Atom Music Audio - YOUR DESTINY [Epic Music - Epic Inspirational Powerful]

Atom Music Audio – YOUR DESTINY [Epic Music – Epic Inspirational Powerful]

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  1. Whenever I notice someone talking about inspiration, I consistently reach out and say hi. How long have you been constructing videos?

  2. I will always be brave for the love and lives of many. Turn back you demon dragon. You can not pass me! Just try and you will die.

  3. The Roman & his LITTLE pet laying waste to those who apouse them as they rise to RULE ROME together & the music sounds great 👍

  4. How'd you create them? I'm simply amazed at that, because it requires such an inspiration and the power of creation…👍👍
    Btw well done….💕

  5. Красивые сюжетные линии в инструментальном оформлении! Спасибо Pandora!🌠💐👏

  6. Atom Music Audio is on fire with this new album! Thanks Pandora for giving us our #EpicSunday. Sucessfully inspirational.

  7. It's a blood trodden path. But don't get scared, don't neglect it, Always walk on it. Cause if you don't… Many will die, the deaths that you could have stopped.

    Sure your life may be suffering. You may not be as happy as a normal being but the other will option will be worse. Not just for you but for every other soul.

    So bear it, endure it, See it to the bitter end cause its your destiny. Your path, and its not going to be an easy one…. Get ready hero….

  8. Die Zeit ist gekommen um zu gewinnen oder zu verlieren was du wählst wird Schicksal das Schicksal wird zu dir

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