinese, i have a lot of classmates of chinese, well they kind of not recognized themselves as Chinese though

  12. are they invading? no, but i wish they would seriously not be so damn rude! stop speaking like you're at a club in the streets!

  13. Our great General Kim leads us to the victory against evil USA and struggle for a better prosperous Korea.North Korea is the Best Korea!We will destory South Korean puppet!

  14. Our great General Kim leads us to the victory against evil USA and struggle for a better prosperous Korea.North Korea is the Best Korea!We will destory South Korean puppet!

  15. Mainland Chinese tend to have bad habits but you have to keep in mind China is a devolving country and many people are just coming out of being coming poor and out from the country. I think as time goes on they will get more auctioned to other cultures and what is and not appropriate. But I can defiantly say not all mainland Chinese have bad habits, my boyfriend is mainland Chinese and he isn't like that at all.

  16. At the risk of sounding terribly racist, Asian tourists often remind me of the minions from 'despicable me'. In a good way 🙂 In a related matter: There's nothing cuter than an Asian girl seeing something new and exciting 🙂

  17. Reality: South Korea is ( Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong) all put together. I have never seen Chinese tourist cause problems in Korea. Only Illegal China Fishers cause problems in the Yellow Sea. Majority of Chinese come to South Korea to shop especially Chinese woman.

  18. Wow, now we know why Chinese people are hated all over the world, because of American slanted journalism like China Uncensored. Yes, to Americans, America is the best and the politest of all people while they situate troops around China in Philippines, South Korea and Japan. While the surrounded China is a "threat" to America. That's like saying if I slap you and you respond by slapping me back, I am the "victim" and you are the "threat". American illogical thinking is glaring. Satan's voice is loud and we see that a lot in American social media. Lies are loudly broadcast around the world and people flock to hear lies, while the truth is intentionally downplayed and ignored. Japan is praised by Americans to be "cultivated" and "peaceful" even though japan was one of the Eight Nation Alliance that invaded China and started both Sino-japanese Wars. China is the "threat" to the world when it's responding to its tragic past by strengthening its self-defense system. American social media and government like to keep their citizens in the dark with the truth while never-endingly demonizing China and uncensoring. Assange and Snowden who expose and uncensor the dirty secrets of the American CIA are hunted down around the globe even though they only exercise their freedom of the press and freedom of speech Bill of Rights. America is only capable of pointing hypocritical fingers while ignoring its worse evil.

    1) Sexual immorality with pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, sex orgies, homosexual marriage gone out of control
    2) Satanic Illuminatic-controlled social media, government and Hollywood
    3) Legalized infanticide, aka abortion
    4) Democratic Party, more appropriately known as Liberal Party or Immoral Party, is wasting tax-payers money on immoral causes such abortions, Planned Parenthood to reduce the world population, gay marriage, and other liberal and immoral causes

  19. In China, American tourists urinate in public, spit in public, cut line, get drunk and are very loud. The same thing happens in China so it's about time China bans some of these loud and farting Americans (they fart both in their mouth and in their anus). Americans are great at farting. =)

  20. Anyone wants to create an America Uncensored channel. I will feed you all the information you want. Let me know. =)

  21. Korean adults are interviewing in English?
    Are you kidding me?
    Do not manipulate interviews.
    Korean elderly people do not speak English.
    Korean economy? Chinese tourists are not helpful. If Korean politicians change, the economy will improve.

    Chinese people are psychopaths who are rude and loud and fall in Chinese ideology.
    Koreans hate Chinese people.
    Chinese people are not welcome, so do not come to Korea sightseeing.
    The dirty Chinese in Jeju Island quickly return to your country.

  22. Could you please respect chinese?What will you think if you go travelling and someone says you are invading their countries?I know some of thwir behaviors are really bad,but most of them are kind,especially teenagers,there are many kind chinese ,why are you only focusing on the bad ones? I do reapect your channel,but simply you don't respect chinese.

  23. Just for the record American tourists have their haters too with their ignorance of local cultures and food, and expectations that everyone speaks English, not only in Asia but Europe as well.

  24. In fact, most Chinese tourists in "Seoul"(not Jeju or Ansan)are mostly good. (they are a LOT in numbers of people making trouble but it's getting better and seeing the crime rate PER visitor/people, it is much lower than people from other country.)

    The biggest problem is their goverment encoraging Chinese people to hate and ignore their neighbors, regularly publish fake newses to make them hate Koreans from 2000. Recently, due to Korea importing missile defense system from the US, their gov is kind of encouragig people to attack Korean shops and Koreans in China, their customs dept burned Korean products, completely banned their people visiting Korea.

    Well even before that, their gov was showing extreme selfishness. Thousands of their fishermens fully armed and fishing in Korean sea because there are not much fishes left in their country(bc they catched too much)and their gov always protected them even they sometimes kill our marine cops and fishermens, saying "Korean gov trying to punish our poor and innocent fishermen"

  25. Chinese in Korea are so rude. They always think we are under them. Some Chinese restaurants in Korea doesn't let Koreans to go in(I mean, wtf??). They always yells at people, no matter what place they are, even in the palace. Spitting on the street, writing on the wall, etc…. But the most thing that drives me crazy as shit is that all stores around the streets are trying to bring more Chinese, because of the amount of money they use in a single time. Our country will be a dog of China if this shit continues. I want it to be done, right now.

  26. I dont want to see Chinese tourists in Korea, because many people complain about them who is not educated and no manner in public place. Third country is third country… China has no high standard education system.. They may not know how to behave properly. Even they have no hygiene concept due to no education experience. I am not blaming about their race. I blame their education background which is terrible.

  27. I want all fucking Chinese out of my country. They are so loud af. Please shut ur mouth in public and have some manners.

  28. I don't hate Chinese, but I notice very different mannerism from them. If I may generalize, they are kind of loud and their language isn't pleasant for ears. Good for economy, but not very nice.

    American tourists are loud too, but very different. Very happy and nice, they are upbeat when they are loud so it brings good atmosphere. Americans have good loudness, Chinese bad.

  29. Chinese do the same in India, They act like assholes ,worse they try to recruit Indians on contract, we have to pay money to join under contract. Shady shit!!!!

  30. I was touring South Korea and a group of Japanese tourists came to me and started speaking Japanese. Oh man I wished I was Japanese at that time because she was really pretty and nice! But sorry couldn’t help because I was lost myself

  31. Thai tourists are NOT better than chinese tourists. Thais do NOT queue, do NOT respect locals' rules., but thai tourists are not the world largest so are not often noticed. Thais tend to blame others without considering back themselves. And I am thai.

  32. Chinese are rude fuks. Only Hongkong is civilized and educated. All my chinese friends are from Hongkong. We should let them rule china or independant from them.

  33. Stupid channel and retarded host. See how much you hate, then how much China will be stronger. Cry lika bitch and keep hating.

  34. if the person was an adult male
    i would literally push his face in it
    only only if there were people watching this going on .

  35. now this host got what he wants, No any Chinese wants to travel in Korea becoz THAAD issue, hahaja, no money to earn…

  36. Not so surprised Koreans didn't think of mainland Chinese that badly as they – Koreans themselves behave similarly as tourists (not all but just saying a good number of them:P)

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